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No Longer in Body, Forever in our Heart

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Summary: Dwayne is with his sister, Cordelia as she dies from an unknown demonic disease. Very sad, AU

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Movies > Lost Boys > Cordelia-CenteredLostGirlFR714020176611 Jan 0411 Jan 04Yes
Dislaimier: I do not own Buffy/Angel or Lost Boys. Full Stop.
Okay, this is kinda angsty. Enjoy the angsty-ness, revel in it! *ahem* excuse me, ^-^.

No Longer in Body, Forever in our Heart

He sat by her bedside, eyes trained on her limp body. She was dying, and there was nothing he could do about it. They were from a rich family. A rich family that didn't give a monkey's arse when their oldest son disappears, or when their youngest child is dying from an unknown disease.

He couldn't help her. The disease was in the blood, and it was demonic. No amount of blood transfusions could save her.

And here she was, dying in this place, lying in a hospital bed, hours away from death. He could not help her. He could not give her his blood.

David said that it would make no difference.

If he did, then she would still die. The only difference being that she would die as a vampire instead of a mortal.

As the constant bleeping of the monitor began to slow, tears welled up in his soulfull eyes. She was only in her early twenties, she wasn't supposed to die!

The bleeps slowed, he held his breath, dreading the moment when she would be gone forever. He remembered the days when they used to go to the park together. She seemed snobbish then, but it was all an act. An act put on for their father.

The father who didn't care about his daughter enough to be here.

He held her slender hand in his, his breathing ragged from pain-filed sobs and cries. It was slowing....slowing....It stopped.

With a gasp, he buried his head on his arm, denial running through him. She couldn't be dead, she couldn't!

But she was. She was gone from him. And as he gazed upon her form, so peaceful, so angelic. He almost believed that she was just sleeping.

David placed a comforting hand upon his shoulder, as he walked out of St Mary's Hospital. A deep sadness enveloped him, and he would not speak.

She was no longer in body, but forever in his heart.

Authors Note: ;_; awwwwwwwww!! *sniffles* that was so sad, I cant believe I wrote it, I wanted to do a death fic, but... well it was so sad !! N e wayz R'n'R please, I'd appreciate the input

Many Thanks



The End

You have reached the end of "No Longer in Body, Forever in our Heart". This story is complete.

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