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Wallpapers by Bre (at

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Fan Art

Summary: BtVS & SPN wallpapers. Some crossover, some not! (Mainly Buffy/Dean and Buffy/Angel(us) but others pop in too.)

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BreFR13244,5114256,13410 Jul 1213 Jun 13No

Coming Closer (Buffy/Dean)

Coming Closer by Bre
Wallpaper Size: 1440x900

Disclaimer: Buffy/Dean crossover wallpaper. I do not own these characters, these images, etc. For credits, please check out my site. :)

Please do not alter the wallpaper or remove the tag. DO NOT HOTLINK! You are free to use but please credit Primordial Souls!


Just a random Buffy/Dean moment. I wanted to show Dean having left Buffy, and Buffy being completely wrecked by this. She doesn't understand and she certainly does not like it. Dean thinks he is doing the right thing but he still loves the damn woman and so he lives with regret at the same time. The lyrics, "Closer" by Kings of Leon, fit beautifully and helped capture the POV from both of them and how they are feeling. I tried to put Buffy's name on the phone, lol, but I got impatient about it looking exactly like Dean's phone. But it's the thought that counts... :P

Credits and additional information at Please feel free to check it out for more wallpapers and more fanfiction:
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