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Wallpapers by Bre (at

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Fan Art

Summary: BtVS & SPN wallpapers. Some crossover, some not! (Mainly Buffy/Dean and Buffy/Angel(us) but others pop in too.)

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BreFR13244,5114256,13410 Jul 1213 Jun 13No

We Gotta Get Out of This Place (Buffy/Dean)

We Gotta Get of This Place by Bre
for We Gotta Get Out of This Place by superslayer!
Wallpaper Size: 1440x900

Disclaimer: Buffy/Dean crossover wallpaper. I do not own these characters, these images, etc. For credits, please check out my site. :)

Please do not alter the wallpaper or remove the tag. DO NOT HOTLINK! You are free to use but please credit Primordial Souls!


Art request for the fascinating and very different story by superslayer called We Gotta Get Out of This Place. She requested angry Dean with a tattoo that his character has in this story and Wish!Verse Buffy. You gotta go read the story, it's absolutely amazing how different she's got Dean which is brilliant for the story itself and it made making this wallpaper super fun! I added a few wounds/scars to his face as well as the tattoo which you can see near his neck (a chain on fire). Hopefully in the future there will be a companion piece to this wallpaper. :D

I do accept requests if you have any but please, please keep in mind that my turnaround time can be really, really bad or reallly amazing. Also, my mind is very opinionated. I tend to do things my way when my muse gets bossy on me. Please email me if you have any requests. :D

Credits and additional information at Please feel free to check it out for more wallpapers and more fanfiction:
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