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Wallpapers by Bre (at

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Fan Art

Summary: BtVS & SPN wallpapers. Some crossover, some not! (Mainly Buffy/Dean and Buffy/Angel(us) but others pop in too.)

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BreFR13244,5114256,13510 Jul 1213 Jun 13No

Burn Your Kingdom Down (Buffy/Dean)

Burn Your Kingdom Down by Bre
Wallpaper Size: 1440x900

Disclaimer: Buffy/Dean crossover wallpaper. I do not own these characters, these images, etc. For credits, please check out my site. :)

Please do not alter the wallpaper or remove the tag. DO NOT HOTLINK! You are free to use but please credit Primordial Souls!


This was made for a challenge based on Florence & the Machine lyrics. I used Seven Devils for this wall. The song is so beautifully sung and it doesn't really fit the angry place I took the lyrics lol. :P I wanted to portray Buffy having been "captured," or rather "held," by Angelus and Dean coming to rescue her. I definitely mixed a lot of the mythologies to get to this idea but I wanted to show Dean cutting himself to draw Angelus out and Angelus attacking him. But Dean doesn't care, all he wants is to free Buffy from the vampire's hold whether that means he dies or not. I also wanted to make Buffy look withdrawn, falling away from herself, under Angelus' control and without Dean. The background is meant to portray her cell and the color to represent the melancholy she feels. As far as the manip of the Dean and Angelus, I got the original image from a promo for The Usual Suspects and inserted Angelus' head right in there. Came out kinda cool!

Credits and additional information at Please feel free to check it out for more wallpapers and more fanfiction:
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