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Say What?

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Happily Ever After?". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Jamie sacrificed himself so Martha could get away with their son. They are finally reunited but there's one problem. Will love still conquer all?

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Chapter Two

Being a Time Lord in the 21st Century sucked. His body was becoming human more and more every day. That was not good. He understood everything they wanted him to do, but when it came to communicating with others, he was stuck in Gallifreyan. He couldn’t reach out to his ship though. Once he did that, they would find Martha. Martha, there was one word he knew. He closed his eyes and thought of her smile, not of the last four hours of them experimenting with his sex drive.

"Jamie!" Martha shouted as she woke up.

It only took her five seconds to realize where she was. She was in Jamie's bed. She still had no idea where he was, though. Once again, Jeremy had pulled her from another COW facility that she had reached too late. She knew she couldn’t call Jack or the Doctor because it would seem as if there was no hope. There had to be hope, right? She had Jenny, and the TARDIS, and...

"Don’t cry, mummy," a sweet voice called out to her. Martha looked to the foot of Jamie's bed and saw unruly brown tufts of hair. Her Julius could barely stand or even talk before she found his father. Now he talked so much she had to stop him when they were out. He was too advanced not to draw attention to himself. It was almost comical. They could discuss medical jargon seamlessly, but her munchkin still waddled when he walked.

"I’m alright love, why don’t you climb up here in daddy's bed?"

She didn’t have to ask twice. He wiggled into her bed and snuggled close. When he made contact with her, she was overwhelmed by emotion. It was his love, and she felt that some of it was Jamie's as well.

Clive walked into the bedroom and was more then shocked when Francine was throwing things rapidly into a suitcase. He hadn’t asked, but he knew something was up he could see the determination all over her face.

"You leaving me again?" he asked jokingly.

When he saw her eyes narrow and her lips become that thin line he knew that she was not in a playing mood. "She barely talks to me but she tells me not to worry. Then there is Tom. A man we know treated her like garbage, there he is living with her. Why would she even want a man who tried to steal her son living there and there is someone else?"

"It's probably that Jamie fellow she was happy about. They are probably so wrapped up in each other that's she’s not thinking straight," he clarified.

"Last time she mentioned him, he was recovering from a heart attack, and we never heard about him again. Then there is the Doctor. We all know that’s who delivered Julius. Then what? He just disappeared; he didn’t give a damn about his child. Is that it? Well, I remember the last time the wool was pulled over my eyes and no more. I'm going. Tish is meeting me there and we are heading out together. You have twenty minutes if you are coming with us."

Clive did not have to be told twice. He got down his carry-on bag and began to pack.

Jamie knew something else that made him different from his brother, and that was hate. He hated Lily Ambrose. She had poisoned his water, which made it possible for him to be caught in the first place. They used that against him to weaken him. He had found out he didn’t have a bypass when he tried to swim his way to freedom. Sure, he could probably swim for ten hours, but when he wanted to go under for a long time it failed, and he was drug back and had things done to him that he tried to forget, but whenever he closed his eyes to repress it, he couldn’t. IT was yet another flaw to his human body. He couldn’t stop the nightmares.

There was something missing though. They had been given him stuff. Stuff in his food was making him groggy and aroused and then they'd... He didn’t want to think about it. It was making him forget and he knew there was someone.

He dreamed about her. She had a soft brown skin, but that’s not what captivated him about her though. It was her smile. The way her eyes danced when she smiled at him, and how she said his name. But he wasn’t him anymore. She didn’t love him.

Georgia had been working on Jamie for the last two hours. She had gotten a drip into his arm because he was refusing all food. Little did he know that Brody bastard was pumping it through the air vents. He had a plan though.

"Can you hear me Doctor?" she asked. Although she didn’t quite understand how, he wasn’t the Doctor. She knew he liked that name.

He smiled and her and reached for her with his casted hand. She noticed that the cast surprised him. "Do you remember what happened? They caught you when you tried to escape. I wasn’t here and I’m sorry," she stated as she brushed her hand across his bruised cheek.

She wasn’t surprised when his mouth opened and that sweet song came out again. "Come on I'm going to take you somewhere." she smiled. Georgia was not shocked when he scrambled to the back of his cell and tried to get away. He really was going to make rescuing him hard wasn't he?

Martha stood looking out her window. It was a cool night and there were many stars in the sky. Her mind kept wandering to a man in a tight blue suit in a blue box, and those wondrous stars that she used to be a part of. Was she so wrong for wanting to be there again? She did. She wanted to be there with Jamie. She needed him, and it made her so mad that no matter where she went to find him, she was always a day late. He had already been moved. She needed him and she knew that he needed her.

The phone startled her. "Hello?" she answered.

"You were not supposed to answer." Jeremy scolded.

"I had to, what if you were telling me you found him? Have you?" she asked, hopeful.

"No, I still think we should contact your friend. I know that you don't them to know about Jamie so that two of you can have a normal life, but it doesn't look like the Doctor is going to help this time. I have to get back to work Martha, and it's really starting to get to Jenny."

"What's wrong with Jenny?" she asked, alarmed

"Nothing, really. I guess just like you, she misses her father. It's still weird. I mean is he her father or is the Doctor her father?"

"Jamie is the Doctor and don't you think less of him."

"I don't, Martha. I swear I don’t. You must remember that I was there and I saw what he could do. There is no doubt in my mind that Jamie is so much more."

"Good. Don’t call back unless you find him." Martha hung up. She just couldn’t face anyone anymore. She needed Jamie. Why wouldn't the Doctor come back and help? She sighed, getting up. It was time to stop hiding, even though she wanted to shrivel up and die. Just like that, the sound of doorbell made it so she had to get up.

Georgia knew it was a cop out, but she couldn't let her see him. Martha might not believe her when she told her that she had nothing to do with the state Jamie was in. So, she placed him on her doorstep and ran for the hills.

Martha Jones was going to kill whoever was at her bloody door. They were playing with the buzzer and she didn't find it funny at all. It was time she showed the men in the States what a foul mouth was. "Hey sod off ya wan--" she stopped mid-sentence as frightened yet familiar brown eyes gazed at her in awe.

"Martha," he sobbed, stroking her chin.

"Jamie!" she flung her arms around him and held tight. She was not letting him go this time. He seemed to be hugging her very tight, so he must not have been in a rush to leave either.

"Martha," he sighed, and then he collapsed right in her doorway.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Say What?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jul 12.

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