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Xander the Sailor Man

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Summary: Xander still dresses as a soldier but who knew that choice lead him to finding out who his father is after the fall of Sunnydale.

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Chapter Ten

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters from BtVS, wish I did, would be doing something much more fun, other than playing around in Joss’s sandbox. Also don’t own GI Joe as Hasbro owns them.

Chapter 10

“Send him in,” a pair of voices said.

“Crimson Commando Seventy Seven reporting Sirs,” the man said as he stood at attention in front of the two desks.

“Why are you here,” one man said.

“… and why did you feel the need to break contact protocol,” the other finished.

“Joes are hanging around the Hyperion,” he answered quickly.

“Oh dear,” Tomax said.

“Yes, that does pose a problem,” Xamot added, “I thought the hotel wasn’t being used since the vampire and his gang took over Wolfram and Hart.”

“Apparently there are a bunch of girls staying there, seems they knew Angel and needed a place to stay after the mess in Sunnydale,” the cabbie said.

“A bunch of girls,” Xamot asked.

“From Sunnydale,” Tomax added, “You didn’t think this was important to tell us sooner?”

“I thought they were refugees like everyone else,” the man said, suddenly wondering if he would see his cab again.

“Of course,” Tomax said with a frown, “Go back to your route and inform us immediately if anything changes.”

“Yes Sirs,” the man turned to walk out the door and left.

“Tomax, why is he still alive,” Xamot asked confused.

“Because, he is a fool and I do not wish to dirty our office,” Tomax answered as he pushed a button.

The commando breathed a sigh of relief as he got into his cab and turned the key.

“The explosion was contained to that vehicle, with minor structural damage to the garage,” the secretary said over the intercom.

“Thank you Mrs. Hudson,” Xamot said, “I believe Tomax and myself will be in meetings for the rest of the day. Please see that we are not disturbed.”

“Of course sirs,” the secretary said as the connection was closed.

“Someone should clear out that hotel,” Tomax said with a grin.

“Yes brother, perhaps we should send some of our best troops…” Xamot said then paused and began laughing.

“Of course, cannon fodder,” they said at the same time.

“So let me get this straight,” Xander said trying to hold back his laughter, “You, a guy who doesn’t speak, his wolf and Polly, did a dance number for a bunch of Cobra troops in order to get out without a fight?”

Frowning and grumbling at how it was harder than it sounded, then exclaiming, “At least I wasn’t wearing the dress!”

At that moment Xander lost all control and fell off the couch laughing. Shipwreck’s annoyance was offset by a slight smirk at how Snake-eyes is probably the most intimidating Joe there was and yet he wore the dress.

“At least it wasn’t a praying mantis after him, Right X,” a sultry voice asked.

Groaning and knowing he wasn’t going to get away without telling that story now, “Thanks Faith.”

Smirking at him and then Shipwreck, Faith added, “No problem, the minis and I are getting ready to head out. Have Red and the other geek come up for air yet or are they still debating the ins and outs of computers.”

“No, I think Mainframe is impressed with Willow, especially since she could explain how magic can be used to assist in getting into places,” Xander said and stopped suddenly. He was hearing something, the minis and Faith immediately were on guard.

“COBRA!!!!” a number of voices shouted as three motorcycles entered the hotel.

“Lookie here Buzzer,” one of them said, “A kiddie camp with a Joe as well.” The three men got off they’re motorcycles and started to approach the girls.

“You kids need to get out of here, the owner doesn’t like squatters,” Ripper said.

Shipwreck looked at the girls and wondered how he was going to help them against three Dreadnoks when he heard Xander say, “Girls they are human… I think, don’t kill, just evict.”

Faith grinned and looked at the minis, “You heard the man.”

Three of the minis went after the man trying to set parts of the building on fire, one dove over his head while the other two distracted him. As he turned to see who was behind him he felt a kick to his back… causing him to fly toward his bike.

The other two Dreadnoks weren’t having any better luck, Buzzer had tried to saw the dark haired girl in half but found his weapon had been hit with a dagger between the gears. Ripper’s weapon on the other hand was being tossed back and forth by a pair of teen agers with him in the middle.

“Now then, I think you should leave,” Xander said. The girls hearing that grabbed the Dreadnoks and threw them out of the building, three bikes quickly followed. The Dreadnoks while used to losing, weren’t used to losing to teenage girls, they quickly mounted up and drove away.

Turning to look at Shipwreck, Xander said with a smirk, “You know dad, you didn’t have to go to all this trouble to show me your job.”

Shipwreck grumbled and walked to the office to talk to Mainframe.

“Yes sir,” Mainframe said, “Dreadnoks just came into the hotel trying to get the girls out of here.”

“I see,” the general said, “The question is, why they want the hotel. The land is valuable, but sending Dreadnoks to evict when they could simply buy doesn’t make sense. I will be sending a small force out there to investigate what Cobra is up to. Sorry but the vacation is over.”

“We understand sir,” Mainframe said for both of them. “When will the others be here?”

“Tomorrow morning,” General Hawk said.

The next morning, four people enter the building to see a small army of young women waiting for them, each holding a weapon that was ready to be fired or used on them.

“Flint, you did remember to make a reservation didn’t you,” the dark haired woman said as she held her hands up.

“I thought so,” he replied following suit.

“Stand down Slayers,” a man with an eye patch said as he approached the Joes. “These are friends.” Then smirking at the five Joes, “Welcome to the Hyperion Hotel, it’s a good thing you have a reservation, you wouldn’t like to see how they treat uninvited guests.”

“I can imagine,” Flint said wryly, “Where are Shipwreck and Mainframe? They were supposed to meet us here.”

“They are in the kitchen, both were assigned KP after an incident last night,” he said with a smirk. “My name is Xander Harris, I’m guessing you are the group, dad told me about last night.”

“Dad?!?!” a chorus of voices said.

“Ugh I swallowed my gum,” the man in a t-shirt said.

“Long story, you can try to pry it out of him,” Xander said while keeping his eyes on these people, “Now who are you?”

Flint nodded to his team, “My name is Flint, the lovely lady to my right is Lady Jaye, these two are called Alpine and Bazooka.”

At that moment another woman entered, “Flint the gear is stowed, but I would like to move it somewhere else.”

Two shrieks of absolute joy filled the room, “Oh my God, it is Courtney Krieger.” A blonde haired woman said at the same time as a brunette. “It is such an honor to have you here, can you stay long. Do you want to go shopping with us?”

Xander, Flint, Alpine and Bazooka all looked at each other completely lost, finally Lady Jaye shook her head, with a muttered, “Men,” she walked over to help her fellow Joe.

“Buffy, Dawn, please leave the nice lady alone, she’s here to help us,” Xander said.

“But Xander,” Buffy said pouting slightly, “this is Courtney Krieger.”

Xander looked at Dawn for more of an explanation and sighed, “Dawn can you explain please?”

“Courtney Krieger was on pace to be on more magazine covers than Christy Brinkley, Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks combined,” Dawn said in an awed tone. “She’s a goddess of the fashion industry.”

Cover Girl was blushing a bit by this time, before saying, “That was a long time ago, I work with the Joes now.”

Lady Jaye was snickering slightly and looked over at Flint with a smile, “It would be a good way to get to know them and find out if they have any ideas why Cobra is interested in this place.”

Knowing he had better agree or else it would be a very cold time in Los Angeles, “Go ahead and try to stay out of trouble.”

The ladies left to enjoy an afternoon of ‘getting to know each other’, while the rest of the Joes stowed their gear and began digging into why the Hyperion was wanted by Cobra.

“Thanks Wes,” Xander said into the phone, “So Wolfram and Hart has had dealings with Extensive Enterprises, but nothing recently.” As he wrote down the information, he asked, “Any idea why they would want the Hyperion?” Nodding, as Wesley explained Wolfram and Hart been after the hotel for as long as Angel had been there. “If you find out what is so special let us know.”

AN: Reviews are always welcome.
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