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Xander the Sailor Man

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Summary: Xander still dresses as a soldier but who knew that choice lead him to finding out who his father is after the fall of Sunnydale.

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Chapter Eleven

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters from BtVS, wish I did, would be doing something much more fun, other than playing around in Joss’s sandbox. Also don’t own GI Joe as Hasbro owns them.

Chapter Eleven

“Bazooka, stop playing with the girls and help us figure out what Cobra is after,” Alpine said exasperatedly.

“Aww, but Alpine, they were telling me about big booms,” the man said sadly.

As Alpine was about to respond they heard someone yelling from the office, “What do you mean it could cause the Earth to crack like an egg?!”

Each of the Joes looked at each other and waited for Xander to come out and explain.

“Of all the stupid, idiotic things,” Xander growled out as he came to the lobby. “Apparently this hotel sits on a Nexus of some sort. If someone were to drill and set off large enough explosions, they could trigger every fault along the west coast of the United States causing a chain reaction that could crack the planet like an egg.”

“That’s not good, right,” Bazooka asked.

“No Dummy, that’s not good at all,” Alpine responded. “So Flint what do we do now?”

“This doesn’t make sense, Cobra wants to rule the world, not destroy it, there is something we are missing,” Flint said as he walked over to a map.

“Would Cobra work with demons,” Xander asked.

“I don’t know, but then I didn’t know about demons and other things, until Hawk briefed us,” Flint said with a shudder. He had seen a lot of things in his career, but demon fighting teenagers was something he wasn’t quite ready to accept yet.

“Cobra tries to get money, they want to rule over everything, maybe someone told them about this and they were going to black mail the world,” Shipwreck mused.

Seeing where he was going, Xander added, “Of course, Cobra does the dirty work then when everything is ready the demon’s blow up the world.” Heading toward the stairs and yelling up, “Abby, did you see those demon’s I told you about from Caritas?”

“Sorry boss,” she said, “We lost their trail near that new Extensive Enterprises building.”

“Extensive Enterprises,” Flint asked with a growl.

The girl nodded, as Flint sighed, “It looks like you are right, these demons and Cobra are working together. We need to do some reconnaissance and find out what is going on.”

“We wouldn’t,” one voice said.

“Recommend it,” another finished.

The first voice continued, “After all you wouldn’t want your lady friends to meet a nasty end.”

“I can’t believe we are shopping with Courtney Krieger,” Buffy gushed.

Chuckling as she watched the two girls looking at Cover Girl in adoration, Lady Jaye said, “It’s always interesting to see people recognize you Cover Girl.”

“Oh be quiet Lady Jaye. I haven’t done a photo shoot in a long time and am just as surprised, they knew me,” Cover Girl said with amusement.

“Of course we know her,” Dawn said quickly then stopped as she noticed something seemed off in the shop.

“Buffy, do you remember when Spike first showed up in Sunnydale,” Dawn asked as she looked over her sister’s shoulder.

“Do you mean when he had someone…” Buffy began to say as the pieces fell into place quickly. Grabbing an outfit that was several sizes too large for her, “Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, can you help me find something that will match this dress? I think it will fit me perfectly.”

Both women were about to say something when they noticed the observer at the door of the shop, “Of course. You are right that will look magnificent on you. I’ll head over here and find the perfect bag to go with it. Cover Girl, can you go over there to find shoes?”

“Sure thing Lady Jaye,” she said as she walked toward the shoes.

As the women were about to attack, a sudden buzz was heard and each of the women screamed in agony as the floor became electrified, causing them to collapse.

The man spoke into his radio, “Alert the twins, we have captured the Joes and two other hostages. We will take them to the warehouse specified and await orders.”

“Tomax, Xamot, what do you mean a nasty end,” Flint asked.

“Oh our partners have access to a portal to a particular dimension where women are valued as amusements,” Xamot said with a leer.

Tomax continued, “Of course if you don’t want them to become someone’s plaything. You will sign over this building to us immediately and leave.”

Sprinting forward, Xander hits Xamot with a right hook as Shipwreck hits Tomax with a left, causing both twins to crash into each other.

Xander leans down and growls low in the ear of one twin, “Listen to me very closely, no one messes with my girls.” Grabbing Tomax’s pinky, giving it a sharp twist, causing a satisfying snap, “Now tell me where they are or I will make sure you are no longer a twin.”

As Tomax was about to speak, he saw death in that eye. There was no warmth, only the promise of a long painful death. Looking at Xamot who was wincing in pain, he nodded, it was better to cut losses than lose everything. “They are in Warehouse 13.”

Flint turned to the gathered Joes and Slayers, “Ok let’s find this warehouse and make sure these two are kept under guard.” He turned back to face the twins to find they as well as Shipwreck and Xander were gone.

Faith shook her head as she knew where Xander had gone, “I thought we broke him of that habit.”

“What habit,” Alpine asked.

Faith replied with a smirk, “Of rushing off half cocked.”

“What do you mean,” Flint asked.

“He went to rescue, B, Dawnie and your friends,” she said as if it were obvious and walked out of the lobby toward her room.

“You know this is a bad idea right,” Shipwreck asked his son.

“They always are, but strangely enough, they seem to work the best,” Xander said with a grin.

“True,” Shipwreck replied. “So what is the plan? And if you say you don’t have a plan, please lie to me.”

“Of course I have a plan,” Xander said affronted, “We go in, save the girls and go back to the hotel.”

“Wonderful,” Shipwreck said as they moved along the catwalk. Then they heard it and both men’s blood seemed to turn cold, it was a scream.

“They are dead men,” Xander said to Shipwreck who nodded grimly.

Both men ran along the catwalk and saw the four women chained against a wall… with what looked like four vampires taunting them and running their hands over the women. One of the vampires pressed a button and both men heard and saw who was screaming. Buffy was being electrocuted each time they pressed the button.

The men moved down to the floor as Xander handed Shipwreck a stake, “thrust and pull it free to use it again.”

Shipwreck nodded as he saw the slight greenish yellow glow in his son’s eye.

“Time to play,” he growled out and rushed into the room with the vampires. Thrusting his knife into the spinal column of the one who had been torturing Buffy causing him to fall to the ground. His left hand holding the stake came around quickly to hit the second vampire, a shower of dust floating around. Looking over he saw Shipwreck was having trouble with second vampire… he walked over and staked it through the back.

Both men, quickly freed the women as the Joes looked after Buffy, Xander took the vampire he had paralyzed and hooked him into the cuffs that had once held the slayer.

“So you like to play with electricity? So do I,” Xander said with a growl. “Now what is going on and who are you working for?” As he asked the question, Xander pressed and held the button causing electricity to arc throughout the corpse.

An inhuman scream filled the room, as the vampire begged for him to stop, “Serpos… Serpos is who is in charge. He… he wants… to go home…”

As the vampire said the word home, Xander pressed the button again causing more electricity to go into the vampire… until his body finally exploded into dust. Turning to face the Joes, shock, horror and acceptance were on their faces. “Let’s take them back to the hotel then stop another Apocalypse.”

AN: Home stretch, Reviews are loved and always welcome.
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