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Xander the Sailor Man

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Summary: Xander still dresses as a soldier but who knew that choice lead him to finding out who his father is after the fall of Sunnydale.

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Chapter Thirteen

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters from BtVS, wish I did, would be doing something much more fun, other than playing around in Joss’s sandbox. Also don’t own GI Joe as Hasbro owns them.

Chapter Thirteen

Inhaling sharply then groaning as the acrid odor of disinfectant tells him where he is. Opening his eye slowly he sees his dad sleeping in a chair, Polly perched on the back of it looking back at him. Cover Girl was sitting next to him resting her head on his shoulder as she held his hand. Slowly turning his head he sees Faith, Willow, Buffy and Dawn sprawled out on a couch.

Rasping slightly as his throat feels very dry he tries to croak out, “Anyone hurt?”

Both slayers are up in an instant when they hear his question. They are looking him over making sure he actually is awake.

“Just you Xander, why did you do it,” Faith asked as her voice.

“Had to keep my girl safe,” Xander said softly as he winced from the stitches across his stomach. “How bad is it?”

“You are lucky to be alive you idiot,” Willow said as tears were flowing down her cheeks. “If we hadn’t gotten you here when we did, you were going to… to…”

Xander sighed and reached out to squeeze Willow’s hand, “I’m here Wills, not going anywhere yet.”

Shipwreck sat in the chair looking at his son and his friends, the past month had been hell for him. He had been captured, tricked into thinking he had a family, having it taken away to finding a real son and then almost losing him again.

Polly knowing where her friends train of thought was going chimed in, “Shipwreck’s going gray.”

“Quiet bird, before I pluck you for dinner,” Shipwreck growled as he felt tears running down his cheek, just glad his son was safe.

Shipwreck sat there watching as his son reassured his friends and got yelled at for quite a while, until he saw Xander looking at him.

“Can you excuse us a moment, I need to talk to my dad,” Xander said softly.

The girls nodded and left, Cover Girl gave Shipwreck’s hand a squeeze and followed, closing the door behind her.

As Xander was about to speak Shipwreck stopped him, “Before you say a word, I have never been prouder and more terrified at the same time. I wish I’d had the opportunity to raise you, but I’m proud you are my son. I would like to get the chance to get to know you and actually be a part of your life. But if you ever do something like that again…” Shipwreck paused and looked at his son before sighing and finishing, “Who am I kidding, I would do the same.”

Xander laughed and winced, “Sorry I’ll try not to make a habit of it. But I would like that as well.” Then grinning a bit, “So you and Cover Girl eh?”

Shipwreck growled as Polly laughed and said, “Shipwreck’s trying to drop anchor.”

A couple of days later, Xander’s room was strangely empty after ordering the slayers to go shower and sleep, he hears a knock on the door.

“I wondered when you were going to show up,” Xander said.

“Of all the jobs I have to do, this is one I’d rather do than write condolence letters,” the general said as he sat down.

Xander nodded, remembering how Buffy had cried for hours after finishing the letters to the families of the potentials who fell in Sunnydale. “What can I do for you?”

“Straight to the point, I can appreciate that,” he said, “I would like to offer assistance training to your slayers and help setting up a new council. GI Joe has facilities that might suit your needs quite well.”

Xander closed his eye and thought about it, this would help but turning to look at the man, “What’s the catch?”

The general chuckled, “You train my team to deal or at least know when something supernatural is happening so we can call you in. That way I don’t have to write another letter explaining how someone’s child got impaled on a bar-be-cue fork.”

Xander nodded, “I will talk it over with the others but I think we have a deal.”

“You idiots,” Cobra Commander shouted at the twins. “You almost brought about the end of the world. Cobra can’t rule a planet that doesn’t exist.”

“Commander,” Xamot began.

“We did not realize,” Tomax continued.

“He actually was going to do it,” they finished.

“Fools, get out of my sight,” he hissed.

As they left, Cobra Commander turned toward a hidden figure in the shadows and listened as the voice spoke, “GI Joe has just become more dangerous, and their new allies are going to cause us many problems. Perhaps it is time for a more obvious alliance.”

“Yesssss,” Cobra Commander hissed.

AN: And so it is done. Not sure if I will write a sequel or not, if someone wishes to play in this universe, please let me know.

Once more thank you for all of the reviews it has made writing and posting this a ton of fun.

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander the Sailor Man". This story is complete.

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