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Xander the Sailor Man

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Summary: Xander still dresses as a soldier but who knew that choice lead him to finding out who his father is after the fall of Sunnydale.

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters from BtVS, wish I did, would be doing something much more fun, other than playing around in Joss’s sandbox. I also don’t own GI Joe, as Hasbro has their rights.

Chapter Two

What was she thinking? I mean it isn’t that difficult to understand. I stand up for myself, take a couple punches and earn respect. But instead, she has to jump in and make me look weak in front of everyone. Now I’m a laughing stock and not in the class clown type of way either.

Xander continued to fume and brood, of course if anyone said he was pulling an Angel he’d deny it, about Buffy saving him from Larry.

Just when he thought his day could not possible get any worse, he then learned that Murphy is a sadistic bastard by the name of Snyder.

“Harris, just the delinquent I was looking for,” Snyder sneered. “You will be escorting several young people as they get candy. You are not to interact or corrupt them, just make sure they get their candy and get home.”

Just as Xander was about to say something, Snyder continued, “and if you don’t do this, you can plan on spending your years until graduation in detention.”

Sighing and learning for the first time do not tempt Murphy on the hell mouth, he asked, “What time do I have to be here?”

“Be here before 4pm and have them back by 6pm, then you can go about your activities outside of my purview,” Snyder finished and began to walk away. “Oh and Harris, come in costume… after all it is a holiday,” he grinned maliciously as he went off to ruin other people’s plans.

As Xander shook his head, he started walking to the library to talk to Giles when he heard Buffy, Willow and Cordelia’s plans being ruined by the troll. A slight grin played on his face at least there was some payback from earlier.

As he entered the library, Xander called out, “Hey G-man, any chance of an apocalypse tonight to save us from the horror of escorting sugared up pre-teens?”

Shaking his head and refusing to ask the question, Giles looked up at Xander, “What? No, no apocalypse, in fact Halloween is usually a very quiet night. I thought you and the girls were going out and enjoy a night off.”

“We were, that is until Snyder volunteered us to help escorting a bunch of brats,” Xander groused.

Chuckling darkly and grinning at Xander’s plight, Giles replied, “I’m sorry Xander, but you must endure. After all it might be good for you to practice patience and realize how much someone who is younger than you can cause headaches.”

“Thanks Giles,” Xander growled out as he left the library and went to find a costume.

Meeting up with Buffy and Willow outside, he paused as he heard Buffy whining about the fact her one night a year off was ruined. But maybe she could get a costume that would get Angel’s attention.

Grumbling about corpses that should be filling a vacuum bag, then slapping a smile on his face he walked up to the girls. “Well it looks like we all need costumes, Party Town is out of my budget, how about we go to that new shop Ethan’s,” Xander asked.

Willow looked at Xander and Buffy, and then nodded her head. “That’s fine with me I have my costume already.”

Xander chuckled as he knew Willow had plans for a sheet, but he may as well go see what he can find on a limited budget.

Walking over to Ethan’s Buffy learned what Willow’s costume was and began to try and convince her Halloween was come as you aren’t. “Willow you should do something exciting, different, perhaps then someone will notice you.”

Xander pretended to be oblivious, but he had known for sometime his best friend had a crush on him. When they approached the store, Xander held the door open for the ladies and they entered.

He began to look around and thought about what he could get away with, he had some old fatigues in a box in the basement, all he needed was a gun and he’d be set. Looking over at Buffy as she held up a dress that would remind Deadboy of when he was alive, shaking his head as he wondered if the bleach truly did affect her brain.

Turning to look at the bin of guns and frowning at the limited selection as he grabbed what should work.

“Can I help you,” a British voice asked from behind him.

Jumping in shock and turning to face the man, Xander shrieked, “Don’t do that! Man you shouldn’t sneak up on someone like that in this town.” Then looking at the gun in his hand and sighing at the fact it was broke from his scare.

“I’m sorry young man, that was my fault,” the man said as he took the broken prop away. “Sadly that was the last one of those I had, but I do have a different type of rifle if you’d like.”

Following him over to the counter he saw a rifle in the display case that looked like it came directly from an armory. As he pulled the rifle out and set it on the counter Xander asked, “Not that I don’t appreciate this, but isn’t this a little different than a normal gun?”

“Yes yes it is, it’s based on a Special Forces unit that is just forming up,” Ethan said with a grin. “Would you like it for the same price as the other gun? Don’t worry about me, either I rent this or it sits and quite frankly I’d rather make a little money than none at all.”

Xander thought about it for a minute and shrugged, maybe he was due a break… seeing a set of dog tags in a fishbowl he grabbed them as well and set them on the counter. “Ok I’ll take these as well and thanks.”

“Not a problem young man, enjoy your evening,” Rayne replied with a grin.

As he was walking out, Xander stopped and told the girls he’d meet them at Buffy’s to walk over to the school.

Walking up to the Summer’s residence Xander thought about his costume and was glad he’d been able to find something that worked on his budget. He knocked on the door and smiled with Mrs. Summers opened the door.

“Private Harris reporting for duty, Ma’am,” he said as he snapped a sharp salute.

“At ease soldier, and it is Joyce remember,” Joyce said with a smile.

“Yes ma’am,” Xander replied with a smirk, he entered the house to wait for the girls. “Do you know how long the girls will be?”

“I believe they should be down soon, would you like something to drink while you wait?”

“No, thank you,” Xander said as he heard the door open upstairs. Turning to face the stairs he saw Buffy coming down dressed in something that should be left in the past, quickly plastering a smile on his face. “Hail Buffy, Duchess of Buffdom, I renounce my love of spandex.”

“Thank you sir, but wait until you see Willow,” Buffy said with a smile that quickly dropped once she saw Willow beside her.

“Mighty fine boo you have there Willow,” Xander said with a smirk.

Things went as to be expected from there, they went to the high school, met up with their groups of kids and started to walk along the streets in search of booty.

Just as they were approaching the last street a wave of magic washed over them all.

Shaking his head and looking around the soldier wondered aloud, “Where in Davy Jones locker am I?” Then seeing the little monsters running around and some coming toward him he fired his rifle at the ground near them to scare them away.

“Xander, there you are everything is going crazy, the kids I was with are now monsters and I’m a ghost,” the red haired spirit exclaimed.

Looking her over and having an amusing memory of a time in Singapore pop up, he smiled, “Lady I don’t know who you are or who this Xander is, my name is Hector.”

“Your name is Xander Harris, you dressed as a soldier for Halloween, I dressed as a ghost and Buffy…” Hearing a scream of terror, she turned toward it, “Buffy! We have to help her. Come on,” the ghost ordered.

“You have got to be kidding me,” the misplaced solider said as he shook his head and followed the girl toward the scream.

“Demon! Save me from this demon,” were the words he heard when they approached a woman who was dressed from the 1800s.

Holding his rifle ready to take care of whatever they were about to face, he shook his head as he saw the car idling in the road.

“Buffy, stop it’s me Willow,” the red head said.

“I do not know you harlot, and my name is Elizabeth,” the snobbish brunette said.

“Wonderful she has no idea who she is. We need to get her to safety and then figure out what is going on,” Willow mumbled to herself.

“Where is a safe place, Willow was it,” the soldier asked.

“Buffy’s house is just the next street over; we can go there and figure out what to do next.”

“I am not going with some harlot and a man I do not know. Can you imagine the scandals of a noble’s daughter were seen cavorting with a harlot and a strange man,” the woman said.

“Lady I don’t care who you are, just shut up and follow me, we’re going to figure this out then I’m going to hopefully wake up from this nightmare,” the soldier said.

They quickly made it to Buffy’s house when another scream was heard, “Xander, I mean Hector you have to go save her, that’s Cordelia.”

“I’m not getting paid enough for this,” he said as he rushed out into the street. Taking aim and firing a couple shots right behind the screaming cat woman and in-front of what could only be described as a big foot. “Follow me; your friend said you needed help.”
Cordelia looked at the soldier, “Harris what are you doing you loser, where did you get that gun?”

“The name is Hector and some red headed ghost can explain it, I’m just hoping this is a bad dream during shore leave.”

As they entered, Hector was on alert, granted this was probably a very bad and vivid dream, but still. As the spirit and the cat girl argued over the fact she knew her name, he saw movement near the backdoor through the kitchen. Moving around and waiting behind the door, when the man entered the house he pressed the muzzle of his rifle against his back.

“Do not move,” he growled at the man, for some reason he truly didn’t like this guy.

“Harris what are you doing,” the dark haired man said.

“Xan… Hector, that’s Angel he’s a friend,” Willow said quickly.

“Friends don’t sneak into people’s houses and more importantly they have a heart beat,” Hector growled.

“He’s a vampire, but he’s a good one,” Willow replied quickly.

“Angel is a vampire,” Cordelia asked. “Wow that explains a bit. So something weird is going on, why doesn’t Buffy here fix it?”

“She doesn’t know she’s the slayer right now. We need to go see Giles and see what is going on. I’ll run there while you guys keep Buffy and Cordelia safe,” Willow said and ran through the wall.

“Wonderful,” Hector sighed as he kept watch on the front door and watched as Buffy tried to keep as much distance between herself and Angel as possible. For some reason that gave him a sense of pleasure, he passed by a mirror and looked then paused with a shock. “Save my bones for Davy Jones, she wasn’t lying and this isn’t a dream.” Looking back was not a face he recognized but did seem similar. Hearing a crash and then a scream he saw Angel fighting something and no sign Buffy. “Where is she?”

As Angel finished off the demon the growled out, “She ran off when she saw my face change. She’s out there somewhere.”

“That’s just great, the one who can fight this stuff is a whimpering noblewoman and is scared of her own shadow,” Cordelia snarked.

“Let’s go,” Hector sighed as they went out into the streets to track down the scared woman.

Moving quickly with Angel in the lead as he seemed to be able to track her, they came to an alleyway and saw Buffy being accosted by a pirate.

“Remove your hands from her or you will regret it,” Hector said as his blood began to boil at the thought of someone attacking a defenseless woman.

“Arrr what are you gonna do about it,” the pirate replied.

“This,” he said, and then using the butt of his rifle he hit the pirate in the stomach then landed a quick haymaker to his jaw. “That felt strangely satisfying,” he said. “Come on it isn’t safe.”

“Oh you are quite right, it isn’t safe,” a British voice said up ahead of them. “The slayer is useless and the hanger on is just annoying, the only danger is the poof.”

“Spike,” Angel growled out, “Shouldn’t you be hiding behind Dru’s skirt?”

“I don’t need to hide, especially since you are about to be dust,” Spike replied. Then seeing a red beam shoot out of the rifle and dust the three vampires to his left, Spike looked at the boy and gulped. “Maybe later,” Spike said as he and the minions quickly ran away.

“Let’s go,” Hector said, “I seriously need some shore leave after tonight.” They quickly kept moving toward somewhere safe when they heard a yell.

“You think you can get all of us,” Spike shouted out.

They turned and saw dozens of demons standing beside the vampire, turning to look at each other Hector and Angel nodded, grabbed Buffy by the arms and ran toward a warehouse. When they got inside, Hector told Cordelia to take care of Buffy while they tried to block the doors.

“Why don’t you shoot them,” Cordelia asked.

“I have enough for one or two shots left, after that this is just a club,” Hector replied as they stacked boxes in front of the door and got ready for stand.

“They’re breaking in, maybe if we offer them this cat trollop they might let us go free,” Buffy said in a panicked voice.

“As if,” Cordelia exclaimed then turned to punch the slayer in the jaw.

Chuckling as he watched this play out, Hector asked, “Feel better?”

“Yes,” Cordelia said then screamed as the door broke open and the demons began to pour in.

Hector waited and fired his shots at the biggest of the attackers, one down, two down, three down, then he tried to fire again and nothing happened. “Great,” he sighed, then flipping the rifle around and swinging it like a club he hit a couple more before he was gang tackled and held up to watch.

Holding Buffy roughly and bragging, “I’m going to enjoy this, Slayer blood without the fight, but still just as sweet,” Spike grinned and was about to bite into her neck when for the second time that night a wave of magic rushed through.

“Ugh my head,” Xander said as he looked around at the demons and now crying children.

Spike oblivious to what happened was shocked when he felt a vice like grip on the back of his neck. “Honey, I’m home,” the slayer said as she punched Spike sending him flying backward.

“Bugger this,” Spike said and ran off back to Dru.

“Any of the rest of you want to fight,” Buffy said with a growl as she rubbed her jaw. The remaining demons got out of their fast. After they left Cordelia and Xander escorted the children back to the high school, then went home.

When he got home, his mom stopped him, “Have fun trick or treating Alex?”

“It was interesting,” he said as he pulled off the uniform top causing the dog tags to fall onto the floor. “I’m going to bed, good night mom.”

“Good night Alex,” she said as she picked up the dog tags, read the name on the tags and nearly fainted. “Where did you get Hector’s dog tags,” she wondered, and then shook her head sadly as she put them someplace safe.
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