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Xander the Sailor Man

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Summary: Xander still dresses as a soldier but who knew that choice lead him to finding out who his father is after the fall of Sunnydale.

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Chapter Three

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters from BtVS, wish I did, would be doing something much more fun, other than playing around in Joss’s sandbox. Also don’t own GI Joe, Hasbro owns their rights

Chapter Three

Shaking his head at the memories of that Halloween as he rubbed the dog tags between his thumb and forefinger, he looked up and saw Willow smiling at him.

“Willow, can you do some digging into Hector Delgado and Chula Vista,” he asked.

“Of course, I was just waiting for you to ask. I’ll be in the office and will let you know when I find something out,” she said then went into Angel’s former office to begin digging.

“Now then, let’s see first let’s dig into the education records around that time,” she mumbled as she typed. “Interesting Hector Delgado and Jessica Lavelle both should have graduated the same year, Hector’s grades weren’t the best and most reports say he could have done better if he’d applied himself. Joined the navy after his junior year, which explains why he doesn’t show up as graduating.”

“Now let’s see what we can find in the department of defense,” she said with a grin.

Setting up a few anti-trace programs and beginning to slowly work her way into the database of servicemen. “This is odd, he served in the Pacific, was doing something in Korea with pirates and then he just disappears. A few years later his file was reactivated and listed as classified; don’t they realize that classified just means I need to work harder to get the information?”

Xander chuckled as he heard a bit of laughter coming from the office, Willow was having fun, that’s good and as long as it doesn’t involve the dark haired veiny type he was more than willing to let her enjoy herself.

It was nearly evening and it would be time for a patrol, a few slayers were starting to gather in the lobby. He began getting supplies out for them.

Three stakes, two vials of holy water and a knife would be given to each slayer, granted they would not be alone, but with Sunnydale’s collapse it seemed the demon population moved to Los Angeles to regroup.

“Hey Stud,” a sultry voice said from behind him.

“Hello Faith,” he replied and turned to face her, “Ready to take the newbies out for a fun night of slaying?”

Chuckling as she rolled her eyes, “Yeah, it will be fun. These new slayers sometimes forget they aren’t invincible. Last night one of them tried to take on a Polgra by herself and nearly ripped in half. Were B and I ever that dumb?”

Grinning at her and winking as he replied, “Well Faith, I seem to recall one of you sleeping with more than one corpse and the other kicking someone out in their underwear. So I guess it is all a matter of perspective.”

A smirk turning into a frown of regret as Xander reminded her of their past she replied, “I am sorry about that Xander. I wasn’t in a good place then.”

Xander held his hand up, “It’s in the past, and there are plenty of reasons for all of us to be sorry.”

Willow was having fun, whomever Xander’s dad was his file was behind a firewall the like she had never seen.

“Well now this just became a challenge,” Willow said with a grin, remembering a few tricks Jenny had taught her, she slipped inside the firewall and began to search through various files.

In a room an alarm went off, letting the operator know someone was accessing classified information.

“Mainframe get down here now, someone is in our database,” the worried operator said as he began to try and figure out what the hacker was after and try to stop them.

“Oooo aren’t you clever, a trip wire on every file and apparently I missed one, I better make this quick,” she said to herself. Knowing she didn’t have much time made finesse go out the window as she began digging through the database with a bulldozer rather than a small shovel, she saw the name Delgado and Shipw, before her timer went off and she had to pull back fast.

“Not as much information as I would like, but now I know what to look for and knowing is half the battle after all,” she mused. Checking to make sure any traces had been shook off, she thought about what she had learned. He had dressed as his father for Halloween and his father it seemed was lost at sea recently. I need to find more for him before I tell him this,” she said and began to sneak her way back into that database.

Xander looked at the mini slayers bouncing around like they could take on the world. “All right, last night one of you nearly got killed thinking you were invincible. There is always something stronger, faster and smarter than you out there. The only way you will go out there is as a team and fight as a team. Rule number one of slaying, Don’t Die. If you are outmatched, run, get help and come back, but Don’t Die. Tonight Faith will be taking all of you to various warehouses to clean things up. It seems they think that with the Fang Gang in charge of Wolfram and Hart they are free to cause troubles. Our goal tonight is to remind them that isn’t the case. Any questions?”

Looking around at their now serious faces he nodded to Faith, “Good hunting and come back safe.”

Faith looked at him with a slightly awestruck expression and nodded. “Ok minis let’s remind the underworld why Slayers are feared.”

Xander watched them go out and headed toward the kitchen to make sure there was plenty of food for them to eat when they returned. Looking over the pots of chili, cheese and stew he nodded and set the oven on low to keep the chips warm as well as the fresh bread.

Sitting down in a chair as he waited for the girls to come back, he began to remember more and more about life after Halloween.

AN: I will probably uploading three chapters a day, until I get this up.
Reviews are Always welcome.
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