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Xander the Sailor Man

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Summary: Xander still dresses as a soldier but who knew that choice lead him to finding out who his father is after the fall of Sunnydale.

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Chapter Four

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters from BtVS, wish I did, would be doing something much more fun, other than playing around in Joss’s sandbox. Also don’t own GI Joe as Hasbro owns them.

Chapter Four

Xander’s mention of Buffy sleeping with a corpse reminded him of what came after that, the Judge. Shaking his head at how stupidly naïve they all were at that time. Of course it was rather amusing to use a rocket launcher to blow up that overgrown Smurf.

“I still wish I had dusted that damn barnacle when I had the chance,” he grumbled.

Then he paused and remembered where he got the rocket from.

“So here is the plan Cordy, you distract the soldier there and I will slip in snag something to take care of the judge problem, then we leave,” he explained.

“Ok, but isn’t it odd that these soldiers are dressed in blue instead of normal army gear,” she asked.

Pausing a moment and shaking his head, “Probably but right now we need to focus on getting what we came for, we can figure out this mystery later.”

“Fine dweeb,” she huffed and walked off.

Xander’s eyes followed her and he admitted it was quite a nice view, moving over to the fence, he waited until he heard Cordelia talking to the solder, then started cutting it open. He slipped through and quickly entered the armory.

“These guys need to upgrade their security, an ensign and two trainees could get in here,” he said to himself. “What am I saying; they need to keep it like this in case we need more later.”

Seeing a couple of vehicles with a red emblem on them and some odd white containers to the side, he paused as he found exactly what he needed.

“Perfect, a rocket launcher, one of the easiest weapons to fire, just point and shoot,” he said as he grabbed the launcher as well as a couple extra rockets. “Just in case.”

Heading back out of the warehouse, he looked over at Cordelia and waved as he went back through the fence toward her car. Loading the supplies in the trunk we waited for her to return.

“Have fun,” he asked with a slight grin.

“As if,” she replied, “Xander seriously that guy gave me the creeps. He was wearing some kind of mask over his mouth, but he just seemed like he didn’t belong here.”

Xander frowned as she got in and then asked, “Do you think he was a demon?”

Pausing as she put the car in gear, “No, he just didn’t seem like he should be here. Anyway let’s take this to the rest of the freaks.”

They drove back to the library both quiet thinking about what they’d discovered. Of course once they arrived, the realization of Angelus, the conflict with the Judge and everything else pushed it to the back of their minds.

“Hrmm, I wonder why I didn’t think about this til now,” Xander mused then he remembered the odd group of people after the incident with Ted…

“I can’t believe he was an android, that’s just really Star Trek you know,” Xander said as he and Willow walked to Ted’s house. They had discovered the bodies already and Giles had had them properly taken care of.

“I know, but can you imagine what else we could find in his house? There might be new technology there that could advance the world or even something cooler,” Willow gushed.

Xander chuckled at his best friend, though for some reason he seemed to miss having a bird around to talk to. Just as they were turning the corner, he grabbed Willow’s arm and pulled her into the bushes.

“Xander what are you doing,” Willow growled at him.

Pointing at the house, there were men in red suits taking boxes out and setting them in a truck.

“It looks like someone else has an interest in that house,” he said.

“But, but, that’s not fair, we knew about it first,” Willow pouted.

“I know Wills, but look at it this way, if something goes wrong it won’t be us who has to clean it up,” he said with a slight grin.

Frowning and then nodding, “I know, but I was really excited to try and make our own robots.”

“Maybe someday Willow, maybe someday. For now though, let’s get some ice cream,” Xander said with a smile.

Shaking his head as more and more memories started coming back, who knew Sunnydale syndrome didn’t just apply to the nightlife.

Picking up the paper, he started reading how Extensive Enterprises had just opened their new building across from Wolfram and Hart.

“Extensive Enterprises… didn’t they sponsor the swim team,” he wondered aloud…

Looking around the pool as he waited his turn to try out for the swim team, luckily tryouts were closed or he would never live down the idea of the girls seeing him dressed, or undressed as he was.

“Harris your next,” the coach shouted.

Nodding and climbing up on the block, he waited and when he heard the shot, dove into the water and began swimming as fast as he could.

When he finished his lap and got out, he saw the coach smiling, “Congratulations Harris you made the team.”

“Thanks coach,” he replied, he was about to ask a question when someone interrupted and pulled the coach to the office. Shaking his head and drying off as he looked through the window. Who was that odd looking bald man?

Things continued, after they put a stop to the creatures from the Sunnydale lagoon, Xander went through the coaches files looking for any possible future side effects to the cocktail they’d been given.

A file named Project: Rebreather and one called Atlantis were interesting reads, but it seemed this was a failed test due to immediate side effects. There had been no mention of negative issues in any other test subjects.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he put the files back and went back to the library. As he left the wall shimmered and a man took the files as well as all chemical samples from the filing cabinet and the hidden safe, then left.

Looking at the paper again and looking at the other head lines as pieces started to fall into place… blue uniforms, red uniforms, red serpent emblems…

“Oh you have got to be kidding me!” he shouted as he looked up. “Demons and vampires were bad enough, but an overgrown terrorist organization with a snake fetish was in Sunnyhell as well?”

AN: Reviews always appreciated thank you.
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