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Xander the Sailor Man

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Summary: Xander still dresses as a soldier but who knew that choice lead him to finding out who his father is after the fall of Sunnydale.

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Chapter Eight

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters from BtVS, wish I did, would be doing something much more fun, other than playing around in Joss’s sandbox. Also don’t own GI Joe as Hasbro owns them.

Chapter Eight

They hadn’t been able to find the Hyperion that night, so they found a different place to stay. As they ate breakfast Shipwreck and Polly watched the normally composed Mainframe rapidly lose his cool as he checked in with Joe HQ.

“What do you mean, all data on RedTree is gone,” Mainframe shouted into his phone. Growling and nodding, he should have known better than to believe the data would be left alone. “What about the printed out data?” His eyes growing bigger as a vein started to throb as he listened. “You mean to tell me, the printed copies were sent to the shredder and then incinerated. Yes I know you followed orders.” Then hanging up and wishing he could slam the phone, before looking at Shipwreck. “RedTree decided to pay us a visit last night and erased everything we had on them. Including making sure printed records were gone. I know understand why they are considered a ghost.”

Shipwreck nodded and looked at Polly who shrugged her wings. “Let’s go find the Hyperion.”

Growling as he ate the sandwich and walking down the street to catch a cab after an hour learning more about traffic in LA than they would have liked, they arrived in front of the Hyperion.

“That will be $80,” the cabby said with a slight hiss.

Paying the man and looking at the old hotel, Polly let out a whistle, “Nice architecture.”

Shipwreck frowned at the bird, before nodding, “You know I’m still not used to you talking like that.”

Polly laughed, “Shipwreck’s bout to get blown out of the water.”

They entered the building and looked around; this was unlike any hotel they had ever been in. Instead of a lobby with people moving about, there was a group of girls doing some type of martial art. Leading them was a short blonde, who looked like a cheer leader, but her presence reminded both men of General Hawk.

“That’s good, now punch, kick, punch, thrust,” she called out as the men walked toward a desk with a stack of books.

“Excuse us,” Mainframe said as he spoke to the man behind a stack of books.

“Hmm,” the man said as he continued to read.

“Excuse me, could I speak with someone in charge,” Mainframe asked again.

“What,” the man said as he set the book down, “Hello, how can I help you?”

“Are you in charge here,” Mainframe asked.

“Yes, my name is Rupert Giles,” he replied, “How may I help you?”

“We are looking into a breach of security that happened a week or so ago and more recently last night. The trail led us to Los Angeles and then here,” Mainframe said with a calm voice.

Giles looked at the men and removed his glasses to begin polishing them, “A breach in security, why do you believe we or anyone here had anything to do with it?”

Frowning slightly as he couldn’t exactly say how they’d sung to find out where it was. It was crazy, it sounded crazy and he still didn’t believe it. But, figuring a bit of truth might not hurt. “An informant told us that we could find RedTree here.”

Growling and looking square into the eyes of the man, Giles spoke quietly but intensely, “RedTree you say and what are you wanting with them?”

The workout had stopped sometime during the conversation as Mainframe and Shipwreck both noticed they were surrounded by several girls who did not look pleased. Finally Shipwreck had had enough, “I want to find out why they were looking at my files and he wants to find out how they got in and out of his so called impregnable database.”

The mood immediately seemed to lighten as the girls went to various parts of the hotel and Giles raised an eyebrow at the men, then nodded and called out, “Willow please come here.”

Both men looked toward the office where an attractive red head came out, as she was about to answer she saw both men standing there.

Moving quickly over toward Giles she asked, “Giles, what’s going on and why is Xander’s father here and not lost at sea?”

“Excuse me,” Shipwreck shouted, “Who is Xander and what do you mean I’m his father?”

“Popeye’s a daddy,” Polly cawed and laughed.

“Quiet bird brain or I will see if these girls can turn you into a feather duster,” Shipwreck growled. “What do you mean I am his father?”

Willow quickly began to explain, “Xander received a note from his mother when she died, and it said the man whom we all thought wasn’t his father. It was a Hector Delgado, whom she knew in Chula Vista. I went searching for you because Xander deserves someone better than that bastard Tony Harris as a father.

As Willow continued to explain what she had done and why, Shipwreck sat back in shock, ‘I’m a father, for real this time, not some Cobra mental screw job.’ He then asked, “Where is he?”

Frowning slightly as the last time she had told Xander his dad was missing, but thinking this might be a nice surprise. “Umm he’s out back repairing some furniture the girls broke.”

“Now then, RedTree, can you explain to me how you got into our system,” Mainframe said with a slight grin.

“Am I in trouble,” Willow asked meekly.

“No, you are not, because amazingly enough all evidence we had has disappeared or has been destroyed,” Mainframe said with a smirk. “Though I would appreciate it if you didn’t do it again and told me how you did it so I can prevent someone from getting into our database again.”

Willow nodded and began to explain the hows, whys and becauses, to Mainframe. Giles simply shook his head and went back to reading his books, there was a group wanting to destroy the planet, again, and he had to figure out when and where.

AN: Yes Next chapter they finally meet... Reviews are always welcome.
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