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Moving On With Faith

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Summary: A new year will mean a new life for Faith, but first she needs to learn there are people out there you can trust. Harry Potter/Buffy/Highlander

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Moving On With Faith

Title: Moving On With Faith

Author: Jesmin (

Rating: PG-13

Summary: A new year will mean a new life for Faith, but first she needs to learn there are people out there you can trust.

Disclosure: I don’t own Faith or her friends from Buffy. They are owned by Joss Whedon, WB, FOX, UPN, Mutant Enemy and many others. Methos and Duncan belong to Panzer/Davis and Rysher. All Harry Potter characters are owned by JK Rowling.

Introduction – Time Line

I just wanted to let you know where everyone falls when it comes to time lines.

Buffy Characters: This falls after the end of the show. Sunnydale has been destroyed by Spike. Most of the slayers have relocated in Cleveland, even Buffy (who has already left London). Giles, Willow, Kennedy and Faith have stayed in London, where Faith has been under scrutiny by the council for over half a year. It is now Christmas and she is going crazy.

Wesley: I just wanted to point out I do have an Angel character who shows up in two scenes. For all of you who have been watching this season, Wesley is on a break from Wolfram and Hart and Angel Investigations. After the mock death of his father, he has come to London.

Harry Potter: Based on Nearly Headless Nicks Death day party in CoS, Harry is now 23. The basis of this is that in CoS Nearly Headless Nick was celebrating his five hundredth deathday. On the cake it says he died in 1492, which makes the year 1992! That would make Harry 23 at the end of 2003, which is when this is set.

Warning: Being I have basically taken over anything after book five, there are certain liberties that mean character death. Don’t worry, Harry, Ron and Hermione are all still around, but I have dispatched of a character that I actually really like. It just fit with this story though. I don’t want to totally ruin the story, but I wanted to warn you.

Highlander: Just take it as after the movie. Methos is still a watcher in this fic, however, there are a few high up that know who he is – or at least that he is immortal. MacLeod will show up, but there isn’t really anything that says “timeline” except that he does know of Methos’ past. As for Richie or Joe, they aren’t mentioned. You can take Richie as dead or you imagine that last season and such never took place. It really doesn’t matter.

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