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My little pony

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Summary: A series of MLP:FIM drabbles, crossover and otherwise.

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Cartoons > My Little PonyDmitriFR7105,196045,71612 Jul 1228 Jul 14No

Equestria's first evil friendship - the beginning

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

The sky was dark, though there were stars and a moon – full, of course: just like her big sis, Princess Luna might have had identity issues, but she did her duty daily... well, nightly, right on the dot.

Discord looked up at the very orderly night sky and just snorted, disdainfully: order was so boring! His chaos was so much more glorious! And chaotic! And glorious!

...At least Luna understood the value of variety, unlike some ponies (cough Celestia cough): not only did her moon vary in appearance nightly, but there also were stars, and constellations, and planets (though Luna never talked about them, never-never-never) – just enough variety to make it uninteresting for the dragonequus to mess with her.

And so Discord found himself in a hiatus (well, actually the entire Equestria found itself in a hiatus since S3 had not aired yet - PP), wandering around the nighttime Equestria, since sleeping was boring.

And since he was wandering around Stalliongrad, of all places, he came across a small, almost decrepit-looking building that had its windows lit from the inside, though. (And not because of an internal fire that got out of control – Discord had caused enough of them to recognize when there was not one.)

“Hmm,” Discord said thoughtfully, as he took a good look at the building’s sign (practically unreadable) and took a good sniff of the air. “Changelings. Hadn’t come across any in S2, you know?” (Pinkie Pie is not the only one who can break the 4th wall if she wants to.) “Shall be fun meeting them.” And he walked in.

* * *

The insides of the building were quite quiet, but that was natural: changelings can be quite quiet when they want to. Plus, the building did not appear to be a home either – more like a rented office, a sort of establishment that was popular in Stalliongrad lately (not that Discord cared).

In any case, there was a changeling here, and judging by the fact that it was about as big as an alicorn, Discord cleverly deduced that it was a high-caste changeling female. “Hello!” he told her brightly.

The changeling stiffened, took off her glasses, and gave Discord an unamused looks – but most females, regardless of their species, did that, so Discord was not bothered by this development. “And who are you?” she asked, flatly.

“I am Discord!” the dragonequus said brightly. “I’m here to join your club, I meet all the requirements” – he jabbed his talon at a rather poorly looking piece of paper that was the club’s charter, presumably, “and I am a god of Chaos! Ta-Da!” And he let the fireworks fly. Literally.

The changeling was still not impressed. “Yes, well, as the queen of the changelings I can honestly tell you, whatever you are, that this isn’t a front, but a legitimate front of our operations of infiltrating Equestria.”

“Not taking over it?” Discord felt a need to clarify.

“No,” Chrysalis (and who else could it be? – PP) replied. “My changelings just lack the numbers to do that. Our reproductive rates are slower than the ponies, and we grow and mature slower than they do as well.”

“I can help you with that!” Discord said brightly, as he readied his chaos magic to release a dozy of a spell.

“No!” Chrysalis blasted Discord back into the streets with her own magic. “You leave my people alone, you – embodiment of chaos!”

And the two of them rolled through the streets of Stalliongrad’s suburbs, with Chrysalis trying to take Discord down. For a pony (even Twilight Sparkle) that would have been impossible, but Chrysalis was a changeling. Even an ordinary changeling is somewhat chaotic in its nature since it is a shapeshifter and as such has no fixed shape as a pony does, and so, it is relatively immune to Discord’s chaotic and changing magics.

And Chrysalis was more than just a mere changeling was – she was their queen and a powerful magician in her own right. She was unable to get her hooves upon Discord, because he was so much more slippery and powerful than she was, but his magics did not affect her at all, not really.

In the end, it all came down to the matter of endurance: Discord could probably keep going at it all night, Chrysalis – not so much, but the Night had plans of her own.

“What is going on here?” Princess Luna, in her Nightmare Moon embodiment, demanded sternly in a not-quite-official voice, glaring at both of them.

“Fighting,” Chrysalis muttered, as she took stock of her overall body shape, and found it wanting after the fight with Discord.

“I can see that,” Nightmare Moon glared at the changeling queen. “Why?”

There was a pause as Chrysalis looking at the dark alicorn princess as if the latter was a moron incapable of understanding the obvious, and Discord just snickered in the background as he tended to.

“...Right, never mind,” Nightmare Moon exhaled. “It’s Discord. There is always discord and fighting when he is around. I cannot wait for the S3 to start so that he can get back to being a statue once again.”

“Was that supposed to hurt?” he asked, as he flicked away a piece of non-existent lint from himself. “Seriously, Wittle Woona, is that the best you can do?” He trotted over to the alicorn and patted her on the back. “Don’t worry. Maybe someday you can be half the alicorn your sister is-“

KA-BOOM! Nightmare Moon blasted the dragonequus with her own magical blast – and if Chrysalis’ magic blasted Discord out of her ‘club’, Nightmare Moon’s was exponentially more powerful and blasted Discord into space instead.

“I’m blasting off again!” he yelled as he vanished in the distance.

“Well, that was fun – not,” Nightmare Moon said flatly as Discord disappeared. “Honestly, I remember why I helped my sister turn him to stone in the canon series.”

“Whatever,” Chrysalis said thoughtfully. “Say, since in canon you’re usually looking much younger, have you shapeshifted or something?”

“Pretty much,” Nightmare Moon shrugged, not sure where the changeling queen was going with that. “I prefer to change age rather than shape, but it doesn’t really matter.”

“Fair enough,” Chrysalis nodded sagely. “You want to share a drink?”

Nightmare Moon pulled out her schedule for the night, and checked it. “Yeah, we could do that,” she said brightly. It was the first time someone offered to share a drink with her, after all.

“Splendid!” Discord landed right next to the other two, even as Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon shook their hooves. “Where are we going? I am so thirsty that I could drink all of the sweet fresh water in Equestria!”

There was a pause as both mares gave Discord an evil eye.

“What?” Discord batted his own eyelashes innocently.


And thus Equestria’s first evil friendship was struck.

The end?
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