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My little pony

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Summary: A series of MLP:FIM drabbles, crossover and otherwise.

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Cartoons > My Little PonyDmitriFR7105,196045,71612 Jul 1228 Jul 14No

Equestria's First Evil Friendship - Sombra

Disclaimer: see previous chapters.

And so it happened that Nightmare Moon once more came to knock on the clubhouse door. “Come in,” Chrysalis said wearily. “How are the RD celebrations outside?”

“Very appropriate,” Nightmare Moon nodded as she entered the clubhouse. “Very red.”

“True, true,” the changeling queen nodded as she straightened her back. “Personally, I think that some white poppies wouldn’t have been amiss, but they would’ve messed-up the symbology-“

“Ah, I see that you girls are talking something fiercely boring once again!” Discord bounced in. “Loved the taffeta piñatas outside, though!”

“What piñatas?” Chrysalis immediately jumped to alarm. “You better not make me look unpatriotic-“

“Relax, I just like the sound those two words make put together,” Discord said in his usual dismissive tone of voice. “Anyway, I met a new guy that you want to meet: Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, meet Sombra!”

And with a flourish Discord presented a dark-colored unicorn clad in armor with a curved horn on his forehead and with a truly sombre look on his face.

“Hi!” the unicorn said a little too brightly for someone of his mien, waving one of his forelegs in the air. “Hi!”

“Who’s he?” Chrysalis asked, sounding not very impressed. “Discord, did you just take some poor stallion off the street and had your usual way with him?”

There was a pause as everyone else twitched. “No,” Discord began in a more forceful manner than his usual style, but Nightmare Moon interrupted him:

“No. This really is Sombra, king of the shadows. Centuries ago he was sealed into the shadows, but now that MLP S3 has finally began, he’s back.”

“Hi!” Sombra said again, grinning maniacally at Nightmare Moon. “Hi!”

“Uh-huh,” Chrysalis did not sound very impressed. “Is he always so... shy?”

“Yup!” Discord said cheerfully. “He is clearly tongue-tied around the ladies! Worry not, for uncle Discord will do something about that!”

“Don’t you dare!” Nightmare Moon snapped. “Chrysalis, I know that Sombra has his issues being sealed away in the shadows for so long and all, but he really does meet all of the club’s requirements-“

“Wait,” the changeling queen said thoughtfully. “Does he have the majority of the votes?”

Both Nightmare Moon and Discord nodded.

“And we already have Discord as a club member?”

Again, there were nods all around, though Discord did catch onto it with a “Hey!”

“Then he’s in. Congratulations, Sombra,” Chrysalis said with a gravity. “You’re in.”

Sombra grinned. Discord cried “Yay” and made it rain poppies.

Sombra concentrated and added long trails of smoke and shadow to Discord’s flowers making the main chamber of the club look even more bizarre

Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis just looked at each other and sighed. Discord and Sombra may were complete opposites in some aspects, but both, combined, they were going to be a hoof-full.

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