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My little pony

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Summary: A series of MLP:FIM drabbles, crossover and otherwise.

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Cartoons > My Little PonyDmitriFR7105,196045,71612 Jul 1228 Jul 14No

My little pony: friendship is nonsense #1

Disclaimer: all characters belong to Hasbro™.

“Cadence, I’m pleased that we’re having the TALK – just the two of us,” princess Celestia told the younger alicorn in a tone of voice that was not quite the royal VOICE, but something similar.

“Yes, well, I didn’t know whom else to turn to,” Cadence looked away, sadly. “I mean, I’m an alicorn, Shining Armor is a unicorn, I’m going to live forever, he is not, I don’t know what I’ll do once he’s gone, there aren’t too many other immortals in Equestria...”

“Don’t worry,” Queen Chrysalis the (self-appointed) Changeling expert of all things Equestrian looked from the mirror. “You can always count on me to come over and make things...different for you – after all, as the queen of the Changelings, I’m immortal too.”

“And don’t forget about us!” Twilight Sparkle said merrily as she, Pinkie Pie and the other Ele-ments of Harmony came onto the scene (it was their poker night). “As the Elements of Harmony, we’re immortal also! Unless we’re killed”, she shot a look at Queen Chrysalis through the mirror.

“Dragon,” Spike added as he brought the rest of the stuff that the Mane 6 left behind. “Will live forever if not killed to begin with.”

“And don’t forget about me!” princess Luna, who was usually busy with whatever she did at night, decided to make an exception and joined her big sister and many times grand-niece as well. “Really, Cadence, chin up! Your husband might come and go, but friends, family and foes stay with you forever!”

Cadence twitched, looked at the sky, and wailed: “Dr. Faustus! I am sorry! Can we re-negotiate our deal?!”

But the night skies were silent.

* * *

Dr. Faustus, the greatest magician who has ever lived, just snorted and closed the sketchbook. “Re-negotiate our deal, my foot! Nobody re-negotiates with Dr. Faustus, nobody!”

“I’m sorry, my dear, but did you say something?” Sheila Rosenberg, still putting on her earrings, entered the hall.

“No, honey,” the magician shook his head. “But let’s hurry up – I don’t want to be late to Willow’s bat mitzvah.

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