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My Dark Hunter Collection

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Fan Art

Summary: Buffy/Dark Hunter Series crossover Fan Art and non-crossover Dark Hunter Series Fan Art. New Images on Chapter 19 and Chapter 20 added

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriesgingersunFR1320915134,30113 Jul 1221 Jul 12No

Chapter One: Buffy/Remi

Disclaimer:I don't own the images used within any of the following Fan Art. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Dark Hunter etc.. belongs to Sherrilyn Kenyon and publishers around the world.

Fandoms: Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Sherrilyn Kenyon's Were-Hunter/DarkHunter Books

A/N For the moment there is more non x-over as I made them some time ago.

Buffy/Remi Peltier

 photo buffyandremi1.jpg

Plot: Buffy goes to college in New Orleans? instead of UC Sunnydale or goes back to college at some point after Sunnydale became a sink hole and of course meets Remi.....

anyone want to write it?...
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