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Harmonious Relations

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Summary: Deirdre Skye considers how she ended up with her wife. Written for the 5th annual day of Femslash

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Games > Sci-Fi > Alpha Centuri(Current Donor)vidiconFR1819400789214 Jul 1214 Jul 12Yes
Author’s Note:

Not beta’d, a spur of the moment thing. Forgive any mistakes.

The following ways of notation may be found in this story. This is excluding whatever I need to represent chatting, texting and stuff like that.

Speech: “Who’s on first.”

Thought: *What’s on second.*

Vision: #I-don’t-know’s on third.#

For the Annual day of Femslash. Harmony.

I do not own Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Harmonious Relations

Gaia’s Landing, 2125

Sometimes she wondered how she’d ended up with her wife. Very few people were impressed with Harmony when they first met her. As a matter of fact, most people were frightened of her. When the vampire had been discovered on board the Unity even Lal had called for her to be destroyed.

Only Zakaharov and Deirdre had opposed her summary execution. And Deirdre shuddered to recall the clinical and unethical reasons the expedition’s Science Officer had propounded at the hearing.

But those clinical reasons had won over Corazón Santiago and Sheng-ji Yang, and swayed Captain Garland. Lal had been even more horrified at those plans and had helped Deirdre hide the creature, while claiming to have destroyed it. Deirdre’s knowledge of the hydroponics and Harmony’s ability to survive without air, warmth, or any food except blood, allowed her to remain undetected until the murder of Hermione Garland had destroyed the original charter and the mission had deteriorated into infighting and  

And then it turned out Harmony was neither as dumb nor as gullible as she looked. It had been Harmony who had detected the traces of scent on Captain Garland, it had been Harmony who had figured out that of all those on board Nwabudike Morgan had most reason to want the mission in its original form to fail. He alone among the faction leaders held no official position, he alone had stowed away.

It had been Harmony who had tracked down a member of the crew with incredible hacking skills, ‘Datajack’ Sinder Roze, a descendant of the near legendary Willow Rosenberg, who had hacked into the deep, hidden files among the programs that controlled the Unity’s computers and fusion core. The files that caused the breakdown. 

It had been Harmony who had coolly, callously, dispatched the well-guarded Morgan and had torn apart his bodyguard as if they were straw puppets.

When the factions had formed, Harmony had asked to join Deirdre and her Gaians. Deirdre had hesitated, but finally agreed.

And then, once they had landed, she understood. Harmony had stood in the unbreathable atmosphere, surrounded by alien foliage and animals, spread her arms and called out.

Harmony had felt the call of Planet from lightyears away. Harmony had known what they would find. Not just animals and plants. No, a living, breathing, communicating planet. And Harmony, with her parasitic demon, her inherent magic, her hundred years of experience, had sat among the plants, had let the razorbeaks take strands of her long blonde hair to build their nests, and had communed with Planet.

None of Deirdre’s people were attacked by mindworms. Sea wyrms left her ships alone. Dense masses of Fungus parted for her troops.

As Harmony spoke softly with Planet, sang songs of her childhood, told tales of her friends and enemies, Deirdre had listened. And she realized something. Harmony missed them. The allegedly soulless demon missed her friends, her family, their hugs, their jokes and banter. She missed the brooding of someone called Angel. She missed the quirky laughter of Willow, the snarky comments of Cordelia, the intensity of Buffy. All people that Deirdre only knew from myths, legends, recordings. People who had been real to Harmony.

It was then that Deirdre had really understood that Harmony was more than the demon. And when Deirdre had sat with her, Harmony had taught her to speak with Planet.

Oh boy. That brought back memories. Planet had the curiosity of a child, and the lack of shame of Anya Jenkins. So she’d asked how humans procreated? And if they could demonstrate.

Deirdre had been flustered, had tried to explain. But Harmony had merely stated that though they could not procreate together, she’d be delighted to explain and maybe demonstrate the basic mechanics.

That wicked, smug grin of hers… Deirdre had wanted to wipe it off, so in the middle of her clinical explanation, she’d grabbed Harmony and kissed her. To demonstrate the mechanics.

Boy, was Harmony good at the mechanics. Her kiss had Deirdre’s toes curling almost as much as her hair.

It had grown from there. Stolen kisses in the birch woods, holding hands under the table at the communal meals. Taking up quarters next to each other. Offering Harmony her blood to drink.

Moving in together. Marrying.

“Deirdre?” Harmony called out as she stepped into the main room through the airlock from the balcony. “Are you in here?”

“Kitchen!” Deirdre sang out.

She heard the soft footsteps, smelled the smell of Planet, sulphurous and musty, as it clung to Harmony.

“What’s for dinner?” Harmony asked, leaning over to softly nibble Deirdre’s neck.

*Neck fetishes are part and parcel of the deal,* Deirdre smiled. “Protein flakes, yeast steaks and the first of the grape juice crop.”

“Hmmm. Nice. Still no hot chocolate?” Harmony lifted Deirdre’s hair and licked the nape of her neck.

Deirdre shivered as her wife’s other hand moved up her light green cotton dress and firmly massaged her breast, then pinched her nipple. “I know what I want for dinner…” Harmony whispered sultrily.

“Harm, we have to be in Council in two hou-ooohhhhhh.”

They were late for Council. No one seemed to mind. Least of all Deirdre.    



The End

You have reached the end of "Harmonious Relations". This story is complete.

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