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The New Angel Investigations

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Summary: From a new Watchers Council forming to Ginny discovering a new place, what can happen? Buffy/Harry Potter/Highlander/Roswell

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsJesminFR15314,998062,13911 Jan 0420 Nov 04No

Part One

The New Angel Investigations, Part 1

Author: Jesmin

Rating: PG for now

Universes: Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, Roswell and Highlander (can't stay away from Methos)

Summary: Sunnydale has been destroyed, and Angel is struggling as he takes over Wolfram and Hart. Giles, on a mission to start a new watchers council, has called in reinforcements from other fictional universes. Xander, lost in where his future lies, finds that the answer is not far away. A red headed witch studies the mystery of werewolves. Phantom Dennis has new roommates from - shall we say - the stars. Plus, with a new Spike coming back - or is he William - what else can be afoot?

Who owns what: Joss, David, WB, UPN, FOX and many others like Mutant Enemy own the Buffy and Angel universes. JK Rowling owns all that is Harry Potter - even though I'm changing a few things. Panzer/Davis (I think that's right) owns Highlander. Roswll is owned by FOX and created by Jason Katmis. I think that is everyone!

WARNING!!!: If you have missed any of the Harry Potter books, then look for this to ruin it for you! Also, many of the scenes will mirror those you have seen in the begining of season five of Angel (some word for word and others skewed a little). There will be differences of course, but some of the direction will follow.

A side note: I just wanted to let you know this was slow in starting. It came into being after watching the Buffy finale with my friends. I was upset because I knew Spike was going to Angel. It was either Rachael or Malea that stated I should write a fan fic bringing him back. My reply was I couldn't just stick to one universe, but would try it. I, of course, sat down not that much longer and started writing. Then things stopped as I got married and I slowly got back to it. Now that Angel has started, I'm back into gear. Thanks Malea and Rachael for getting me started on this at the end of May (or was that the beginning of June?). It's already been fun and I hope you enjoy!

Pairings: You'll have to read to find out. Just know that there are pairs starting off (Max/Liz, Willow/Kennedy, Faith/Robin). Some of these will stay the same but there will be changes. Plus, many will be added. Notice Willow/Kennedy is a same sex pairing and there will be one more. However, details too juicy in nature will be passed by.

~Part One~

It was strange. There had been pain, searing pain that burned. Then there had been a feeling of peace and completion. That was all he could remember, except for a few random things. He knew most people thought his favorite color was black, but it was actually the color of the small violets his mother used to place about the house. However, he didn’t remember his mother. Then there was the strange stone poking into his back, but why would a stone be there?

Groaning, he sat up, smoothing out the strange white and cream material of his clothes. What about the black? Then, pushing himself up on shaking legs, he looked about him. It appeared as if there was corn all about him. A sudden panic came over him, followed with a tinge of sarcasm. Great. I’m dead and they stuck me a cornfield like all those dead people in that bloody Kevin Costner movie. Ignoring the pain in his feet, he started to walk forward, momentarily shrugging off the fact that he couldn’t remember the name of the movie. He did remember one thing about it though, as he muttered to himself, “What in bloody hell did they build for me to come?”


“See, Harry, she always takes to you.”

Ignoring Hermione’s comment, Harry stared down at the bundle in his arms. She was so beautiful, that he wouldn’t deny. Plus, there was the fact she wasn’t only his goddaughter but the daughter of his two best friends. After the three had finished Hogwarts, Hermione had spent two painstaking years away from them, doing intense studying in Charms so that she could take a high position at the Ministry in their Charms department. After finishing, Ron took the chance of asking her to marry him, and being the two had been in agony being apart, she agreed. They married quickly and not too long ago Elizabeth – or Lizzie as they called her – was born. Harry had become a godfather and Ginny a godmother.

Ron knew where the conversation was going, or at least which direction Hermione was taking it. He also was sure that Harry didn’t want to talk about it, especially with a certain red head being so far away at the moment. Changing the subject, he commented, “So Harry, have you heard about the Cannons? They’re going to replace their Keeper with Oliver Wood!”

Hermione knew exactly what Ron was doing, but decided to go along. “He’s also coming on as an Assistant Captain. Who knows? Maybe the Chudley Cannons will actually win a game this year.”

Harry lifted Lizzie in the air and gave her stomach a raspberry through her jumper. As she giggled and waved her hands about in glee, he remarked, “I can’t believe your mummy actually knew a Quidditch fact.” Getting up and flying her through the air, Lizzie now screeching and clapping her fat little hands together, he added, “I wonder what she will think when her little baby becomes a famous Quidditch Seeker.”

“No. She’s going to be a Keeper,” corrected Ron, watching as Harry flew Lizzie about the front room of Hermione and his Diagon Alley flat. It was nice seeing Harry enjoying his time with Lizzie, but Ron could tell that there was something wrong. His friend had sadness behind his eyes. “Harry,” Ron called out, stopping his friend mid-stride. “Something’s bothering you.”

Turning in circles with Lizzie and then stopping as he got dizzy, Harry answered, “Something’s going down.”

“What do you mean?” asked Hermione.

Sitting down and cuddling Lizzie, Harry answered, “Yesterday Sirius and Remus got an owl post that sent them running. I haven’t seen them since.”

“It’s probably nothing, Harry,” Ron commented.

Harry shook his head. “I don’t know. I’ve got a bad feeling about it.”


“Can’t say I’ve ever met a slayer before,” Adam Pierson remarked.

“Well, it’s not going to be very rare anymore,” stated Rupert Giles.

“Really?” Adam studied the girl standing apart from them. She had dark hair and eyes, nothing like what he had expected. “I must say, I didn’t picture Buffy looking like this. I always pictured her as a blonde from your descriptions.”

The girl smiled at him. “Oh, I’m not Buffy.”

Adam got up quickly, glancing at Giles. “Faith is out of jail?”

Another girl who had arrived with Giles nodded. “Actually, yes, but this isn’t Faith either.”

The girl held out a hand as a knock sounded from the door. Giving her a quick glance, Adam went to the door of his London flat. If she wasn’t Buffy and Faith was out, but she wasn’t Faith, then did that mean one of them had died? Had another slayer been called? Shaking his head, he answered the door and then slowly smiled.

On the other side of the door, Remus Lupin grinned at his old friend from Cambridge. It had been years, and even though he had aged, Adam remained the same. The two gave each other a quick hug – one that lasted only a few seconds being they had to keep that manly sense about them. Pulling away, Remus motioned to the individual standing beside him. “Adam, I would like you to meet Sirius Black.”

In a flash, Adam’s fist connected with Sirius’s jaw. The two girls from inside ran to see what was happening just as Adam smiled at the man rubbing his jaw. “I would say sorry about that, but I’ve been wanting to do that for years.”

Sirius nodded. “I see Remus told you about me.”

From behind Adam and the two girls a throat cleared. Rupert Giles walked up and held out his hand. “Remus, how have you been?”

“Just fine, Rupert. It’s been a long time.” Glancing over at Willow, he added with a smile, “I see your witch is still grounded. I told the circle she would come into herself.” Holding out his hand to her, he continued, “It’s great to finally see you in person instead of as a picture. The name is Remus Lupin and this is my friend, Sirius Black.”

As Willow shook his hand, her face in disbelief, the girl beside her remarked, “Remus Lupin? Sirius Black? Who’s next, Harry Potter?”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “It always goes to the star of that nutcase’s books, doesn’t it? Everyone just loves Harry.”

“Yes, well, uh,” started Giles, “Harry Potter aside, maybe we should all sit and talk.”

“Agreed,” stated Adam, motioning everyone in.

The group milled into one of his large sitting rooms, full of ancient art, vases and masks. Settling down in a seat, Adam asked, “So I must admit that I’m a little curious as what brings you, Rupert, especially with your mystery slayer.”

From beside Willow, the girl smiled. “It’s really not a mystery. The name’s Kennedy and being a slayer isn’t so special anymore since Willow did a little magic.”

“A little magic?”

Remus looked over at Adam, who had asked the question. “Apparently she set off some magic that could be felt all the way over here.” Tilting his head, he added, “But there was more. Dumbledore could tell. That wasn’t the only magic set that day, was it?”

Giles frowned. Sitting forward, he removed his glasses and started to clean them as he explained. “The First was literally going to open the Hellmouth, releasing millions of demons upon the world. It was too much for one – even two – slayers to handle. Buffy came up with an idea to have Willow perform a spell to activate any potential slayers out there, so that we could at least have more slayers to deal with the demons.”

Sirius shook his head. “Are you talking about world wide?”

“Any potential slayer left came to power, and I do mean any,” explained Giles.

Adam shook his head. “But Remus mentioned that something else happened.”

Willow frowned. “Spike.”

“Spike? As in William the Bloody? As in one of the most feared Vampires – behind Angelus that is?” asked Adam.

Kennedy grinned at him as if impressed. “Someone knows their vampires.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Adam asked, “What does Spike have to do with this?”

Placing his glasses back on, Giles answered, “It was, uh, strange, really. Wolfram and Hart provided us with a talisman. It was to be worn by someone not completely human – a champion. Buffy felt that Spike fit that description. He was wearing it during the battle, and then, well, he, uh…”

Finishing for him, Kennedy explained, “Blew up actually. He took out not only the Hellmouth for good, but changed Sunnydale to one overlarge crater.”

“Interesting,” commented Adam. “Where do we come in?”

Sirius groaned. “I know where we are heading. Dumbledore mentioned us traveling over seas as soon as he felt it.”

Remus agreed. “Whatever Spike did, it is still sending out waves. Something is in progress.”

Willow added for the first time, “And where else is better to look than LA?”

“But why this meeting?” asked Adam.

Giles glanced at him. “Everything is in turmoil, Adam. The Watchers Council Headquarters has been destroyed, along with all the materials there. Most of the Watchers have been eliminated. There are slayers around the world now with no direction. We need order, if a semblance of some at least.”

“And I come in, how?”

Narrowing his gaze at Adam, he answered, “We need someone with experience, with years behind him who has lived through things. Not only that, but using your library with what Wolfram and Hart will let us have, hopefully we can trace what not only happened to Spike, but what may still be happening.”

Remus added, “Think of it, Adam. It’s magical chaos out there right now. Who else is better to help Giles deal with it than someone as old and smart as you? Add that along with Sirius’s ability to getting into places he shouldn’t be and my heightened senses, and we are going to be exactly what he needs.”

Adam studied them all for a few seconds and then raised his hands in submission. “Fine. I’ll pack.”

“And Harry?” asked Sirius. As Remus looked over at him, he added, “Do you want to tell him we’re going to LA without him?”

Giving in, Remus remarked, “He’s watching Elizabeth today, isn’t he?”

“Yeah. I think he was meeting Ron and Hermione for lunch and then was going to take her home with him.”

Willow interjected, “So you really are from the book?” Knitting her eyebrows, she added as she pointed at Sirius, “And isn’t there talk that it may be your character that…?”

Sirius interrupted. “First of all, J.K. Rowling is just a mad witch getting rich off of Harry’s past. Second of all, the book isn’t out yet. It could be Dumbledore! It could be Hagrid!”

Remus coughed before adding with a smirk, “Yeah, but those two didn’t date her and then drop her in, shall I say, not a very mature way.” Smiling at Willow, he continued, “There is nothing worse than a woman scorned.”

“Yeah. Especially a writer who somehow surpasses Ministry law,” Sirius stated sarcastically.

Clapping his hands together, Adam asked, “So, is there a plan of attack?”

Noticing Willow stifling a yawn, Sirius remarked, “Why don’t we send word to Harry?” Turning to Willow and Kennedy, he asked, “You up for the job?”


“Ours?” Liz whispered, looking over at her husband.

Max nodded, enjoying the happiness in her eyes. “Ours.”

Stepping into the apartment, Liz headed straight to the fireplace. Running her hands over the blue and yellow tile surrounding it and then the mantle, she sighed in contentment. Turning to Max, she remarked, “I love it.”


“Really.” Skipping about, Max following with a smile on his face, Liz started to check out all the rooms – the living room they started in, the dining room, a kitchen and last of all, the bed and bathroom. “It’s wonderful, Max.” Sitting on the bed, she looked up and asked, “But how can we afford this? We really don’t have a lot of money for an apartment this nice in LA, and what if they catch up with us?”

“Michael and I calculated up the odds before the split. We think that they probably won’t catch up for a few months. Not only that, but our research shows there are people here that may be able to help us.” Looking about, he added, “Not only all that, but this apartment is rented by the month. They’ve had a problem losing residents for some reason – which also helps in the fact they have low rent.”

Looking about in awe, Liz asked, “Who could not want this apartment?”

Tracing her jaw line, he stated, “And now that I see how beautiful you look in it, I know I want it for sure.”

Liz rolled her eyes at his statement but leaned into his touch. “I think I may actually have some semblance of a home since Roswell.”

Pointing up to the light of the bedroom, causing sparks to issue from it and rain down at them, magically disappearing before doing harm, Max leaned in for a kiss. So much did the two fall into the moment, they didn’t even notice as an unseen hand placed a card on the nightstand beside the bed.


“Isn’t this a little seedy for a girl like you?”

Ginny Weasley tore her eyes away from the stage and looked up. A smile grew on her face as she saw who stood beside her table. Getting up, she threw her arms around her older brother. “Bill! What are you doing here? Harry didn’t send you, did he?”

Laughing, Bill hugged her back and then sat down across from her in the darkened bar. Ignoring the sticky table, he shook his head. “No. I don’t think Harry even knows Gringotts sent me here for business. It was actually Ron who wanted me to…”

Raising an eyebrow, she finished, “Keep an eye on me.”

“Just check up on.” Looking around him, Bill noted the darkened bar. There were a few tables, pool tables off to the side, and then a stage for small bands to entertain. At the moment, a young man was sitting on stage simply playing his guitar. “So, what brings you to a place like this?”

Ginny nodded towards the man on stage. “Him.”

“A musician?” Grinning, he asked, “What are you, a groupie now?”

Ignoring him, Ginny snapped her fingers and then pointed at Bill. Yelling to a man behind the bar, she asked, “Hey, Todd, can my brother here have a drink?”

“Sure, Gin. Coming right up.” Within seconds a bottle of golden liquid was placed in front of Bill. “On the house. Any relative or friend of Miss Gin is a friend of mine, at least on the first drink.”

Bill smiled at the man. “Thanks.” Taking a swig, Bill turned to Ginny. “So, what’s with you coming here for this bloke?”

Grinning at the question and then the young man on stage, Ginny answered, “That young man may have the answers to the questions I’ve been seeking for the last few years.”

“Look, Ginny. I know that the others have told you, but maybe you’ll listen if it’s coming from me. Wizard scientists have been studying werewolves since we first knew of their existence. If they haven’t found answers since then, how do you think you are going to find any?”

Rolling her eyes and glancing up front, Ginny answered, “This musician – a Muggle – has been a werewolf for quite some time, and amazingly, he can control it.”

“Control it?”

“He can stop the wolf, Bill. What if he holds the answer to help Remus? I can’t give up. Not now that I’m so close.”

Bill studied her and then sighed. If anything, Ginny was very stubborn when it came to getting ideas in her mind. There was no stopping her until she reached her goal. “Just make sure you don’t put so much into this that you forget others or even yourself.”

Ginny laughed. “Now you’re sounding like Ron and Harry.” When Bill raised an eyebrow, she added, “And don’t worry, I’m not going to get lost in all this. All I need is a little more time.”


Gunn shook his head as he looked at the man sleeping in the hospital bed. “Damn, Faith. You find you a guy and then you put him in the hospital.”

“Thanks. You really are making me feel good here.” Faith crossed her arms and looked over at her new friend from Angel Investigations.

From a darkened corner, Xander remarked, “It wasn’t like she had much of a choice in everything.”

“Maybe you should get some rest, Xander,” Angel remarked. “I can take you to the hotel.”

“Yeah. Okay.” Xander slowly got up, feeling all the stress of the last few days. It had been a whirlwind. He had lost Anya. Sunnydale – his home – had disappeared into a large crater via Spike. Buffy, Dawn and Andrew - along with most of the left over new slayers - had left to locate other new slayers. Willow and Kennedy had traveled to London with Giles in order to help him round up friends to reinstate the Watchers. Xander had been left to help Faith get Robin checked into a LA hospital. It had been so much and to be honest, he was feeling numb from the whole experience.

Faith faked punched him lightly on the arm. “See you later, Harris.”

“Sure.” Sulking, Xander dug his hands into his pockets and started out of the room, pausing as a familiar face came out of a room not that far from Robin’s. A door slammed behind the figure and even though he hadn’t slammed the door, Xander could see that the man was very upset. “Riley?”

Riley Finn turned. “Xander? What happened to you?”

Xander shook his head. “What?” Then, smirking, he added as he pointed to his eye patch, “Are you talking about this?”

“What happened?”

“Had a run in with a crazed priest man taken over by the First. He thought it would be fun to see how far he could press his fingers into my eye.” Nodding, he added, “Yep. Just call me Cyclops.”

“Xander, who…” Angel paused as he walked into the hall. “Oh, Riley.”


The two stood in silence. Xander rocked from foot to foot and then stated, “Well, this isn’t weird.” Speaking to Riley, he asked, “How’s Sam?”

“Under the weather for a while. And Anya?”


Once again the conversation stopped. After a while Riley remarked, “Well, I really should be going. Sam won’t like it if I don’t come to visit her soon.”

Xander waved and watched Riley walk away. After Riley had disappeared, he turned to Angel and remarked, “Got the feeling something fishy is going on with that guy?”

“I’ve always had that feeling,” stated Angel. “You ready?”

“I…” Xander paused and started walking down the hall towards the room Riley had left. Reaching out, he remarked, “Something feels wrong.” Fingers touching the door, he lightly pushed it, the door opening even though it had been latched. Looking in at a man hooked up to several machines in the darkened room, he remarked, “Very strange.”

Angel watched as Xander slowly walked into the room. “Xander, what is it?”

Standing at the end of the bed, watching the man sleeping, Xander went to answer when the man whispered, “Help me.” His blue eyes slowly opened, staring at Xander from a bruised face. Moving his eyes towards Angel and then back to Xander, he gasped in pain as he took a breath in. His arms tried to react, pulling at the straps pinning them to the bed. Once again he remarked, this time clearer before passing out, “Help me.”

Xander looked at Angel. “I think I know this guy. He used to be best friends with Riley in the Initiative.”

Picking up the man’s file, Angel remarked, “Looks like he was transferred here from an Army hospital, something about a dishonorable discharge and not being able to care for him.”

Stepping beside Angel, Xander tried to focus well with his one eye in the dark. “Graham Miller.” Glancing at Angel, he remarked, “Something tells me I need to stay here instead of going to the hotel – at least for a while.”

Angel nodded. “Fine. You have the numbers. Call me if you need anything.”

Xander smiled. “Sure.” As Angel walked out, he sat down beside the bed and looked over the still form of Graham Miller. “I remember you. What happened to bring you here?”


“Look, Linda. All you have to do is step into the office a few hours. Check the messages, call a few people back and have them call Ed instead. Then go home. And yes, I’ll still pay you a full day.” On his front porch, swinging, Lindsey added, “No, Linda. This isn’t your vacation. It’s mine. Just, check the office now and then and I’ll call it a day for you. Okay. Yes. No. Okay. I’ll check in with you later. Bye, Linda.”

Hanging up the phone, Lindsey got up to place the phone inside. Opening the old wooden screen door, he paused as the dogs started to bark. He knew that bark. Something wasn’t welcome. Stepping inside quickly, he placed the phone on a table beside the door and then reached for his rifle on the other side of it. Stepping out, the screen hitting up against the door jam a few times before settling, he called out, “Who’s there?”

The dogs were all running about the corn. One of them had stopped and was howling. Concentrating, he pointed the rifle towards where the dogs were giving the most attention. Yelling, he stated, “Once again, show yourself, or I’ll shoot.”

Hands up, an individual stepped out of the corn. He was dressed in a white shirt and what looked to be tan pants. “Don’t shoot!”

As the man stepped closer Lindsey put the gun down. Face becoming pale, he started down the steps to the light green grass. “How the…”

The man asked, shaking as he looked over at Lindsey’s red 56 Ford, “Where am I?”

“Oklahoma.” Leveling the rifle back on the man, he added, “And Spike, you’re going to stay right there as I call LA. Oh, and you’re not invited in.” Stepping into his house, he paused as he heard the man remark, “Who’s Spike?” Then, approaching the phone, Lindsey suddenly realized it was still sunny outside.
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