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Summary: Buffy dies in combat shortly after the events of "Chosen". The Powers that Be, however, aren't quite finished with her yet.

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Break It

| Chapter One: Break It |

Disclaimer: I wish I owned both series, but I don't. Instead two geniuses brought forth two amazing series into the world and I can only sit back and admire their handiwork. Thanks Tite Kubo & Josh Whedon.
Summary: Buffy dies in combat shortly after the events of "Chosen". The Powers that Be, however, aren't quite finished with her yet.

Author’s Note: Hey Guys! Alright so I finally caved and decided to write a BuffyxBleach Crossover because I never find any around the net and I just really want to put one out there, which I guess is as good an excuse as any.

Just a couple of things I want to note before I begin this little adventure:

(1) There will be no other 'Buffy' character appearances and no trips between Soul Society and Sunnydale. The only trips that might be made would be trips between Soul Society and Karakura Town. Sorry to disappoint!

(2) If I spell any names wrong (which, I will be looking up all the correct spellings, so I hopefully won't) please let me know in your reviews.

(3) The story will take place after the events of 'Chosen' in the BtVS world and will NOT include any Season 8 Comic Stuff since I haven't read the comics and don't know what is going on. In terms of Bleach, the story will take place after the war against Aizen and after Ichigo regains his powers, but before the Quincy invasion of Soul Society because I have no idea what to make of this Arc and I don't want to plop Buffy in the middle of an unfinished Arc/War.

(4) If I randomly stop writing the story, harass the crap out of me via email or my user account or w/e. Sometimes I get sidetracked with other things :-/.

Feel free to send flames my way, but be warned, I'll probably just ignore them unless they're constructive criticism.

|| Chapter One - Break It ||

Buffy Summers dodged out the way of an incoming sword and rolled over a previously broken bench while silently cursing her luck. When Willow had released the power from the scythe a few weeks ago, Buffy knew that her own power would be greatly weakened, but she had no idea that she would basically be a walking bruise after facing off against the most basic vampires. All this time Buffy had thought she would have a life of normalcy, but she quickly realized that after everything she had seen and done, a life of normalcy was nearly impossible. Which brought her to her current situation.

Buffy had left a nightclub in downtown New York after somewhat convincing the younger slayers that she had been partying with that she felt sick and just wanted to return to their hotel to sleep. The truth was that Buffy just didn't feel like partying. She was getting too old for the nightclub scene, which was funny considering she was only 24. Even though she was still young, however, Buffy knew that the real reason was that the girls she was with had only just received their incredible power so they had more energy to expend and were more excited about "living it up" than she was. After 9 years of being the original slayer, Buffy was simply tired both physically and mentally. The activities that brought her the most excitement now days were sleeping, reading gossip magazines, and watching whatever TV shows she had most recently saved on TiVo. Her dreams of travelling the globe hadn't really extended beyond the US yet. And her dreams most definitely did not consist of battling vampires in the middle of Central Park, but here she was.

Buffy silently cursed her luck again as the foot of the vampire on her left connected with her stomach and simultaneously knocked the wind out of her and sent her flying across the park. On her way home from the club, Buffy had heard a shriek from a woman in the park and without thinking, she immediately jumped into the fray. Old habits most definitely died hard. She hadn't even considered the fact that she was nowhere near her past level in terms of strength. If she met with more than two vampires, she wasn't even sure if she would make it out of the battle alive anymore. Luckily for her, her current battle was with only two vampires. Recovering from the fall, Buffy sprang upwards and landed a roundhouse kick to the vampire on the right before staking the one on her left in his momentary distraction. As she rounded on the fallen vampire, she snatched up a piece of the broken bench and used the arm rest as leverage to deliver another air born kick that sent the vamp flying once more. Landing on both feet, Buffy swung her arm in a downward arc and impaled the vampire with the makeshift stake.

As she dusted her hands off, Buffy sighed in relief, and made her way back to the entrance of the park. Finally, it was time to go home. As she neared the exit, Buffy was suddenly thrown through the air and sent crashing into a tree, breaking branches and bones as she went. Hissing through the sudden onslaught of pain, Buffy shook her head to clear the spots that appeared in her vision and looked up to see what had attacked her. Looking out into the darkness, it wasn't hard to spot her attacker. A shock of teal-colored hair graced Buffy's vision as she took in the male before her. He was standing only a few feet from her with a wicked looking katana outstretched towards her. His baggy, white, Aladdin-y pants would have been amusing to her if he had not just thrown her into a tree without so much as batting an eyelash. She also couldn't help but notice that right above the waist band of his pants was a giant hole that went clear through his stomach. Her eyes widened at the sight, and she noticed - with a slight bit of horror - that she could see no blood dripping from the gaping hole and that the wound seemed to not affect the male at all. She continued to watch him as he straightened his opened jacket briefly before deciding that he would not need his katana after all.

Buffy decided that that was a decision she would make sure he regretted. Leaping onto her feet, Buffy snatched the sword that the earlier-dusted vamp had dropped and lunged after her teal-haired antagonizer. As she brought the sword down to strike him, however, she was horrified to learn that he was no longer in front of her. When had he moved? As she awkwardly planted her sword into the ground with the force of her swing, she saw stars once more and her a 'crack' in her upper back as something collided forcefully against the skin of her back. Stumbling forward, once again breathless, Buffy was further suffocated as her opponent wrapped a hand around her throat and pinned her up against the tree that he had thrown her into only moments before.

"Let's get this over with quickly. I don't feel like playing around anymore and I want to collect my reward," the man sneered as he said the last part and made a show of rolling his eyes up at the sky.

Buffy gasped for air as her face started to develop a bluish tint. The man before her was absurdly strong and she knew that there was no possible way for her to beat him. That didn't mean she wasn't going to try, though. Kicking her foot upwards, Buffy's foot collided with Mr. Teal's manhood and caused him to stumble backwards, roaring in agony. With the temporary distraction, Buffy started to run out of the park as fast as she could. She didn't know who the man that had attacked her was, but he was obviously sent with the purpose of killing her. Not that that was anything new. Buffy pretty much had a line of people waiting to put the slayer in her final resting place. The difference was, usually the people that wanted Buffy dead were at least killable in some way, shape, or form. This guy, however, was a giant muscular mass of raw power. Even kicking him in his manhood had caused Buffy to break the big toe of her right foot, which she was now ignoring that pain in order to escape her current situation. If Mr. Teal caught up with her, Buffy knew it was game over.

Which is why she let out mournful whimper when she ran a few feet forward, only to collide with the brick wall that was her attacker. As she stumbled backward a few feet, she was shocked as the man placed one hand around her waist and another on her chest, just over her heart. Looking equal parts annoyed and downright pissed, Buffy stood still as she waited to see what her attacker would do. She didn't have to wait long as she felt a burning sensation over her chest. As she looked down in confusion, the burning intensified and a red ball of energy was forming in the palm of the hand of the man before her. As she cried out in pain, she could only watch - in frozen shock -as a laser beam of red light blasted a clean hole, the size of a bowling ball, through her upper torso. Mouth opened in a silent scream, Buffy watched as the man before her smirked before opening what appeared to be a rip in the night sky, and faded into the darkness above her. As she turned half way to look behind her, Buffy saw that the damage from red beam had managed to destroy most of the park.

Suddenly feeling cold, and very , very, tired, Buffy Summers finally clamped her mouth shut as her eyes rolled up into her head and her world descended into darkness as her corpse hit the ground in the middle of Central Park.

Opening her eyes, Buffy expected to be floating through the familiar cloud of peace that she had experienced during her second death. What greeted her, however, was not what she expected at all. No, instead Buffy Summers found herself lying on a wooden floor in the middle of a vast hall that had many obscure paintings hanging on its walls. As she pushed herself to her feet, she whirled around to see the one person that had consistently made her life miserable over the past 9 years -- Whistler.

Rolling her eyes sharply, Buffy folded her arms over her chest, "I'm dead, right?"

"Right," Whistler replied and offered her a cheeky smile.

"Then how bout you guys let me stay dead? Haven't I done enough for you over the past few years?"

"You have, but your destiny calls for you to do more. Always more," Whistler shrugged and started humming to himself.

"So what's the deal this time? Need me to slay naturally-born dragons in a hell dimension? Or do you want me to plant rose gardens in a world three moons away?"

"Actually you wouldn't find naturally-born dragons in a hell dimension only ones created by hell gods," at her glare Whistler continued, "We need you to become a shinigami in the 9th division of soul society's army which is headed by Captain Muguruma Kensei."

"You need me to become what in the what with the who?" Buffy asked, perplexed.

"A shinigami. Basically they are soul reapers that collect souls from recently-deceased humans and bring them to soul society. They also protect these humans and the soul society from monsters known as hollows."

"And what are hollows?" Buffy asked, attempting to comprehend everything.

"Hollows are dark souls riddled with loneliness that attempt to consume other souls."

"So they basically make a buffet out of these other souls?" Buffy asked with a disgusted face.

Whistler nodded, "Yes. There are different types of hollows as well. Some are stronger than others, but you'll learn all this very quickly. The one that killed you was known as an Espada."

"An Esada?" Buffy asked, confused.

"Espada," Whistler corrected, "One of - if not the most - powerful hollows you can encounter. Your body as it was before was no match for it. We're still looking into why it was sent to kill you..." Whistler added at her questioning look.

"Okay, soooo I become this shiny gummy thing," Buffy rolled her eyes as Whistler corrected her with 'shinigami', "What am I supposed to do exactly?"

"Whatever your captain asks you to do. The Soul Society has been a little short-staffed with all of the recent battles they have engaged in, so they need new members that they won't have to train. The Powers that Be work closely with the head of the Soul Society - Genryusai Yamamoto - to bring in champions that he can immediately place in whatever division he deems necessary."

As Buffy made to interrupt him, Whistler held up a hand and continued, "You're a different case though, kid. We're going to send you to Soul Society, but basically we're going to have to make you into an Uber Slayer."

"What? Why?"

"Because Soul Society has a long road ahead of it with plenty of 'Big Bads' along the way that Ichigo Kurosaki won't be able to handle on his own. We're sending in you as their big gun. Basically you'll be getting all of the original slayer's strength back, and then some, and then we'll be giving you captain commander-level shinigami powers and a few other talents that you'll eventually get along the way."

"None of that makes any sense to me. What's with all the cryptic?"

"It's better if some things are left unsaid, Slayer. You'll find out things as you go along. Oh - I almost forgot! The only people that will know about your power will be the captain commander, your own captain, Kensei , - and your vice-captain, Shuhei Hisagi. Also, you need to play down the 'I have power' thing until the real battles occur, otherwise you'll draw too much attention to yourself. "

"I really hope I remember all of this," Buffy muttered darkly, "If I do this, Whistler, what's in it for me?"

"'s not like you really have a choice Buffy...but.....I guess not going to hell is an incentive, right?"

At the low growl that escaped Buffy's lips Whistler held up both hands, "If it's any extra incentive, you'll be the third seat in Kensei's division and as a third seat and as a recruitment from the Powers that Be, you'll be paid more than generously for your efforts."

Buffy seemed to mull that over for a minute and after thinking of all the shopping that she could do, she finally nodded, "Fine....when do I leave?"

"Now," Whistler replied and opened up what appeared to be some kind of gate before her, "As you go through, the changes to your powers will occur. Your Captain and Vice Captain will be waiting for you when you land. Good luck Buffy!"

Buffy sighed in annoyance as she made her way through the gate. Before she completely disappeared through the gate, she could have sworn she heard Whistler shout 'And good luck figuring out your Sand Pact Toe and Bond Guy powers' but she couldn't be sure. None-the-less, she was pretty happy that she was no longer in Whistler's presence, otherwise she was sure that she would have had to punch him. Several times. Repeatedly.

As she emerged from the gate, Buffy immediately noticed several things at once. For one, she felt raw energy pumping throughout her body that was just waiting to be released. The power was giving her such a high that she could easily hear the sound of metal clashing against metal a few miles away from her current location. The second was that she was no longer in the leather shorts and sparkly halter top ensemble that was her club attire before she had died. Instead she was wearing some sort of black robe and sandals combo that looked like it belonged in one of those samurai movies from back home. Finally, she noticed that she was in some sort of office, standing across from two men. The one closest to her was leaning back against a large office desk that the one furthest from her was seated behind. The one closest to her had short, spiky black hair that stuck out at various odds and ends. He also had three parallel scars that ran down the right side of his face from his forehead to his chin. On the left side of his face, a bandage ran across his cheek, just under his eye to settle just past his nose. Right below the bandage, a tattoo of the number '69' was emblazoned on his cheek. With a curious raise of her eyebrow, Buffy vaguely wondered if the man knew what a 69 was.

Behind him, the seated man stared at her stoically from beneath his white-blonde hair. Unlike Buffy and the man closest to her, the seated man was wearing a white coat of some sort over his robe. Buffy automatically assumed that it meant he was important or something. As she nervously cleared her throat, Buffy watched as the seated man abruptly stood and moved out from behind his desk. As he made his way to stand directly in front of her, he stretched out his right hand to clasp her left in a firm shake.

"It's nice to meet you, Miss Summers, my name is Muguruma Kensei and I'll be your new captain. But....You can call me Kensei," he added as a second thought.

"This," he gestured to the man at his left who stood up straighter and flashed Buffy a brilliant smile, "Is Shuhei Hisagi and he will be your vice-captain. If you have any concerns or questions, you can report directly to him."

"It's nice to meet you, Buffy," Hisagi said as he also shook her hand.

"Thanks, it's nice to meet you guys too," Buffy said with a small smile and then frowned, "I just wish the circumstances were better," she added somewhat bitterly.

At their confusion, she cleared her throat nervously, "I just know....with the whole 'me dying' thing. Not that I'm not used to it by now, but, I still have family and what not back at home and with all of the slayers running loose in different cit --" she cut herself off at their further confusion, "And I'm done rambling now," she finished lamely.

Hisagi cleared his throat rather loudly before flashing her another smile, "Right, well, we know you must be rather uncomfortable with this new situation, but we're here if you need anything at all. Even if it's just to talk," Hisagi finished and ran a hand through his hair.

"We were told that you would come already knowing all of the kido that a 3rd seat should know," Kensei stated but it sounded more like a question.

Buffy opened and closed her mouth like a fish and then cleared her throat for what must have been the hundredth time. She was about to ask what kido was when the answers suddenly exploded in her mind, along with how to use the proper spells and techniques. 'Thanks Powers that Be mental delay' Buffy silently admonished as she looked back at her captain.

"Yeah! I definitely know all of the kido spells."

"Great! Today I'm basically having our division hone and refine those spells, but since you're already acquainted with them, I think your day would be better spent taking a tour of soul society with Hisagi."

"Okay, awesome," Buffy said nervously and then followed Hisagi as he motioned her over to him and out of the door.

As soon as they left the division, Buffy followed Hisagi as he made his way down a gravel-filled path towards a long-wooden building.

"Soo....our captain seems pretty cool," Buffy said, attempting to break the ice.

"Ah, yeah, he's in a pretty good mood today, so that's good. Sometimes he can be a little high-strung, but as long as your name isn't Mashiro and you don't have short green hair, you should be on his good side."

"I have a feeling I should feel really bad for that girl," Buffy said softly.

"Hmmm, well for the most part she's annoying enough to deserve it," Hisagi said with a laugh.

As they approached the long-wooden building, Hisagi stopped at the very last door along the strip and gestured for Buffy to enter, "This will be your room. It's right next to mine, so if you need anything at all I'm right here," he gestured at the door next to her own.

Buffy entered her room and noticed that it was somewhat plain and small. They had given her the basic necessities of a bed, dresser, and bathroom. She was going to have to engage in some serious redecorating if they expected her to live in this tiny room. As she stood in the doorway, she turned back to look at Hisagi just as her stomach let out a loud growl. Embarrassed, she blushed darkly and ran a hand through her hair.

Hisagi just laughed lightly at her, "I guess the next place I'll show you will be the mess hall then."

As the duo made their way to the mess hall, Buffy glanced curiously at a pair of shinigami walking just ahead of them. One of the shinigami was rather short and wearing a white coat with a strange symbol on it, much like her own captain had been wearing. He also had snowy white hair similar to her captain's. Buffy couldn't help but keep thinking that he looked like a little boy. She somehow knew, however, that if she made the mistake of addressing that thought to the person in question, it wouldn't end well for her. Call it instinct. The person next to him was a rather tall women with a rather ample bosom. Buffy watched as the woman swayed her strawberry blonde hair and flipped it over one shoulder as she whined in a high-pitch voice to her captain about never having any free time. The shorter of the duo practically growled at her in response and shouted something about how every day was free time for her because all she did was drink booze and go shopping. Buffy suddenly had a very strong feeling that she would get along well with the strawberry blonde.

"That's captain Hitsugaya and his Lieutenant Matsumoto of the tenth division," Hisagi breathed from her right as he followed her gaze, "Captain Hitsugaya is very hard working and his Lieutenant," he paused while struggling with his words, "Well not so much, but she's definitely fun to hang out with," he added with a smile.

"It's really going to take a while to remember all these names," Buffy muttered as she watched the duo disappear up ahead.

"You'll get the hang of it, eventually. For now, just focus on remembering my name....Hisagi," he added at her look, "And our captain's which is Kensei."

"Hisagi and Kensei....I think I can remember that," she said hopefully and followed him into the mess hall. Random shouts of greeting were thrown Hisagi's way and he waved and yelled back before leading Buffy over to a stack of trays and handing her one. As she took the tray from his hands, she began following him in filling up her tray with cutlery and various different foods. As they made their way over to a nearby table, Buffy could not help herself from digging into the food. She was starving. Hisagi flashed an amused smile in Buffy's direction as he, too, began to eat. They sat in silence for a few minutes, the only sound coming from the scraping of cutlery and the faint sounds of 'munching' before Buffy took a long gulp of her water and looked around the large cafeteria.

"So does everyone eat here, or just our squad?"

"Everyone is allowed to eat here, but there is another mess hall on the west side of soul society since soul society is so huge."

"So I'll meet a lot of other people from other squads?"

"Yes, definitely, you'll make a lot of new friends here, Buffy," Hisagi stated and flashed her a wide smile.

"I'm not so sure if I'm interested in making new friends," Buffy whispered under her breath and didn't dare to meet Hisagi's gaze. She didn't want to see any disappointment he held in his eyes at her admission.

"We consider the 13th squads to be like family, Buffy. We're the closest thing to a family that any of us have."

"I had a family.....before I I can never see them again. Is the idea of a new family here supposed to make me happy?" Buffy asked bitterly before shaking her head, "Forget I said anything. Can we just continue with the tour?"

Buffy looked up and watched as Hisagi nodded his head silently, all the while shooting her a curious glance, "Sure."

As the next few hours dragged on, Hisagi showed Buffy everything from the other divisions, to the various gate locations around soul society, and finally to the training grounds - which Buffy found out were opened 24/7, meaning she could let out any aggravation she felt about her situation at any time she deemed necessary. long as she wasn't engaged in other orders or practices from her captain. Buffy sighed in frustration. She didn't really follow authority very well so she wasn't sure how this whole captain and lieutenant thing would work out for her. If there ever came a situation where she didn't agree with her captain's decision, Buffy wasn't sure if she would be able to abide by the rules.

At the end of her tour, Hisagi dropped Buffy off at the 1st division's headquarters, where she was currently seated with her arms across her chest, waiting for that old man to return from wherever he had gone only moments before. She vaguely wondered if he had fallen asleep. She had heard stories from captains Kyoraku and Ukitake - whom she met earlier in the day - that that had actually happened to them when they were supposed to meet with the old man, so she didn't doubt the possibility of that happening now. Just as she was about to rise from her chair and go off to look for him, someone burst through the door behind her and started yelling at the old man that was nowhere in sight. Collecting himself for a moment, after realizing that the captain commander was not - in fact - present, the man with the short blonde hair and angled-cut bangs stopped in front of the chair Buffy was currently seated in and scrunched his eye brows together in momentary confusion.

"New recruit?" he asked as he settled a pile of papers at the edge of the desk in front of him.

"New recruit," she confirmed and was then presented with a long and slender hand. Grasping his hand in her own, Buffy couldn't help but feel overwhelmed as her spider senses went off skyrocketing into the night. She had had a similar experience when she met her captain earlier but she had ignored it then, and then she had become a little more concerned when she met with Rose - the captain of the 3rd division - and experienced the same feelings, but now she was on full blown alert as she sensed something unnatural and dark about the captain standing in front of her.

"Hirako, Shinji, captain of the fifth division, but you can just call me Shinji. I'm not a huge fan of formalities," he introduced himself before flashing her a wide grin.

"Buffy Summers, the new 3rd seat of the 9th division," she greeted in return, not really understanding the whole Japanese way of introducing herself by her last name.

"Oh, so you're in Kensei's division, eh? Well hopefully he won't give you too much trouble. He's known for being a little hot headed at times, but as long as you're not Mashiro, you'll probably stay on his good side."

"Hmmm, that's the second time I've heard that today. Mashiro must really be on a whole other level of annoying."

"You have no idea," Shinji said darkly, speaking from personal experience, "So where's old man Yama? I was hoping to catch him before wrapping up this long ass day."

"I have no idea. I heard he falls asleep a lot, so I'm not really hoping for the best," Buffy said and felt herself smiling at Shinji's sudden outburst of laughter.

"I guess that happens when you lead an army for 1000 plus years. Ya need a few cat naps here and there just to stay alive."

"That actually doesn't sound like too bad of a lifestyle right now. Minus, you know, the whole 'getting old' thing," Buffy commented and Shinji flashed her another wide smile.

"Yeah......well if he's not here then I guess I'll pester him about this tomorrow. It was nice meeting you Buffy. For your sake, I hope he comes along soon," Shinji said and then with a slight wave of his hand he - and his stack of papers - were gone.

Buffy smiled at the spot where the 5th division captain had been standing just a few seconds ago. She could already tell that she was going to be wonderful friends with captain Hirako. Just as she was wondering whether or not she should take his cue and leave as well, the captain commander finally emerged from his office, looking worn out and slightly agitated. As he cleared his throat and attempted to wipe any traces of annoyance from his demeanor, he took a seat across from her and shook her hand.

"Hello Miss Summers. As you know, I am the captain commander of soul society, Genryusai Yamamoto. I just wanted to call you in and meet with you so that we could go over the fine print of your service in our army," he said looking at her seriously.

Buffy suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. 'Fine Print' was basically a fancy way of saying, 'You better keep in line and not cause mayhem or there will be consequences'. Not that she could have, even if she wanted to. Being in a completely foreign place and having an unknown power residing within her only made her more cautious and fearful if anything. She wasn't about to go skipping through the streets of soul society and blowing random things up as she pleased. As far as Buffy was concerned, she was going to try and attract as little attention to herself as possible.

"I don't think you'll have anything to worry about captain commander. I'm really not interested in drawing any attention to myself and I don't trust anyone enough - yet," she added at his look, "to do anything out of line or bizarre. In short, I'll behave myself."

"That's all good and well, Miss Summers, but I also called you in here to talk to you more about your zanpakuto and bankai capabilities. I'm guessing you don't know the name of your zanpakuto yet," he added at her confused look.

"To be honest, I don't even know what a zanpakuto is," she replied genuinely.

"A zanpakuto is a shinigami's most powerful weapon. It is infused with spirit energy that comes from within a shinigami. Every shinigami eventually meets their zanpakuto and learns their zanpakuto's name. Some shinigami - after learning their zanpakuto's name - can even go on to perform 'bankai' which is a shinigami's most powerful attack. Usually only shinigami with captain level spiritual energy are able to use a bankai attack. Considering the power that you have, I won't be surprised if you are able to perform a bankai attack in time. Once you learn the name of your zanpakuto, I will have you engage in lessons with one of the captains so that you can learn your bankai attack and also so that you can control and develop your shikai attack."

As Buffy attempted to absorb all of that information, she only nodded her head in semi-understanding. She had a feeling that Yamamoto wasn't the type to really repeat himself, so she thought that asking him to repeat his big long speech would probably not be in her best interests. As Buffy listened to him babble on and on about rules and regulations within soul society, Buffy felt her eyelids begin to droop. It had been an extremely long day and the only thing she was even remotely looking forward to was crawling into her bed and sleeping the night away. She especially wanted to do this because she knew she had to be up at the ass crack of dawn in the morning in order to train one-on-two with Kensei and Hisagi before the other members of her division began their training later on. The idea was that Kensei and Hisagi would help her master her swordplay. Although she felt like she was already pretty good with her swordsmanship she wasn't going to turn down any extra training or any extra 'getting to know you' time with her superiors. The more she knew about the people she was going to be spending every waking moment with, the better.

"Alright Miss Summers. We are done here. You may return to your division," Yamamoto broke into her thoughts and Buffy practically leaped out the door.

As she returned to her room in her division, she eagerly crawled into her bed and let sleep wash over her. As soon as she closed her eyes however, she found that she had fallen into some kind of bizarre dream.

A/N: Sorry if anything felt rushed. I'm super impatient at times. ;oP
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