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The End is another Beginning

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Summary: Fem!Harry needs a new start. What better place to go than the beautiful Sunnydale, home of the hellmouth.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OthercherishedjewelFR21210,631051,71914 Jul 1216 Jul 12No

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AN: This is a crossover between Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It will predominantly take place in the Buffy Universe.


It was everywhere.

Smoke clouded her vision as she looked around the massacre that was the final battle of Hogwarts. Bodies were everywhere, some crying out in pain, others just crying out in grief. Some people from what she could tell were just sitting there in shock, not understanding the bloodbath that they had just witness. The beautiful rolling green hills that Hogwarts stood upon were now stained with blood and some parts were burnt to ash. Hogwarts, the once beautiful and majestic castle that stood tall and put hope into the hearts of many. It was now crushed, broken, and in desperate need of repair, like many of its inhabitants.

Calla took another look around, trying to imprint everything in her memory. She would never forget the sacrifice these people made to ensure that future generations of witches and wizards could be safe to learn their craft, and that the magical world could once again start living without having to look over their shoulders.

She could hear someone calling her name. It seemed so far away. She finally refocused her eyes and saw it was Professor McGonagall. She was standing right in front of her. 'Why did she sound so far away' Calla thought. As she looked McGonagall over she couldn't help the guilt that formed in her gut. McGonagall stood there with a large gash from her hair line down the side of her face a curling under her chin. Soot and ash covered her face and clothes. Her hair was no longer pulled back into a perfect bun, it was frizzy and unkempt. She also had what appeared to be a small hole in he side that was bleeding quite profusely. Shaking her head and trying to focus she looks at her Professor and sees sympathy and pity swirling in the depths of her soft jade eyes.

Refocusing on the situation at hand she realized that she needed to get her Professor to the medical wing. She open her mouth and nothing came out. The world around her began to blur. She could hear the sound of McGonagall calling her name but it was like trying to hear underwater. She could feel her knees weaken and start to buckle so she locked them to try and keep herself upright. They last thing she say before darkness overcame her vision was the concern that swirled in the jade eyes of her favourite professor.

She was floating in darkness. It was like she had no physical form just nothingness. She felt no pain and no pressure. Just peace. Through the darkness she could hear whispers. Voices carried to her ears. It was getting louder. They started to pound through her brain. Pain began to radiate through her limbs, settling deep into her bones. Bright lights burned through her eyelids. She couldn't help but cry out at the agony that burned through her body. The whispered conversation about her stopped and she heard a female voice asking her if she was OK, and asking her what was hurting. Finally prying her eyes open she looks to her right and saw Madame Pomfrey. She locked eyes with her and open her mouth but couldn't do anything but let out moan of pain. The nurse seeing this looked at her with understanding in her eyes and reached behind her and grabbed a vial of blue liquid and lifted it to her lips. Calla opened her mouth and swallowed the potion with vigor and then laid back and sighed in relief when she felt the pain melt away and numbness take its place.

Seeing the relief over take her feature Professor McGonagall decided it would be OK to start speaking with her now. Keeping her voice soft and gentle the Professor began explaining what happened while she was unconscious.

For the four days that she was not with the land of the living, she had been awarded the Order of Merlin First Class for her heroic efforts in defeating the Dark Lord Voldemort. Shaking her head in disbelief she pushed that thought to the back of her mind, she really didn't need to think about awards right now, she had funerals to plan and memorials to attend.

After another few days Calla was able to convince Madame Pomfrey that she was well enough to leave. Her cuts had healed leaving only scars, her broken arm and dislocated shoulder had been set and were quickly on the mend, her bruised and battered body was healing. She headed towards the Gryffindor common room and then headed up to her dorm room. She shed the white cotton pants and t-shirt she was given in the hospital wing and went to the bathroom for a nice long hot shower. After she washed off all the dirt she could see and scrubbed herself raw of the dirt that she couldn't, she washed her hair and then stepped out of the shower. Drying herself off she wrapped the towel around her body and stepped up to the mirror. She uses her hand to wipe clean the mirror and just looked at herself.

From an outsiders view you would see a beautiful young girl of seventeen with raven black hair and deep emerald green eyes. If you looked closely you would see the pain and loss that were deeply hidden in her eyes and the tiny scars that littered her face, the more noticeable two were the lighting shaped one on the left of her forehead and the one that started in her right eyebrow and continued and inch down her cheek. Sighing, she took one last look and then left the bathroom. Entering her room she put on her matching ruby red lace bra and boy shorts, dark wash jeans and black leather boots, then she pulled on a long sleeve white t-shirt, more to cover the mass of scars on her arms then actually needing it due to the weather, and then a green t-shirt over top. She focused her magic into her hands making them tingle and ran them through her hair drying it by the time she reached the tips.

Finally feeling ready for the day she steeled her nerves and strengthens her occlumency shields to hold onto her emotions. Heading down the stairs to the common room she spots students sitting together in groups. Over on the left she sees a few groups of first, second and third years spread out over the couches and floor talking quietly amongst themselves. Sitting in the far back corner are some seventh years and fifth years, some crying quietly and the others trying to comfort them. Looking over towards the couches in front of the fireplace she sees the last remaining Weasley's, Ginny, George and Bill sitting there with Hermione. Just as the thought of going over to them crosses her mind they all look over to her at once. Hermione has a blank look on her face but Calla can see the anger and blame simmering just beneath the surface. As she looks into each of the Weasley's eyes she can see that they are not even trying to hide their blame. Their eyes are narrowed in anger. Guilt starts to fill her, she never meant for them to get hurt. They were her surrogate family. Ron was her best friend, hell he was her first friend. Deciding that going over to them would just result in a fight that she couldn't deal with she just lowers her eyes to the ground and walks out the front door of the common room.

Turning left she heads directly towards the headmaster's office 'no' she thinks 'its the headmistress' office'. As she walks down the lengthy hallway on the way to McGonagall's office Calla can't help but think about what she was going to do. She had already decided that since she was seventeen and didn't need to technically go through her seventh year at Hogwarts that she would just head down to the ministry and take her NEWTs that way. After figuring that out she then decided that she would take the rest of the spring and summer off to heal and recuperate. With a plan in mind she finally reached the gargoyle that acted as a bouncer so to speak for the Headmaster/Headmistress' office. Standing in front of the gargoyle she realizes that she doesn't have a password so instead she reaches out towards the gargoyle with her magic and forced it to let her in.

Making her way up the stairs she enters the office and sees McGonagall sitting at what was once Dumbledore's desk.

“Good Morning Professor”

“Hello, Ms. Potter. How are you feeling this morning?”

“I'm feeling much better, thank you for asking. How are you doing?”

“Very well Ms. Potter. Now we must discuss what it is you plan to do”

Calla was wondering whether or not she should let the Professor in on all of her plans. She decided that she would tell her the beginning of her plans seeing as the last half is dependant on nobody knowing where she is going or what she is going to do.

“Well Professor, my plan is to head down to the Ministry at some point in the near future to take my NEWTs, then I'm going to take some time off, maybe go see a therapist to help with the issues that I'm sure are going to surface after dealing with what I dealt with. After that I haven't decided much, I guess it would depend on how my NEWTs go.”

She could see McGonagall thinking about what she was just told. “I think that sounds like a very good plan, but please Ms. Potter, once you are done 'relaxing' and dealing with what you have been through send me an owl, I would like to get together and perhaps we could figure out what the future may have in store for you. Above all though, please remember that no matter what I will always be here for you should you need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen to you, or even just to sit in silence. I will always be here for you” The professor tears up slightly as she speaks to her.

Calla unable to speak through the lump that has formed in her throat just nods her head with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes and launches herself forward to hug her professor as tightly as she could. They stayed locked in a comforting embrace for much longer than one would expect. Finally letting go a blush blooms on Calla's cheeks as she clears her throat and says goodbye to her professor and quietly left her office and heading back to Gryffindor common room.

Thankfully when she finally reaches the common room everyone has left for the Grand Hall. Calla quickly heads up to her room and summons her trunk to sit on her bed. With a thought and wave of her hand all of her personal belongings begin flying through the air and settling themselves into her trunk. She presses her thumb into an indent on the edge of the trunk it flashes white and then with another thought and wave of her hand her clothes begin to fold themselves and are gently laid in the clothes compartment of her trunk.

Once everything was packed away she shrunk her trunk to the size of a matchbox and put it safely inside her pocket. Taking one final look around she leaves her dorm room for the last time. Once back in the common room she again takes another look around imprint the look of the room in her mind so she would never forget and them calmly walks through the door. Heading towards the entrance hall she looks at all the paintings and suits of armor that adorn the hallways of Hogwarts. Once she reached the entrance hall she turns back around takes one final look and takes a deep breath then turns and leaves Hogwarts without looking back.

Once she can feel the magic of the wards pass over her letting her know that she has passed through and is now free of them she turns sharply on her heel and disappears without a sound.

Calla reappears in a clearing in Wiltshire, England. Before her stood the elegant and immense Potter Manor that had been in the Potter family for generations. Walking up the pathway she makes her way into the foyer and snaps her fingers calling for her head house elf. Blinky appeared with a second and bowed “What can Blinky do for Mistress?” the tiny creature asks.

“Can you please see to it that lunch is ready in fifteen minutes, also can you find me the number of a good therapist, preferably a muggle that knows about magic, and call and make an appointment for me please” Calla says before heading up the grand staircase and heading towards the master suite. Once there she takes her trunk out of her pocket and tosses it on her bed, as it passes through the air it grows back to the original size and pops open once it touches the bed. With a wave of her hand her clothes shoot out of the trunk and into her closet followed by her trunk which closes and settles onto the floor of her closet.

After unpacking, Calla exits her room and heads down towards the dining room. As soon as she crosses the threshold of the dining room a steaming piece of lasagna with fresh baked garlic bread and a small Cesar salad and a chilled glass of Chianti appear on the table. Breathing in the scent of her lunch her stomach rumbles with hunger. She hadn't eaten in days. She sits down and digs in to her meal like ravenous animal. Calla laughs out loud at that thought because when you think about her animagus form which is a large black wolf, she is like a ravenous animal.

Feeling tired from what feels like a long and emotional day Calla finishes up her meal, drains the final bit of her wine and pushes away from the table. She grabs her glass and the bottle and heads upstairs to her bathroom trusting her house elves to take care of the mess. Reaching the bathroom she fills up the tub with hot water and lavender scented bubbles. She sheds her clothes and banishes them into the clothes hamper, fills her glass with more wine and sinks into the bath. Smelling the soft scent of lavender filling her senses, feeling the heat sink into her bones and the taste of wine on her taste buds finally relaxes her into deep meditative trance. After laying in the tub for an hour and finishing her bottle of wine she drains the tub and gets out. Standing on the bath mat she waves her hand in a downward motion that dries her body. She walks out of the bathroom and heads over to her vanity. Grabbing her moisturizer she applies it liberally over her legs then her abdomen and finally over her arms and chest. She then goes over to her large four poster oak king size bed pulls back the black silk sheets and slips in pulling the covers back on top of her, basking in the feeling of silk against her bare skin. It only takes Calla a few minutes before she sinks into a deep uninterrupted sleep.

Over the next six months Calla passed her NEWTs with flying colours and graduated from Hogwarts with honours. She had also been working closely with Dr. Sheppard and had overcome a lot of her issues and nightmares that stemmed from the final battle as well as the life she lived before hand with the Dursleys, she has also dealt with the loss of her close friends and family and not just the ones that died but also the ones that cut contact with her. During the time she was working with her therapist she was also making a plan to get out of Britain. She had decided on going to the United States, it being one of the biggest countries and also their magical society is centered in Boston with almost no other magical areas anywhere in the States. Deciding that she wanted to go somewhere warm she figure California was as good a place as any. Looking up a map of California she was drawn towards the small town of Sunnydale 'hmm that's a cheery sounding place' she thought.

Calla decided that she would go to college and further her education and help her with her desire for a normal life. She had applied with fake transcripts that still accurately measure what she knew, she had gotten accepted. She was to start in two weeks.

Later that afternoon Calla got dressed in her usual dark wash jeans and double layered t-shirt and long sleeve t-shirt, to cover her scars and apparated to Diagon Alley. She landed just inside the entrance to the alley. Walking down the pathway towards Gringotts she takes in the atmosphere of the alley one final time. Entering the bank she walks over to the teller to inform him that she was there to meet with her account manager. She was ushered into a meeting room. Inside her and Ragclaw discussed the options for her money.

Calla decided to leave half her money to be used for a scholarship for students that want to go to Hogwarts but are unable to afford it, McGonagall is to over look the account. The rest of her money she took out of the bank and had it converted to American dollars. Turns out after converting her Galleons she had just over 1.9 million dollars, after transferring that to the muggle bank she will be able to live off the interest alone. Thrilled that she won't have to work while attending school she leaves the bank with a smile on her face. As soon as she steps off the last step of Gringotts front entrance she disappears mid step.

Arriving back at the Manor, she instructs the house elves on what is to happen. Calla tells them that while she is not living here on a permanent basis that she still wants the house to be in working order because she plans to come back frequently. Calla walks up the stairs and goes to her bedroom where some of her things were packed. It was mainly clothes and school supplies along with a brand new top of the line computer. Grabbing all of her bags she apparates to the front hall of the Manor and sees all twenty of her house elves standing waiting to see her off. She smiles at them and thanks them for being so great. Calla instructs them to make themselves at home while she is not there and then walks out the front door and getting into the car that she called to take her to the airport.

Once arriving at the airport she checks in and checks her luggage and then heads into the First Class lounge to await her flight. She only had to wait to an hour before her flight was ready to board. Sitting in her seat and staring out the window she begins to wonder where her life is going to take her and what awaits her in Sunnydale. Then she looks out the window and into the cloudless sky and thinks 'This is the beginning of my new life'
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