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Entwined Destinies: Rebirth

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Summary: Set in johnsmith's Entwined Destinies universe, this story is in between the final chapter and the Epilogue of that series. Buffy/Clark

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- Month of Hell -

A/N: Set in johnsmith's Entwined Destinies universe with permission, this story is in between the final chapter and the Epilogue of that series. This is a crossover between Smallville and the Slayerverse. Quick summary: Buffy met Clark after Sunnydale's destruction and Lana's faked death. Many adventures together later, Buffy went from Slayer to UberSlayer via 'the box', to SuperSlayer when she carried her and Clark's child.

Like no one else on this site, I don't own squat. Shame really. I could use the money.

by Lois Lane

With the second reconstruction of Metropolis still ongoing, my Editor has finally persuaded me to tell the world what happened; and the how's and why's of this most horrible tragedy. My usual proofreader and best friend is still missing from his desk, and I simply could not come to terms with that.

The monster simply known as Doomsday, as this reporter has learned, was created with the sole purpose of assassinating our bright star. (Illustrations and photographs on page 6.) According to Dr. Fate, it was infused with Kryptonite and animated with Black Magic. Other magic based heroes of the Justice League and Slayers United have come to the conclusion that it was a golem construct of the blackest magics known, but this is unsubstantiated.

We may never know what Doomsday was truly made of. And to this reporter, that can only be a good thing. Thankfully, it has been confirmed to have burned up in the sun by Superman's widow, Anna-El, known to us simply as Superwoman.

I, along with half the country, will never forget her mournful cry when he took his last breath. Glass shattered up to four states away, and my normally cynical heart broke at the sight of her holding his head to her chest. But, he had done it. His final act was protecting this city. So, when the monster stirred it came as a complete surprise to everyone.

Known to be a bit more brutal than her husband, I can honestly say – with conviction – that the animalistic growl which came from Superwoman's throat, from the sight of the monster still moving, absolutely terrified me.

While it is completely understandable, as I would be on my own rampage, I confess that I lost my lunch at the sight of her ripping the monster's head from it's shoulders with her bare hands. After its dismemberment, Superwoman personally threw the monster's remains into the sun from orbit.

When asked as to why she dismembered the monster, Superwoman was quoted to say “It's what we did to the Judge and other unkillable demons. [It is] the only way to be sure.”

Martian Manhunter has taken up the Super Couple's normal protection routes, and had this to say. “While Superwoman mourns in accordance with her people, I and others will be defending Metropolis. Anyone found taking advantage in this time of crisis will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.”

(Continued on page 6)

Funeral for a Friend
by Chloe Sullivan

Public services for the Man of Steel were held today in multiple cities. Eulogies were given by a host of heroes from across the globe. As they were televised, I wont quote them here as it is still too painful. (Transcripts can be found in the special section of the Daily Planet.)

I was the only reporter allowed access to the private service held three days ago, with the provision that certain things were to remain private. In attendance were Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Aquawoman, Dr. Fate, and many others – including representatives from Slayers United.

All wore black armbands with the Super Shield adorning them. The only one not in their usual uniform was Superwoman herself. Her normal red jacketed and blue outfit was cast aside for the black Kryptonian Robes of Mourning. Everyone gave a more personal eulogy for Kal-El. Anna-El gave me permission to say that she couldn't finish hers, and allowed me to read what she had written at the podium. The following was the last paragraph.

He was the brightest star in my universe. Forever extinguished in the supernova of life, and in defiance of the forces of darkness, my husband will be remembered not only for his great power, but also for his equally great heart. He always saw the good in everyone, and he eventually taught me that there should always be a beacon of light against the dark. May God protect his soul until I join him.”

Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman had to restrain Anna-El, as Kal-El's casket was sealed into his tomb. I don't think anyone else could have done it, if you want this reporters opinion.

(Continued on page 7)

While the Slayer dreams ended that fateful day, the nightmares of that moment haunted Buffy. Her heart had stopped from the brutal beating she took from Doomsday, only to be resuscitated by Clark with CPR, before his final confrontation with the beast.

Like Kendra before her, another was called in the brief minutes that Buffy was gone. In that moment, Buffy was removed from the Slayer Line once again, and the Powers That Be lost what little grip they had on her.

Tossing in their specially made bed, Buffy relived Clark's final words to her every night. “Take care of Karen.” She screamed as she woke, which called either Diana or Willow into the room to help Karen restrain her. Without Clark's heartbeat to focus on, Buffy was unable to filter the constant noise. She was eventually able to redirect that focus to her daughter's, but it was a struggle each time.

Staying at the Kent farm, Buffy and Karen were helped by Martha, Diana, Willow, Cordelia and Faith. Karen was able to recover a bit faster than her mother, due to her youth, and ended up in a small role reversal with her mother. To say that Buffy was devastated, would not even come close to describe what she was going through.

The only way she could relate it to the Scoobies, was that it was worse than when she was ripped from Heaven. Half of her was simply gone.

This night was different, however. Thirty two days later, instead of Clark's final words, she looked into his blue eyes and heard him whisper “Save me.”

“CLARK!” she shouted as she sat up in bed. The usual run in and hug was by Willow this time, and she was surprised at not having to magically restrain her. Thankful, sure, as it took a lot of energy to even grip her, but it was beyond unusual.

“Mommy?” Karen's small voice whispered in confusion. Buffy was holding her breath, and every muscle was locked.

“Buffy?” Willow said at the same time. The stunned look on Buffy's face, along with the feeling that she was hugging a marble statue, concerned her greatly. Normally, she had to help staunch the flood of tears from her best friend. Tonight though, it was like Buffy was in shock again. “Sweetie, talk to me.”

Holding her hand up for them to wait, Buffy closed her eyes and listened. It was instinctual to mute other noise with Clark's heartbeat, but that was what had her attention. She wasn't flooded with the noise of Metropolis in the distance, and she didn't have to concentrate on Karen's heart… because she was already hearing one.

A quick glance at her daughter confirmed that it wasn't her heartbeat she was hearing. Instead of the slightly rapid one Karen's had, she was hearing a slow but powerful thud. She was confused, stunned, and couldn't bring herself to hope that she was hearing what she thought she was.

After a minute, she heard something ripping. It was like metal being shorn apart, but softer… like lead. Lead, as in the lead of her late husband's coffin to spare her from seeing him. “Clark?” she whispered.

“Buffy, what is it?” Willow was insisting. The hope on her best friend's face was too good to be true. And as such, suspect. If this was someone's idea of a joke or game, Willow was going to flay them alive like Warren. Karen's sharp head snap up to stare at her mother broke her out of that dark thought.

“Daddy?” she whispered. Karen's hearing, while far above normal, wasn't up to hearing that just yet.

Nodding, Buffy's face lit up with a gasp. “Clark!” Her vision altered as her speed slowed everything down around her. Instinct had her changing into her uniform, and she noticed Karen's head tracking her as she went.

“Stay with Aunt Willow,” she ordered and only paused long enough for Karen to nod. It was slow in comparison to herself or Clark, but it was infinitely faster than Willow – who had yet to even turn her head. She passed Martha in the hallway, who was already headed to her room.

Buffy couldn't think as she flew over the darkened Kansas countryside. Keeping under the speed of sound to save on the shockwave, she was in Metropolis Park in under two minutes.

She paused in shock at the sight of the statue on top of the tomb. Instead of just her husband, someone actually thought to make a statue of herself to stand with it. Seeing them staring upward while holding each other, touched and embarrassed her all at the same time.

Buffy was shaken out of that thought when she heard and saw the hidden door move slightly. Zipping across the park in a crack of sound, she gripped the door, buckling it, and ripped it from the side. A figure clad in black robes fell half out of the door – robes that she recognized dressing Clark in almost four weeks ago.

“Is this… hell?” Clark rasped.

“Ohhh God,” Buffy said under her shuddering breath, frozen for a split second at hearing the same words she uttered to Dawn, just after being ripped from Heaven herself. She bent down quickly to pick him up. “Oh baby, no. It's not hell, I promise!”

Cradled in her arms, Clark inhaled the most important scent he knew. “Buffy?” he whispered. A half sob leapt out of her throat, as she crushed her lips to his, shaking violently.

Buffy was so absorbed in the feel, smell and taste of Clark, that she completely missed someone coming up behind them.


When neither of them reacted, he spoke again when he recognized the yellow S shield on the back of her red leather jacket. “Superwoman? What are you doing?”

Breaking the kiss, Buffy's ponytail flipped around as she turned her head, finding a uniformed MPD beat cop gaping at them. He was holding a gun, but it was pointed down by the time she looked at him. Standing, she hefted Clark in her arms in a cradle carry as the cop's partner came barrelling around the corner.

Both of the officers' mouths dropped open when Clark turned his head and looked at them, blinking slowly. Buffy waited until they realized what they were seeing, then spoke with a huge smile. “He's alive! Spread the word!”

With that, she shot straight up in the night sky. After clearing the buildings, she turned north with a small sonic boom. Questions and anything else would have to wait. Clark needed the Sun Chamber in the Fortress right bloody now, as Giles would put it.

This is a WGBS News Special Report, with Blair Donovan.”

Good morning, Metropolis. I'm Blair Donovan. At 2:08AM, Central Standard Time, Metropolis residents were shook from their beds by the sound of what would later be identified as a sonic boom.”

A Superman Shield appeared in a captioned box over her left shoulder.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but according to Superwoman herself, her husband is alive. Chief of Police Benson made a statement this morning.”

The screen changed to a shot outside City Hall. Standing at the podium, the Chief of Police was reading from a prepared statement. “At 2:05 this morning, Officers Melbourn and Strombul heard a disturbance at Superman's Tomb in Metropolis Park.

Confronting what they assumed was a vandal, they saw Superwoman cradling what they thought was Superman's body. This was later disproved when Superman looked up at them.”

Both officers corroborated each other with what Superwoman said.” The Chief of Police stopped reading and took off his glasses to look in the camera. “This is a direct quote: 'He's alive. Spread the word.'”

Cutting from his smile, the screen went back to Blair Donovan. “While the police and the Justice League have instigated a no fly zone over the city, we have cameras from adjoining buildings to Metropolis Park. As you can see, League members Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern are on the scene with several Detectives and Police officers. The entire area has been cordoned off…”

The television was muted as Angel called the Kent Farm. Getting a busy signal, he tried Faith's cellphone. She picked up after the third ring.

Not now Fangless. I'm on the other line with Red and Ma-K. I don't have any hard info for you. All I know is Star Panties is headed for the Fortress. I'll call you when I have anything. Tell Lil-D to get Junior out of her pregnant skirt and answer the fucking phone.” It was a run on worthy of Willow, and Faith hung up on him without him saying a word.

The abruptness of the call had him scowling, which Cordy tried rubbing away from his forehead. “I don't know what's worse,” she said, having heard everything, “Crazy Faith or General Faith.”

“Anyone else up?” Angel grumbled.

Cordy tilted her head and listened. “Lorne is, and he's singing,” she paused, rolling her eyes, “Aretha's version of Precious Lord.” She stood up and stuck her head out of their room, bellowing. “Dawn! Connor! Turn on the damned TV!”

Diana landed at the entrance of the Fortress and stepped quickly inside. “Buffy?” she called out, searching the place. “Clark?” Turning a corner, she found them hovering in the Sun Chamber and smirked at the sight.

Both of them were sans clothing in the bright light, and kissing each other's face off. “It's true then. I'll let them know. Nice buttocks, Clark.” She couldn't see it exactly, as Buffy's bare feet were in the way. Didn't mean she couldn't tease them though.

The only response she got, was Buffy giving her 'the finger', as Bart explained the gesture to her once. Chuckling, she turned and headed for the Atrium, tapping the comm in her ear as she walked. “Wonder Woman to Watchtower. The news is true. Superman's alive.”

The answering squeal was so high pitched that she had to remove the device from her ear. “Hera, Chloe, not so loud!” she complained.

The End

You have reached the end of "Entwined Destinies: Rebirth". This story is complete.

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