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Volume IV: Our Sighs and Our Tears

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 4 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR1872169,1211210143,71415 Jul 1223 Oct 12No

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Some Time

WARNING: sexy bits ahead


She made sure the shop was already closed for the day and winked at Pevensie as the slayer was picked up by Draco. Malfoy rolled his eyes as he pulled Pevensie out of the door. Mac hopped up on the counter where Neville would be certain to see her and waited.

Neville was going through his inventory for the end of the day, having just sent Pevensie off with Malfoy. He finished two rows of plants by the back before feeling eyes on him. He tensed up and turned around, throwing the papers in the air when he saw Mac on the counter.

“Damn it, Mac. You scared the hell out of me,” he said, breathing a sigh of relief as he bent down to pick up the papers. Thank goodness there weren’t that many. “How did you sneak in here?”

“I dinna sneak. Pevensie let me in when she and Malfoy were headin’ out. What are ya doin’ right now? Besides throwin’ papers in the air?”

He glared at her when he straightened. “I’m going to finish my inventory, double check it against my books, and prepare my order for tomorrow.” Neville paused as Mac’s face fell. “Or I could spend the rest of the evening with my girlfriend so she’ll stop looking at me like I took away her favorite plaything.”

“Now I wouldna start callin’ yerself a playthin’... though I do like playin’ wit ya.”

Mac hopped off the counter and walked towards him. He smelled like earth, and she loved that about him. Mac sniffed his shirt and cuddled her face in it.

Neville chuckled when she curled into him like a cat. “At least let’s go upstairs so I can take a shower and change. I did a lot of re-potting today. Then we can talk about dinner. Yeah?”

“I thin’ ya smell manly. I like it, but iffen ya want to take a shower, I dinna mind. Can I watch?”

Mac grinned widely at him.

He grinned right back. “If you watch, I doubt we’ll have dinner because we’ll go right from the shower to the bed. And once I get into the bed, I’m liable to fall over from exhaustion, but once I get there, you are welcome to join me.”

“Are ya’ askin’ me to spend the night, Neville? Because I like tha’ idea. A lot. Though I dinna thin’ ya will be gettin’ much sleep.”

Neville leaned down and kissed her. “I have missed you. Can I steal you for one night? My place is a mess and I don’t have very much to eat, but I doubt we’d get any privacy at the Council.”

“We willna. Aye, ya can steal me anytime. Best ya get upstairs and shower ‘fore I change my mind ‘bout dinner and decide to have you instead.”

He gave her a quick kiss and grabbed the inventory ledger he left on the stool behind the counter. They both went up the stairway to the small landing, leading to his apartment. He tossed the papers on the small kitchen table. “Go poking around to find something you’d like to eat. I’ll be done in a minute!”

Mac stood and debated doing what he said or going to watch him shower. Both seemed appealing. The shower more so, but in the end she decided to be marginally good and see what he had in his fridge. Neville was pretty big on pasta, so she happily grabbed a container of noodles and started eating them with her fingers.

Neville took one of the quickest showers he could and put on a pair of jeans and one of the cleaner shirts he had lying around. His hair was still wet and dripping so he passed it over with his damp towel. He would have attempted a drying charm, but he always managed to botch it and make his hair fluff off his head.

He came into the kitchen just as Mac finished off a container of his leftover spaghetti noodles. “Well, I guess pasta is out for dinner?”

“I wa hummy,” she said, still chewing.

Mac swallowed.

“Sorry. They looked good, so I ate them. Tha’s happens wit me a lot, so I thin’ ya might be in a wee bit of trouble.”

“I’ll just keep my fridge well-stocked then. Did you see anything else you would like or shall we order out?” He looked down at his clothes. “I’m not much for going out, it seems. Unless you want to go see your brother, but I doubt you want that right now.”

“We can do whatever ya like. Ordin’ out sounds good to me. I just want to spend time wit ya.”

She gave him what Kasie was referring to as her dorky Neville grin. Apparently Mac got a look on her face that was not very slayer-like when she thought of Neville.

“How about some chicken? I know a place that has some excellent chili-lime grilled chicken. They serve rice as well.” Neville rummaged around in one of the kitchen drawers until he found the pamphlet and handed it to her.

“Sounds nice. We can eat whatever ya like. I’m no’ particular.”

She just wanted to be with him. It didn’t matter what they did or what they ate or anything. Mac just wanted to spend some time with him. She enjoyed his company, and there weren’t too many people should could say that about.

He ordered their dinner through the floo and then walked over to the couch, collapsing back onto it. Mac cuddled into his side and he put an arm around her. “Pevensie tells me a troll crashed the Halloween dinner. If you wanted to reminisce about our first year, there are easier ways to do it.”

Mac laughed, then she sobered. “Someone set it upon us. Oz and I tracked it to a spot in the woods near. Twas brought to tha’ point by magic. I got to kick one of them.”

“But really, a troll? I can’t imagine that was hard for you to bring down. Why would someone send trolls?” Neville made a face. “Not that I’m saying someone should have sent a dragon after you or anything.”

“I dunno,” Mac said. “I’m no’ really questioning why. I dinna bring it low neither. Tha’ were Buffy. I just kept it from fallin’ on Malfoy and Alice after Hannah bound its legs together. Buffy’s the one tha’ put her scythe through its skull. She kicked in the face of the other one. Some of them have faced dragons a’fore, though.”

“After the Triwizard Tournament, I’m not a fan of dragons,” he replied. “And my seventh year ruined me for snakes. It’s not that they frighten me; I just don’t like them.” Neville nudged her. “Any beastie you don’t care for?”

“Ya know this. I dinna like zombies, and here we have a healer raisin’ them. Though I havena seen a walker a one since Theo were outed as a necromancer. Anything else I can handle. I just... I’m sure Connor or Brody told ya ‘bout the time in tha’ bog when we were surrounded. I had nightmares for the whole of a year a’fore I started Hogwarts. Sometimes I still do.”

Mac shivered just thinking about it. She had never been that frightened. Not with anything.

“But that’s not really an animal. They’re just...dead people. They don’t count. Are you afraid of spiders? Rats? Birds? Puppies?”

Mac considered. No, she wasn’t afraid of any of those things, and she wouldn’t even say she was afraid of zombies. They really freaked her out and she had nightmares sometimes, but she still faced them. Her fear of them did not own her.

“Connor always tole me there were no point in no’ facin’ a thing cos ya feared it. I’m usually no’ afraid to face thins, just reluctant to do so, so I suppose tha’ makes me no’ afraid. By the technical definition o’ the word. I get a’feared for people. Like when they stand too close to a fire or somethin’. Some people dinna have such a sense of self tha’ they put themselves in more danger than they can handle. Iffen tha’ made sense to ya.”

“It did, actually. I don’t remember where I heard this, but someone said that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. And you are one of the most courageous people I know.”

Mac preened. She had always liked being told she was smart or fierce. It made her feel like she lived up to being the sister of Connor and Brody.

“There’s no need to flirt, Nev. I’ll let ya take m’clothes off.”

He laughed. “And you’ve often a one-track mind. I wasn’t flirting; I was just being honest. I’m allowed to do so without wanting to rip your clothes off.”

“I canna help it. Yer very manly. Dinna ya know this? Usually I out-man th’man. Tis why blokes dinna like me so well, but it doesna bother ya. Makes me want to crawl inside yer person and sit there.”

It was as honest as she had ever been with a guy. She liked Neville. Quite a bit, and learning they’d had this history with one another, that she had always missed him when he was away, it was humbling. Who was she to question something that seemed bigger than herself? It would be like questioning slaying.

Neville looked down at his knees in embarrassment. He didn’t consider himself manly at all. He worked with flowers all day and yes, he could fight, but that came from a need to protect himself that he hadn’t felt since his schooldays and the years after as the Death Eaters were being rounded up.

“It doesn’t bother me because it’s just part of you. Other blokes don’t like you because you’re more confident than they are. That’s something I admire about you. Quite a lot, actually.”

“Ya thinkin’ to make me blush? All right, here’s this then... there is no better mon in all th’world to me. I dinna know another like ya, and m’brothers and cousins think highly of ya and consider ya their equal. Tha’s all I need to know righ’ there.”

Just because he didn’t go out stalking around and hitting things and making growling sounds while he picked bar fights didn’t make him less of a man to her. She knew he thought that about himself. Maybe he needed a trip to the Council for some appreciative glances. So long as that’s all the girls did.

Neville laughed. “We’ve got ourselves a right contest. Who can boast about the other more. You’ll lose.”

He was very flattered. Not that he thought Mac would stick around for any other reason than she would want to, but he always did like hearing it. “And I consider it an honor that your family thinks of me that way. They have always been good to me.”

“Because ya can keep up. Tha’s why. Brody and Connor wouldna have taken ya in otherwise. Neville, ya were the main organizer within Hogwarts during our seventh year. Sometimes I thin’ ya dinna give yerself the proper credit. Mayhap I can show ya a little.”

She grinned at him.

Mac was just about to climb on top of him when his floo flared to life. He flailed and almost fell off the couch before he remembered they ordered food and he was quite hungry from working all day. Neville sighed and slowly got off the couch. “Dinner’s here.”

Mac sighed loudly. She knew he was probably hungry, and she definitely knew he would need energy if she stayed the night; there was no way she was keeping herself to herself if they slept in the same bed.

“I suppose I’ll allow ya to eat. Tha’ way ya dinna fall asleep on me a’fore I wan’ ya to.”

“You better eat as well. I don’t want to explain to Oz that one of his slayers collapsed because I didn’t feed her.”

“It would take more than a hungered belly to bring me low.”

She grabbed a piece of chicken with her fingers. He gave her a look, and Mac grabbed one of the plastic forks they’d supplied and stuck the chicken on it before licking her fingers and smiling at him. She tried to recall to be ladylike. It just didn’t work out for her all the time.

They worked through the chicken fairly quick, Neville chuckling at the creative way she would eat her chicken. Some of the times, he had to look away or toss the chicken out, and he really was hungry. He would need his energy.

She really needed to stop licking her fingers though. Neville was about to just turn around and face the wall.

“Got ants in yer pants? Yer very wiggly,” Mac said.

He was giving her this look.

“What? I got somethin’ on m’face?”

“I need to eat,” he said. “I need energy, and I cannot eat if I’m staring at you.” Neville took a very large bite of his chicken. It was almost finished.

“Why?” she asked, truly not understanding. “Are my manners so gross, ya canna watch. I picked up a fork. I can do better, I swear. I’m just so comfortable wit ya.”

Neville rolled her eyes and he made sure she saw him do it. “I need to eat and I need my energy but if I keep staring at you I will get distracted because I will want to eat but not my food.”

Mac made a face then what he was saying dawned on her. “Oh. Oh! Do ya wan’ me to go wait in th’kitchen?”

He practically inhaled the last bite of his chicken. “I’m fine.” Neville cast a tooth-brushing charm, hoping that it worked well, and then turned back to Mac. “I hope you’re done.”

Neville was about to grab her ankle and pull her over. The longer he spent in her presence, the more he realized that he truly had missed her.

She noticed him reach for her and then stop.

“Go on then. I’m no’ gonna smack ya iffen ya grab me. I’d never hurt ya’, Nev. No’ ever.”

Might be nice to be the one being ‘handled’ for once.

When she put her plate to the side, Neville gripped her calves and pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her waist. He lifted her into the air and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“My room is a mess but I don’t think you’ll really care,” he said before kissing her.

“Yer right,” she said a little breathlessly. “I dinna care.”

It was like France all over again but no work to distract him this time. Mac liked that. He was walking with her wrapped around him and they both kept laughing.

Neville almost ran into the doorway twice before he managed to her through it. And then he managed to trip over some clothes in the floor. Luckily, they fell onto the bed and he managed not to crush her. “Note to self, pick up the clothes on the floor.”

Mac was laughing so hard she felt like her sides might split. She was also touched that he was careful not to land wholly on her - even though as a slayer she could have handled it. It pleased her that he treated her like a girl. They were kissing like they’d been apart for months. Not that she minded. It was nice that he never seemed to lose his enthusiasm for her.

He leaned back. “Are you charmed or on the potion?” he asked. Once he got started, he did not think he would remember to be responsible.

“Mine’s brewed by Snape, I found out.”

Which how odd was it that her contraceptive potion was brewed by an older professor of hers? And that particular professor too.

He paused and made a face. “That seems strange, but I know that he’ll brew it right because if anyone doesn’t want any more Longbottoms in the world, it’s him.”

“He brews for the Council in general, he doesna know I’m one of the ones takin’ it. Let’s no’ thin’ ‘bout Snape th’now.”

She kissed him then, pulling up his shirt and putting her hands on his bare skin, determined to make him forget his own name let alone anyone else’s.

Her touch was like fire on his skin. “We are not allowed to be so busy again. I’m making deliveries to the Council on my own again.” He continued to touch her, lifting up her own shirt and splaying his hand across her ribs.

“Agreed,” Mac said.

She sat up quickly and pulled off her boots and socks before lying back down and pulling him on top of her.

Their shirts came off and he went to work on her trousers. As soon as those were off, she did the same for him until they were rolling around on the bed in their underwear. He flipped her on her back and pinned her arms, leaning down and running his lips under the edge of her bra. She arched her back but he pulled away, barely touching her.

She was letting him hold her down. They both knew this, but it was still very nice. She didn’t always want to be the one in control. When Neville did things like this, it made her feel a bit feminine and delicate, and since she had been called as a slayer, very little could do that.

When he pulled away, she gave him a look that clearly said ‘don’t be too much of a tease’. The threat was all there. He’d end up on the bottom.

Neville grinned at her. “Anyone ever told you that you’re impatient?” To get her bra off, he pulled her up and sat back on his heels, wrapping his arms around her back get at the latch. “You need to work on that.”

“Might be a slayer thing,” Mac said. “I’ve noticed none of us are terribly patient. But dinna be such a teaser, and I willna have to be impatient. Also, dinna make me wait for dates so long, aye?”

“Oh, so this is entirely my fault then?” he asked with a grin as he undid her bra. When he laid her back down, he cupped one of her breasts in his hand and kneaded gently. “I guess I’ll have to make it up to you.”

“Aye,” Mac managed to say. “Ya will.”

She felt like a girl. She felt pretty and appreciated - and not because she could kill things with her bare hands. He seemed very interested in her breasts tonight, and Mac did not mind one bit.

“Lots of dates,” he muttered, moving his lips down from her neck to her collarbone. “Many dinners.” Neville took a nipple in his mouth. When he pulled back, he blew. “Maybe even a trip back to France.”

Mac gasped. “Aye.”

She’d probably agree to pretty much anything at this point. She had not realized how much she had missed his hands on her. She had never thought of herself as a girl that needed a lot of physical attention, but perhaps the right attention created the need for more of it.

He liked it when her voice became wispy and her breath quickened. Neville didn’t think she became a different person; he believed she just revealed a different facet of herself and he was the only one who was able to witness it. He was honored and possessive at the same time.

“Or even somewhere else not in Europe,” he muttered, his lips brushing her skin as he trained down her stomach, scooting down slowly on the bed. “We could try Australia, Asia, the Americas...”

“Dinna care so long as yer wit me,” she managed.

When he put his mouth on her, she had to make a concentrated effort not to clamp her knees to his head and crack his skull. That would have certainly killed the mood not to mention him.

Her breathing became very controlled. If her losing control meant he would be tossed about the room, he wasn’t really going to go for that. Perhaps Neville would just keep her along the edge.

The first time her knees almost came together, he pushed her leg aside and rubbed his thumb along the underside. That caused her other leg to kick. Neville had to grab both and shifted his weight so he wouldn’t bruise her calves, but he didn’t want to be kicked in the head either.

Just when he thought she was about to launch off the bed, he pulled back. “Patience and control.”

“No’ exactly easy when yer doin’ tha’,” Mac said through her teeth.

She threw herself up and at him then. Gently, of course. Well, gently for her. Mac had him on the bed on his back and she started doing some nibbling of her own.

He laughed lightly, gasping when she nipped at the skin near his collarbone. “On second thought, skip the patience and control. You’re doing fine right now.”

“I happen to thin’ so as well. Just fine.”

She was all too content to rip his underpants off him in one pull, but Mac decided not to. Just in case they were a pair he liked. She moved quickly and pulled her body back up and long every bare inch of him before wrapping her hand around his dick to make certain she had his full attention.

Neville inhaled sharply. “Ye-yes. Just fine.” He tried to clear his throat so that he didn’t sound so much like a girl. He’d been away from Mac for far too long.

She grinned at him. Mac loved how squeaky his voice had been just then.

“Yer kinda sexy when yer tryin’ to recall how to breathe, ya know tha’?”

She kissed him then in a lingering and playful way. She wanted to enjoy this, but she wasn’t exactly sure their hormones were going to allow that this time.

Neville laughed, or tried to since his lungs didn't currently hold enough oxygen. "And you're sexy trying to make me forget how to breathe."

He rolled them yet again before removing his underwear. He felt like a bumbling boy in school again. "Too damn long." Laying down flush on top of her, he ground his hips down, not yet entering her. "Far too damn long."

She was not going to grab him and have her way with him. She absolutely was not. She wasn’t going to beg either. What she was going to do was kiss him. He was right, though, they’d gone too long without touching one another.

Neville slowly eased his way inside her, rocking gently as she kissed him greedily. When she started gasp lightly, he increased the pace. The way there were both grabbing at each other, they weren’t interested in the romantic. They just needed each other. He would do romance later.

He’d tried to be slow about it, and she appreciated that. It just wasn’t meant to be, and another part of her was glad for that too. She was also glad they were not anywhere near other people. Though any of his neighbors or someone walking by might alert the aurors. Quiet was not on the agenda.

He didn’t know how long moved against each other. At one point she had flipped them over and he flipped them right back. His shoulders were going to be sore but Neville just didn’t care. Mac kept using her legs to pull him closer so he countered with his arms so he didn’t knock the breath out of her. She retaliated by grabbing his arms. He snapped his hips with more force.

It was almost like they were fighting, both trying to win. He didn’t care who won, though. Neville leaned down and kissed her until his lungs burned for more oxygen.

Mac tore her mouth from his and shouted his name when she came. After that, she couldn’t have told anyone what happened. Her body was one big pulsing nerve. They definitely needed more alone time together because someone could have come up in here and killed them and they would not have known until they were dead.

He collapsed on top of her moments after she shouted his name, out of breath after he came. Neville slid to the side so he didn’t crush her, but their limbs were still tangled together. He looked over at Mac with a small grin on his face. “I liked my dessert.”

She just started laughing. It was about all she could do at the moment.
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