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Volume IV: Our Sighs and Our Tears

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 4 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Lassie Comes Home

Someone had made a makeshift goal on the grass of the council ground and obtained a soccer ball. Lydia had explained to several girls how to play, and they were sort of playing. The rules seemed a bit flexible, and there was a lot of body checking. It was very cold out, but the house elves kept them swimming in tea, hot chocolate and hot cider.

Meredith was so girlie she kept squealing whenever she’d get the ball. Pevensie could only shake her head. Alice was all over the place on the ‘field’ while Draco’s house elf Tindy played fetch with Bacon as Alice had instructed her to.

Khaelin was helping Hiran translate some text that was in Greek. The two of them were sitting closer to the greenhouses and the outdoor heaters.

Alice decided to tackle Pevensie and they went down in a pile of arms, legs and giggles. When she looked up, someone was holding a hand out to help her up. She followed the arm up and her eyes locked with Rowan’s. She didn’t bother with the hand. Pevensie was up on her feet in an instant, hugging him.

“You’re here,” she whispered.

Until just then she hadn’t realized how much she’d missed him. Things had been so crazy while he was gone.

“Hey, I told you I’d be back before the holidays.”

“I got drunk on Thanksgiving.”

Rowan pulled back to look at her. “What?”

“It’s this whole long story.” Pevensie said. “Why don’t we go to your place and talk about it. I’d like to see your mom.”

“Um... my place is sort of here right now.”


Rowan grinned. “You aren’t the only one who had adventures this fall. I’m sort of in danger, so I’m staying here where Oz can keep an eye on me. My mom is staying with the MacDougals at the Sticks.”

“What?” Pevensie said, feeling a little upset. He was in danger? He was staying at the council? What the hell? “Explanation... now.”

Meredith looked on with concern as Pevensie all but dragged Rowan over to where the outdoor tables and chairs were and pushed him into one.

“You’re in danger? From what?”

He shifted nervously, and Pevensie felt like something was off with him. Like more than just he was in danger. Things felt different between them, but she was worried about him being in trouble. She would deal with that later. It was probably just because they had not seen one another in so long. They would need to get used to being together again. It would be fine.

“Fenrir Greyback, that really bad werewolf I told you about? He’s back, and he wants natural born wolves for his new pack. That means me.”

“Well, he can’t have you,” Pevensie snapped.

She was already calculating how quickly she could get to Blaise and ask him to get her a silver knife. She’d nip this little recruitment right in the bud.

“The pack I used to run with-”

“You mean those idiots you used to hang with?”

Rowan plowed on as if she had not interrupted him. “They managed to do it somehow. A wolf from my father’s pack left Ireland and came looking for Mum and I to warn us after Gaylen came hunting for me.”

Pevensie nodded, taking this all in. “So aside from that, was Ireland good? Did you have a good time with your dad’s family?”

He fidgeted nervously. “Yeah. It was just... different. My uncle is the pack master now, and he expects a lot, you know. Wants everyone to be better and everything. I don’t really like his beta though.”


“My Uncle Sean is the alpha, the pack master. The beta is like his second in command.”

“Like Riker to Picard,” Pevensie said

Rowan looked confused.

“You wizarding folk are so pop culturally stunted that it pains me at times. Anyway, I get it. So you don’t like the beta wolf?”

“No,” Rowan said. “Barris is sort of a tool, and he’s probably being an even bigger one right now because the wolf that came to warn us is his girlfriend, but I get the feeling they broke up.”

Pevensie nodded.

“I just hope he doesn’t come here looking for her. He would not be happy about Oz lone-wolfing it around Lavender. He’s that sort of jerk.”

Pevensie nodded again. She just let him talk, and as the conversation continued, things seemed to get less awkward for her.
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