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Volume IV: Our Sighs and Our Tears

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 4 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR1872169,1211210143,68915 Jul 1223 Oct 12No

There is no Light Without Dark

Setting off a human time bomb in a room full of people was right up Ethan’s alley. He liked this, and he liked that he’d finally be able to get away from the psycho slayer. The minions had just released the slayer into the museum. At first she walked calmly, just looking at everything.

Ethan absolutely loved the face of the slayer on guard duty that spotted her first. That was priceless.


Willow was working at her desk when the alarm system she’d set up to alert them of problems at the museum went off. It took her a moment to figure out what it was. She’d never anticipated there being problems. She needed to alert the senior staff plus Kasie and Mac since they’d designed the security.

She was about to do that when a whispery figure of a stag ran through her office. Like a ghost deer. She clearly heard Harry Potter’s voice say that Dana was in the museum.


Shannon crashed into her office in a panic. “Willow?”

Several slayers were behind her looking nervous. Willow didn’t blame them considering what had happened the last time she started screeching.

“Dana’s at the museum. Harry Potter is there and I’m scared he might have to fight her. He sent his magic ghost deer to tell us.”

They looked at her like she was crazy. It was probably the words ‘magic ghost deer’ but Willow could not think of another way to describe it.

“Just get Buffy and Giles! We need tranq guns and wands. Get wizards and witches! We need to keep her from hurting anyone. GO!”

Willow did not think. She pulled on her power and sent herself to the museum. She knew Giles would see it on her scroll, but this was an emergency.


Giles felt a -- for lack of a better term, and loath he was to admit it -- disturbance in the force. It simultaneously felt like a warm wind and made his skin crawl. He glanced up at the two Trace parchments and noted the following on Willow’s:

Teleported to the Museum because Dana is there and she’s crazy and has to be stopped before she hurts someone

Giles sighed, and grabbed his field jacket on the way out of the door.


Kasie had arrived a full thirty minutes before they planned to hit the swords. Because they were doing the heist during the day, she needed a way to legitimately get their tools inside the museum and arriving to do a security test meant she was able to bypass security and no one glanced in her black bag. She could have explained everything, but it was easier if she didn’t have to.

Michael and Jaime had been in the museum since morning, perusing the exhibits like a regular married couple. They were also going to signal her if something was going to screw up their plan, but so far, everything was going smoothly. The museum wasn’t overly crowded, which was better for them.

She pretended to do security checks on an exhibit in front of one of the on-duty slayers and a human guard, just to keep up appearances. Kasie knew she would be one of the first people questioned when news of the theft got out. She wanted as many excuses as possible ready.

As the time came closer, all she needed to do was wait for the distraction. Michael and Jaime had walked into the exhibit hall with the swords a few moments before. Kasie didn’t know what kind of distraction Michael had asked for, but she was completely unprepared when a slayer attacked a woman walking through the exhibit hall. Kasie was even more unprepared when the woman fought back. Then she heard the name Dana being shouted.

She froze in shock. Part of her wanted to catch Dana, or at least go watch, but when she glanced back at the exhibit hall, guards were trying to clear the area and evacuate the museum. Other slayers were rushing to help.

Kasie launched into motion and grabbed the arm of a nearby slayer going to help. “I’m going to lock down all the dangerous exhibits and circle around. Don’t let anyone past. I didn’t finish my security checks so the system could be compromised.” She pushed the slayer away slightly. “Go!”

She ran toward her destination just before Michael slammed the doors down. Kasie dropped the large, black duffel bag on the floor, the clinking metal tools inside loud in the empty exhibit. He grinned. “Let’s steal some swords.”


Willow could hear those weapons the moment she cleared the door. There were several people unconscious on the ground, and she was horrified to see Harry Potter with his wand out trying to subdue Dana. He was very fast, but so was Dana.

The slayer was too close to him. If Dana got her hands on the man... Willow decided she was not letting that happen. She screamed Dana’s name. That got the slayer to look at her.

Then it was pretty much... oh crap, I have Dana’s full attention, now what? Harry Potter tried to hex Dana while she was looking at Willow, but the slayer spun and grabbed his wand arm. She was going to break it. Willow pulled again, and put herself right on Dana. She tried wrestling the slayer away from the wizard. Dana headbutted her and Willow saw stars.

She could feel her nose and split lips bleeding and suddenly dark Willow was pissed as hell. She let out her signature scream. The museum itself shook.


As part of an added security measure, slayers could open the cases surrounding the dangerous items in case they needed to transport them in a hurry. All Kasie needed to do what open the cases and then Michael and Jaime would get them out of the museum. The less time she spent in exhibit, the better. If she could show her face and possibly start helping the security staff, her alibi would be cemented.

They were taking more than the sword they were paid to take. Lesson number one when hitting a big score was to take more than one thing to throw off people investigating. There was no way a fake could be substituted, but taking many things at once would throw off the investigators.

Kasie was rushing through, opening cases and taking a few things that she could keep on her person, like a small bracelet or a flat dagger.

Michael just started to remove the sword and start to wrap it in the special cloth Kasie packed away when the museum rumbled. Kasie heard the familiar scream and stopped dead in her tracks.

“What the hell was that?” Jaime asked.

She finished opening the case and pocketed the ring inside. “That was Willow. Sounds like she’s pissed.” Glancing around, Kasie knew she really needed to open more cases, but this would have to do. “I have to get out there.”

“You’ve only opened half of the cases!” Michael said, still wrapping the sword.

“And I can open a few more on my way out, but if I don’t get out there now, they’ll know it was me. Willow when she’s pissed isn’t a happy sight. Just get the sword and all the extra stuff and go out the way I showed you, okay?”

Kasie started to slam open cases on the way to the other end of the exhibit. She only hoped she could get out in time.


“What is it?” Moody was doing a fast limp along side of Giles, making THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. noises on the hardwood floors of the corridor. Verity was striding along just behind him.

“Dana’s at the museum and I’m fairly certain that someone is trying to steal something.”

“Bugger. If I told them once, I told them a thousand times... CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” Moody looked irritated. Verity rolled her eyes.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that, Poppet.”

Giles glanced over his shoulder at the slayer before asking Moody, “Could I trouble you for a side-along? I’d translocate myself, but I’m not certain if I’ll survive the nosebleed.”

“Aye,” grumbled Moody.

“Me too?” Verity looked hopeful.

“No.” Both men declared simultaneously.

“I’m also a witch,” she stated. “I’m not bad with a stunner, and I’m decent at disarming.”

Moody responded, “While that is true, you are fifteen. You are still on the trace at the ministry, and the last thing I want you do have to deal with is having your wand snapped in half.”

“Besides,” Giles interjected, “Someone has to stay here and mind the house. I know that sounds boring, but if this is Ethan, then there’s an excellent chance that the Museum is a ruse to launch an attack here.”

They walked out the doors onto the driveway/ “Then why are the two of you going? Wouldn’t you be more useful here?”

“Possibly,” the watcher responded, “However, it’s also possible that it isn’t him.”

Before she could argue further, there was a loud crack and the men were gone.


Buffy almost slipped and fell when Shannon crashed into her room, followed by two other slayers that were all talking at once. She had already spilled her water; she needed to break a bone trying to clean it up.

“All right! All right!” she shouted. “One at a time. Shannon. What’s going on?”

The slayer took a deep breath. “Willow said that Dana is at the museum and Harry Potter is trying to fight her. Then she just disappeared and told us to get you and Giles.”

For a moment, Buffy had no idea how to respond. She was thrown back to that night when she realized she would have to go after Faith to save Angel. Buffy looked over at her scythe on the wall, held up where she kept it for easy access. Did she really need that? Or could she simply subdue Dana without bloodshed.

She almost left it but then remembered exactly who had taken Dana from them. Buffy grabbed the scythe with no second thought. “Someone get Mac and Kasie and tell them what’s happening!”

Buffy rushed to Willow’s office, since it was the closest area with a fireplace connected to the floo network. When she tumbled out, she had to make her way through the security office. No alarm was blaring yet, but she didn’t know why Dana was in the museum. Either she came on her own, or Ethan was behind it.

When she finally made it to the main floor, most of the patrons were gone but there were still some stragglers. Slayers were helping get people out and acting as a barrier. Some security guards were watching warily, but Buffy only had her eyes on three people: Dana, a man behind her, and Willow, who looked like she was well on her way to undoing all the hard work she had been through in the past weeks.

“Hey!” she shouted loudly. Everyone in the area looked at her. “Willow, I got this. You need to back off.”

“I do too,” Willow said in a voice several octaves lower than normal.

She stayed focused, keeping Snape’s voice flowing through her mind. She owned this; it did not own her.

Dana growled and decided Buffy was the biggest threat. She charged the other slayer. Harry, being Harry Potter, had that wand out again and managed to stun Dana several times. It slowed her, but did not stop her.

The weapons were screaming. Someone was doing something to the weapons. Willow’s head whipped that way. Her body lifted from the ground and the flew into the exhibit room. What she saw did not please her.

Buffy was worried about Willow but at the moment, she was even more concerned with Dana, who was almost at her. She wasn’t going to kill Dana, so that severely limited the ways she could use her scythe, but as Dana reached out and tried to punch her, Buffy blocked it with the scythe.

“Dana!” she snapped. “Listen to me!”

The other slayer came at her again but she wasn’t nearly as precise as a trained slayer was. Buffy almost noticed the wild air about her. Nothing had changed. She was dangerous because she was unpredictable, but that unpredictability could be used against her.

Buffy knocked her away just as a spell zipped by them. She glared at the wizard. “Hey! Watch it!”

She knew better than to take her eyes off Dana, because the other slayer came at her again. Buffy feinted left and lunged right, managing to get behind Dana and kicked her in the back, causing her to go down. “Dana, stop this. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Her legs were swept out from under her. Guess that meant she wasn’t getting through.

When Dana moved to stomp Buffy in the face, Harry Potter blasted the woman off her feet.

“Sorry,” he said.


Willow looked at all of the people in the weapons exhibit. She rolled her neck slowly making it pop. She held out her hands and the Sais of Sun burst through the case they had been placed in by the thieves and shot into her hands. She had all the power of evil riding on her palms right now.

She shouted and bit of a war cry and threw one. It whizzed past a woman’s head and embedded itself in the throat of a female demon that had appeared behind her.

Kasie felt the wall behind her shake. For a moment, she was terrified that Willow had hurt or killed Michael and Jaime, but she heard them both shout and move around. She herself had barely made it out of the exhibit before Willow had shown up.

She ran through the exhibits as quickly as she could, locking them as she went, wanting to put herself as far from the exhibit as she could. She did her job; Kasie just had to trust them to do theirs.

When she did run back to the main floor, she skidded on the tile. Buffy was here as well, which made her cringe. She was going to have to be very careful. Maybe Willow being here and being mad would work as an extra distraction.

Dana was tossed away from Buffy by a man who had a stick like Mac’s. She was tossed closer to Kasie than Buffy and she decided to do her part to help. “Here, crazy, crazy, crazy. I wanna see how I measure up.” When Dana growled at her, her eyebrows went up in surprise. “At least I can talk.”

Buffy leaned up on her elbows and nodded her thanks to the wizard. “That one was okay. You saved my face.”

Harry reached down and pulled her to her feet in one swift move. “Well, I’m assuming you’re Buffy Summers. I didn’t reckon I’d be me if I let your face get boot stomped.”

He jumped when the weapon the slayer’d been carrying suddenly lifted itself from the floor and flew off.


A second demon attacked Willow. She was trying to stop the people there from stealing the weapons. The demon she’d hit in the throat with the sai was up and was brandishing the thing at her. This was not good. She was having enough trouble not going dark because she’d been holding the darn things.

The other sai got knocked away in her distraction and Willow felt panic. She could feel the darkness inside of her straining to take over as it had done when she discovered Dana had been taken. When she was batted to the floor by one of the demons and her darkness flared to dangerous levels, something very strange happened. A samurai sword with a white pearl handle slid itself out of its sheath and into her hand. It feel good, pure. It was like holding rays of sunshine and not getting burned. The darkness inside of her retreated the moment her skin touched that sword. It was almost as if the sword had known she was struggling and decided to help her.

It reminded her of releasing the essence of the slayer from the scythe in a way. Suddenly said weapon was in her other hand, and Willow was up off the ground. She could hear them again. All of them - slayers. They were telling her to get up, to fight, to let them fight again through her. She could also see her hair going white out of the corner of her eyes. She was glowing. Like before. She could feel it.

The sword in her hand was a Hattori Hanzo creation. It had been forged specifically to fight evil. She faced off against both demons with a smirk worthy of Draco on her face.


Buffy was shocked when the scythe flew off the ground. She barely stopped herself from yelling after it, not wanting to seem crazy in front of the wizard who had kept her face from being stomped on. Not that she didn’t think Theo couldn’t put it back; she just wanted to avoid that all together.

“Looks like I’m doing this the old-fashioned way.”

She started to walk over to Kasie and Dana, the latter of whom was grabbing at Kasie, but the other slayer was a pro at slipping through grasps. Only when she was closer did she notice Dana was now awkwardly holding a dagger in her hand. “Where the hell did she get that?”

Kasie didn’t think from my back pocket would be a good answer. Dana had cut herself pulling it away but Kasie hadn’t been too upset. If the other slayer was holding a stolen dagger, it was better for her. In her mind, Kasie treated the slayer as a vampire with a pretty jewel she needed to snatch and adjusted her fighting.

Between Buffy and Kasie, they were able to get the dagger away quickly but Buffy wasn’t sure how to keep Dana down without permanently injuring her. She turned her head slightly to the wizard, keeping Dana in her main line of vision. “If we can keep her still long enough, can you knock her out?”

“That’s no fun.”

Hush, Kasie,” Buffy said with a glare. “Well, can you?”


Willow drew from Xin Rong. She was the slayer Spike had killed during the boxer rebellion, but she also knew how to use the samurai sword in Willow’s right hand. She was shouting at both the demons in Chinese and seriously holding her own in the fight. She did not know how; it was just happening. The sword had told her its name was Chen Xi. It meant light at dawn. And Chen Xi was feeling like hacking up some evil.

When Willow sliced through the female demon’s neck and removed its head, she was a little surprised. All right, she was a lot surprised. She didn’t think she had the strength to do something like that.

“Loreth!” the other one cried.

She sent Chen Xi through his heart before he could say more than what she suspected was the female demon’s name.

It was eerily quiet after the male demon fell.

Then she moved suddenly and chopped off demon two’s head - or rather, she was moved. The actions were not natural to Willow, but they were natural to the slayer who was providing the assist.

Willow stood there for a moment just breathing. She had just channeled a slayer. She had felt Xin Rong in her, felt the slayer’s aura. That was huge. They were back. They had not deserted her after all. She had just needed to prove she was worthy of them again.


Moody and Giles apparated into the car park of the museum and stepped up onto the pavement leading to the front doors.

Someone had locked them.

Giles sighed and put his hand over the keyhole. Some light shone out from under his palm.

Moody drew his wand and began scanning the area for threats.


Harry nodded and held his wand up. Kasie and Buffy each grabbed one of Dana’s arms and pulled tight. She wasn’t able to kick very far, but Buffy was more worried that she would pull on of them into the spell.

Healers from St. Mungo’s were sneaking in and trying to get those that had been injured. None of it looked very serious except for the couple of people that had been knocked unconscious, but even they were starting to come around.

Stupefy!” he yelled, and the light hit Dana, but she still didn’t go down.

“Oh, come on!” Buffy groaned.

He cast the spell twice more and it was slowly working. Soon, Dana stopped fighting and was like a rag doll between Kasie and Buffy’s hands. She wasn’t out completely, but Buffy felt safe enough to let her fall to the floor.

“Watch her,” she told Kasie. “If she starts to wake up at all, let me know.”

Kasie nodded and stared at Dana intently. Buffy gave her a curious glance but turned to the wizard. “Thanks for the help. And now I have to go find Willow.”

“I locked down all the exhibits,” Kasie said suddenly. “When I saw Dana, I started locking everything down. You might not be able to get through. Willow transported herself there or something.”

“Well, I guess I’ll have to go let her out.”

“Not necessary,” Willow say, walking in.

She was carrying the scythe and the Chen Xi. Her hair was glowing white and flowing all around in wind that was not there. The Sais of Sun were tucked into the belt she was wearing. She handed Buffy the scythe as she walked by.

Willow crouched down next to Dana. The slayer muttered something to her in Romanian and Willow replied - in Romanian. She said something else that held a soothing tone and pushed the hair from Dana’s forehead in a mothering gesture.

“How many hair colors does she have?” Harry asked quietly.

Buffy tightened her grip on the scythe. It was humming nicely in her hands, almost like it was purring after a job well done. It did that sometimes after a big battle. She was just surprised Willow was the one who wielded it.

“As far as I know, just the three. Unless she gets pranked. Then we could talk rainbow colors.”

Kasie backed away from Dana and Willow. Adrenaline was rushing through her veins, not because of the fight, but because of the heist. She didn’t know if Michael and Jaime got away.

“Do I need to go unlock the exhibits?”

Willow looked right at Kasie, almost like she knew. “Someone has stolen Excaliber and Clarent. They almost got away with the Sias of Sun. There are two dead demons in the exhibit room. Hi, Harry.”

“I don’t know if glowing blonde is the right look for you,” he said.

Buffy snorted. “Leave blonde to the naturals.” She turned and held out her hand. “You know me but I don’t know you.”

The wizard took her hand. “Harry Potter.”

“Oh!” she said in surprise. Buffy had definitely heard that name before. “You’re scarhead?”

“I’m so glad Malfoy’s still calling me that,” Harry said blandly. “I prefer to be called Harry, thanks.”

She immediately felt like an idiot. Buffy had heard from Oz that Draco told him Neville’s name wrong on purpose, and couldn’t believe she had fallen for the same thing. Nicknames weren’t always good.

“Sorry,” she said. “Everyone else calls you by your actual name and usually I can remember that Draco’s nicknames typically aren’t flattering.”

Buffy turned to Willow. “Was there any sign of Ethan?”

“I think he was gone before I even got here. I-”

She was cut off with a gasp because a dart embedded itself in her throat. Willow gasped for air and fell backwards, her body twitching. She could hear several people shouting her name.

Buffy had heard the noise of something zipping through the air, but thought it was an arrow, not a dart. When Willow went down, she followed, trying to keep her still. “Get Theo!” she shouted to Kasie over her shoulder.

“Willow? Will, you’re going to be all right.”

Kasie was still staring at Willow in shock. Buffy had to yell at her again before she turned and ran to the security office so she could floo back. She didn’t know who fired the dart, but it wasn’t Michael or Jaime. If they got away, they would be running as fast as they could to get to safety. No one was supposed to get hurt. She was promised that. That was the only reason she had agreed to help them steal the sword.

She stumbled coming out of the floo and choked for a moment, her throat seizing up as she choked back tears. No one was supposed to get hurt. Kasie stood up shakily and ran towards the infirmary as fast as she could, even faster than she had run away from the exhibit. Willow had to be all right.

Willow’s eyes were wide and panicked, she could feel her throat closing up, her muscles were spasming. She didn’t want to die like this right in front of Buffy, but she could feel her body shutting down quickly. Dana had sat up and was holding on to Willow’s hand. She called her mommy. Either that or whatever was in that dart was making Willow hallucinate.

Harry didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to watch anyone die. He’d seen enough of that in his life. It looked like poison to him. Her body’s reaction reminded him of the one and only time he had actually seen someone poisoned.

“It is poison,” a woman standing next to him said.

Harry looked at her in confusion, wondering where she had come from. She had short blonde hair and was dressed in a filmy white dress. Her voice had a melodious quality to it.

But then he realized what she had just confirmed - it was poison. He dug in his robes frantically. Ever since Ron and their sixth year, he carried a bezoar with him. Harry removed it from its case and dropped down next to Willow. He forced her mouth open and but the bezoar in.

Her body immediately stopped twitching. When he looked up to thank the woman in white, she was not there.

Buffy almost panicked when Harry put something in Willow’s mouth, but when her friend stopped seizing, she breathed a sigh of relief. She leaned over Willow and smoothed some of the hair away from her face. “Will? Can you hear me?”

Theo rushed in with Daisy on his heels. He skidded on his knees next to them, already pulling things out of his bag.

“She was poisoned with a dart,” Harry said. “I used a bezoar.”

Theo nodded. He pulled the dart out and sniffed it. Then he dropped it into a baggie. He’d give it to Snape. If anyone could identify it, he could. He began casting charms.

“Well, aren’t you a special little snowflake,” Theo said to WIllow. “You just got your life saved by Harry freaking Potter.”

Harry actually started blushing.

Buffy breathed out a sigh of relief. If Theo was joking, then Willow was going to be fine. She had seen him when something was serious and when the time for danger had passed. This was currently in the passing category.

“He also saved your girlfriend’s face from being stomped in. Do I get to be a special little snowflake, too?”

“Now that would have been a tragedy,” Theo said. Then he noticed Dana was sitting next to him holding WIllow’s hand. “Um...”

Dana started rocking. “I am chosen. I am chosen...”

“It’s okay,” Willow rasped. “You’re okay. You’re safe.”

“Home,” Dana said. “They... cage. Magic cage. Hurt. Demons had me. Girl. Blood. Englishman.... god killer.”

“Oh crap,” Buffy said, staring down at Dana. “I don’t like those last two words, especially hearing blood, demons, and Englishman thrown in. Big especially since I think Englishman is Ethan.”

She looked around, noticing some of the guards were starting to hang around. “We need to get Willow and Dana back to the council. Kasie and Mac can come secure everything and make a note of what was taken, but I don’t like being the main event in this crazy circus.”

Harry started lifting Willow into his arms.

Theo grabbed his arm. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Think about it, Nott. Who’s going to try to stop me?”

“Good point,” Theo said. “You take her.”

Dana made a keening sound when Harry lifted up Willow and looked like she might try to fight him for her.

“Easy, Dana,” Theo said.

That got his throat grabbed in a vice grip. Theo made a choking sound.

Quiesco de letum,” Daisy said, brandishing her wand.

Dana dropped like a felled tree.

Harry looked at her in shock. She had just used a very dark spell, but it had worked.

“And you didn’t use that one instead of the dozen stupid-o ones because...” Buffy asked, her eyebrow raised at Harry. “That would have saved me a bunch of bruises.”

Harry, still holding Willow in his arms, leaned close. “Because it’s a dark spell. I don’t do that.”

“We should go,” Theo said. “Now.”

Theo did a charm to float Dana.

Perhaps it was because she didn’t believe in absolute dark and light or absolute right or wrong, but if any sort of spell did the job, she said go for it. Buffy let it go though, and led the way to the security office, her grip tight on her scythe.

“Can you floo with her in your arms or do I need to hold on to her?”

“I plan to apparate with her,” Harry said right before he disappeared with Willow.

“You don’t agree with him,” Theo said, leaning close so Daisy would not hear. “As much as I hate to say this, perhaps you should talk to Malfoy about dark spells. There are certain ones that once you use them, they change you. There are some that even I haven’t done, but that one? If it’s done incorrectly, it can kill someone. It’s the sleep of the dead hex. It takes a lot of practice and precise wand work to get that one right. Makes me look differently at Daisy. Also, she can be arrested for using it. Just saying.”

Daisy went through the floo and Buffy stopped with her hand full of powder. “I learned a long time ago that things aren’t black and white. I fight evil because I know what it is. A little piece is inside me. Slayer powers have to come from somewhere.” She tossed in the powder. “I’ll have to tell you that story sometime.”

Theo handed her Dana and kissed Buffy on her cheek. “And sometimes when you play in the gray enough, it chips away who you are. Willow knows that rather well, I think. I can always tell people who are good who’ve been tempted. Potter had a connection to Voldemort. That’s how he was able to kill him. The dark actually lived in him. I’d stay away from anything dark, too, were I him.”

Having an evil wizard and have a part of a pure demon inside you were probably different, but Buffy wasn’t going to debate it now. She had people to look after.


“Are you quite done pissing about?” Moody was looking unamused and bored.

Giles stepped back and gestured to the lock.

Moody swished and flicked. “Alohomora!”

The door clicked.

Giles felt like an idiot.

They entered just in time to see Buffy carrying Dana through the floo.

The wizard and the watcher strode up and Giles asked, “Status?”

Theo sighed.

“I came in on the end. Apparently Dana is still crazy and violent,” he said, rubbing his already-bruised throat. “Willow was poisoned. I bagged the dart I pulled from her neck. I’m going to give it to Snape. If anyone can identify it, it’s him. Probably be best if you speak to Potter. He was here the entire time. Or Willow. Some people got hurt. There’s probably going to be hell to pay, ministry-wise. Thanks the gods it looks like Potter is on our side.”

“Fantastic,” Giles muttered. “Thank you, Nott. Any injuries?”

“Mostly people got knocked out. Then there’s the poison. Looks like Dana knocked about four or five people out before she could be stopped. The healers from St Mungo’s didn’t look panicked so I’m guessing just bruises. Maybe a concussion or two.”

Giles was a little relieved. “Things could have been much worse. Please find Snape in case an antidote is required. I’m going to check in with the other slayers, and then go track down Willow and Harry Potter.”

“He’s my first owl after I get to the infirmary,” Theo said before apparating.

Giles turned to Moody. “Shall we?”
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