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Volume IV: Our Sighs and Our Tears

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 4 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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It's a Bikini World

“Hannah, this is so great,” Meredith said.

Pevensie grinned at her best friend. Hannah had brought her slayer, Pevensie, Hiran, Alice and Khaelin over for the day to lounge by the pool under the heat charms. They had all been loaned bathing attire from the supply at Zabini Manor. Meredith had been a little fussy about a bikini, but it looked good on her. Hiran was not partaking, but she was lying back in a lounge chair with a text in her lap. Thankfully, they’d found a one piece for Khaelin.

Alice was throwing a ball for Bacon... who apparently liked to swim. Meredith was floating on an inflatable raft while Pevensie did handstands under the water. Hannah was stretched out in the lounge chair next to Hiran’s in the tiniest pink bikini Pevensie had ever seen.

Khaelin jumped in right next to Meredith, splashing her good. Meredith squealed loudly then rolled off the raft to go after the younger girl.

Blaise returned from a long day of shopping in Diagon and immediately fell face first on the couch in his rooms with a groan. His legs were sore and he hadn’t gotten nearly enough sleep the night before.

He sat up quickly when he heard shouting from the open balcony door, rushing over to see the commotion, but there was no one on the grounds that he could see. He couldn’t see the gardens or the patio area from his rooms, so he grabbed his wand and walked downstairs. Blaise was still a bit twitchy after the whole troll fiasco.

“This is just what I need,” he muttered. “Someone stuck in the wards or some family member inviting themselves over.”

When he stepped out onto the patio, however, he was not prepared for the sight before him.

There were teenage girls in bathing suits playing in his pool.

“What. The. Fuck.”

“Oh, Blaise. Hi,” Alice said, the rushed over to hug him.

Pevensie started laughing hysterically at the look on Blaise’s face.

“Get it off me!” he shouted, but the girl wouldn’t remove her arms from his midsection. “What the fuck is going on? Why is there an animal urinating on my pool chairs?”

“Bacon, no!” Hannah said. Then she used her wand to clean the mess.

Alice gave Blaise’s belly an affectionate pat before going over and scooping up Bacon in her arms.

‘We’re having a relax day,” Pevensie said. “You remember Alice and Meredith, right? That’s Hiran and this is Khaelin.”

Hannah was watching Blaise closely to see what he’d do. Hannah knew he didn’t like animals and wasn’t terribly fond of children - not that these girls were exactly babies. In fact, she was beginning to wonder about letting the girls wear the bikinis. They might need to be covered up a bit more.

Blaise recognized a crup when he saw one. Dona used to have one and he swore that she trained it to vomit on his shoes when he walked by. “Keep it away,” he said, leaning away from it before grabbed Hannah’s hand and pulling her away from the group, ignoring the other girls. “You know, I’m not exactly comfortable with having a bunch of teenagers throwing a pool party at my house when I don’t know about it!”

Hannah gave him a look. “It’s Pevensie, Meredith, and their three friends. Hiran isn’t even in the pool. She’s been reading all afternoon, and Khaelin needed some fun. They all did. She’s been so sad and lonely, and I think she misses Greece. I was thinking perhaps we could take her there one weekend.”

Blaise blinked. “What? Who?” He looked over at the youngest of the group, the only one he didn’t really recognize from his times in the Council. “She’s Greek? She looks like she’s a first year!”

“She’s thirteen,” Hannah said. “Her family was killed. She told me she liked to swim. Her home was on the coast and her family were all fishermen. I’ll make sure Alice keeps a better eye on Bacon. She was just distracted by trying to hug. She hugs everyone now.”

Blaise shivered. He didn’t do hugs unless they were from family.

He narrowed his eyes at the young one, recognizing the bathing suit she was wearing. “That’s Vivienne’s bathing suit. Did you raid the pool shed closets?” Blaise asked before turning back to Hannah. “And dear Salazar, what the hell are you wearing? Could you find tinier scraps of cloth?”

“I probably could have. I’ll keep that in mind for next time, and yes, we raided the pool shed. Though, I don’t think I’ll let Pevensie do that again. Can you imagine what Draco would say? Also, I know Meredith is sixteen, but she really should be more covered.”

“She really shouldn’t be in my pool,” Blaise muttered. “There are sundresses in there if you’re truly worried about it. Although I know all my sisters have worn worse at that age.”

He made a face. “That’s not helping my cause, is it?”

Didly popped in next to them. “Will Master Blaise be needing drinks?”

“Merlin, yes. I need some alcohol to survive this.”

“There’s nothing to survive,” Hannah said. “You’ve been around Pevensie loads of times. Why don’t you change and join us? I’d like for you to get to know the girls a bit better since Meredith is to be my slayer.”

Blaise stared at her. “You already have an assignment? just...don’t you have to go through some sort of training?” With a loud sigh, he turned to Didly. “Have some firewhiskey ready for me when I get out here. Apparently, my calm afternoon will be spent with prepubescent girls who can drop-kick me across the gardens.”

“No one’s going to drop-kick you,” Hannah said as she pressed up against him and kissed his cheek. “Pevensie won’t let them. She likes you, you know. Meredith has been content to float on the raft, Hiran’s been reading... it won’t be too terribly taxing, and if you behave, there could be a reward in it for you later.”

He raised an eyebrow at her before going up to his rooms and changing into his swimming trunks. As an afterthought, he pulled on a white button up shirt, not sure how he felt going shirtless around all the young ones.

Didly handed him his firewhiskey as he walked out onto the patio and dropped onto the double chaise with a groan. “I stayed up far too long reading last night. This working business is damn taxing.”

“You did not work before?” Hiran asked.

“He used to be a man of leisure,” Pevensie said. “Total playboy slacker.”

Blaise glared at her. “Stop making me sound like a prostitute.”

Meredith had gotten out of the water and wrapped a towel around herself. She sat on the edge of the lounge chair Hiran was in.

“What were you reading? Or can I ask that?”

Hannah grinned at the way the three girls were looking at him intently. Khaelin was still splashing about in the pool, and Alice had resumed throwing a ball and letting Bacon fetch it.

Blaise raised his eyebrow at the intense scrutiny. “If you really want to know, I was reading about grapes,” he replied with a small grin, taking a sip of his firewhiskey.

“Like wine grapes?” Meredith asked with and interested expression.

“The Zabinis make wine, Meredith,” Hannah said.

“Really? That’s fascinating,” Meredith said honestly. “My parents go to wine tastings all the time. They used to let me try things every so often.”

“Some of us make wine,” Blaise said. “And others who have no patience for it, like me, help with the business part. My aunt is the main purveyor of the wine business but most of the Zabini estates in Italy have vineyards.” He took another sip of firewhiskey. “Out of curiosity, which kind of wine is your favorite?”

“Trimbach Riesling. I think my parents got it in Ribeauville, but honestly I like the ones they’ve gotten in Austria too.”

“You drink wine?” Pevensie asked.

“Not often.”

“Hannah likes red wine,” Pevensie said, giggling.

Blaise raised an eyebrow at Hannah. “And she knows this how? Are you pilfering the wine stores at the Council as well? Pansy already owled me and said that I was holding out on her for supplying them with wine but not her.”

“We have a lock on the cellar,” Pevensie said. “And I was here the night Draco got the two bottles of wine, but apparently I went home before things got really interesting.”

Hannah had turned bright red. “Giles gets wine and other spirits for the adults, yes, and I believe Andromeda Tonks is the one who procures the Zabini wines for us.”

Blaise coughed on the firewhisky. “Really? I swore she nearly hexed me last time we saw each other. Draco’s relatives are scary, but that one is like a strange cross between Narcissa and Bellatrix. I’m not sure if she’s going to converse with me or try to kill me.”

“I like her,” Pevensie said. “She’s always very nice to me. She likes Mr. Giles. A lot.”

“I didn’t know you knew Bellatrix Lestrange,” Hannah said, frowning. She didn’t like to think of that woman anywhere near Blaise.

Blaise leveled her with a glare. “It was just the once, but you’ve met my mother. Does that really surprise you? Like Draco gets to have all the murdering psychos in his family.”

“I don’t like to think of you in the same room with her,” Hannah said.

“You don’t like your mother?” Meredith asked. “I mean, that is... she sounds like she’s not nice. That makes me feel badly for you and wanting to retract the sexually transmitted diseases comment I made upon our first meeting.”

Hiran snickered into her book.

Blaise groaned. “That was you? Who the hell told you that?” He glared at Pevensie. “Was it you and your man of leisure comments or your prick of a watcher?”

“Probably,” Pevensie said. “But that’s not true now, yeah? You’re all one girl now. But it could be Mac. Somehow it got out what you did to her. I think it’s cool that you guys are kind of friends now.”

“That was a terrible thing to do to a girl,” Meredith said. “I’m glad you’ve grown up. I’d hate to have to bloody up such a pretty face just because you broke my watcher’s heart.”

“Meredith,” Hannah snapped.

“Didly!” he yelled, holding out his glass. “Actually, bring me the whole bottle.”

Blaise glared at Hannah. “There’s nothing to survive,” he mocked.

Be true to her and you have no fear of me,” Meredith replied. Then she raised a brow at him.

“Speaking Italian when the rest of us can’t isn’t cool,” Pevensie said. “And you know Italian? You fence, you know wine, you know Italian. I feel like a slacker.”

“You’re better with a staff,” Meredith said.

With a huff, Blaise turned to Hannah. “I am teaching you Greek since little miss prissy pants will be able to listen in on our conversations.”

“I am not prissy,” Meredith said in an offended tone.

“You are a little prissy,” Hiran said without looking up from her book.

“You need to know Greek, Miss Hannah?” Khaelin said as she approached. “I can teach you.”

Ah, yes. He forgot about the new slayer from Greece. “I think we’re covered if she needs to learn Greek,” Blaise responded wryly. “Although the reason for her needing to learn is now redundant.

Khaelin gasped and sat down next to Blaise. “You remind me of home. You are the first person I have heard here speak Greek.”

“I don’t think anyone here knows Spanish,” Pevensie offered.

“My cousin lives in Spain. I know a bit,” he replied before turning back to the slayer who sat next to him. Blaise tried to scoot away from her minutely, but there was nowhere else to go. “And I am a quarter-Greek. My mother is half. Where are you from?”

“Near Nafplion. Well, my family is from there on my father’s side. My mother was British. I think. She left. My Yaya raised me. She...” Khaelin just trailed off and stopped talking.

“Nafplion is coastal, is it not?” Meredith asked, trying to steer things back to a happy subject.

“I know it,” Blaise said. “My mother’s mother has family in Kalamata and Acharnes so we traveled frequently through Nafplion. I had a cousin who was married on the promenade there.”

Khaelin smiled. Hannah wanted to jump up and hug him. He didn’t know it, but he’d just made her very happy by making little Khaelin smile.

Pevensie looked between the two of them and rolled her eyes. “I’m going back in. I can’t watch this. Khaelin?”


The two ran off.

“Can’t watch what?” Hannah asked.

“I believe she was referring to the googly eyes you just made at Blaise,” Meredith said before hurrying off after the other two.

Hiran pulled the book higher up in front of her face.

Blaise blinked in surprise when everyone left. “What just happened?” He looked at Hannah curiously. “What in the world was she talking about?”

“Miss Hannah likes you,” Hiran said from behind her book. “She makes no attempts to hide this fact. I believe there was a besotted look that occurred moment ago. It seems to have been pointed in your direction.”

Hannah sputtered.

Blaise just looked between Hiran and Hannah. “Seriously?” He smirked, now that Meredith was gone. “Although, I do get a reward, yes? For playing nicely and not expelling anyone from the wards?”

Hannah glared at him.

“That would not be the besotted look,” Hiran said.

Hannah was beginning to wonder if the girl could see through the text.

Blaise huffed and stood, worrying about where all the other girls ran off to. “I’m guessing everyone is staying for dinner? Didly will be excited to cook for a group, but I’m not having any more slayers just pop in and use my house and their own personal getaway,” he said sternly. “This is not going to be a regular thing.”

“Of course not. The only one you might see regularly is Meredith.”

Hiran sighed loudly. “And I was planning on inviting Faith. Drats.”

“Don’t even joke about that,” Hannah said. “Her and Draco being in the same room was bad enough.”

He sat back down. “I want to hear this story. Who is Faith, what happened, and can I make fun of him for whatever transpired?”

“Faith is a vampire slayer,” Hiran said. “She scared the slayer that had Pevensie attacked... after she knocked her to the ground. She was evil once, and Buffy had to stab her and throw her from a building.”

“Actually,” Hannah said. “Faith jumped after Buffy stabbed her. She runs the branch of the Council in Cleveland. She and Draco get along a little too well. None of the slayers are terribly fond of her just now.”

“That is because she likes to hit people more than Mac does,” Hiran said.

“Remind me to never come around when Faith is here, then,” Blaise said lightly.

“Probably not such a terrible idea,” Hannah said. “You not being near Faith.”

Hiran started snickering behind her book.


“Miss Hannah, I find your jealousy amusing,” Hiran said, peering over the edge of the text. “I think you have nothing to fear. I have lost count the number of times your Blaise has covertly admired your chest in those scraps of cloth you call a bathing suit.”

Blaise glared at the slayer and stood back up again. He didn’t say anything, because it would have sounded suspiciously like I don’t like you, so he started back on his original trek inside to see what the girls were getting up to in his house.

“You better not drip on the carpets!” he shouted when he walked inside.

“No one’s dripping on the carpets,” Hannah shouted, running after him. “Blaise, wait.”

She made him stop.

“Don’t be cross. You know Pevensie would never let anyone mess up or disrespect your home. I wouldn’t either for that matter.”

He made a face at her. “And they’re teenage girls. There are enough things in here that sparkle under the lights. One glimpse and the ooh shiney part of the brain takes over.”

“Not with these girls,” Hannah said sternly. “Why do you think they’re the only ones here? And didn’t you hear Meredith? She grew up with her own sparklies. She doesn’t need yours. Not all girls care about shiny things, you know. Some of us care about... other stuff.”

Blaise sighed loudly. There were no dangerous objects lying about and the dungeons were warded again so he didn’t have to worry about the girls straying too far. The worst thing they could do was find photo albums from his school days or knock over some object that could be repaired with a wave of his wand. “My reward better be damn good.”

Hannah smiled at him and stepped closer. She batted her eyelashes in an exaggerated manner.

“I’m sure I can think of something. Or perhaps...” She stood on her toes and kissed him. “I’ll let you pick your reward.”

Hannah did like that she felt comfortable enough to say things like that to him now, and she got the feeling he rather liked her being knowledgeable in that area.

Blaise glared at her. She was standing right next to him wearing almost nothing and smirking at him and he couldn’t do a damn thing about it until all the girls went home. “You’re a tease.”

“No, darling, a tease is someone who had no intention of following through. I think you’ll find I’m pretty good at my follow-through. Of course we can test that.”

“Not right now, can we?” he grumbled, walking further into the manor. “Where are you, you little trolls?” he shouted.

“Outside!” Pevensie called. “Garden!”

“See? They’re outdoors in the garden,” Hannah said. “They aren’t babies. They don’t need sitters.”

He spun on his heel. “What the hell? When did they sneak to the other side of the Manor?” Blaise walked out one of the hallways that exited closest to the gardens. “I’m used to babysitting. I’m used to having little screaming children afoot and having to childproof everything. I had to rework my mind for the children that it’s hard to set it to anything else.”

Blaise gave her a look as they walked toward the gardens. “Do you know how long it took for me to even get it there? If any child swears, all my cousins blame it on me.”

“Pevensie already swears. I don’t think you have to worry about that, and they’re slayers. They move quickly.” Hannah wrapped an arm around him. “I think it’s rather sweet that you’re concerned, but that bunch out there is the least childish group of children I’ve ever met.”

He put his arm over her shoulders. “Well thank Salazar for that. Although I am forever getting tired of all the giggling. I hexed for less in school.”

She gave him a look. “Hiran spent the entire afternoon reading. I don’t think she giggles, and you didn’t seem this fussy when Draco was bringing Pevensie around. Is it Meredith? Because she’s very serious for sixteen. Or Alice? I know she’s strange, but losing her watcher was traumatic.”

Blaise squirmed under Hannah’s intense stare. Pevensie was Draco’s, and as such, Draco was responsible for her. She wasn’t the problem. These girls weren’t family and they weren’t really attached to anyone close to him. They were just...there.

“I’m not fussy. You make me sound like I’m an infant,” he said with a pout.

Hannah gave him a reproachful look. “You’re not fussy? You told Draco to burn your shirt because it had my blood on it. Or have you forgotten that? I promise you these girls will cause no trouble. Meredith is my slayer. I’ve explained to her that to offend you is to offend me. She’s trying very hard to earn my respect. Of course I haven’t told her she already has it. They don’t have any family. Well, Meredith does, but her parents... I can’t even imagine. They didn’t want to deal with her being different.”

Blaise snorted. “Sounds like her parents would get along smashingly with my mother, and isn’t that a scary thought?” He couldn’t imagine not having a family. He didn’t know his father or the Zabini family until he was about to turn seven, but even at school, he created his own family there.

“Pevensie’s whole world is Draco now. She’s said more than once that he treats her better than anyone has ever treated her. I’d like Meredith to know she can depend upon me. I’d like Khaelin to feel safe again. When you spoke to her about Greece, that’s the first honest smile I’ve seen from her.”

“Careful, your Hufflepuff is showing,” he said dryly.

“I’ve made no secret that I’m a coddler,” Hannah said. “But I don’t think my Hufflepuff is showing as much as it could be.”

She pulled on the string holding up her bikini, but did not wholly undo it.

Blaise quickly slipped his shirt off and put it around Hannah’s shoulders, pulling it tight so she was mostly covered, then summoned Didly. “Fetch a robe for Hannah,” he snapped before glaring at her. “Don’t think I’m not above dragging you up the stairs and locking us in my bedroom just because you have girls over here. I can keep them outside the house. And won’t that be fun to tell everyone at the Council.”

“Actually, I think I’d have a splendid time explaining that one to my coworkers.”

She smirked at him and retied her bikini top, but did not give him his shirt back.

“But I’ll go back and attend the girls. I think I’ll be sending them back in about an hour for supper. Join us if you like, but don’t make me come looking for you later.”

Blaise huffed as she walked off and he was left standing in the yard in only his swimming trunks. With a groan, he walked back to the pool area and collapsed onto the chaise he had vacated earlier, his refilled firewhiskey on the table next to him.

When the bookworm slayer peered at him over her book, he glared at her. “Shut up.”
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