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Potentials and Immortals

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Summary: Sam woke up, but wasn't sure if she was still dreaming.

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-1 Seasons(s) 6jakedamanFR181018,29201414,45916 Jul 129 Sep 13No

Lost And Found


Once again, I don't own. Wish I did. Happy I get to play with 'em!

I don't have a Beta... Anyone wanna apply just PM me!

It was a nice day for a walk. Even though the four nomads were working, it was still a nice day for a walk. Now if only the old man would just shut up it would actually be pleasurable!

"The new animal took a look around and immediately went and chose a place next to the laziest, greediest beast in the stable. When the master saw this, he put a yoke on him at once and took him back to the merchant,” Shamda droned on.

"We've heard this one already." Khordib sighed heavily.

"Has it lost its meaning?"

Khordib jibed, "I mean you told it just now on the way down to the waterhole."

The four men froze for a moment at a sudden flash of light. They were pleasantly surprised that they were not blinded. Sharing a concerned look they slowly moved forward to investigate the unnatural phenomenon. Shortly they came upon a man lying naked in a field. The nomads cautiously approach the figure. Blue eyes suddenly open looking afraid and bewildered as one of the nomads move closer.

"Who are you?" Khordib asks the newcomer.

Still bewildered the naked man responds, "I don't know."

It was a nice day...

"brr-rt, brr rt!"

For a phone call, it seemed.


"Yeah Jonah?"

"Are you on your Bike?" Jonah asked.

"No Jonah. I'm on my motorcycle!" Sam said, whooping with joy.

"Oh? You got the Harley running?" Jonah asked, wincing as he sharply pulled the phone from his ear when Sam let out that rebel yell.

"Um, Sam? You’re not out, perchance, jumping ravines again, are you?" Jonah queried hopefully, futile though it was.

"Yep, sure am." Sam crowed. "Putting this hog through its paces!"

After that last ravine, then over hill, it was a long and winding road, just the way Sam liked it. She was red-pegging the tachometer on her Harley while talking to Jonah through her helmet blue-tooth. It was so simple now-a-days and she was reveling in her increased strength and stamina. Still, something was missing. Sam found herself wanting to hunt. She had gone into the woods several times recently just to see if she could track animals and come upon them unawares. At first that had been fun, but now... it was just too easy.

"Sam, you still there?" Jonah called out.

"Huh? Oh yeah, sorry Jonah. Lost in thought." Sam replied.

"Okay, well the General is calling in a meeting." Jonah informed her.

"Why?" Sam asked puzzled.

"I got it." Jonah stated.

"I hope it’s not contagious." Sam dead panned.

"Ha. Ha." Jonah mono-toned.

She did slow down a bit through the S-curve and continued, "Really, you think you know where it is?"


"Very well, I'm heading in Jonah. ETA should be about 15 minutes." Sam informed him while notching up the speed on the straight-a-way.

It was a nice day for a drive. Thanks to the Necro-Tempered glass, courtesy of Wolfram and Hart, Rebecca was actually able to enjoy being out during daylight hours. Now if only her thrall would stop playing with her food could she truly enjoy the trip!

"Rey! If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times." she declared, staring at him in the rear-view mirror. "Stop playing with my food! You're scaring the poor dear."

The young blonde’s eyes widen in terror and orgasmic delight above the cloth gag covering her pouty lips. She was a buxom little thing, dressed like a naughty school girl complete with the 4" spiked heels, oh so short red plaid skirt, and tight white shirt barely restraining her 'charms'. Bra and panties? Who needed those?

Rebecca had seduced the young woman, who had been a stripper on a path of self-destruction, before she had left Cleveland. She kept her tied up and in a pre-orgasmic state to keep her complacent and, ultimately, bend her to Rebecca's will. The young woman had leather cuffs snapped together on her wrists, ankles, and just above the knees keeping her immobile.

"Amazing what a little potion and magic can do to these poor humans." she mused. "Still, she will be a useful minion and just might get me closer to Sammy."

It was a nice day for a flight. Thanks to her understanding of physics and magic Willow was enjoying the morning air up amongst the clouds. She had already woven simple spells to keep people and radar from noticing her, basically it was a magical way to politely ask them to ignore her presence.

In no time at all Cheyenne Mountain, her destination rears out of the distance. Then Willow feels it, the Vampire. Her face scrunched in confusion, she notices that the Vampire is moving and fairly quickly. Swooping lower Willow spots the black Cadillac with heavily tinted windows and soars higher just to the edge of her witchy perception.

"Whew. Hope she didn't notice..." Willow pauses as another 'signal' impinges upon her awareness. "…me?"

Sam was in a rush and almost didn't notice the Black Cadillac. Fortune smiled on them both as they hit their breaks simultaneously. Swerving, they avoid a nasty collision. Sam felt a little nauseous, like she got hit by a brick for a few moments, but it passed. She put it down to her near miss and rushing to the base.

Rebecca slowed down after regaining control of her Cadillac. She was in shock, her thoughts whirling like a dervish, chief among them the realization that her reason for moving to this podunk town almost ran her off the road! Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Sammy, her daughter, is a Slayer.

Willow hovered above breathing a sigh of relief that the accident was averted. Floating above the tableau she realized that the woman on the motorcycle is a Slayer and the other one in the Cadillac is a Vampire. She started forward and then stopped, hard. Darn those metaphorical brick walls!

"What the..." startled beyond words Willow sensed an other-worldly power. A power that felt old, ancient, and yet young at the same time. She considered flying to the mountain to take a peek but discounted it as it currently held NORAD. She so did NOT want any trouble from the Government, especially in light of what happened with the Initiative, thank-you-very-much!

Willow jumped, well, bobbed in the air to the buzzing from her skirt pocket. Opening her cell phone she tentatively answered, "Hello?"

"Yo Red! You gonna float up there all day?" Faith snarked.

"Faithy! Where are you?"

"Look down Red." Faith answered, then added, "Nice pink panties Red, they yours or Kennedy's?"

At Willows embarrassed, "eep!" Faith smiled watching Willow dive down towards her. Hanging up the phone and opening her arms Willow flew into them for a Faith hug. Faith still couldn't believe how the times had changed for her. It wasn't all that long ago that Willow would have, quite cheerfully, done her best to cave in Faith's head with a book bag. Filled with Bricks. With sharp nails on the side.

Since Faith finally found her own path, and Willow learned some more of the life of the Dark Slayer, perceptions changed. After all, if Willow could come back from Darth Willow then Faith could turn her life around. There was also the fact that during the last breakup between Willow and Kennedy, Faith consoled her by taking her on the town, dancing like there's no tomorrow. Got her soooo drunk it took Willow about 3 days to recover.

Breaking the hug, albeit reluctantly, she cajoled, "C'mon Red, we gotta get into town before dark. There are things here I've never felt before and they are giving me a bad case of the Wiggins."

"M'kay." Willow allowed, climbing onto the back of Faiths hog.

In short order one Major Samantha Carter, PHD screeched into the parking lot for the Cheyenne Mountain base.

"I've done this and seen the outside of the base so many times and still I'm surprised I can go off-world through the Stargate buried under the mountain." Sam mused to herself. An elevator ride, a checkpoint, and another elevator ride and she were buried in the mountain as well.

Stepping into the conference room in her riding gear Sam spies Jonah and demands, "What've we got?"

"The lost city." Jonah stated simply.

Sam waits expectantly until she raises an eyebrow. General Hammond found himself suppressing a smile as Jonah had just done the same thing to him.

"On the table,." again with the simple statement.

"You found it?"

Nodding, Jonah replied, "Yeah, only it's not the lost city. That never made sense to me anyway. I mean, the tablet is written in ancient. How could they lose one of their own cities? And even if they did, why would they call it the lost city? They wouldn't. They would call it by its name, right?"

General Hammond ground out warningly, "Mr. Quinn…"

"It's not the lost city." Jonah emphatically stated, getting back on track. "It's the city of the lost."

Considering that angle Sam asked, "Do you have a Gate address?"

"There's a reference in some partial translations that Doctor Jackson was working on from the library of the four races. It talks about a city of the Ancients called Vis Uban as being a place where the plague began. This was going to be the crown jewel in the entire ancient domain. Only it was still under construction when the plague broke out." Jonah explained by way of answer.

Locking eyes, Sam said, "Two words: Gate. Address."

Smiling Jonah countered, "Four years ago, when Colonel O'Neill had the ancient repository of knowledge downloaded into his mind, one of the things that he did was to put a bunch of new Gate addresses into the SGC computer. How many did he put in there?"

Puzzled, unsure of where he was going with this line of thought Sam answered, "Well, we've been sending probes and cataloging them as fast as we can."

"Any possibly relevant planet goes on the mission list." General Hammond added.

"Yeah, well how many have actually had probes sent to them?" Jonah prodded.

"Less than a quarter."

"And do you think that he came up with these, ah, Gate addresses randomly? Or could there be some sort of order?"

"Yeah, I suppose…" Sam hedged just beginning to get his line of logic.

"If Vis Uban wasn't finished being built at the time the entire Ancient civilization fell…"

Experiencing that 'AHA!' moment Sam finished, "You're saying the Ancient city we're looking for is the last one on the list."

"Well, we've been going in order from first to last, right?" Jonah stated, nodding as if to a prized pupil.

Again General Hammond almost fails to hide his smile. After all, it wouldn't do to be smiling paternally at his favorite subordinates.

"Send a probe." he simply orders.

All professional with just a hint of mirth Sam replies, "Yes, sir."

Turning on her heel Sam strides purposefully out the door. Jonah returns the Generals nod of "job well done". He takes a breath and runs his hand through his hair deciding, 'in for a penny, in for a pound".

"General" Jonah begins. At the Generals questioning gaze he continues, "Have you noticed anything... odd about Major Carter lately?"

Staring at a wall in thought General Hammond starts, "Well, I have noticed she's been spending more time off-base lately. However, her efficiency has improved. She's completed several projects ahead of schedule. Why do you ask son?"

A part of Jonah noticed the 'son' comment and felt a rush of gratitude. He understood that meant the General had accepted him as 'one of his own'. Jonah pushed that to the back of his mind in concern for Major Carter. "Well sir, it’s just that she's been riding her 'hog' more often and when I spoke with her earlier she was being a 'Dare-Demon'."

Smirking, the General corrected, "That's Dare-Devil Mr. Quinn."

Smiling softly in thanks Jonah continued, "Thank you General. It's not just that sir. She's been a bit... 'jumpy' lately and I swear her sense of hearing has increased."

"I understand what you're saying Mr. Quinn but this is all circumstantial..."

Jonah interrupted, "She fought Teal'c to a draw the other day sir!"

That stopped the General in his tracks. Staring into Jonah's eyes he searched knowingly. He could not discern a falsehood in what the young alien was stating.

Jonah blushed for interrupting the General but stood his ground. He continued, "I was watching the match yesterday sir, along with most of the marines and other SG teams. Sam was holding her own at first and we all thought that Teal'c was going easy on her. Then, the most amazing thing happened..." He trailed off, his eyes becoming unfocused in memory of this event.


Sam was enjoying herself. The sheer joy in the movement of her and the demon... no... alien as they sparred. She was calling upon everything she had ever learned and not just from the air-force. She recalled forgotten lessons in dance and ballet, rough-housing with her brother and friends. Not to mention the few bar fights she had been in, not that anybody knew about those.

There was a lull in the movement and Sam stopped locking eyes with Teal'c. For just a moment he gazed at her and she saw confusion. With a feral grin and a shake of his head he shook it off and moved to attack. Sam felt her lips stretch in a mirror image. Movement resumed and it went faster, faster, and faster! It finally ended when Sam swept Teal'c's legs out from under him and she held the blunt end of the practice staff to his neck. Teal'c craftily landed in such a way that his practice staff had the dummy firing end pointed at Major Carter's midriff. Even though his experience enabled him to bring the bout to a draw he couldn't keep the surprise off his face.

End Flashback

"So, no one won the betting pool that day Mr. Quinn?" the General smirked.

"Sir! I would never..." Jonah pretended outrage. Then, lips quirking in barely suppressed mirth, "Well, yeah I did. A few of the guys were disappointed, but the point sir is that Sam did something no human on this base, or anywhere for that matter, has been able to do. I believe she wasn't going 'all out' either."

"Hmmm, that is something to consider son." General Hammond had on his 'I'm in command' hat as he paused thoughtfully. As is his nature he came to the best decision for his command, no matter how loathe he was to issue it. "Very well Mr. Quinn. I'll have Dr. Frasier set up an appointment for Major Carter. Her last test from going off world came back clean so I really can't see as to how she could have been taken by either a Goa'uld or To'kra. But, as I have found out the hard way, one can never be too careful."

"Thank you sir. I'm only informing you because of my concern for Major Carter..." Jonah hedged.

General Hammond held up a placating hand, "I understand son."

"Thank you sir."

It was barren when they stepped out of the Stargate. Surprisingly, Col. Jack O'Neill didn't remark on the lack of trees. Instead he started in on his second-in-command, "We're not talking about a common cold here, Carter. It was the plague."

"Sir, we don't wear a haz-mat every time we step through the Gate. There's always a chance we could be exposing ourselves to something dangerous."

"Well, the place is called the City of the Dead." Jack responded.

Jonah piped in, "The City of the Lost, actually, sir."

Jack snarked back, "Not for lack of a sense of direction."

Entering the village SG-1 makes their way through a small gathering of natives. What surprised the team is that the natives weren't restless nor did they spare a second glance for SG-1.

Jack observed, "Well, these folks don't look lost—nor dead."

Distractedly Jonah explained, "I don't think that these are the Ancients. I mean, anything's possible, but, ah, they look like some sort of, ah, nomadic tribe that's just taken up residence."

Khordib, noticing the strangers, strode up to them, "Greetings."

Jonah replied, "Greetings. We're…travelers from a planet called Earth."

Khordib asked, "You came through the chappa'ai?"

Nodding Jonah agreed, "The Stargate. Chappa'ai."

Pointing at Teal'c Khordib carefully observed, "He is Jaffa."

"No, but he plays one on TV." Jack couldn't help but to snark drawing slightly amused looks from his teammates.

Smiling in friendship, and amusement Jonah stated, "This is Teal'c. He's no longer allied with the Goa'uld. He's a friend, as are we."

With a nod of easy acceptance Khordib explained, "We too are travelers. This place is not our original home, but…we have been here for some time now. If you wish to lay claim…"

Jonah rushed to assure Khordib and the others that had gathered by then, "No. No, no, nothing like that. We just want the opportunity to learn more about your people and, uh, take a really good look around these ruins."

Back at the Stargate the SG team that accompanied SG-1 were busy setting up a watch. At that moment a man approaches from a wooded area and the SG members turn warily towards him. They were slightly surprised as no one heard his approach. Then surprise turns to shock as they recognize who this man is and the fact that he is alive.

Yep, did it again. Had to edit it cause I realized it wasn't going where I needed it to go. (gong!) OW!! OK, OK! Where my muse wanted it to go! Dang that hurt!
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