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Potentials and Immortals

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Summary: Sam woke up, but wasn't sure if she was still dreaming.

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Stargate > General > Team: SG-1 Seasons(s) 6jakedamanFR181018,29201414,46016 Jul 129 Sep 13No

A Blonde, A Brunette, and a Redhead


I don't own it, darnnit! I'm so poor I can't afford to pay attention so don't sue me!

P.S. Yeah, yeah. I realized that the first 2 chapters should be one. So, Let our powers combine! oh wait, wrong show. ah well, on with this show!

P.P.S. I didn't like what I did with the OC character so I made some changes. Hope you all like them!


It was night, a time when all good little boys and girls were tucked safely in bed. Now, she is a good girl, except that she hadn't been a little girl in a long time. This woman was asleep and dreaming of when she was a teenager; however, she was confused. Major Samantha Carter couldn't help but think, "When did I become a red-head?"

It's true, Samantha Carter (Sam to her few friends) is a blond. Always has been. The young woman in her dream is a redhead. And she is a lesbian. And she is a witch to boot! Sam Carter, Astrophysicist and scientist, was dreaming that she was a redhead lesbian witch. Performing real magic! There, on the floor in front of her is a circle, candles along the edge and a bowl of... herbs? Dried herbs at that. Not what Sam expected at all.

Wait, over there, is that an axe or was it a sword? Maybe a scythe of some kind? She couldn't tell, so Sam focused on the words coming out of her mouth. Though, now that she thought about it, it didn't feel like her mouth or her body. Oh my, what is that feeling? Was that static electricity flickering across her too pale skin? Her hair, now it was turning white.

Huh. Weird.

Suddenly, everything shifted like they normally do in dreams. Sam's perspective changed, moving swiftly through the halls of the high school just like those movie steady-cams. High School. Where did that realization come from? Because that is exactly where Sam found herself flying through the halls of a regular old High School. In front of her was a girl, had to be in her late teens. This girl was carrying that weapon, that scythe. Yes, definitely a type of Scythe.

Down the hall. Down some stairs. A basement? The floor was earthen and showed recent signs of excavation. In the middle of the floor there lay an opening and stairs curving down into darkness. The girl flew down the stairs and at the bottom was a young woman, also blond. Sam heard the teenager call out, "Buffy, catch!" and she watched the scythe fly.

When the young blond woman called Buffy, caught the weapon everything froze. Sam could see in perfect detail the thousands of creatures down in the pit. She noticed they were crawling their way up the cliff face, ripping into it and each other. The other girls gathered near the blond practically glowed with eldritch power. Then Buffy looked Sam in the eye and asked a simple, yet powerful question, “Are you ready to be strong?”

Sam saw Death in Buffy's eyes and she saw Life as well. She heard a hoarse voice filled with desert sand whisper, “Death is your gift.” but Sam paid it no heed.

Instead, she found herself in her Dress Blue Uniform standing at attention and she pronounced, “I am an Air Force Officer. I have killed in defense of my friends, my family, my country, and my world just as these girls are doing. I am ready to be strong.” And she saluted Buffy, smart and crisp, putting all of her Respect, Honor, and Dignity behind that one powerful act.

Strength flowed into Sam, filling her very being, insinuating itself into her muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Into her very bones!

"Morning Carter!" Jack greeted cheerfully, a little too cheerfully. Sam stopped for half-a-second worried that her commanding officer could see the bags under her blue eyes. She decided speed was the best bet and plunged past his lanky frame.

"Morning Sir. I'vegottogettothelabtorunthatlatestseriesoftests..." she trailed off into muttering as she fled past him. Major Samantha Carter just could not look Colonel Jack O'Neill in the eyes today. Usually she was unflappable, but after THAT dream Sam found herself having a hard time staying in control around others. Especially those she found herself attracted to and, well, with Jack...

"No! He's the Colonel, not Jack." she shouted to herself, "C'mon Sam. Get it together!"

Jack actually found himself at a loss for words, watching his Carter beat a hasty retreat. No longer in sight he twisted left, then right, and then spun in a circle. Deciding the hallway he ended up facing was the one to go down he sauntered off in a bit of a funk.

Peeking into her office-slash-lab, Sam breathed a sigh of relief when no one was in sight. Slinking in and shutting the door softly allowed her to relax for a bit.

"Holy Hannah, what is wrong with me?" she asked, gnawing at a thumbnail. She couldn't help pacing the length of her office. Trying to calm down Sam sunk into her chair. Inhaling deeply the blue-eyed blonde whispered to herself, "Ok, Sam. It's ok. Just breathe the way Teal'c taught you."

Two deep lung-full of air later and she ordered herself, "All right now, step-by-step. Go through the sequence of events."

Sam leaned into her chair relaxing her lean frame and returned to her dream two mornings ago...

Looking out through unfamiliar eyes Sam saw a young teen woman staring back at her with deep concern. Sam felt her own lips, no they weren't hers... strange lips speak in a language foreign to Sam. Foreign, yet familiar. Latin.

Blinking rapidly Sam realized, "Latin, or a form thereof. It has to be but it sounded almost like a... a computer algorithm."
Concentrating on the memory of her dream there was a bright light... no, more like a luminescence that radiated out from her, this other. Sam saw some red hair at the edge of her vision and watched in awe and wonder as it turned white. Not gray or silver but white and … it glowed. There was a burst of power and pleasure and fear and wonder and joy and just everything!

The dream changed into a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, sensations, and smells. Girls and young women fighting with swords and axes and crossbows. Creatures with yellow eyes and impossibly sharp teeth. A blond man in a black duster, light bursting from his chest... no, a medallion hanging from his neck. A kindly, older gentlemen in glasses smiling a fathers smile of pride. The young man with one eye and a long haired brunette teen girl. Then, finally, a blonde woman standing at the edge of a great crater. Youngish, yet with the weight of command in her young/old eyes. Her lips spread in a smile of peace and contentment. This image stayed with Sam for an eternal second. Then, as always, more images assailed her. Thoughts racing further and further out of control Sam finally threw her hands up in the air and let them smack her thighs hard on the way down. "GAH!" she exclaimed.

Frustrated beyond belief Sam leaned over, her forehead resting against her desk. She relives waking from her dream sweating so much her bed clothes were plastered to her skin. She had felt panicked as if the hordes of hell were chasing her to eternity. Feeling trapped.

"Morning Sam!" Jonah exclaimed.

Jumping up in surprise Sam bounced the desk against the wall off of her thighs, "Ooouch!"

Concerned, Jonah asked, "You okay Sam?"

Mewing in slight pain she snarked, "Yeah, sure, you betcha! What are you doing here Jonah?"

"I just came by to get some coffee." he explained.

"I haven't had a chance to start the coffee maker yet. Would you mind..." she left off as she slumped into her chair, dropping her head into her hands.

"Not a problemo, Major!" Jonah exclaimed with childlike delight.

Sam looked up and twisted around to watch Jonah as he started the coffee maker. "Problemo?", she queried.

Jonah, paying attention to the coffee maker, snorted and said, "Yeah, been trying different slang words. Gotta say I like that one a lot. I'm pretty sure I can add it to my people’s language when... if I get back."

Sam heard him but was also watching him and feeling a stirring down below. Spinning back to her desk she blushed when she found her thoughts going where she didn't want them to go.

Sam blasted herself in her head, "Yeesh, Sam! It hasn't been that long and he reeaaally isn't your type! Now Jack, there's someone that... no, no, no, NO! Stop it!"


She let out a guilty "eep!" and jumped in her seat as Jonah touched her shoulder and called her name. Jonah snatched his hand up and away, his eyes widened in surprise and asked again, "You okay Sam?"

Guiltily she looked down at her desk and started shuffling papers stammering, "Yah, yeah. Sorry, lost in thought."

"Oookay... Well, coffee is made and I gotta get back to my translation. You sure you're okay? Anything you wanna talk about?"

Sam smiled, touched by Jonah's concern, "I'm okay Jonah. You're a good friend. Thanks."

"You're welcome." Jonah smiled, walking out of her office. At the door he stopped, turning and waving he called out, "See you later, crocodile."

Smiling softly Sam corrected him, "That's 'See you later, Alligator'"

Confusion crossed his face for a second. Then his eyes lit up in understanding, "Oh! It's a rhyme! I get it!" he stated, bobbing his head and exiting her office.

Sam chuckled softly shaking her head and whispered, "Thanks Jonah. You helped my day."

Logging into her computer she brought up a site she saved two days ago. It was an online news release about a town in California called Sunnydale. She stared at the pictures of the crater that used to be a sleepy little town.

"Now if I can just figure out what is going on then maybe I can sleep!"

It was a dreary and cloudy day. A time when all good little boys and girls were out playing and working. Now, she is NOT a good girl. She hasn't been a girl, or human, in a long time. This female was out enjoying the perfect hunting weather. After all, it's not often a blonde Vampire can get out and about in the daytime hours.

"Hmmm, a redhead... I have a sudden craving for a willowy redhead." she mused quietly. "Wait, I don't like redheads. I prefer blonds!"

Somewhat confused she strutted off in her hooker outfit until she reached her destination. Standing in front of the bar she experienced confusion and indecision for the first time in her un-life.

She did NOT like that.

Taking an unnecessary breath to get into character she slinked into the bar.

Rebecca chuckled throatily though no one was listening. Sure there were two young women on her bed, one a blond and the other a red-head, but they couldn't hear anything. It was hard to do that when under a sleep-spell. Laying in the pristine stillness of magical slumber they looked so beautiful and innocent to Rebecca's satiated gaze. She called forth her thrall and minions to clean and heal their bodies and thus the evidence of her act.

"Hold." she imperiously commanded said minions. Rebecca took several pictures of her most recent victims. There was something about their faces, their looks. She couldn't quite put her finger on it...

Shaking herself to regain focus Rebecca gestured and her minions collected the girls and their cloths. Leaving Rebecca alone with her thoughts and worries she slid to her computer with preternatural grace. Plugging in her camera she transferred the pictures.

"Now THAT one definitely looks like Sammy, but who does the red head remind me of?", she asked herself. Pulling at her lip she puzzled over the still life on her screen. At that moment the big screen television awoke, tuning to the preprogrammed news channel. And that is when she knew why the red head looked so familiar.

"Tonight's Top Story..." the announcer droned, "Sunnydale Sinkhole! What are the insurance companies going to do about it?"

Rebecca immediately brought up Google and searched for images of the Sunnydale Sinkhole. That's when she saw her, the willowy redhead. She spent the next few hours researching and learning all she could about the red head and her group of friends. Then she saw the blonde of the group and while she was licking her lips in hunger Rebecca saw her name. Buffy Summers.


Rising, she called out to her minion, "Rey!"

Scuttling out of the shadows the pudgy, short little man wheezed, "Yes mistress?"

Striding toward her room, not deigning to look at her servant she ordered, "Begin preparations. We move in a fortnight. I can no longer stay in Cleveland on this Hellmouth. It is time to go to Colorado and get in touch with my daughter."

"What is the matter, Mistress?" Rey begged. He couldn't stand to see his Mistress agitated unless it was to punish him, which he enjoyed to no end.

She turned and uttered two words that sent her frightened little minion scurrying,

"The Slayer."

It was a dark and stormy night. A time when all good little boys and girls were tucked safely in bed. Now, she is a good girl, except that she hadn't been a little girl in a long time. Well, at least it felt like a long time.

Sighing, Willow slid out of bed trying not to disturb Kennedy. She bare-foot padded to the window of the room in the Hyperion Hotel and slumped into a chair. Straightening up Willow composed her body, mind, and spirit and began to meditate.

The redhead furrowed her brow in consternation. There was a moment there, when she removed the restriction on all the potentials, she felt something...


She couldn't quite put her finger on it and the feeling was bugging the Hellmouth out of her! At that moment there was a soft knock on the door and Angel poked his head into the room. Willow's eyes widened.

"Goddess!" she exclaimed upon seeing the Vampires visage. "Of course, she’s a vampire!"

"Who?" Angel questioned.

"Huh? Oh, one of the many thousand potentials I activated." Willow absentmindedly stated.

Angel gasped a very un-vampire gasp. "You sure?" he queried.

"Darn tootin'," Willow returned. "did you need something Angel? Or were you hoping to find two hot chicks in bed, Doing Something?"

Angel actually blushed. Though on him it just made him look more alive and less... pale.

"No!" he denied vehemently. "N-no, I, um, I was just checking up on you Willow. Just doing the rounds so to speak..." he trailed off.

"Well!" he nervously stated, not quite knowing what to do with his hands. "I'll, uh, I'll go tell Buffy and Uh, let you get back to, um, whatever it was that you were doing."

Willow giggled watching the blushing vampire with a soul scoot out of the room as quickly as possible. Then she settled down to meditate on her discovery until it was time for breakfast.

I did a rewrite, not happy with the 'first edition'. hope ya'll like it.
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