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Snake Charming

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Drop in the Ocean Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to "A Drop in the Ocean".

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomanceechoFR1552170,344125870390,62923 Jan 036 Feb 06No

Mini Chaos Three

*~* Mini Chaos Three *~*

Buffy was running her fingers through her hair trying to get it to calm down. The staff had taken off to do their parts. Sunnydale and Los Angeles had their orders, and would be taking off... soon. Much too soon for Buffy's tastes. There was far too much going on here, and she still had not gotten to speak to Dawn about this having sex with Harry business. Not that Buffy didn't like Harry. She liked Harry plenty. In fact, if she'd had to choose a boyfriend for her little sister, she, in all likeliness, would have chosen Harry Potter.

But that didn't mean she liked the idea of him getting pelvic with her sister. But they were teenagers, and it happened. It had happened for her on her seventeenth birthday, in fact. Buffy planned to tell Dawn the whole story, not just the 'for Dawn's innocent ears' version. Maybe her sister would agree that waiting was good.

Angel sat down next to her.

"Sorry I tried to kill you earlier."

"You weren't yourself. It's ok." She patted his thigh absently.

"I'm still sorry."

"It's not me you should be apologizing to."

"I already told Professor McGonagall I was sorry."

Buffy chuckled. "I heard she just about kicked your ass."


"I'm sorry. My mind is elsewhere."

"Want to talk about it?"

"Dawn would kill me."

"I'm a good listener."

"I know. It's just that..."

"It's about her and Harry having sex?"

Buffy cringed. "Yeah."

"You think she's too young."

"I know she's too young."

"Honestly, is she ever going to be old enough?"


"So wouldn't you rather her adoring someone like Harry. He's together for his age and situation."


"You have to trust Dawn to make some decisions on her own at some point, Buffy."

"I know, but-"

"She can't be the baby forever. If you don't let her grow up a little, you'll lose her."

"When did you get so intelligent in the ways of the teenager?"

"Since I now have one of my own to care for."

"And how's that working out for you?"

"We're talking about you and Dawn."

"Yes, we are. I just thought I'd work you and Connor into the conversation since Dawn and her bestest buddies seem so taken with him."

"He's had a tough life."

"Dawn'll be great for helping him deal with that. Draco too. Draco's life hasn't exactly been a picnic."


"You probably noticed all that tension with his mother."

"Well, the 'Numfar, do the dance of my mother is a deceitful bitch who likes to torture people' thing did kind of give it away that he's not real pleased with her just now."

"His parents tried to kill him last year."

Angel cringed. He knew a bit about that sort of thing. Except his was a bit of the vice versa. Didn't mean he wanted to talk about it. "We're getting really off subject here."

"Are we?"

"We were talking about you and Dawn."

"I suppose we were." Buffy sighed.

"You miss her."

"I do."

"Then why let her stay here?"

"Because she's doing really well here."

"And are you doing equally as well without her in Sunnydale?"

"Dawn's more important than I am."

"So you have proven."

"I'm going to have to fight Glory again, and if I die again-"

"I won't allow-"

"Shh. Should I die again, it will be nice to know Harry will take care of her."

"I don't like you talking like this. I forbid you to die again."

"Cos, that'll keep it from happening. I've just been hit with a lot, Angel. Literally and figuratively in the last few months. I'll get over it."

"With Lindsey's help?" He sneered in utter jealousy.

Buffy just ignored his tone. "And Justine's. And Oz and Xander. Cassie and Graham. Even Clem. I am not alone. I think I'm the only slayer who can't stand the quiet."

"You shouldn't HAVE to stand the quiet. No one should if they don't really want to. I just...."

"I know. You just don't trust Lindsey. I'm aware, Angel, but Lindsey's never steered me wrong. He does his part with us. He's even pretended to be Cassie's uncle for the school since her parents were killed."


"Vampires... and it was really bizarre because they were divorced and didn't even live in the same town. Her mom lived in Sunnydale, but her dad lived a few towns over."

"Do you think it was random?"

"I know it wasn't. Someone was after that girl for some reason. That's why she lives in my house now. She is under MY protection. Whoever, whatever it is... I don't like their methods, so they aren't getting her."

Angel nodded.

"I guess the next time we'll see each other is when we fight this Voldemort guy? Or that Glory Riddle hybrid thing and Rack?"

"I still don't understand how a dead hell-goddess and the human shadow of what is now a dark evil get to entwine and make one person."

"Me neither. I was still fussing with my head when Dumbledore was trying to explain it earlier."

"I noticed."

"So same bat time same bat station for the smackdown? I'll see you then?"

"Probably." He said with a chuckle.

She raised an eyebrow.

"You, me, and the end of the world. I'm there."

"Seems like you and I only run into one another when there's a big bad or one of us comes back from the dead these days."


"We should get together more often. You know, when it's not a big bad or end of the world type deal."

"Like for coffee?"

"Why does this conversation sound oddly deja vu?" Buffy said dryly.

Angel chuckled. "We go in circles, don't we? This means some former vampire childer of mine are going to attempt to kidnap and torture me soon."

Buffy made a face at him. "Then I suppose Faith and I would have to come and rescue you."

"You and Faith?"

"We're kinda getting along."

"Even though she stole your boyfriend?"

"Oliver was not my boyfriend."

"But he could have been."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Well, I have to get everyone ready to move out tomorrow."

"Me too."

"You're taking that Lilah woman back to LA?"


"Lindsey doesn't trust her."

"Well, I don't trust Lindsey, so it sort of works out."


"Don't worry, I'm keeping an eye on her."

"Be careful, Angel."

"You too, Buffy."


Connor was wringing his hands and pacing when Harry and Draco showed up to the guest student quarters. None of them had wanted their own house tonight. They further didn't wish to leave Connor alone as Cassie was still sleeping soundly in her infirmary bed.

"What's with you?" Draco asked him.

"We're leaving, aren't we?"


"My... father and his people. We're going back to LA, aren't we?"

Lily stood up. "What? No."

Draco raised an eyebrow at her. The girl actually blushed and looked away. Neville found this particularly amusing considering her little informative speech about lesbianism earlier.

"Angel is going. He's going to see who is staying, and who is going from his people, so if you want to stay, Connor, you best tell him." Draco said.

"I don't..."

"You have to stay!" Dawn shouted.

Everyone looked at her.

"You have to stay. We have to work on your people skills, not to mention your magic ones. I got caught up over the summer. You could be caught up by the end of this term and start seventh year with us. They'd have to sort you, of course. Though being the son of two vampires, I'm thinking Slytherin."

"No one said I wanted to stay." Connor said quietly.

"He could just as easily be a Gryffindor." Ron snapped. "He's brave enough."

"I don't even like magic." Connor added.

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Bravery isn't the only thing there is to being a Gryffindor."

"I don't belong here." Connor continued.

"Perhaps he'll get sorted into Hufflepuff." Draco sneered.

Everyone else save Connor snorted at that.

"He has too much fire to be a mamby pamby Huffle." Lily hissed.

"I'm not staying." Connor said.

Neville added then. "I was nearly sorted into Hufflepuff."

"I rest my case." Draco said with a grand sweeping gesture by his arm.

"But I wasn't sorted there!" Neville shouted. "I was sorted to Gryffindor!"

"Easy, Neville." Ginny said, putting a hand on his arm. Then she looked at Connor. "I think you should stay. Obviously magic is a very big part of who you are, like it or not, Connor Angel. You'll have to square with that one day. Better now than later on when it might be more difficult to control, is my thinking."

Draco just stared at that hand, as if he could burn it off Neville's arm. Connor just scowled at Ginny, knowing what she said had made perfect sense, but not liking it one bit.

"Neville, what on earth has gotten into you lately?" Hermione asked.

"I don't know!"

"I like it."

Everyone looked at Draco.

"What? I can't tell Neville Longbottom that I like that he finally got some balls?"

"You know, that's an incredibly naughty comment taken out of context."

They all looked at Lily then.

"I don't...." Connor started.

"Come here, Con. I'll explain."

He looked at Lily with wide eyes. "Is this going to be as disturbing as the explanation of the lesbians?"


"What would your mate say if he knew you were explaining such sexual things to me? Will it be an sexual explanation?"

"My what?"


"What would my what say?"

"Your mate. Is that Aaron creature not your life mate?"

Everyone else cracked up laughing except Lily and Connor.

"Aaron Montague is NOT my life mate, thank you VERY much."

"That is good news."

Neville started laughing so hard he got choked and started coughing. Connor was so... straightforward about certain things. He didn't hide what he felt about anything... no matter how embarrassing those feelings tended to be. Neville almost wished he could be that way. He got embarrassed often and tried to avoid it.

He watched as Connor very warily sat next to Lily to hear he explain this ball thing. She was pretty fearless herself, and Neville decided he'd like nothing better than to see her drop Aaron Montague like a stone and take up with Connor Angel.

Connor was not afraid to ask questions, and Lily was not afraid to answer them. And the way the tow of them looked at one another sometimes. Who did they think they were fooling? Honestly. Yes, Neville would like nothing better than to see Lily away from Montague.

Perhaps he could work on that. Like a project.


Severus laid Willow out on their bed. The redhead had fallen asleep in his arms on the walk back to their rooms. She was still in the pajamas he'd brought for Madam Pomfrey to put her in. Poppy said she'd probably be tired and sluggish for a day or two. Giles had already excused her from her assistant teaching duties for the next few days. As Severus had done with Tara, much as it irritated him.

Not because he was to be without his assistant. This was the first year he'd had one since he'd started teaching, and Tara had barely been there for him due to her 'problems' thus far. He'd done all right without an assistant until now.

But that wasn't what was bothering him. He actually LIKED Tara. She was sweet and quiet and did exactly what he told her to do when she had been assisting him. She was damn well better than Sirius Black deserved. Yet, he was getting her and the girl's father didn't seem to disapprove... even though the father was the same age as the man courting his girl. Hell, it was his best friend. Severus decided he'd kill any man his own age who even looked at a daughter of his.

And whoa. Why was he thinking about children? And why did all of them have black hair and green eyes? Or red hair and huge noses? Or perky attitudes laced with acidic sarcasm?

Willow made a sleepy moaning should and opened one eye. "What'cha doin'?"

"Getting undressed."

"Can I get a hell yes?"


"If you're getting naked here, does that mean we'll do the sex thing?"

He made a face at her. "You are far too weakened to do... the sex thing tonight."

"I'm never too tired to make with the naughty with you."

She was so exasperating.

"Poppy said you needed rest or have you forgotten the magic you have done?"

"I haven't forgotten."


"So if you can't... you know, will you at least lay here with me?"

"That was my intention." He said evenly as he folded his clothing and donned his nightclothes.

"Will you hold me?"


"Kiss me?"

"Of course."

"But you won't make mad passionate naked sex with me?"

"Willow..." He groaned. If she didn't stop talking about it, he just might give in.

"I know, I know. I'm tired, but see, watching you change clothes, I don't feel tired. I feel all tingly. You're in the black silky jammies. Those are my favorite. Very sexy."

Severus rolled his eyes. "I can not believe I am so in love with a woman who has the word 'jammies' in her vocabulary."

Willow giggled. "Come to bed. I think after the last few days I've had, I want a snuggle."

Severus stared at her. "I wish I hated you."

Willow just giggled again. "I know. I'm SOOOO annoying. Come here and cuddle up. I know lotsa baby-talk words to whisper in your ears."

"Bloody hell."

"Come on and be my snuggly-wuggly bear." She said with her arms out.

Severus decided the fates hated him.... because despite her annoying behavior, he was completely attracted to her still, had been picturing their children in his head.

Children! Of his own! Him!


Tara was in her room. Finally. It seemed so long since she had seen it.

But she wasn't alone. Far from it. Her father, Anya, and Sirius were there with her. Tara's hands moved over her still-flat belly. Soon it would grow. Soon it would be full of a little girl she prayed would have her father's hair. And his eyes wouldn't hurt either. They were far more brilliant a blue than her own were.

"Well, goodnight you two. Have fun choosing a name for the spawn." Anya said loudly.

Before anyone knew what had happened, Anya had quite dragged Remus from the room leaving Tara and Sirius very alone. Her eyes were quite big as she watched him. He just stood there, unmoving, and staring at her with wide eyes as well. So much was different. So much had happened in a short amount of time. What on earth was she supposed to do now?

Then she heard a distinctly Irish voice in her head suggest she drop her clothes and remind him of what acts begot little girls who they were quite free to name Francis.

Tara ignored that thought... for now. "I suppose we should talk."

Sirius stormed across the room in as few steps as possible and grabbed her. Tara gasped in surprise.

"Talking's highly overrated and can be done later."

"I... I..."

"It's just you and I, and we haven't really been alone for a bit now, so-"

"Correction, bud." Doyle said through Tara's body. "It's you, Tara, the baby Francis here, and the big Francis, also known as Doyle."

Sirius blinked.

"I don't think alone wit Tara's gonna be in your future for a while."

"The baby Francis?"

Tara rolled her eyes. It was funny. Sirius could already tell when she was 'her' and when she was Doyle.

"Francis was Doyle's name suggestion."

"No daughter of mine is having herself be named for a half-demon Irishman who was known for drinking a lot."

Tara started giggling.


"He's swearing at you in my head."

Sirius rolled his eyes.

"Doyle wants to know what your mother's name was."

"And we are further not naming the child after my mother. That'd bring her all sorts of bad luck."

Tara giggled again.


"So tell us why you don't like your mother."

"Oh Merlin, where do I start? Draco Malfoy and cousin Narcissa haven't got ANYTHING on myself and the dearly departed Mrs. Black."

Sirius had been situating her bed the entire time. Now he settled her in it and settled himself... in only his pants and socks with her. Tara was a bit disturbed. Her thin little nightgown would offer very little protection against him.

Then again, she supposed she had better accustom herself to it. Sirius Black was the father of her child, and he didn't even seem to realize that he would likely be able to go off anywhere he wanted very soon. He'd shirked responsibility before. But he absolutely did not seem as if he were going anywhere, though Pettigrew would be turned over to the Ministry finally, and Sirius would be cleared. But he had not said a word about Pettigrew. Which worried Tara a lot. She'd had plenty to say about her mother's murderer.

But they'd get to that. Just as they'd get to what they were going to do with themselves and to what to name their child.

Tara shivered.


Was she ready to be a mommy? Did she really want to be the mommy to Sirius's baby? How could they be? He was still a wanted man. They still thought he'd murdered people. Technically, that would be over soon, but would they ever get over it? There would be a stigma associated with Sirius now because of the whole matter. Could she cope? Could their daughter? Would he want to marry her? Would she want to marry him? Could she go it alone if he decided to leave?

Did she have the strength to do this?

Doyle started easing soothing sounds throughout her. He was singing a bit. Tara fell asleep listening to Sirius's soothing voice in her ear. and Doyle's humming in her head.

Tomorrow was another day.


end part
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