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Snake Charming

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Drop in the Ocean Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to "A Drop in the Ocean".

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomanceechoFR1552170,344125870390,62923 Jan 036 Feb 06No

Little High Little Low

*~* Little High Little Low *~*

Severus Snape just so happened to have hall duty.

It was turning out to be a fairly boring night until he saw Connor Angel rush past the end of a connecting corridor... followed closely by Harry Potter. No amount of having a girlfriend or friends was ever going to take the edge of delight off of taking house points from or giving detention to Potter.

Severus took off after them. He rounded that corner only to crash painfully into Dawn Summers. He grabbed her shoulders in a harsh grip and was about to shake the teeth out of her head, but her one panicked utterance got him moving.


He set the Summers girl on her feet and tore after Potter and Angel. Dawn was right in pace with him. Had to be those legs of hers that were longer than a human's legs out to be. The girl should not have been able to keep his stride. Perhaps he was getting old finally.

Snape noticed Angel skid to a stop, sniff the air, then tear off down a hall. He was heading for the dungeons.. and damn, but that kid was fast.


Lily was screaming as Montague hauled her up from her hiding place by her hair. Her voice was rattling the windows. Her hands fumbled to grip his wrist where he had a hold of her, so that he wouldn't tear her hair out. If he thought she wasn't fighting, he was sorely mistaken.

"Shut it, you little bitch."

And then he hit her. Lily felt her bottom lip split open. She spilled across the floor, unable to stop herself. He was bigger... and she was unarmed. When she looked up at Aaron, his face seemed almost monster-ish. It was contorted into twisted glee. He'd LIKED hitting her. Aaron laughed as he removed his school robe and jumper. He loosened his tie and removed it. He unbuttoned his white shirt a few buttons then rolled up his sleeves. He had the dark mark. It seemed obscene there on his pale arm. But the mark didn't bother her as much as the look on his face did. He had enjoyed hitting her and was planning on roughing her up some more. Lily had not been able to move for fear... until now.

Something in her head snapped.

The Master had liked to hit also, but she was NO ONE'S servant save her own now. Lily got to her hands and feet but stayed crouched like an animal. Her now-blonde hair was hanging in her face. Her lip was dripping blood. Her eyes gazed into Montague's in an almost animalistic manner.

She remembered the hunt.

"I love this part... but I love all the parts."

Montague looked at her oddly. She was acting... dangerous. He jumped when her hair swirled off her head like she was in a wind tunnel... even though there was absolutely no breeze in the room. Coppery red started at the roots and swirled up to the flying tips. The blonde in her hair flew out and splattered the walls as if it had been paint.

"What in the hell are you?"

Lily just growled at him... like a vampire. Then she sprung. Montague shouted in alarm when she sank her teeth into his neck. He beat her away and rubbed a hand to his bleeding neck.

"You'll pay for that."

"I'm shaking in my mary janes."

Montague burst forward and punched her a few times. She staggered greatly, and nearly went to her knees, but came up smiling... with bloodied teeth. It was creepy. Then she licked some blood off of her bottom lip. Very creepy.

Maybe this hadn't been a good idea.

Montague made like he was about to rush her again, but took out his wand and hexed her instead.


Lily blinked and fell to the floor. He'd decided if he was going to have his way with her, her being stunned was better than being all locked up from the petrificus. What hope did he have of getting her legs apart if he bound her that way? Aaron Montague chuckled evilly as he removed his white shirt and unfastened his gray slacks.


Connor tried the knob on the door to the classroom. He could smell blood. He jerked harder.

"Hold on." Harry took out his wand.

But Connor had already taken a step back and planted his foot solidly against the door. The wood cracked a bit. When he backed up to land a second kick, Harry took the brief pause to send an unlocking charm at the door.


Connor's foot busted the door off of it's hinges right as Dawn and Snape reached them.

The sight that greeted them would live in the horror of their minds for a long while. Aaron Montague was just about to rape Lily Rosenberg... and she appeared to be beaten unconscious. Her face was bloodied and already turning to horrible bruises in places. The boy was crouched between her parted thighs with his pants and underwear around his knees. Lily's blouse was torn open and her skirt pushed up to her waist. Montague was looking at them in shock.

Harry found his voice first. He shouted something incoherent. It was angry and appalled, but not English nonetheless. His brain was so shocked by this sort of violation, he could not form proper words. Connor, on the other hand, had no such trouble.

"You are dead."

It was said so calmly that his leaping forward to tackle Montague from Lily's prone body was surprising. In seconds Connor was sitting on the other boy, strangling him and banging Montague's head against the stone floor.

"You hit her. You were about to rape her. I'll kill you."

Harry was sure that he was going to.

"Angel!" Snape shouted. "Do not kill him!"

"Connor! Don't!"

He couldn't control himself.

"Connor." Dawn was prying his hands off of Montague's throat. Or trying to.

Harry finally managed to move and joined her. "Connor, don't. If he dies, he gets off too easy."

Through Harry and Dawn pulling on him, Connor finally got enough of a grip on himself to release the one he had on Montague. The boy's face had been turning blue, but now it flushed red as Montague sucked in oxygen. Harry dragged Connor back to the opposite corner of the room, but not before the destroyer let out one vicious kick that caught Montague in the mouth, busting both the boy's lips. Dawn had her wand on the now-wailing in pain and holding his mouth Montague. Snape was bent over Lily. He'd already covered her back up. He'd even mopped a bit of the blood on her face up with his handkerchief.


Lily moaned in pain, but she did not come around.

"You can pull your pants up, but any funny business and I hex little Aaron off, got me?"

Montague was fiddling with his pants slowly. His face was still a bit red. His lips were bleeding something fierce. She was trying so hard to watch him, but not look at his penis that Dawn jumped when his wand, the wooden one, was suddenly pointed at her.


But Harry was the quicker. Montague's want flew to Harry.


Then so did the one he'd stolen from Lily. Montague had forgotten one thing... you didn't duel Harry Potter.

"You try to hex my girlfriend again, Montague, and I'm going to let Connor strangle you. Now get your soddin' pants up. No one here wants to see that."

Harry noticed Dawn was looking at him oddly.

"You're kinda cute with you're being all wizard-y and menacing with your wand."

"Please do not make me vomit before we get Miss Rosenberg to the infirmary." Snape hissed.

Dawn turned abruptly. "She's not all right?" Her voice cracked.

"I think she will be. She just won't wake. Mister Angel, can you perhaps carry Miss Rosenberg?"

"I can-" Harry started.

"Yes." Connor interrupted loudly.

"I'll take care of Mister Montague." Snape said in a menacing tone as he moved to stand over Aaron.

"The dark lord will see you rot." Montague voice crackled from the abuse his throat had taken.

"Will he?" Snape finally looked fully at Montague and noticed something darkening the boy's arm. Something identical to the one Severus used to display proudly on his own arm. The little shit was a Death Eater.

"You can not win against him."

"Hmmm." Snape appeared thoughtful. "I wonder, should he dispatch me, if he would live long enough to enjoy it? I think Professor Rosenberg would QUITE make your dark lord rue the damn day if he managed to be rid of me. She'd swirl down in a beautiful shadow of vengeance and eat whatever dusty organ was masquerading as his heart. I don't fear Voldemort, you lackey. I fear my girlfriend's wrath... should it ever be unleashed. I'll just live with the comfort that should he kill me, Professor Rosenberg will kill him... a lot... for it. Yes, that thought actually fills me with a warm glow."

"How dare you-"

"Silencio!" Snape looked at Harry and Dawn. "All Death Eaters are alike. I had no desire to hear him prattle on about how the dark lord squashed bugs like me without even breaking a sweat. So tiresome. Why did I ever consider that my calling?"

Harry and Dawn were just staring. Connor was just looking on with Lily snuggled in his arms. He didn't find this as strange as Dawn and Harry did, as they had known Snape a bit longer.

Snape moved his wand at Montague again. "Petrificus totalus. Mobilicorpus."

And the group of them headed for the infirmary.


Willow burst through the infirmary doors.

"Is she all right? What happened?"

Severus met her before she could get more panicked. He grabbed her arms. "Lily's fine. Madam Pomfrey has healed her. She's sleeping still. She was not hurt too badly."

There was a sound. Willow turned. Aaron Montague was sitting up, but he was magically handcuffed to a bed. Willow made a feral sound and lunged for him. Severus held her back.

"Easy now. Mister Angel already nearly choked him to death."

Willow looked around the room. She noticed Professor Dumbledore, Connor, Dawn, and Harry sitting between two beds. One had a sleeping Lily in it. The other bed had an awake Cassie Newton in it.

"Dawnie, are you ok?"

Dawn nodded. "Harry saved me."

Harry Potter turned bright red, and Severus made a sound that was somewhere between gagging and snorting.

"Cassie had a vision." Connor offered. "That's how we knew." He sat down next to the blonde girl.

"It was nothing. It just happened. It happens to me all the time. I'm just glad I could be of some help." Then she winced and pressed her hand to heart.

Madam Pomfrey was at her in an instant with a glass of something pink. "Easy dearie, drink this. You need to rest now."

Cassie took the glass and drained it. "Mmm. Bubble gum. Cool."

"Don't get used to it." Harry said. "Some of them taste rather vile."

Madam Pomfrey glared at him. " Do you have to be here, Potter?"

Harry grinned at her. Poppy rolled her eyes and stalked off with Cassie's empty glass. She actually did like Harry Potter quite a lot, despite his recent forays into sarcasm, and she was glad it wasn't him she was having to treat in the infirmary... because it usually was.

Then the doors burst open. Before anyone knew what was going on, Draco Malfoy was sitting on top of Aaron Montague and landing punches like he'd been born muggle. Ron rushed in and grabbed the blonde boy. He hauled him up off of Montague. Ron was probably the only one hefty enough and with enough arm strength to do so.

"Holy hell, Malfoy! Calm down!" Ron was struggling with the wiry Slytherin. "Harry, help me!"

But it was Snape that helped. He grabbed Draco by the collar and tossed him to the floor. Draco skidded across it a bit and smacked into one of the walls.

When he started to rise, Severus pointed one finger at the boy. "You will calm down. Now."

Snape's tone froze Draco in his tracks. Ginny rushed over and helped Draco stand the rest of the way. Hermione, Neville, and McGonagall tentatively entered.

"Are you insane?" Ginny hissed at Draco.


"Well, try not to act like a loony when my father has his talk with you."

Draco made a squawking sound and looked at her in alarm.

Dawn walked over then. "Wow."

Draco was breathing heavily and glaring holes in Montague's head. "I wanted to kill him."

"Join the club. Connor nearly DID kill him."


"She's sleeping. Go have a look. Not her prettiest, but she'll be ok."

"I've alerted the Ministry." McGonagall said as she walked over to Dumbledore. "They're sending over a few Aurors tonight."

Professor Dumbledore nodded.

"I can't believe it, Albus. Death Eaters in the school."

"It's not as if this is the first time there have been." Severus said. "This is just the first time they've been so blatant about doing Voldemort's work. Perhaps they realize the force they will be facing?"

"The dark lord is not afraid of any army YOU could assemble. He-"

"Silencio!" Harry Potter shouted with his wand up.

Everyone was looking at him.

"Tiresome Death Eater prattle. I just reckoned we could all do without it."

"Thank you, Harry." Dumbledore said. "Quite right."


Tara entered he room slowly. She had just come from an emergency meeting in Dumbledore's office. She couldn't believe what she'd heard. She couldn't believe Montague had attacked Lily. If Cassie had not had her vision, if Connor had not found her in time... Tara shuddered. It was too frightening... and he was a Death Eater. He had the dark mark and everything.

She sighed and shrugged out of the robes she'd hastily thrown on when Giles had come around to collect her for the meeting. She was standing there in a pair of underpants and a camisole looking for her robe.

"Oh, thanks for the show."

Tara gasped and spun around with her hand to her throat. Sirius was lying in her bed... wearing her robe. And what looked like ONLY her robe. Pale yellow terry cloth was an interesting look for him.

"What is it with everyone startling me today? You nearly made me pee!"

"Sorry. So what happened?"

Tara sighed. "Aaron Montague is a Death Eater."

Sirius sucked in air.

"He beat up Lily Rosenberg and tried to rape her."

"Shit. Is she all right?"

"Thanks to Harry, Connor, Dawn, and Severus. And Cassie's vision she had."

"He didn't..."

"No. He was about to, but Connor tackled him off of her. Damn near strangled him too, but Harry and Dawn pried him off of Montague."

"Bloody hell."

"Draco also tried to relieve Mister Montague of his life... with lots of punching. I didn't even know that kid knew how to do anything without a wand. I guess he really has changed."

Sirius snorted. "The right girl will do that to you."

Tara made a face at him. Her robe was gaping open exposing his chest. It also didn't cover his hairy man legs very well. Funny that she was very attracted to his hairy man legs. Hairy man legs usually repulsed her. Like five o'clock shadow did. But on Sirius it was attractive. Dare she even say... sexy.

"We really have to get you some clothes."


The Aurors had arrived and taken Aaron Montague into custody. Dumbledore had suspended him, pending his hearing to decide if he would be expelled or not. He likely would be. Very rarely when a student attacked another were they allowed back.

Plans were being made. Albus had already decided on certain things. Fred Burkle would serve as Cassie Newton's tutor. The American girl was getting her diploma by correspondence. She would also attend certain classes. If she was to live in this world, it would help her to have a better understanding of it. Connor Angel would be sorted after the winter holiday... which was quickly approaching. After that, eh would be attending classes with the first years.

And after that holiday, a spy was being placed in Slytherin to try to identify those who were or would be Death Eaters.

Things were definitely getting intense, despite fewer people littering the halls.


end part
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