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Snake Charming

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Drop in the Ocean Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to "A Drop in the Ocean".

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomanceechoFR1552170,344125870390,64523 Jan 036 Feb 06No

If You Court This Disaster

*~* If You Court This Disaster *~*

Lily opened her eyes... even though she did not want to.

Her whole body felt like one big bruise. She was in the infirmary. Connor was sitting in a chair. He was holding one of her hands. His head was resting on the bed, and he was snoring quietly. Cassie Newton was sleeping in the bed on her right. Neville was curled up in a chair next to Connor's. The bed to her left contained Harry and Dawn so curled around each other it was difficult to tell where Dawn ended and Harry began. Draco was asleep in a chair in between her bed and the one containing Dawn and Harry. Ginny was curled up and asleep in Draco's lap. Lily was willing to bet Ron would have a fit if he could see this now.

Lily sat up a bit more in the bed. Her mouth was all dry. She was about to call for someone when Madam Pomfrey startled her by being suddenly right there.

"Good. You're awake. How do you feel, Miss Rosenberg?"

"I... like I got stampeded by a pack of wild dragons, eaten by an ogre, then crapped out over a cliff onto sharp rocks."

Madam Pomfrey blinked. "Well... drink this then."

Lily took the vial from her. "What is it?"

"It's something that's going to help me get rid of those bruises and that busted lip."

"Oh ok." Lily drank what was in the vial and sputtered. "Yick! What'dya put in there? Old boot?"

Madam Pomfrey just glared at her before she started doing some intricate wand-waving and was muttering healing charms so fast Lily could not keep up. In mere minutes, she was already feeling a bit less bruised and achy.

"There now. You'll still be tender for a few days, but you don't look as much like you were on the losing end of a muggle brawl." Madam Pomfrey gave her leg a pat, then moved to check on Cassie.

"Madam Pomfrey?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Where's... Alex?"

"He's in a safe place. With Drusilla and Spike."

"Is... is Spike ok?"

"Don't you worry none about that just now, Miss Rosenberg. You just worry about getting well."

Lily sighed and flopped back against her pillows. This action woke Connor up. He sucked in air sharply as he bolted upright and rubbed his eyes with the hand that was not still holding one of Lily's.

"You're awake."

"Morning, Connor."

"Your face... it doesn't look so..."

"Madam Pomfrey did some healing magic. I'm still sore though."

He was up out of the chair and sitting on her bed's edge. Suddenly he leaned over her... quite far. His fingertips tucked some hair behind her ear.

"I would have killed him."

Her eyes went wide.

"I almost... he was over you like that and you weren't moving, and I just went... crazy. I don't even know why. It just... I got this horrible feeling in my heart to see you like that."

"Connor, I used to be a vampire. In the Master's inner circle, to be exact. I'm not unfamiliar with abuse or rape."

A muscle in his jaw ticked. The hand still holding hers tightened a bit.

"I do like that you came for me."

He gathered her in his arms and pulled her upright. Lily wrapped her arms around him as well. She noticed how nicely her head seemed to tuck into his neck, how he shivered when she tucked it there. Lily turned and rubbed her cheek against his shoulder. His arms tightened. She turned her head again. This time his face was peering down as hers looked up.

Their kiss was the lightest touch she had ever felt. It was like innocence. Lily had not felt such purity in so long.

Someone giggled. "Well... it's good to know you're feeling better."

Lily and Connor sprang apart. Tara was standing at the foot of the bed with Sirius. Dawn gave a loud snort as she finally awoke. This caused Harry to wake as well. He blushed a bit when he noticed his godfather regarding him with a raised eyebrow.

Draco sat up a bit then. Ginny gasped and scrambled off his lap. Draco just smirked at her. It was a good thing she had moved though... because the next people through the infirmary doors were her parents, Ron, and Hermione.

"Oh, Lily, you're awake. I'm so glad." Hermione said.

This startled Neville into wakefulness. Right as Seamus and Dean came strolling into the infirmary. Lily regarded them oddly.

"We just wanted to say have a nice holiday since we're on our way to the train." Dean said.

Seamus moved slowly to stand next to Lily's bed. He had a box in his hands. "I'm sorry about... everythin', Lily. If I'd a'known what that bastard had planned for ya, I never would'a.... I'm just sorry, all right? If we could be friends again... I'd like that. I understand if ya don't, but I'd like if ya did all the same."

"I think you and I can be friends, Finnigan. Just friends though."

"Just friends. naturally. I mean, I'm dating Lavender now."

Ron made a face at this bit of news. It wasn't a pleasant face either. Neville chuckled behind his hand, but hid it rather well with some coughing. But Draco, knowing very well that Longbottom was not coughing, started snickering.

"What, Malfoy?" Seamus snapped.

"Just don't see why you'd pass Lily over for Brown, is all. Rosenberg is a gem."

Lily blushed. Well, actually, her HAIR blushed. Everyone got really still.

"What?" She asked.

"Dude..." Was all Dawn could say, with no small amount of awe.

Because Lily's eyes had gone the exact shade of her hair... bright pink.


"Rosenberg..." Dean said in shock. "Your hair's just gone the color of cotton candy. Your eyes too."

Lily gasped. "Oh my God! What in the hell is the matter with me?!"

It was at that statement Willow entered the infirmary with her arm hooked through one of Snape's.


"Willow..." Lily whimpered.

The redhead pushed through everyone to get to Lily's side. "It's ok. You're ok. Hair and eyes are just a bit pink. It's fixable. And we'll figure out what's going on here. Don't panic."

Willow then placed a hand on Lily's heart and muttered something. The younger girl blinked a few times. Everyone gasped when her hair and eyes suddenly changed again. This time Lily was sporting black locks and eyes the same shade of green as Willow's.

Lily picked up an end of her hair. "Black?"

"You chose it, not me."


"I just whispered a little incantation for you to take your hair back to what it ought to be. Apparently this is what coloring your subconscious feels you ought to have."

Lily pointed at Willow then at Snape. "I look like a Willow/Snape hybrid like this, I'm sure of it. Hey, we could tell everybody I'm your kid."

Snape choked. Sirius chuckled. Willow made an exasperated face at Lily.

Sirius's chuckle made Dean and Seamus take note of him though. Seamus's eyes went wide.

"Sirius Black."

"Hello, Mister Finnigan."

Seamus tried to get his wand out, but Dawn was quick to bat it away.

"Stop that. He's not a murderer. He's not even a bad guy. He was framed."

"Oh right, Summers."

The doors to the infirmary banged open yet again, and Anya came in making the most noise ever. She was jumping about and making incoherent screeching sounds. She was also waving a copy of the Daily Prophet in one hand. Remus entered behind her, watching the former demon with a wry grin. His entrance was much more sedate.

"Miss Emerson!" Poppy snapped.

Anya just crossed to her and threw her arms around the school nurse before kissing her on the mouth.

"Whoa!" Ron said.

Draco leaned forward in his chair to get a better look. "Bloody hell, Professor Emerson's gone nutters."

"Either that or she just has a big crush on Madam Pomfrey." Harry offered.

Anya then bounded over to Sirius and kissed him.

"Or not."

Anya grabbed both sides of his face and REALLY planted one on him. Tara bristled. Remus straightened and looked far less 'lounging against the door frame'. Snape made a face of horror. Then Anya released Sirius suddenly and gave Tara the same treatment. Tongue and all.

"Moony, what in the HELL is wrong with your assistant?!" Sirius snapped right before he pulled Anya away from Tara.

Remus opened his mouth to answer, but Anya just squealed and hugged Sirius.

"Bloody hell, woman! Do stop your carrying on and say something the rest of us can understand!"

She stepped back breathing heavily. She paused dramatically, then held the paper up so he could see the headlines. "Happy Christmas, Mister Black."

Sirius just stared. He blinked a few times too.

"What? What is it?" Tara asked.

His eyes turned to her then. She gasped at the intensity in them. Next thing Tara knew, she had been grabbed, dipped a little, and was being so thoroughly kissed she could not have to you what was up from down.

"Whoa." Ron said.

Tara was righted, gasping for air. She grabbed the paper from Anya and looked. Her eyes went wide. She looked back at Sirius then threw herself into his arms, laughing in relief and delight.

"What?!" Harry shouted.

Tara handed him the paper. Several people crowded around to see the headline.


Harry looked at Sirius for what seemed like an eternity before he let out of whoop of joy and threw himself at his godfather.

"That was really fast." Willow said, looking at the paper and skimming the article. "It says they want you to come in for questioning still and to testify against Pettigrew at his trial."

"I'm just glad they decided to pardon me as quick as the convicted me. And I can't believe that little rat gets a trial. I didn't get a trial."

"I'm just so happy I could pee... everywhere!" Anya said before she threw her arms around Sirius... and Harry because he was still hugging Harry.

"Please don't." Harry muttered.

"You know, Potter, you're awfully mouthy for someone who has erectile dysfunction."

"I do NOT have erectile dysfunction!"

"Is THAT ever the truth." Willow muttered.

"What?" Anya said. "What was that?"


"How would YOU know? Oh my God, Willow please don't tell me you been playing naughty teacher with Harry."

Molly Weasley gasped.

"Anya!" Willow snapped. "You know full and well that I only play naughty teacher with Severus."

"Oh gross!" Ron said as Neville stiffened in horror and yelled. "Goo!"

"You guys actually play naughty teacher?" Anya asked, amused.

"Oh just shut up, Anya."

Draco sighed loudly. "Well, my brain needs a thorough scrubbing after the images that just cropped up in there."

"Willow and Snape just sort of... saw me and Harry..." Dawn started.

"Oh hell, Dawn." Harry said, cringing at the way everyone was looking at him. "Don't help. Please."

"Harry Potter." Molly gasped in her disapproving mother tone.

Sirius was looking at him with one eyebrow raised. "You and me... big talk later."

"But we didn't...."

"But you almost?" Sirius asked.

"Well, yeah, but we didn't..."

Anya sighed. "Erectile dysfunction."

"I do NOT have bloody erectile dysfunction! We didn't because we got interrupted! I was quite good to go there! It's just Snape a bit of a mood killer!"

Dawn cleared her throat. "What were you saying about not helping?"

Sirius was looking at Harry. "Big talk."

Draco had his face in his hands. "I know far too much about Potter's sex life."

"The perhaps you'd like to take a little walk with me and talk about something else." Arthur Weasley offered.

Draco looked up, and what little color was in his face to begin with drained away. He then squeaked. "Certainly, sir."

"Well..." Seamus said awkwardly. "I now have too much information to deal with, and Dean and I must catch the carriages to the train." He set the box he'd been holding on Lily's bed. "Happy Christmas, Lily. Don't open it until after I've left."

He and Dean followed Draco and Mr. Weasley out.

As soon as he was gone, Lily opened the package. She lifted the lid off of the tiny box and gasped at what was inside. It was a locket, a silver one in the shape of a heart. It had a green stone in the center of it.

"Very Slytherin." Neville remarked.

There was a note in the bottom of the box.



Please forgive the way I treated you. I am truly sorry. I did not intend to hurt you. I know that sounds feeble and stupid now, but it's still true. Please accept this as a peace offering, an offering of friendship. I do hope we can be friends again.

With the friendship-kind of love,

P.S. Colin took the photo inside.


Lily opened the locket and gasped.

"What?" Dawn said coming to sit on the side of the bed Connor was not occupying.

On one side of the heart was a tiny photo of Draco and Dawn. Dawn gasped because it was a wizarding photo, and Draco was laughing. They both were, but it was more striking on Draco. He was a different person when he laughed.

"What is it?" Hermione asked.

"It's a picture of me and Draco... and he's laughing."

"Oh, could I see?" Tara asked.

"Me too?" Ginny said.

Lily nodded.

Ginny touched the edge of the heart and smiled. "He looks so lovely when he laughs like that."

Ron made a gagging noise.

"Ginny, would you come along with me for a bit, dear?" Molly asked quietly.

Ginny nodded.

"All right." Madam Pomfrey snapped. "You all will have to clear this infirmary. My patients need rest."

Harry had been wondering how long it would take her to get fed up with all the non-ill and non-wounded bodies in her hospital wing. There was some grumbling, but everyone cleared out, pretty much. Neville had offered to come back and play chess with Lily or Cassie when they were better rested since his Gran had insisted he stay at Hogwarts this Christmas for some odd reason.

But Connor had not left.

"You too, Mister Angel."

Connor opened his mouth to snap that he was NOT leaving Lily, but Lily cut him off.

"Madam Pomfrey, might Connor stay? Please. I'd feel much... safer if he was here. After everything... Aaron.... I don't think..." She shivered.

"Of course he can stay then, dear." Poppy smiled at her before she hurried off to see about what potions she might need.

Connor gathered Lily up into his arms and began stroking her black hair. "It's going to be all right."

"I know." Lily said, winking at Cassie.

Cassie giggled. Connor pulled back and looked at Lily oddly

"I just said that stuff, so she'd let you stay. I'm kinda not ready to let you out of my sight either."

Connor blinked at her.

"Now why don't you pull those bed curtains closed, so we can snuggle?"


"You don't know how to snuggle?"


"Pull the curtains. It's easy. I think you'll like it."

Connor leaned down to whisper, a very alarmed and confused look on his face. "You wish for us to... fornicate in public?"

Cassie had to put a pillow over her face to stifle her giggles.

Lily regarded Connor with a wry look. "This is a clothes on sort of thing."

"You can have intercourse with your clothing on? I was taught that one had to be naked-"



"We're not having sex.... today."

"Oh." His brow furrowed. "Then what is this snuggling you spoke of? It sounded sexual."

Lily threw back the blankets on her bed and patted the space next to her. "Take your shoes off, and get in here."

"Are you sure we are not about to procreate?" Connor asked as he pulled his sneakers off.

"Two things... not all intimate touching is about sex. Second, not all people have sex to better populate the world."

"There are other reasons for sexual intercourse aside from the conceiving of offspring?"

Lily grinned. "You are gonna be the most fun I've ever had. I can tell."


Harry was walking with Dawn. Sirius was walking on his other side with Tara beside him. Remus and Anya were behind them.

"So... Harry." Sirius started.

Harry stopped walking. Everyone else did as well.

"Look, Sirius, you're my godfather and all, and I love you dearly, and I'm real glad you aren't a convicted murderer anymore, but I don't reckon you're the best bloke for giving me the safe sex speech."

Anya snickered.

"Why not?" Sirius asked, looking affronted.

Harry leaned around him and looked pointedly at Tara's belly.

"Oh. Right. That."

"I could give Harry the safe sex talk." Anya volunteered.

"No way." Dawn said. "You do that, and he'll never put out."

"That idea suddenly has all sorts of merit." Remus remarked casually.

Dawn and Harry both glared at him.

Ron, Hermione, and Neville walked past at that point, and Harry and Dawn quickly left the adults behind for their friends before said adults could get anymore 'wonderful' ideas.


end part
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