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Snake Charming

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Drop in the Ocean Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The sequel to "A Drop in the Ocean".

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > RomanceechoFR1552170,344125870390,63123 Jan 036 Feb 06No

Boys Will Be

*~* Boys Will Be *~*

With the commotion of Sirius arriving, they slipped away. In the darkness of pre-dawn. What they did not know was that they very much were not alone.

Draco screeched like a little girl when a hand clamped onto his shoulder. Connor, on the other hand, attacked.

"Get off of me." Ron hissed in an angry whisper.

Neville was chuckling behind his hand.

"What are the three of you doing?" Draco snapped at Harry, Ron, and Neville. Then he specifically looked at Harry. "Shouldn't you be in the infirmary?"

"You're going after him, aren't you?" Neville asked. "Your father? You're going after him, right?"

Draco sighed loudly and rolled his eyes. "What if we are?"

"Well, we're certainly not letting you two go it alone." Harry said as if it were the most obvious reasoning in the world.

"Why not?" Draco said, looking sour. "We aren't friends. You despise me, Potter, as I despise you. It's the way it ought to be. I can stalk my father down alone. Well, with Angel. We don't need your help. Didn't ask for it. You aren't tagging along, and really, should you or should you not have your happy Gryff arse in a hospital bed?"

"See." Ron said. "I told you this was a shitty plan."

"Don't swear." Connor said in a tone that much mimicked Hermione.

Ron glared at him.

"Look." Neville said. "You two can't get to have all the fun."

"Fun? You think killing my father might be fun, Longbottom?"

"Kill?" Harry squeaked. "Who said kill?"

"It might be." Neville retorted.

Draco snorted with inappropriate laughter. "You're right. Could be fun."

"I knew I wasn't the only one." Connor mumbled.

"Look, Gryffinfreaks, we're not killing anyone." Draco looked pointedly at Connor. "We're not tossing anyone into the sea in a coffin either. This is a subdue and haul to the proper authorities mission. Got that through our thick heroic skulls, mates? No killing of my father, but feel free to hex. Hexing is good."

They all nodded.

"I'm serious though, Potter, shouldn't you be resting? It seems like we're coming to the end of days here. I'd think you'd want to be all charged up and refreshed."

"Bite me, Malfoy."

"Been there. Done that."

Ron cringed. "Oh gross."


"Has anyone seen Harry?" Dawn asked as a first year let her into the Gryffindor common room.

Normally a Slytherin wouldn't have been let in, but she was Harry Potter's girlfriend.

"No." Hermione said with a fair bit of irritation. "No one seems to know where Ron is either."

Ginny came stomping through the portrait hole next. "Oooo, he is so gonna get it for standing me up. Who does he think he is? But more importantly, where in the heck is he at?"

Lily followed her in. "Easy, Gin. We'll just have Connor sniff him out."

"Good theory, but Colin said Connor left his room very early this morning and hasn't been back." Hermione offered.

Then Cassie came through the wall. Dumbledore and Nick had given her special ghosting privileges. She was allowed through the wards that kept the other ghosts out of Gryffindor Tower. Like with the portrait holes, there was a magical barrier that a password could be told to.

"I can't seem to locate Neville anywhere. No one's seen him at all."

Dawn noted to herself that Dennis Creevey seemed to be hiding behind his Charms text and listening intently to the comments being hurled.

"That's odd." Hermione said. "Harry, Ron, Draco, and Connor all missing. You don't suppose they're off getting into trouble, do you?"

"Well, Harry is with them." Ginny said dryly. "You know how good Harry is at avoiding trouble."

Hermione glared. "Ginny."

Lily snickered. Dawn noticed Dennis Creevey hunkering down lower behind his Charms text.

"Hey, Dennis." Dawn said loudly.

He hunkered lower still. Hermione arched a brow. Her lips were pinched in an irritated manner. She rose quickly, stalked to Dennis, and snatched his text from his hands. "Dennis?"

"I didn't mean to overhear."

Ginny rounded on him then. "Overhear what?"

"Something about hunting and Harry, Neville, and Ron following Connor and Malfoy."

"Oh those idiots." Lily breathed.

Ginny scowled, then it dawned on her... like a match to gasoline. "No. They didn't. They wouldn't. They couldn't have... could they?"

"Well, they are boys." Lily said.

"Oh... fuckity fuck fuck with a bugger on top."

"Ginny." Hermione hissed. "Don't swear."

"This is a moment worthy of some truly foul swears, Hermione, I assure you."

Dawn was getting a funny feeling in the pit of her belly. "What? Why?"

"What have they done?" Hermione asked, looking a bit nervous herself.

"They've gone after Draco's father."

"Oh shit."


Sirius was situated in the infirmary. No one could figure out why he would not wake. Remus watched with a heavy heart as his daughter curled up next to Sirius and began whispering in his ear. He felt a hand on his shoulder. Anya. He patted her hand.

"We'll figure this out. Smart people are working on it."

Remus chuckled a bit hollowly. "I know."

"You just can't stand to see her hurting. Me neither."

"I can't stand to see anyone I care about suffer."

"I used to love watching people suffer. I thrived and survived on their pain."

"But that isn't who you are now."

"So sure?"

"I am certain. Of that, I am certain. It's other things that are shaky with my faith."

Anya gave his shoulder another squeeze before going to offer her aid to Poppy. Like most of them, she was mildly disturbed by Drusilla sitting with Pansy Parkinson. But Spike was watching them. Closely. And though Spike could be touch and go some days, he was more touch than go lately. That had to count for something, didn't it?

She opened her mouth to speak, when Dru started screaming.

The doors to the infirmary burst open and a Slytherin 7th year stormed in with her wand pointed at Pansy. Before anyone could react, the girl had a curse out. A bad one too. The worst. The one that started with Adava.

Dru took it in the back for holding Pansy. The vampiress screeched in pain, because it had been the death curse and she was already dead, Dru didn't react in the normal way. Anya took a flying leap at the girl, whose eyes were cloudy. She couldn't be sure of the words, but something was uttered as she collided with said girl, and for Anya Emerson, the world turned black.

"ANYA!" Remus screamed at the same time Poppy yelled. "PATRIFICUS TOTALUS!"

"Dru?" Spike was holding her limp body in his arms.

Pansy had scurried under her bed after they had fallen to the floor from the hexing and was crying with her hands clamped over her ears.

"Please, pet. Baby... don't be..."

"Already dead." She whispered. "Can't kill me twice. I'm not slayer, dearie. Dead stuck to me."

"Mama?" Pansy whispered.

"Right here, lovie."

Spike blinked as Dru reached out and took one of Pansy's hands. Just great. The crazy sisters. Loony and Tunes, right here, holding hands. And the infirmary was alive with chaos. Suddenly Edward came through the wall near them.



"We are in big trouble."


"Draco's gone after Lucius."

Spike suddenly felt a bit ill. "What?"

"Go." Drusilla whispered. "Go after your boy, Spike. He will need you. I have my own cares."

She seemed more... lucid just now. Her tone was normal. Not a singsong word in sight. Spike sprung to his feet.

"The girls have gone after them." Drusilla called.

Spike gritted his teeth. As he ran out of the infirmary, he passed Willow and Snape.

"Spike something's-"

"Going on. I'll say. Some Slytherin chit just went all wonky and tried to death hex Parkinson. Then she knocked Anya out before Poppy could subdue her proper."

"What?" Snape snapped in shock.

"Also my Mini-me's gone after his pops. With Angel's beget, Potter, Weasley, and likely Longbottom. Their girls have given chase. Probably to stop them. All I know is they all need to be brought back in before they get their fool wizard and witch arses hurt. Or worse... dead. Luce isn't puppies and kittens, and while I appreciate the need to make the bastard bleed, but they'll get hurt first. Especially Drake. He's letting his emotions get in his way here, I suspect."

"Oh goddess." Willow gasped. "And Lily... went..."

"After them, I'm sure. I mean, what would you do, Red? She's you. What would you have done?"

Snape had gone utterly still. "She is getting a spanking... and not the kind she'd likely enjoy. And I'll wring Malfoy's neck, the little pompous git. What in the hell is that boy thinking? And Summers, she's supposed to be more clever than this. I swear to Merlin-"

Willow put a hand on his arm. "Severus."

"Well, do none of them have any brains at all in their heads? It's foolishness and folly. Deadly folly. There aren't enough detentions in the school to suit me for this. And I know Summers has gone after them as well. I just know it. Don't even try to tell me she didn't. Where is the cunning that is supposed to be in my house? This reeks of very little planning or subterfuge."

Spike smirked. "So I gather you're coming with me on this little rescue and recovery?"

"You may gather indeed."

Willow perked up. "Well, then I'm-"

"Staying here."


"I can only worry about Lily just now. My heart can't take you out in the wild as well. Spike's right, as much as I hate uttering those particular words. Lucius is quite dangerous. I need you nowhere near that man. Please."

"She's my daughter too. I want to go after her too. She chose me as much as she chose you."

"Red-" Spike started.

"I know." Snape flinched. "Still... please."

And just then it dawned on Willow that he was doing a very uncharacteristic thing for him. He was asking. A Slytherin was asking for something. Her eyes welled up with tears. She'd never loved him more, and though she hated to stay behind, she knew he needed her to. Just today. Just this once, and she could give him that.

"Only today. You bring her back."

"As if I accept any other outcome."

"Don't I need to vomit?" Spike asked. "On the both of you? Be in love on your own time when I don't have to watch."

Willow kissed her fingertips and touched them to Snape's lips.

"Oh bloody hell." Spike snapped before stalking off and making gag noises.

Severus touched his hand to Willow's cheek before hurrying off after the blonde vampire.


They had been set upon almost as soon as they left Hogwarts' grounds. You'd think the lot of them had been waiting for the boys to leave, like they knew. Maybe they had.

The boys were tied up, and due to Ron's griping, he'd been hit with a silencing charm.

"I must admit, I am a bit shocked to see the legendary Harry Potter in cahoots with my son." Lucius remarked as he paced before his bound prisoners.

"Did he just use the word cahoots in his villain monologue?" Connor asked.

"Silence, mudblood!"

"Is he talking to me?"

Draco just smirked. Widely. "Father, I don't know if Connor can technically be called a mudblood. He's not pureblood in the traditional sense, but both his parents were vampires. That's certainly... a bit supernatural, isn't it? Magical, right? What's the Dark Turd's stance on miracle baby destroyer types?"

Lucius made an affronted choking sound.

Harry leaned around Neville. "Malfoy, did you just call Voldemort the Dark Turd?"

"Yes, I do believe I did."

"That's brilliant."

"I thought so as well. I can be quite clever sometimes."

Neville chimed in. "Too bad you weren't more clever with this hunting plan. We might not be tied up just now."

"Sod off."

"SILENCE!" Lucius was looking a bit mottled. "You will not refer to the Dark Lord as such."

"I didn't call him such."

Harry piped in then. "Too true. He called him the Dark Turd. Not such."

Lucius made a screechy sound, and his eyes had gone a bit wild. He pointed his wand at Harry.

"Careful, Father, would your master be at all happy if you deprived him of killing the boy who lived?"

Lucius snarled and pointed his wand at Draco instead. "Avada-"

Someone screamed then, and Lucius was tackled to the ground before he could get his curse completely out. The next thing the boys knew, Ginny and Hermione were untying them.

"Stupid, stupid idiot!" Ginny hissed as she landed a few slaps to Draco's head.


"I agree." A new and dangerously angry voice said. "About the lot of you. What in the bloody hell do you think you are doing out of the school?"

"Spike?" Draco asked.

His ancestor walked out of the shadows, cool as a spring breeze. The shocker was Snape right behind him.

"Where's Lucius?"

"We've got him."

Everyone turned.

Dawn, horrifyingly, was choking Lucius Malfoy with her legs about his throat in a scissors hold. Lily was holding his wand arm tightly, half sitting on the man's chest, and had managed to get the man's wand away from him. It was currently tucked behind her ear.

"That's my girlfriend." Harry said.

"The other one's mine." Connor said with a grin.

"The lot of you have detention for the next month." Snape barked.

"WHAT?!" Was the general cry.

"And you." Snape pointed at Lily. "Have made your mother worry. There are spankings in your future, young miss... and not the pleasant sort either."

"Oh hell..." Harry said, cringing. "Snape knows about good spankings? I so did not need to know that. Ever."

Draco nodded. "I do believe my brain needs a thorough scrubbing now."

"Detention? For a month? Are you HAPPY now, run off halfcocked guys?" Dawn snapped.

Spike leaned down into her face. "Well, YOU LOT didn't have to go on after them without telling anyone, did you?"

"And Summers." Snape added. "Your sister will hear about this. You just think about that. This may come as a shock to you all, but the whole group of you are still students. You are still under age. The school, Hogwarts, is currently responsible for your safety, and three of you being in my house are answerable specifically to ME. I do not tolerate such foolhardy heroics. Attempt anything of this nature again, and you all will be very sorry indeed. And perhaps you ought to stop choking Malfoy Senior with your legs, Miss Summers. It's not only tacky and a bit muggle, but he's turning a tad blue in the face."

::end part

AN: Yes, I updated, yo. Finally, right? I'll keep plugging on. I do want to finish this one, but there's lots going on with me right now. Updates could be few and far between. Thank you for your patience and support.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Snake Charming" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Feb 06.

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