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Valentine's Consequences

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Summary: Violations of the Laws of Magic must be judged

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Literature > Dresden Files, ThecmdruhuraFR1813,5400251,81616 Jul 1216 Jul 12No
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters from BtVS or The Dresden Files. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
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Summary: Violations of the Laws of Magic must be judged

AN – Thoughts are marked as follows - {I’m thinking.}

Xander was prodded awake by a something sharp poking in the butt. He quickly rolled off his bed away from whatever was poking him only to come face to face with a man wearing a dark trench coat and holding a sword point at Xander’s neck, just under his chin. As such Xander froze.

“Alexander Lavelle Harris, you are under arrest for the misuse of magic,” stated the man. “Due to the severity of the charges, should you resist, I am authorized to use deadly force. Now, will you come along peacefully or do I remove your head here and now?”

For his part Xander wasn’t too enthused with either choice, but the losing of his head option definitely pushed him to the former rather than the latter.

“Am I permitted to dress before we go?” he managed to squeak out, trying to avoid nicking himself on the point of the sword.

“No funny business,” said the man.

Xander very slowly grabbed pants, shirt, and socks from his dresser and put them on. He decided against changing his boxers ‘cause he wasn’t about to expose more of himself than he already was to the guy’s sword.

While he dressed, he asked a bit timidly, “Are you sure you’ve got the right person? I can’t do magic and it acts real wonky around me as it is.”

Even though the man had stated Xander’s full name and even as bad at math as he was, he knew the odds of there being another Alexander Lavelle Harris out there in the world were mighty slim.

“You did blackmail Amy Madison into performing a ‘Love Spell’, did you not?” said the man.

“Well . . . uh . . . ya see . . . uh . . . it’s complicated,” replied Xander.

“In that case, the Senior Council will help you un-complicate it.”

“Put these on,” continued the man as he tossed over hand and ankle manacles connected by a chain.

Xander did as he was told. Not only because of the sword the man held but the man also had a rather large revolver strapped to his thigh in addition to a large staff with what he recognized as runes etched into the wood.

{This guy is some kind of wizard or warlock,} Xander concluded. {Maybe an Auror like in the Harry Potter books.}

“Do I get a Lawyer?” Xander asked as he finished snapping the manacles around his wrists, noticing there were no key holes for them.

“All those needed for the trial will be present,” came the non-committal answer.

With that a portal was opened and Xander marched through.

Xander found himself in a courtyard outside a rather impressive building. A building his escort prodded him towards.

The door to the building opened without him even touching it.

They walked in silence down a wide hallway to another set of doors which also opened on their approach.

Inside there was an arched dais with seven chairs behind what could be a judge’s bench. Off to his left was a table where a female with her back to him sat. He could see chains similar to his attached to her. There was another guard-like person near her.

From the hair style and color he knew who it was.

As he sat down he said, “Amy.”

She turned towards him but the guard at the table butted in, “Silence! No talking until you’re given permission.”

The two young people sat there in silence for a few minutes then heard a ruckus outside the doors.

Doors that suddenly flew open and another of the ‘Auror’ guys came sliding the length of the room to crash into the far wall.

“I warned you guys not to touch my mother!” came a shouted voice that Xander knew all too well.

Just outside the doors stood, with several other ‘Auror’ types pointing various objects at her, was Buffy, still sporting bed hair. Just behind her were Giles and Ms. Calendar who were on either side of a shell shocked looking Mrs. Summers. Also in the group were Willow, Cordelia, Harmony, Aphrodesia, Aura, and several other girls whose faces he recognized from school but couldn’t put a name to. Other than Willow and Cordelia, the other girls looked as shell shocked as Mrs. Summers.

“Buffy, please don’t make things more difficult than they already are,” admonished Giles gently. “The Wardens are not going to hurt your Mother. And your tossing them around will only lead to her being more upset should they retaliate and injure you.”

Though he was a ways away, even Xander could see the mixture of fear, concern, anger, and uncertainty in his blonde friend’s eyes. He noticed that she was wound tight and could explode even more than she apparently had at the slightest provocation. However, at Giles warning about upsetting her Mother, Buffy immediately hurried back to Joyce and hugged her while mumbling something Xander couldn’t hear, though he could guess it was probably apologetic in nature. Maybe even soothing assurances of some kind.

Buffy being in an emotional turmoil of such extremes was NOT a good sign.

The group was directed over to some seats while two of the Warden guys helped the human bowling ball out of the obvious courtroom.

Xander heard them being advised to not speak until spoken to and that further outbursts, whether verbal or physical, would not be tolerated. It was furthered explained that Giles and Ms. Calendar were present only to help keep the girls calm. And the only reason Mrs. Summers was there was because Buffy had attacked the Warden who was sent to fetch her and the ruckus woke her Mother up.

Buffy glared but said nothing and went back to hugging her mother.

{The Warden guys were lucky that Buffy only had Supergirl strength and speed, ‘cause if she had Heat Vision, they’d have been charcoal already,} thought Xander.

“All rise,” cried out a Warden near a side door next to the dais.

Seven elderly men filed in from the doorway and made their way to the chairs on the dais. Once the seven were situated, the middle guy rapped a gavel and said, “Be seated”

Once everyone sat down, the middle guy said, “This session of the Senior Council is to determine the punishments for Amy Madison and Alexander Lavelle Harris for violations of the Laws of Magic.”

Miss Calendar put her hand over Willow’s mouth and Giles barely restrained Buffy from speaking as well with a look that went from the petite blonde to her Mother.

Amy gasped at the announcement.

Xander, himself, just mused fatalistically, {So much for the trial.}

“Rise Amy Madison,” said one of the Wardens standing on her side of the table.

Amy did so, shakily.

“You are accused of violation of the ‘Thou shalt not enthrall others’ Law of Magic a total of 391 times, with 385 of those being committed as a result of a botched ‘Love Spell’,” stated another Warden standing by the bench containing the Senior Council. “You are also charged with violation of the ‘Thou shalt not transform others’ Law of Magic. The fact that you have broken two of the seven Laws of Magic is serious enough. The multiple violations of one of those Laws increases the severity of your crime as does the fact that ‘Love Spells’ are considered a form of rape and that the botched spell could have resulted in at least 388 deaths had it not been broken in time means you could be sentenced to the most severe punishment allowed by this Council.”

Amy was shaking so badly from fear by the time them Warden finished speaking that she just collapsed back into her chair sobbing and almost slid out of it if not for the Warden standing next to her. He did leave her sitting instead of trying to make her stand.

“That’s not fair!” shouted Xander. “I forced her to do the ‘Love Spell’! She shouldn’t be punished for it.!”

“Silence!” shouted the Councilman in the center. “As you did not invade her mind or enthrall her to do your bidding, Amy Madison could have exerted free will and refused you. Therefore it was her choice to violate the law, just as it was her choice to violate it six times previously by turning in phantom homework which is what gave you your blackmail material in the first place. As to the second law she violated, that was done while under the influence of the selfsame botched ‘Love Spell’ which does mitigate its severity a bit, but only a bit. As for her punishment, that announcement will wait until after your charges have been announced.”

“Rise Alexander Lavelle Harris,” said the Warden standing next to him.

Xander did with only a little less shake than Amy.

“You are accused of violation of the ‘Thou shalt not enthrall others’ Law of Magic a total of 386 times as a result of a botched ‘Love Spell’ that you coerced Amy Madison to perform,” stated another Warden standing by the bench containing the Senior Council. “The multiple violations of that Law increases the severity of your crime as does the fact that ‘Love Spells’ are considered a form of rape and that the botched spell could have resulted in at least 388 deaths had it not been broken in time means you too could be sentenced to the most severe punishment allowed by this Council.”

Xander remained standing and took a deep breath.

“I object to the association of rape to the ‘Love Spell’ as I never had sex with any that were affected and I request you explain how so many deaths could be attributed to it,” he stated clearly but calmly.

Xander’s statement didn’t seem to fluster the Council and none of the Wardens took any action to reprimand him for speaking.

The Councilman in the middle instead said, “Janna Kalderash, would you please define ‘rape’.”

Jenny slowly stood and looked sadly over at the two shackled young people. She hated the words she was going to say.

“‘Rape’ is a violation,” said the Gypsy sadly, not looking at the accused. “In this case it is a violation of free will. The person affected cannot say ‘no’ to the compulsion of the spell. The fact that actual sexual congress did not take place is irrelevant as the violation did.”

“I’m sorry,” she added quietly as she sat down.

Xander wanted to be mad that his teacher didn’t help his argument but couldn’t. She’d spoken the truth that he’d been avoiding since the Spell. Plus, he wasn’t sure what type of punishment she or the others might face for not speaking the truth. The Senior Council and their Wardens did not seem like a very tolerant bunch.

“Do you accept Janna’s definition of ‘rape’?” asked the middle Councilman.

“Yes, sir,” replied Xander dejectedly as he sat down.

“What about you Ms. Madison?”

Amy was quietly sobbing but managed to reply with a barely audible, “Yes.”

“As to the question of deaths being the result of the ‘Love Spell’, were you and Cordelia Chase almost nearly killed when those affected by it attacked the two of you in a jealous rage?” asked the middle Councilman.


“Well, with the object of their affection dead, along with the main target of their jealousy as well, what do you think would happen next?”

Xander was allowed to think about that for a bit before he admitted, “I don’t know.”

“They would have turned their murderous jealous rage against each other, Mr. Harris, that’s what would happen, because they would see your death as the fault of each other,” stated the middle Councilman. “And against any other female they came across until all those affected by the ‘Spell’ were dead. Including the transformed Slayer.”

Xander, Amy, and the other Sunnydalers all blanched at the images that conjured up. Even the ones that were still in shock over what they’d been drawn into with magic being real and all.

“Mr. Harris, now that we have cleared up your questions, I would like you to tell everyone here just exactly what you did intend to happen if the ‘Love Spell’ didn’t get botched,” said the middle Councilman.

Xander squirmed a bit uncomfortably before he finally said, “It was supposed to make Cordelia fall madly in love with me so that after a few days of everyone seeing her fawn all over me . . . I . . . I . . . couldpublicallydumpher.”

Unfortunately for Xander, he was nowhere close to Willow babble level and everyone was able to understand what he’d said.

Cordelia did not look happy that Xander had planned to dump her.

“I see,” said the middle Councilman. “And what do you think would have happened then?”

“Cordelia would be humiliated and know how I felt when she dumped me on Valentine’s Day, right after I gave her that expensive necklace,” replied Xander flatly.

“Ah, but is that how the young women who were affected by the ‘Spell’ acted when you spurned them?”

Xander’s eyes got quite big as he realized that it was likely Cordelia would be the one to try and kill him. He further proved to himself that he wasn’t completely stupid when he deduced that Cordelia would then go on a rampage against any and all females she would blame for him not loving her and only her own death would put an end to it.

Seeing that Xander and everyone else understood the consequences would have been similar even if the ‘Spell’ had worked the way Xander had wanted, the middle Councilman moved on, “Another thing, Mr. Harris, do you know why the ‘Spell’ was botched?”

After a brief hesitation, he answered, “No.”

“What about you Ms. Madison?”

“No, sir,” she said quietly, having barely gotten her sobs of despair under control.

“It’s because Ms. Chase still loved you Mr. Harris. There was no need for a ‘Love Spell’ to be cast. This left the ‘Spell’ with no focus and thus affected all females in the area who saw you who’d entered puberty and older. It was your own stupidity and Ms. Madison’s ignorance and lack of backbone to stand up to you that has brought us all here today,” said the middle Councilman. “Where you both stand guilty of serious violations of Magical Law and twelve young women will be dead within a year if something is not done.”

“Whoa there!” shouted Xander, while gasps came from the Sunnydale group who realized how many females were present. “What do you mean twelve women are going to die because of the ‘Spell’? I thought it was said that those deaths were avoided because the ‘Spell’ was broken in time?”

“The potential deaths due to the jealous rage of those affected by the ‘Spell’ was averted,” said the middle Councilman. “However, twelve young women had actual skin-to-skin contact with you which due to the nature of the ‘Spell’ Ms. Madison used bound them to you. To fulfill their obligations imposed on them by that bond, they must conceive a child fathered by you within a year or they will die to pay the price of the ‘Spell’. If they do conceive but miscarry or otherwise lose the child before it is born they can try to conceive again but the time limit will be what remains from subtracting from the one year limit the time from the start of the time limit to when they conceived. For example, if one of the young women conceives two months after the start of the time limit and miscarries two months later, she will only have ten months left in which to conceive again.”

“You’re saying I have to have sex with Xander Harris and get pregnant, or I’ll die?” screeched Harmony. “I think I’d choose death.”

“Shut it, Harmony!” growled Cordelia, her anger at Xander, Amy, and this whole situation has her very high strung at the moment and she is no mood for any histrionics from her second in command.

Harmony pouted but kept quiet.

The middle Councilman just said, “It is your choice to make.”

“Due to this situation, we on the Senior Council are faced with a dilemma as to Mr. Harris’ punishment,” continued the middle Councilman. “And to a lesser extent, Ms. Madison’s as well as she is one of the young women in jeopardy. At a minimum she would be sentenced to imprisonment for several years and our prisons do not allow for conjugal visits, so we would in essence be sentencing her to death. Which of course is the maximum sentence we could impose for her crimes. And a death sentence is the maximum that could be handed down for the crimes Mr. Harris is guilty of as well, and imprisonment the least.”

“However, to do either places at least ten innocent young women at risk of death within a year,” added the middle Councilman. “I didn’t include Ms. Summers in that, even though she is technically innocent as well despite assaulting a Warden, since she is The Slayer and she has the added risks inherent with her Calling to contend with that make surviving the year problematic even without having to get pregnant.”

“Have you resolved your dilemma?” inquired Giles cautiously.

“We have,” came the reply.

“Amy Madison, please rise and receive the judgment of the Senior Council.”

The Warden next to Amy, helped her stand.

“You are hereby sentenced to have your powers bound for the next ten years. You will be on probation for the next twenty years. Should you desire to practice magic after your powers are unbound, you will train with an approved mentor for the remainder of your probation. Violation of your probation shall garner you a death sentence, though if you are pregnant at the time your sentence will be carried out after you give birth. The terms of your probation will be explained to you by the Warden assigned as your probation officer. Do you understand?”

“Ye . . .yes, sir. Th . . . . thank you, sir.”

Amy managed to sit back down on her own.

“Alexander Lavelle Harris, please rise and receive the judgment of the Senior Council.”

Xander rose.

“Your probation is for twenty-five years. You will not refuse any of the twelve young women who may come to you to avoid the fate you’ve condemned them to. You will serve an additional fives years probation for every young woman who fails to conceive within the time limit and bear you a child, regardless of whether she came to you or not. If any do die due to not conceiving your child within the time limit, you will feel their passing every hour on the hours every year on the anniversary of their death. You are to learn a trade or get the education needed to obtain a well paying job so you can contribute to the financial needs of your children. You are forbidden to marry anyone or get any other woman pregnant, ever. Violation of your probation shall get you thrown into prison for the rest of your life and we can extend your life a long time should we deem to do so. Of course the prison sentence will not start until after the time limit is reached for all twelve of the young women. The terms of your probation will be explained to you by the Warden assigned as your probation officer. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Very well. Just so there is no confusion as to who the twelve young women are that the Warden’s determined are bound to you, please stand as I call your name.”

“Michele Blake. Holly Charleston, Cordelia Chase, Lishane Danvers, Amber Fredricks, Aura Johnson, Aphrodesia Jones, Harmony Kendall, Amy Madison, Joy Peterson, Willow Rosenberg, and Buffy Anne Summers.”

“Ms. Summers, will you please remain standing? The rest of you may sit down.”

“Although not strictly a violation of any of the Seven Laws of Magic, assaulting a Warden is normally not tolerated,” said the middle Councilman.

“Well I don’t tolerate strangers popping into my bedroom at night unannounced either, no matter who they are. That’s plain stupid,” Buff shot back. “I would think your Warden guys would be smarter than to do that when that person is a Slayer. And the other guy tried to push my Mom faster to get here while she’s still freaking out about what’s happening.”

“I realize there are mitigating circumstances and am therefore just issuing you a warning. Do not interfere with the Warden assigned to Ms. Madison and Mr. Harris. Am I clear?”

“Fine,” pouted Buffy and she sat down. Considering what happened to Amy and Xander, she was very happy to get off with a warning though she still feared what would happen with her Mother once they got back home and the shock wore off. There was definitely going to be a lot of drama.

“The Warden assigned as the probation officer for both Ms. Madison and Mr. Harris is Harry Dresden. He will also assist Ms. Summers with dealing with Angelus, Spike and Drusilla. Not to mention explaining things to your Mother.”

Harry was not amused by the last instruction.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Valentine's Consequences" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Jul 12.

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