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Ethan's new adventures

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Summary: Ethan's adventures after being captured by the Initiative.

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Disclaimer: see previous chapters.

Several hours later Ethan was sitting in a pub well away from New York, drinking away his new fiscal success. Wolf, for all of his flaws - such as an obvious confusion of his species and a going-to-be-upgraded membership in the order of Taraka – was lawful enough (in a certain meaning of the term) to keep his word; plus, for him the kidnapping of Fox Xanatos hadn’t been so much about money, but more about moral payback; either way, right now Ethan found himself on his own again, but several hundred thousand dollars richer, which was important.

Ethan never had much luck with money; his schemes, while chaotic, were also both expensive and aimed to enrich him; right now, though, he had a significantly greater amount of money than he usually had, and no concrete idea as to how to spend it.

“Well, chaos brought me these riches, maybe chaos will tell me what to do with them,” Ethan thought idly, as he finally chose his drink. It was then that he became aware of another person in the pub – a woman, quite good-looking, but what had attracted Ethan to her was a faint – but not too faint – signs of latent magic centered on her.

“Hello, beautiful,” he said brightly as he sat down next to her. There were several signs of her drinking, but Ethan did not care about that for the moment.

“Hello to you too,” the woman said flatly, sounding less than enthused about Ethan’s presence in her life.

“So, what seems to be the problem in your life?” Ethan pressed on, judging that the woman was drunk enough for him to be direct.

“An identity crisis. An ideology crisis. The factual realization that I’m a selfish bitch even though I don’t want to be one,” the woman said idly, oblivious to Ethan eyeing her in a non-sexual way. “Take your pick, really.”

“Mm-hmm,” Ethan nodded, not really listening to her. Even he did not usually go around bars breaking spells, but this spell was shaped rather similarly to the magical-slash-alchemical formula that he had used earlier on Xanatos’ robots, so he decided that he could break it without any time expense.

The matter as to whether or not he should break it did not even enter Ethan’s mind: he was a spontaneous kind of man, and right now this spontaneity led him to breaking the spell – and he broke it.

The result was something else. The arcane components of the spell just burst apart in a mist-like spray, causing the material components to fall to the ground with a clang, and the woman...just froze, closed her eyes and re-opened them... revealing twin orbs of oily blackness.

Patches of the same blackness appeared briefly on the woman’s skin, before vanishing, as the woman recovered her control.

“Well!” she said, slowly right now, “that explains certain things. No, make that most of things for the last 300 years or so.”

“Excuse me,” Ethan spoke-up quietly, and that was a mistake: for the second time in his life, with only a brief interval, he found himself face to face with a fallen elohim, and on this occasion he did not have any protective magic on hand.

“Listen here, chaos mage,” the elohim licked her lips: unlike her predecessor at the US military holding facility, she was sane and aware of her surroundings. “I’m grateful that you broke my bindings, forced upon me by the Illuminati, but don’t expect any favors: I’m off to distribute pink elephants and you’re not on the list.”

Ethan wisely held his tongue – the elohim could harm him worse than even Ripper could – and just watched her leave.
“Two elohim in a time span less than a month,” he muttered to himself. “That’s it; I know what to do – take a vacation abroad.”

Something slithered up to him - it was the faerie dragon: apparently it had finished depositing its share of money into its hoard in the vault, and had smelled - or somehow else sensed - the commotion and came over to investigate...staying wisely out of the elohim's way. "You want to come along?" Ethan asked, curiously; then again, with the elohim servants of the Prince of Demons becoming active, it was only a matter of time until Demogorgon himself had stirred into wakefullnes, and what that happened, not even a faerie dragon wanted to be caught flat-footed.

The dragon wordlessly nodded, confirming Ethan's suspicions. "Then let's go!" he said brightly instead, and off the two of them went.

(PS: Wolf later caught up with them at the airport, but that is another story.)


The End

You have reached the end of "Ethan's new adventures". This story is complete.

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