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You Can't Choose Family

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Summary: What happens when two not so normal families meet.

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Stargate > GeneraltullyFR181490051,86018 Jul 1218 Jul 12No
Disclaimer; I do not own any of the characters or shows this is just for fun.

A/N I haven’t written anything for a while so any and all feedback is welcomed.
This is a response to challenge 897 Meet the Family

Chapter 1
He always knew that this was going to be a bad idea. It was one of the reasons he had avoided dating girls when he was in L.A. As bad as his father was (and losing your child to a hell dimension could make even the most reasonable person over protective and it wasn’t as if he was the most reasonable person to begin with) his mom was worse. Not to get Connor wrong, he loved his mom; in fact he never thought that he would have a proper mother so she was extremely special to him. But that did not prevent him dreading this evening, in fact he had done everything in his power to prevent it from ever happening and that had backfired on him in a spectacular fashion. So now instead of just introducing Cassie to his madcap family he was getting to meet Cassie's as well. He now regretting not bringing Cassie back to L.A all those times his mother had suggested it (and there had been alot of times and suggesting) no now everyone was in Seattle for family week and his mother had insisted ( and no one argued when his mom insisted) on meeting Cassis and her family. So tonight they were all meeting for dinner. Dear God don’t let Spike do anything too outrageous.

As she sat in front of the mirror finishing her makeup she wondered if there was any way out of this. It was going to be a train wreck and the fact that she could see it coming didn’t mean there was anything she could do to prevent it. The guys had always been very protective but when her mom had died it had become ten times worse. It was part of the reason she had chosen Seattle for college, it was far enough away from Colorado to avoid these situations. She had always been secretly relieved when Connor had turned down her invitations to come home with her for the holidays, Jack had already had a complete background check done on Conner (there had been a fair amount of shouting done on that visit) but this was going to be so much worse. She so wanted to make a good impression on Connors family, especially his mother whom he so obviously adored and now it was going to be marred by Jack, Daniel, Tealc and Sam’s presence. She loved the guys and they were the only family she had but they had a tendency to be suspicious , inquisitive and way over protective ( a bad combination)and that meant that tonight’s dinner was an accident waiting to happen. Dear God don’t let Jack pull his gun.

The End?

You have reached the end of "You Can't Choose Family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jul 12.

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