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East Coast Adventurers

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Blue Belle Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (Formerly Hockey Knight in Boston AND Empire State of Mind) In canon, Emma Frost is from Boston. Faith, in canon, is also from Boston. I thought to myself… Joe, surely you can do something with this? Why yes. It turns out that I can.

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ZEN Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar

December 23, 2011
ZEN Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar
Boston, Massachusetts

     At least the food was good. And her sisters were having fun.

     "Say it again, say it again."

     "Pahk the cah."

     "Oh my God, you're worse than Mother. Seriously, did they not air the episode of Sesame Street brought to you by the letter R up here?"

     Rolling her eyes as Faith began tickling Celeste again, her sister's giggling growing louder before turning into a squeal as the brunette nipped at her jaw, Sophie sighed before using her chopsticks to grab another piece at random from the Sushi for Two that she and Phoebe were splitting. The California and tuna rolls were long gone, leaving the assorted pieces of 'chef's choice' nigiri and sashimi to choose from. Given she wasn't enough of a sushi connoisseur to identify different species of raw fish on sight, that essentially reduced her to picking a piece at random, shoving it into her mouth, and hoping for the best. So far, she'd yet to be disappointed. Unlike Faith. "So you brought us here even though you've never had sushi before and didn't know if you'd like it?"

     Faith turned away from Celeste at that, using her fork to stab another piece of her Boston roll before pointing it at Sophie. "First off? I brought Celeste and Esme. The rest of you followed us." What, so they should have let this strange girl run off with Celeste and Esme and sit around South Station waiting for them to get back or something? To quote one of the memories of Cordelia that Ivette had brought home… as if. "And so sue me. The clock's ticking for me and I wanted to cross another thing off my bucket list. I figured that since you're all bluebloods, you'd be a lot more fun to go with than Princess Di. Love the woman to death, but she's English. Meat-and-two-veg and all that. And so what if it turned out to not be my kind of thing?" Extending the index finger of her free hand, Faith held it up under the piece of sushi on her fork as a weak orange flame erupted from the tip. "I'm making it work, yeah?"

     "I thought you weren't a mutant. That's what you told Celeste and Esme." Leaning forward, Ivette poked the tip of one chopstick into the flame, quickly yanking it back as it began to smolder. "That's real fire. You're sitting there with fire coming out of your finger. If you're not a mutant… what are you?"

     Twisting her fork so she could toast the piece's other side, Faith grinned. "You tell me." The flame sputtered and died, leaving her free to tap her finger against her temple. "Or maybe you've already gone poking around in here and are just trying to play it cool. Probably not, though. Been thinking nasty thoughts since we left the Garden just to test ya and nobody's slapped me yet."

     Sophie barely managed to keep her face straight at that one, reaching out with her mind to touch Esme and Celeste. Telepathy definitely hadn't come up during the sextet's wait for a trolley with room for them, their ride to Park Street, the walk to ZEN, or their time in the restaurant. Which meant it must have… no, they hadn't said anything in the brief period where Faith had managed to get Celeste and Esme alone. Then how..? Ugh. Times like this made Sophie wish she was an only child; while she and the others could be invasive when they needed to, their group mind was full enough without adding others to it and so it was generally reserved as an option of last resort. And since things weren't that desperate yet… "I have no idea what-"

     "You're telepaths. All of yas. And I agree with your mom: Buffy is a wicked dumb name. If I ever meet her, I'm gonna call her Elizabeth too, just to see the look on her face. Then I'm going to make fun of her for being a cheerleader before she got Called." As the quintuplets stared at her in disbelief, Faith calmly dipped her toasted piece of sushi in some soy sauce before popping it into her mouth, chewing, and swallowing. "What, did you think I had cancer or some shit when I was talking about my bucket list? I'm a Slayer too. Or maybe the Slayer; Di and Giles have had a few arguments about that one over the phone. Alls I know is that Giles told Di that 'Emma Frost and her daughters' were telepaths. Could be that you have sisters who are telepaths. From the way you're lookin' at me, though? I'm thinking it's you."

     Seriously? Sophie leaned back in her seat, scowling as she crossed her arms over her chest. Her throat was sore from yelling to be heard over people on the T, and they could have used telepathy to chat all along because Faith already knew about them? That just… sucked. 'Oh. Well in that case…' Sophie was brought back to the outside world as Ivette leaned forward, staring into Faith's eyes for a few seconds before abruptly jerking back and blushing brightly. 'Is that even anatomically possible?'

     Faith just grinned as she went for a new piece of sushi, the blushing spreading as the others decided to follow Ivette's lead. Sophie herself opted not to. The images that her male peers bombarded her and her sisters with on a daily basis were more than enough, thank you very much. She had no desire to go looking for more. 'Dunno. Probably. I've gotten wicked flexible since I was Called. And holy shit, I can't believe you guys fell for that. Giles told Di about your mom and Rachel being brain-diggers. I was just guessing with you five.'

     Silence descended, Faith toasting and nibbling her way through three more pieces of sushi as Sophie and her sisters exchanged dumbfounded looks. Had they seriously just been outwitted by… inconceivable! A snort of laughter from Faith made Sophie narrow her eyes at the brunette. 'What?'

     'You're broadcasting. And because you set yourselves up for it beautifully… you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. And yes, I know you only thought it once, but I've got that quote stuck in my head because Glinda just introduced me to The Princess Bride and so deal with it.' Faith's sloppily broadcasted words made Sophie cringe. If being outwitted by the brunette wasn't bad enough, now she was causing them to forget the basic lessons on psychic shielding that their mother had drilled into them before their own powers even manifested. Never mind that Faith's interest - and Esme and Celeste's seeming reciprocation - threatened to sever the already tenuous cohesion of the Five-in-One. If she was causing them to- 'Hold up, I gotta take this.'

     Dropping her fork onto her plate, Faith abruptly pulled out on the neckline of her black and gold 'Boston: Don't Puck Wit Us' t-shirt before shoving her other hand down inside, emerging after a few seconds with a cell phone playing the refrain from 'Black Magic Woman'. Ah, Sophie mused, there was actually someone other than Betsy out there who used Victoria's Secret Compartment. Maybe if she and her sisters had taken Betsy's advice, they wouldn't be in this situation right now. Something to ponder when they got home…

     "Glinda! Is this an emergency? Because… ayuh. Yep. Hey, don't suppose you're still dressed? Yeah? Wanna walk over to Harvard Square and catch an inbound? Of course I know what time it is. It's not like we have school tomorrow or anything. Seriously, it'll be worth it. Hot triplets with your name on 'em." Looking first to her left and then to her right, Faith chuckled. "Well, hot quintuplets but I'm hoping to scoop on two of them myself, so that leaves you with the other three. They're foreigners, but you're one too so you can't complain."

     Blinking slowly, Sophie looked around at her sisters as she reached out with her mind. 'She does know that we're from-'

     Esme bit her lip at that, shoulders shaking a bit in silent laughter. 'America. New York, specifically. Yes. But we're not from Boston like her. Or even Massachusetts. That makes us foreigners.' Reaching up, Esme twirled a lock of Faith's hair around her finger, causing the brunette to move the phone to the other side of her head and bat at Esme's hand. 'It's almost a Frost-like level of arrogance. I think it's adorable. You know, like when a kitten hisses at you. Although it makes me wonder if there's more of Boston to Mother than she wants to admit…'

     "No? Oh wait, you dig gingers, right? Hold on." Leaning across Esme, Faith held out her phone in the direction of the table where Emma, Jean, and Rachel were eating. There was a click and then she was straightening back up, pushing a few buttons before lifting the phone back to the side of her head. "You should be getting… I know, right? I… wait, what? I meant the younger one. I'm pretty sure her mom is dating my girls' mom. I saw hand-holding 'n shit. Sorry, we'll have to find someone else to be your Missus Robinson. So you gonna… no? You sure? Just so you know, I gave Princess Di the slip and so she's probably going to come home… yeah. Hot girls or that. S'what I thought. All right, get off at Park Street and call when you get topside. Bye!" Chuckling, Faith snapped her phone shut and placed it on the table between herself and Esme. 'Love that girl to death, but we really need to get her out of the house more. She makes my life look like a non-stop hoobanger.'

     Phoebe, who had remained silent up until that point so she could focus on her food, picked that moment to share her thoughts. 'She's a shy girl from the backwoods of Kentucky who's visibly inhu… oh, don't look at me like that. You told us we could poke around inside your head and I wanted to know who you were trying to fob me off on. As I was saying… awkward teenaged lesbian from a 'town' with more deer than people. Are you really that surprised that she has a different idea of fun? One that doesn't involve kicking people in the face and grabbing random girls' asses?'

     Turning to Celeste, Faith opened her mouth and sat there expectantly until the blonde shoved a piece of chicken from her karaage don into her mouth. 'Think about the first half of what you said, Phoebe. I'm pretty sure Glinda's idea of fun does involve grabbing girls' asses.'

     'Touché. Hmm. Suddenly wishing I had a piece of bacon.' Phoebe's musing regarding the tamago nigiri made Sophie smirk; it was likely an echo of the identical thought she'd had about how to improve the egg cake sushi earlier. 'Anyway, meeting her should be interesting. I want to pick her brain a bit when it comes to the supernatural, especially magic. I wonder how it compares to this pair of reality manipulators we know. Oh, and Faith? Please no 'scoping on' Esme and Celeste. At least until the rest of us can grab a flight to Sunnydale. Or figure out some other way to cut ourselves out of the group mind for a while. That's not the kind of thing we want to experience secondhand, thank you very much.'

     Surprisingly enough, rather than looking offended, Faith seemed distinctly… amused? 'What about firsthand?'


     '…rather not.'

     '…if you play your cards right.'

     'Et tu, Ivette?'

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