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East Coast Adventurers

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Blue Belle Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (Formerly Hockey Knight in Boston AND Empire State of Mind) In canon, Emma Frost is from Boston. Faith, in canon, is also from Boston. I thought to myself… Joe, surely you can do something with this? Why yes. It turns out that I can.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-Centered
Marvel Universe > Spider-Man
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Near the InterContinental Boston

December 24, 2011
Near the InterContinental Boston
Boston, Massachusetts


     'Which do you want first: the good news or the bad news?'

     Faith raised an eyebrow at that before peeking around the side of the information center, watching as the sisters did their best to remain inconspicuous as they wandered down the Harborwalk. 'Good news, I guess. I've always been a 'the glass is half full' person… mostly because it means there's still half a glass of something I can try and mooch.'

     Interestingly enough, the sisters had slightly different mental voices when they weren't intentionally projecting as a group mind. Faith was already starting to notice those subtle differences, meaning she was ninety percent certain that the reply came from Celeste. 'It's the von Strucker twins.'

     Well that… meant absolutely fuck all to Faith. Presumably the girls would explain that to her in a moment, right after… 'And the bad news?'

     'It's the von Strucker twins.' Esme gave Faith a few seconds to process that before snickering. 'We're not just yanking your chain; it really is both a good and bad thing. Andrea and Andreas von Strucker are a pair of fraternal twin mutants and the co-presidents of Fenris International, a global investment firm. Mother's dealt with them a few times; evidently, they have some sort of grand plan for mutant supremacy that involves controlling the economy. For us… it's bad news because they're both alpha-class energy projectors, but it's also good news because their powers don't work unless they're touching. Keep them apart and they're harmless.'

     Faith blinked at that. 'So basically we're looking at a pair of evil German Wonder Twin mutants?'

     In the distance, one of the girls shook with laugher before looking back over her shoulder at where Faith was hiding. Esme, judging by her mental voice. 'Pretty much, yeah. Oh, and if you want some extra ammo for insults? They're incestuous. And if the girl they're trying to seduce right now is anything to go by, they're hebephiles to boot.' What the hell was a- 'She's thirteen. Means that they're not actually pedophiles, if you want to get technical about it.'

     'Whatever you call it, it's still nasty. Although… not that it would make things any better, but she's not willing, right?' Looping back around to begin the walk back to where she was, the girls pinned Faith with matching glowing blue glares that made her raise her hands defensively. 'What? I already said it'd still be nasty. It's just that if she's some pint-sized skeezer out cruising for strange, charging in to 'rescue her' isn't going to end well.'

     Celeste shot a look over at the tables out in front of the nearby hotel before shaking her head. 'Don't worry, she's not Dolores Haze.' Who? 'Philistine. But no, she's not there by choice. She fled her room because her parents were fighting about… the Watcher's Council? Evidently her family met with your Watcher today, and it's not their first brush with the Council. Interesting. At any rate, she came down to the channel to get away from it all and the twins found her on one of the benches near the water. Right now, they're drinking hot cocoa and making small talk because things are in a bit of a holding pattern. The twins have made it clear that they're not going to take no for an answer, and she's… actually strangely calm for someone who's basically been told she's going to get raped tonight.'

     Like fuck she was. Eyes narrowing, Faith stepped out from behind the information center and stalked towards the small patio area behind the InterContinental Boston. When the sisters had alerted her to something going on nearby involving at least one mutant, she been all for extending their walk along the Fort Point Channel to investigate. Technically, it was none of her damn business and Faith wasn't supposed to use her abilities on other humans. That being said? Diana knew about Faith's history when it came to men with… boundary issues… and tended to look the other way when her Slayer ran into them as long as Faith didn't go too terribly overboard.

     Maybe they were too focused on their impending predation to notice someone approaching. Or maybe Andreas had spotted Faith making her way toward their table, but had either assumed she was just another guest of the InterContinental. Perhaps he'd outright dismissed her as a threat. Why they didn't react to her, Faith didn't particularly care. It just made things easier for her. Her right hand curled into a fist as she closed in on their table, and then she pulled her arm back before nailing Andrea upside the head with a brutal sucker punch. "Merry Fistmas, bitch."

     'That doesn't solve the touching problem, Faith!'

     Faith had a split second to process that, watching as Andrea went limp and tipped over sideways onto the young Latina sitting between her and Andreas. Then a bolt of brilliant orangish-red light slammed into Faith's chest, sending her flying through the air. Twisting her body in mid-flight, she landed on both feet and skidded backward a bit further before dropping to one knee, taking a deep breath as she patted at her chest. Pain, a whole bunch of pain, but nothing more. So he could knock her around, but not cook her alive or disintegrate her or anything. She could work with that. 'Yeah, see, I didn't know they were already touching when I came up with that plan. Can you two pick his mind and figure out where-'

     'The girl.' The reply came from both sisters as they raced over to her, helping her back to her feet. Voices separating, Celeste and Esme tag-teamed the explanation. 'It's how they're justifying what they're doing. If she can conduct their power…'

     '…which hasn't happened with anyone else in the time they've known about their abilities…'

     '…then 'obviously' she's meant to be a member of their little family whether she realizes it or not and, well, Esme already told you that they're a very close family.' Releasing Faith's arm, Celeste switched to speaking aloud as she slipped into her transmorph form and began walking slowly toward where the von Struckers and their captive were. "Hotel security saw the blast, Andreas, and they're calling the cops as we speak. This isn't going to end well for you as it is, but we don't need to make things any worse. Let the girl go."

     Andreas rose to his feet as Celeste advanced, thrusting a glowing left hand out in front of him defensively even as his right hand squeezed the girl's shoulder tightly enough to make her wince. "This isn't going to end well for me, Miss Frost? What makes you think that? After all, your little friend just assaulted my sister. I seriously doubt the police will try to charge me for an act of self-defense…"

     Gentle pressure on her arm made Faith look to her right, meeting Esme's blue eyes. 'If you see an opening, take it.' Before Faith could do more than nod, the blonde was shifting into diamond to match her sister, cutting off telepathic communication. Pulling away from Faith, she jogged forward to catch up with her sister, the pair coming to a stop a few feet away from the von Struckers. "I seriously doubt the police will charge Faith with anything after they talk to the girl. Not to mention… let's not play games, Andreas. You know who we are. What we are. What makes you think the police would remember you telling them Faith hit your sister? For that matter, what makes you think you and Andrea will remember it?"

     Frowning, Faith pulled one of her stakes out of the waistband of her pants and began to circle around to the right. If mental shenanigans were an option, how come they hadn't just done that to begin with? It would have made the whole thing a lot simpler. Not to mention that option would have kept her from getting blasted in the chest, which still hurt like a son of a bitch. Or maybe they were full of shit and couldn't? Andreas sure seemed to think so. "You are many things, girls, but your mother you are not." Reaching up, he tapped one glowing finger against his temple. "It takes a very powerful telepath to probe my sister or I. Even with the two of you working together, I don't think-"

     "Andreas? How do you think we found you? We entered your mind when Andrea was still conscious, and it's even easier now that Faith's knocked her out." Reverting to her flesh and blood form, Esme closed the last few feet and planted her hands on the table as she leaned forward. "You can't win this. So I'm going to say this one last time. Release… the… girl…"

     "Or what?"

     He needed the right arm to keep in contact with the girl, Faith realized. Take out his left arm and he'd be helpless. One more step to the side and… there. Esme had told her to end it if she could. She could. So she would. Hefting the stake in her hand, Faith narrowed her eyes and then let it fly with a flick of her wrist. She watched it spiral through the air for a moment, flipping end over end as it closed in on its target, before bursting into motion. A second after the sharpened tip of her stake buried itself in Andreas's shoulder, tearing a scream of pain from his throat, Faith was on him. Grabbing at his wrist, she gave a harsh tug that dislocated his already damaged shoulder before pulling him across her body in a hip throw that would have made Princess Di… mildly impressed. A harsh kick to his side sent Andreas rolling away across the red brick walkway, neutralizing the threat. "Or that, fucker."

     There was a dull thump followed by the legs of the table behind her rattling against the pavement, making Faith peer back over her shoulder. The young Latina smirked as she watched Andrea slowly slide out of her chair and onto the ground, blood gushing from her nose, before looking up at Esme. "The girl has a name, you know."

     Esme raised one slim blond brow at that. "The girl could be a bit more grateful, considering we just saved her from a pair of mutants who were planning to assault her."

     "The girl could have handled it." After punctuating her words with a kick to Andrea's side, the Latina's hand slipped into the pocket of her hoody and emerged with a sleek black taser. "She was waiting for them to try and take her back inside so she could zap one and then make a run for it. But whatever. Hmm. Shouldn't you be kissing the girl's ass right about now? I mean, unless you want the whole world knowing the Frosts are telepaths?"

     Biting her lip to stifle a laugh, Faith watched as Esme's mouth worked soundless for a few seconds before coming up with an appropriate counter. "The girl probably shouldn't make threats like that unless she wants to get lobotomized."

     The dark-haired girl just shrugged at that. "Probably. Then again, you're telepaths and so you should know that the girl… ugh, I give. I feel retarded referring to myself in the third person. As I was saying, you should know that I wasn't seriously thinking of spilling your secret. I was just hoping to use it to…"

     Returning to normal, Celeste mimicked her sister's curious expression as she perched herself on the table next to Esme. "Blackmail us?"

     "Blackmail makes it sound so dirty. I just… need a little something, and figured it made sense to ask you because you need something from me. And it is a little something. Promise." The girl leaned back in her seat, watching as Esme and Celeste exchanged looks before shrugging, and then continued. "My parents want to drag me to that party your mom is hosting on New Year's Eve. I don't want to be as bored there as I've been at this conference. So… you promise that you'll find me someone to hang out with at the party and I'll keep my mouth shut."

     "That seems… doable. Can I touch your mind for a second so I know what to look for in a party companion?" Esme waited until the girl nodded before furrowing her brow in concentration, her eyes glowing blue. After a few seconds, the glow died off and the blonde threw her head back, laughing loudly. "And here I was worried that I'd need to reprogram Bieber to think you were cool or something. I know just who to ask."

     Still staring up into the night sky, Esme's eyes blazed blue again. Faith leaned her head back, wondering what was going on, and then spotted a flaming object racing toward them. Since Esme didn't seem alarmed, she opted to stay calm as well, watching as it decelerated and came in for a landing between their table and where she'd left Andreas bleeding on the ground. And… huh. Where were the cops? If they didn't show up soon, someone was going to have to start first aid to make sure that he didn't bleed out or anything. The flames died down, revealing Rachel in a white and gold leather outfit and eliciting a low whistle from the Latina. "It's raining redheads! Hallelujah!"

     Rachel stumbled as she approached them, the air around her rippling as she stabilized herself and coasted forward a bit before dropping to stand on her own two feet once more. As she approached the table, Esme and Celeste rose to their feet and made their way over to stand with Faith. "You know, when Esme told me she had someone that I just had to meet, I wasn't expecting it to be you, Charisse."

     "Ugh. Kennedy, please." Leaning forward, Kennedy's eyes ran up and down over Rachel's body a few times. "Have we met before? Because I'm pretty sure I'd remember that…"

     Chuckling, Rachel shook her head at that. "And yet the more things change, the more they stay the same." Looking over at the doors leading into the hotel lobby, she frowned and waved an arm over her body, transforming her jumpsuit into a simple white winter coat and boots. "Faith, the cops are making their way through the hotel. Even if you can hide behind your red card, Esme and Celeste can't. And I'm not sure diplomatic immunity covers stabbing someone in the shoulder with a wooden stake. Get them back to South Station and let me handle things here."

     Faith looked from Rachel to Kennedy and then over at Andreas. "You sure?"

     "Well, if you really want to risk it, I suppose a ride in a cop car would qualify as a memorable end to a first date…" Rachel snorted derisively as Faith raised her hands in surrender. "S'what I thought. Now get the hell out of here while you still can."

     After offering the redhead a playful salute, Faith turned to Kennedy. "Good luck. I'd say it was nice meeting you, but… yeah."

     "Yeah. Thanks for the assist, I guess. And don't worry, I won't mention this to Professor Dormer if I see her again." Wait, what? "Brunette named Faith, kinda violent, running around with a wooden stake? Kinda obvious that you're the Slayer she was telling us about. Just a thought: you might wanna find yourself a less distinctive weapon if you're going to keep going after humans. Brass knuckles, mace, a taser… that sort of thing." Before Faith could reply, Kennedy gave her a dismissive wave and turned her attention back to Rachel. "By the way, I hope you have a nice emerald dress to wear to the party. I don't want us to clash."

     Even as Faith led Esme and Celeste away down the Harborwalk toward South Station, the wind carried a bit more of the conversation to her sensitive ears. "Can do. Word of advice, though? Don't try acting out that particular mental image with me. After all, I can kill you with my brain."

     "Aww. What about-"

     "…or that one…"


     "…that one doesn't seem so… oh. Nope."
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