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East Coast Adventurers

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Blue Belle Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (Formerly Hockey Knight in Boston AND Empire State of Mind) In canon, Emma Frost is from Boston. Faith, in canon, is also from Boston. I thought to myself… Joe, surely you can do something with this? Why yes. It turns out that I can.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-Centered
Marvel Universe > Spider-Man
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Pennsylvania Station

December 24, 2011
Pennsylvania Station - Track #9
New York City, New York

     "Anyone here a better singer than me? Because this would be a perfect time to break into 'New York New York'…"

     "Not it. I've got super-a lot of things, but super-singing-voice is not one of them." Carol took one last look around the lounge of the Nor'easter before nodding in satisfaction. Her regulation olive drab duffle bag was on her back and… well, that was the only thing she'd brought on her trip. Air Carol tended to enforce some rather draconian luggage restrictions, mostly because she didn't want bags slamming against her body as she flew. Well, that and she could just imagine the lecture she'd get from Agent Romanova if her luggage exploded in midair and showered innocent civilians with clothes, underwear, and assorted personal knick knacks. "Anyway, I really should be getting back to Boston." Leading the two younger girls out onto the platform, Carol pointed at the nearby staircase. "Up, bang a left, and then walk straight until you hit the escalators. Those will take you up to the departure board; from there, you'll be able to see the stairs to 8th and 33rd."

     Faith nodded confidently and turned away, heading for the escalator even as Tara lagged behind, staring up at Carol with wide eyes. "Y-you're not coming w-w-with us?"

     Pushing off of the concrete platform, Carol floated a foot or so in the air as she jerked a thumb back over her shoulder. "As much fun as it'd be to walk around a crowded train station in costume… pass. I'm going to follow the train through the tunnel to Bergen Hill, head north along the Hudson until I'm clear of the city, and then head back to Boston. Speaking of Boston… Faith!" Pausing at the base of the escalator, the brunette looked back at Carol with an arched brow. "I gave you my number for a reason. You may live there, but Boston's not just your town. If something's going on, I'll be there in a heartbeat to defend it."

     "Soon as I get my phone, you're going on speed dial. Promise. After all, you never know when having Supergirl's butch sister around might come in handy." Faith offered Carol a wave goodbye before hopping on the escalator, riding it for five or six feet before realizing she was alone and jogging back down onto the platform. "Yo, Glinda. You coming with, or…" Trailing off, Faith bit her lip before chuckling lowly. "Any chance you wanna lead the train out, Carol? Pretty sure it'd literally take wild horses to drag her away from a view like that."

     Carol frowned and glanced down at Faith's words, only to grimace as she realized what the problem was. In her haste to get back up into the air where she felt more comfortable, she'd ended up hovering with her chest at roughly eye level for Tara. And not to be vain or anything but, well, they were rather magnificent if she did say so herself. "Ah. Right. I'm out of here. Nice meeting you both. Maybe we can meet up somewhere in Boston before my leave is over."

     Wheeling around, Carol tipped forward and jetted down the length of the train, doing a barrel roll as she passed the boxy engine and dropping into position in front of it. One of these days, she mused, she really needed to find a pair of earbuds that could hold up to supersonic flight. Most of her journeys were boring but tolerable thanks to the scenery. A mile and a third inside a dimly lit, century-old cast iron tube, on the other hand…

December 24, 2011
Pennsylvania Station - West Concourse
New York City, New York

     Keeping one arm wrapped firmly around Tara's waist, Faith looked around as they rode the escalator to the station's upper level. As promised, there was a large black display hanging from the ceiling up ahead, displaying information about all the trains passing through in the near future. Which meant… there! Over in one corner, Faith spotted a blue sign with white letters: 'Exit: 8th Ave and W 33 St'. And not a moment too soon, judging from how twitchy Tara was getting. "So, which one of us is going to work the corner to earn our return fare?"

     Tara let out a squeak before whipping her head around to stare at Faith in horrified disbelief. "What? I… you… you t-t-told me you had everything under control when we left B-Boston!"

     "Oh, I totally do. But the look on your face was fucking hilarious." Faith dodged the half-hearted swat Tara sent her way before grabbing the shorter brunette's wrist, pulling her away from the top of the escalator to keep things clear for the other passengers ascending from the lower level. Once they were safely out of the way, Faith released Tara and pulled out her wallet, showing her friend the thick wad of bills inside. "Going away present from the girls. When Esme realized why we were arguing about how much longer to stay, she talked everyone but Ivette into kicking in some money. Actually, from the prices she was showing me on her phone, we've got more than we need. Guess she didn't realize we'd be fine with coach seats instead of business class. So… it's eleven o'clock, give or take. We can buy two coach seats on the one o'clock train home. If you think you can make it to five, we can ride home like Frosts for like, twelve bucks more. Or we can leave at five, sit in coach, and pocket fifty bucks each. Sup to you."

     Holding up her hand, Tara loosed a jaw-cracking yawn before shaking her head. "Right now, I'm not sure I can make it to one. Let's find the nearest Starbucks first; one of those w-wicked huge coffees you love should wake me up. Then we can decide on our next m-move."

     Faith nodded in agreement; she was a bit thirsty herself and, well, they were in Midtown Manhattan. There was probably a Starbucks on every damn corner. And thanks to Rachel, they were properly dressed to go out in search of coffee, too. Even after twenty minutes of explaining - and Esme trying to cheat by shoving knowledge directly into her head - Faith still didn't quite understand what 'subatomic telekinesis' was or how it worked. She did know, however, that it could turn her t-shirt, ratty jeans, and threadbare hoody into brand new, all-white clothes including a coat more suitable for winter in New England and a pair of amazingly comfortable leather pants. And that was wicked cool. "Okay. Big coffees, thinking, and then train riding. Sounds like a plan. Let's get to it; I may be the Slayer, but even I start to slow down at the thirty hour mark."

     "Kay." Tara buttoned up the thigh-length white overcoat she'd acquired as part of her own Rachel-provided makeover before allowing Faith to guide her over to the exit she had spotted. Figuring the witch probably wasn't in the mood for stairs, Faith nudged Tara onto the upward moving escalator before hopping on behind her, zipping up her new jacket as they slowly ascended toward the almost blinding light.

     When they finally reached the surface, Faith looked around curiously as she led her traveling companion over to the nearby intersection. After a minute or so, she started to detect a pattern in the passing white and green hot cups: most of the people with Starbucks were coming from somewhere off to the east, and more were on the other side of 33rd Street than her side. So chances were the nearest Starbucks was on 7th Avenue and maybe a block or two uptown. Well, at least now they knew where to go… and look at that. Convenient light change. Tugging gently on Tara's sleeve, Faith nodded. "Let's go, Glinda."

     Merging into the crowd, the pair made their way across the street before hanging a right and making their way down 33rd Street. When they reached the corner, Faith paused… and then blinked as she realized why this street seemed so much busier than the last. People were stampeding south through the street itself, desperate to get away from something uptown. She couldn't see smoke or anything, so chances it wasn't a fire. Granted, the panicked crowd was pretty loud, but she was pretty sure she'd still be able to hear gunshots. So it wasn't crooks shooting it out with the NYPD. And then she realized there was a common word being screamed by many of the people: 'Shocker'. Wasn't he one of those asshats who dressed up in a funny costume and duked it out with the spider-people here in New York City? Turning to her companion, Faith offered Tara her best puppy dog eyes but the smaller brunette just shook her head. "No."


     "Wasn't b-beating up two evil m-mutants enough crime-fighting for one day?" Tara sighed as Faith shook her head before waving dismissively. "F-fine. But I'm not g-getting involved. I've seen what he can do with those b-blasts of his. Getting hit by one would h-h-hurt."

     Faith smirked as she stripped off her jacket, tossing it to Tara for safekeeping. "So I'll make sure I don't get hit." Spinning around, she… paused as she came face to face with the problem of having to swim upstream through a stampede. Hmm. Then an abandoned taxi caught her eye and Faith grinned widely. Leaping nimbly up onto the hood, she bounced and down a few times before racing up the windshield and over the roof before pushing off the trunk and launching herself onto the hood of the next car.

     Oh fuck yeah. This was going to be her most badass entrance ever…
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