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East Coast Adventurers

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Blue Belle Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: (Formerly Hockey Knight in Boston AND Empire State of Mind) In canon, Emma Frost is from Boston. Faith, in canon, is also from Boston. I thought to myself… Joe, surely you can do something with this? Why yes. It turns out that I can.

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Escalator Between TD Garden and North Station

Title: East Coast Adventurers
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18
Disclaimer: Right, I actually went and checked to be sure this time… Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, and all associated characters belong to Fran and Kaz Kuzui. With a myriad of writers, artists, and editors, actual rights are a nightmare when you go near a comic book universe. Suffice it to say that Marvel Entertainment LLC owns all of the property printed in their comics, along with the television and movie adaptations of said same property. Not mine, don't sue, and so forth and so on.
Summary: In canon, Emma Frost is from Boston. Faith, in canon, is also from Boston. I thought to myself… Joe, surely you can do something with this? Why yes. It turns out that I can.
Joe's Note: Pretty sure we can agree that Faith is definitely the coolest Slayer. Well, except for those few BINO writers who mutilate Buffy to turn her into someone more fun than Faith, at which point they're not really writing Buffy anymore and so Faith's still the coolest canon Slayer. In canon, Emma Frost is from Boston. Faith, in canon, is also from Boston. I thought to myself… Joe, surely you can do something with this? Why yes. It turns out that I can. Enjoy.

December 23, 2011
Escalator Between TD Garden and North Station
Boston, Massachusetts

     "I still can't believe that bear came up to me and-"

     "It's your own fault, darling. I warned you that you were breaking one of the Bruins Hockey Rules. You never tuck in your Bruins jersey, unless you're going to church." Emma didn't even need to use her powers to discern the question forming in the redhead's mind as Jean opened her mouth. "Yes. Regularly, when I was a child." Mouth snapping shut with an audible click, Jean shook her head as they stepped on to the escalator before muttering something that was undoubtedly uncomplimentary to Boston, Bruins fans, or both.

     Mascot encounters aside, the evening had gone better than Emma had expected. Raised to - quite rightfully - prefer a certain level of creature comfort, the quintuplets had been understandably leery of her desire to mingle with the commoners at the game. In Emma's opinion, though, hockey was a sport that didn't deserve to be polished and prettied up for society's elite. It was a brutal, savage game that people derived a simple joy from and was meant to be enjoyed in a simple way. That meant sitting as close to the ice as possible. Pounding on the plexiglass if one was close enough. Shouting obscenities. Drinking cheap American beer from flimsy plastic cups. Legally, these days, unlike when she was younger and had used her blooming powers to 'convince' the maid to sneak her to games. And so while Frost Industries did maintain a skybox at TD Garden to host business-related gatherings in, Emma had opted to go with her own season tickets instead: row one of section twenty-two, nestled up against the Bruins' bench at center ice.

     The girls had complained about needing to dress down a bit for the evening. Phoebe and Celeste in particular had complained about being forced back into pants. Jean had complained about the length of the journey and the stares they'd gotten in Stamford while boarding the private car Emma had hired Amtrak to haul to Boston for her. Phoebe had managed to lose a pair of four hundred dollar headphones while standing out on the car's open rear platform. Esme had broken three pencils while trying to sketch, which she was blaming on the train's motion. Emma had been forced to hire a car at the last minute when the others voted down her 'take the T' plan seven-to-one. But eventually they'd arrived, used their powers to disperse the crowd that gathered to see who would get out of the white limousine, and made their way into the arena.

     And they'd had fun.

     With Jean stuck between them and the Bruins' bench, the quintuplets had rotated through so they could all get a chance to talk to her. Jean had managed to catch a puck with only minor telekinetic assistance. There'd been a vicious fight between Shawn Thornton and one of the Panthers during the first period. The Bruins had utterly destroyed their opponents, racking up a truly impressive eight to nothing victory. Her daughters had actually managed to work together for the first time in a while, charming two different Bruins into parting with their sticks. What the quintuplets were going to do with them, Emma had no idea. And Rachel… 'Did you actually manage to track them all down?'

     'Yup.' Rachel grinned widely as she turned around to face her mothers, twisting back and forth to display the black signatures that adorned much of the white space on the road jersey that Emma had ordered for her to wear to the game. 'I got all seventeen Bruins Ice Girls to sign my shirt and…' Reaching up, she pulled her hair away from the right side of her face to show off a pair of bright pink lip prints that obscured some of her many freckles. 'I made a bunch of guys waiting to meet Holly very jealous.'

     Emma let out an aggrieved sigh at that. 'They're an abomination. A very attractive abomination, but still an abomination. Cheerleaders don't belong in hockey.'

     'They're not 'in' hockey, Mother.' Rachel bit her lower lip before snickering. '…they're next to it.'

     Opting not to respond to that, Emma stood in silence until they reached the bottom of the escalator, stepping off and frowning as she looked around at the glassed-in area. Send people down escalators and then force them to crush together to fit through two small doors if they wanted to escape. Brilliant design choice, that. Emma had always wondered what happened to the architects who finished at the bottom of their graduating class. Now she knew. Fingers brushed against the back of Emma's hand and she looked over at Jean. The redhead offered her a small smile before nodding in the direction of the glowing TD Garden sign set into the wall on their left. "Want a picture with it? Or something else? You're the only one who hasn't gotten a souvenir so far."

     "I already own a jersey and don't wear t-shirts, so obviously I don't need to purchase one of either. And buying a puck or stick is like going to a Sox game and buying a ball became you didn't catch a foul. Pathetic. This is hardly my first trip to the Garden, but I suppose a picture to remember this visit by would be… nice." Looking down at the black, gold, and white jersey she was wearing, the corner of Emma's mouth quirked upward. "My girls need to work on their shielding; I've been listening to them plotting all night. They want to get a picture of me like this to post on Facebook so they can make 'hell's frozen over' jokes about me and wearing color. Might as well give them the chance to compose a decent picture, rather than posting something they shot while I was distracted. Let's find somewhere out of the traffic pattern, though. And you're going to be in it with me."

     "Oka- wait, what?" Jean put up a token amount of protest as Emma latched onto her arm, leading the redhead around the corner towards where she seemed to recall seeing a similar sign. Granted they were still in the giant shared concourse that formed the exit for the Garden and the seating area for North Station's passengers, but at least they wouldn't be loitering directly in front of a pair of doors. "Weren't you the one whining the other day that they have their profiles set public and celebrity gossip sites keep harvesting stuff from them?"

     Emma rolled her eyes at the redhead's choice of words. Honestly. "I wasn't 'whining', darling. I was merely stating a fact in a somewhat unhappy fashion. But yes, the girls do have this annoying tendency to overshare. The picture will probably end up on a dozen or more websites. We can sit and laugh as the world tries to figure out who you are and - assuming they eventually do - what you're doing enjoying a night out on the town with me." Leading Jean over to the sign that was precisely where she remembered one being, this one tall enough for them both to stand under, Emma grinned as she pulled Jean in for a one-armed hug, resting her cheek on the redhead's shoulder. "Make sure to smile. You get this rather unattractive crease in the middle of your forehead when you frown. Believe me, I'm quite familiar with it."

     Snorting softly, Jean glanced down at where Emma's hand was resting on her hip before letting out a put-upon sigh and wrapping one arm around the taller woman's shoulders. "Gee, I wonder why. And is this part really necessary? Just because there's going to be gossip doesn't mean we need to encourage them."

     "Necessary? Perhaps not. But it is rather fun." Emma chuckled softly before turning her attention to her daughters. While Rachel was busy playing traffic cop, steering people around behind the others as best she could, the quintuplets all had their phones out and were snapping pictures. After a few seconds, Emma decided to mix things up a bit and pulled Jean in for a proper hug, pulling the redhead in so the top of her head was resting under Emma's chin. Jean groaned softly but didn't fight it, which the blonde appreciated. Their little spats were fun, sure, but that didn't mean she wanted to argue with Jean about everything. Watching Esme lean down and place her purse at her feet so she could use both hands to manipulate her phone, Emma frowned for the briefest of moments before schooling her expression back into something more appropriate for pictures. Her daughter ought to know better. For one, the floor here looked positively filthy. For another, while they may be a group of six, they were six teenage girls and that probably wouldn't deter a prospective robber from-

     "Hey! My purse!" Identical exclamations came from two places within a matter of seconds, a large man in a Panthers jersey slamming into Celeste and yanking her purse out of her hand. Stumbling forward, the man scooped Esme's identical bag up off the floor before breaking into a run toward the exit. "Thief! Somebody sto-"

     "Faith, no!"

     Pulling away from Jean, Emma watched as a dark-haired girl went charging diagonally across the concourse, skidding to a stop in front of the man and cutting off his escape. "Boot to the head!" Twisting, she unleashed a side kick that delivered exactly what it promised, the heel of the girl's boot impacting with the man's nose. He collapsed to the floor clutching it and howling in pain as Faith moved in for the kill, using her foot to nudge each of the white purses he'd stolen away before planting her foot in the middle of his back and pushing down a bit. "You've gotta be wicked retarded, boyo. Trying to rob Emma Frost's daughters? How the fuck could that possibly end well for you?"

     Emma looked down at herself and then over at the quintuplets as they gathered around her and Jean, watching the spectacle. Apart from the fact that the six of them were wearing white coats over their street clothes and had blonde hair, there was nothing that made them easily identifiable as Frosts. Not the way their normal attire did. And yet this girl had been able to identify them from a goodly distance, quickly enough to decide that she wanted to interfere. Emma frowned. Did that mean- 'If I'm stuck dealing with a fangirl because neither of you could be bothered to trip him with your powers, I'm going to be quite upset.'

     'Oh, trust me, this is going to be hilarious.' A soft chuckle echoed through Emma's mind as Rachel pushed her way in between her two mothers, leaning her head against Emma's shoulder. 'I'd always wondered how you all met her. Even Mom's a bit more sophisticated by osmosis by the time I'm born, and Faith is… Faith.'

     "Yo. Anyone want to claim these or do I get to hi hosey both of them?" Making her way over from where the police were dealing with the man she'd disabled, Faith stopped in front of Emma and held up Celeste and Esme's purses, looking from one to the other before meeting Emma's eyes. "They don't really go with my outfit, but I'll figure out something to do with them. Maybe sell them on eBay or Craigslist them. 'WTT Famous Girls' Purses For Leather Pants' would probably get me a few offers. More if I promise not to empty them out first, I bet."

     Emma sighed, holding out her hand. Of course the girl that Rachel found 'hilarious' was an irritating little shit. After all, Rachel was friends with Betsy. "I'd rather you not. I'm not particularly in the mood to listen to them whine about their missing purses for the entire ride home. I'm certain we can come to some sort of arrangement, though, if the satisfaction of having done the right thing isn't enough for you." Taking the purses from Faith, Emma slipped her hand into Esme's and rifled through her daughter's wallet. While the money inside wouldn't go far if she wanted to buy herself a pair of leather pants, she was likely undoubtedly far pickier than Faith was when it came to what she'd leave her room wearing. "Say… a hundred dollars? That ought to be enough to buy a pair of leather pants for yourself."

     Fidgeting, Faith shifted from side to side uncomfortably. "That'd be wicked pissa. But, uh, I was just kidding. I mean, if you want to? I ain't gonna say no. I'd settle for an autograph as a reward, though. S'how I saw what happened; I was over there arguing with Princess Di about wanting to come ask you for one. She told me not to because it'd be rude to bother you when you were out for the night with your family."

     "Princess… Di..?" Emma followed Faith's gaze as the brunette looked back over her shoulder at the well-dressed and rather harried-looking older woman who was making her way over, looking distinctly uncomfortable among the rowdy and not entirely sober crowd. "Your guardian, I presume? She'd be right about it being rude. However, as long as you're already here, I don't see why not." Faith grinned widely at that, turning and stretching her hands out towards the older woman, who ignored her in favor of Emma herself. "Emma Frost."

     Surprisingly enough, the name garnered a flicker of recognition but nothing more as the woman offered her own hand up for Emma to shake. "Professor Diana Dormer. Faith insists on referring to me as 'Princess Di'. As a Briton, I find it horrifically distasteful. I'm fairly certain that's why she does it."

     Emma let out a soft chuckle as she shook Diana's hand. "Ah, so she's one of those teenagers who make me question why I got into teaching. You're ever so lucky." That assessment was only reinforced as she watched Faith dig through the backpack hanging off of one of the woman's shoulders, making her jerk backwards and grunt at the rough treatment. Eventually Faith pulled out a Sharpie and what appeared to be a magazine based on the size before zipping the bag back up. Returning, she presented both items to Emma, who looked down to find herself holding a very familiar issue of Playboy. "…really?"

     "I, uh, buy them for the articles." Faith managed to look serious for all of four or five seconds before breaking down and laughing loudly. "Oh fuck, I can't believe I actually just said that. Oh man. Had someone tell me that once. Stupidest thing I've ever heard. Guys just need to man up and admit they enjoy staring at hot chicks."

     Ah, what a delightful young woman they'd managed to stumble over. Emma shook her head as she forwent responding, instead tugging the cap off the Sharpie and scrawling her name across a large stretch of blank space to the left of her body on the magazine's cover. 'The hilarity you've promised me better commence shortly, Rachel, or I might decide to risk damaging the timeline by performing a lobotomy on your little friend here. Or… perhaps that's why she's such good company in the future? Maybe I'm supposed to rewrite her mind tonight?' Capping the marker, she returned both it and the Playboy to Faith. "Anything else?"

     'Here it comes… here it comes…'

     Eyes jumping from Emma to a point over her right shoulder a few times, Faith nibbled on her lower lip as she thought before straightening up and crossing over her arms over her chest. "You in a hurry? Cuz if you're not, I wouldn't mind spending some time with my damsels. They're wicked hot."

     This was supposed to be the hilarious part? Emma raised an eyebrow as she looked from Faith to Rachel - who quickly projected of herself nodding frantically into Emma's mind - and then back to Faith. "The train pulling our private car isn't scheduled to leave until quarter of seven tomorrow morning, so we're hardly in a rush. Dare I ask, though… your damsels?"

     "Well… I did come to their rescue. In a way. That would make me Princess Charming and them my damsels, right?" Handing her Playboy and Sharpie off to Diana, Faith retook possession of the two purses that had started the whole mess and slipped past Emma, making her way over to the quintuplets. Looking them over, she quickly spotted the two missing their bags and returned them, somehow managing to actually return the proper purse to each sister. Separating Celeste and Esme from the others, she wrapped an arm around each girl's waist as she began leading them toward the exit. "So, here's what I'm thinking. You've got to get to South Station… what? Your mom mentioned a train hauling a car. They don't do that kind of fancy shit with the T's commuter trains, and the only Amtrak trains out of here go to Maine. Just because I like to kick guys in the face doesn't mean I can't think shit out. Now, as I was saying, South Station. That's on the same line that Di and I take home. Hows about we take the T over to Downtown Crossing, go topside to find some food, and then we can hop on the Red Line and go our separate ways?"

     "I don't like this plan at all."

     "The subway is dirty."

     "And crowded."

     "And smells like a locker room."

     "And someone's hand is on my ass."

     "Mine too."

     "Those would be mine. Probably because I put them there. And Di took me to New York last month for some museum thing she had to go to. I've been in your subways. Ours smell like fucking roses compared to them." Leading the group onward, Faith chuckled and used her grip on the blondes' asses to steer them a bit closer to her. "So, kinda surprised you just let him run off with your purses like that. Aren't you supposed to be kick ass mutant babes or something?"

     As the trio moved out of earshot, Emma shot a look over at the remaining three quintuplets, who were standing there with stupefied expressions as Faith made off with their sisters. "Yes. Aren't you supposed to be 'kick ass mutant babes or something'? How did we end up in this situation?"

     Before any of them could respond, a particularly loud bit of conversation drifted through the air to where they were standing. "…my superhuman power is being wicked fucking sexy."

     "Does that actually count as a power?" Tilting her head to the side, Ivette stared in Faith's direction as the brunette led her sisters toward the doors that exited onto Haverhill Street. "I'm not necessarily saying it's true in her case. Just wondering if that's actually a power. Because if it is, I want it added to my file."

     Groaning, Emma gave Rachel a push from behind, putting the girl into motion before grabbing Jean's hand and heading for the exit. Behind them, Emma could hear Ivette, Phoebe, and Sophie scrambling to keep up but at this point, she just didn't care anymore. She just wanted to leave before something even worse than Faith happened. As the brunette reached the doors, one of the cops caught up with her and Emma smirked. Oh what a pity. Esme and Celeste's new friend was going to… the blonde's eyes narrowed as Faith pulled out her wallet and flashed something at the officer, who rolled his eyes before stepping out of the way. Frowning, Emma watched as Diana peeled off from the group, shaking the man's hand before joining him in walking back over to where his coworkers were standing with the thief. Well wasn't that just interesting…

     As they stepped out into the cold night air, Emma scowled and pulled on the pure white ushanka she'd brought to protect herself, leaving the flaps down to protect her ears. The scowl wasn't directed at the weather, though. She was from Boston, where mid-thirties winter nights were nothing new. No, her scowl was for her situation. After a rocky start, things had been going so well and now… now she didn't even know what was going on. And she was a telepath. Pinching the bridge of her nose, she brushed her mind against Rachel's. 'If this is your definition of hilarious, then-'

     'And the night's not even over. I wonder if this is the time that she leaves a bunch of hickeys on the quintuplets, or if that's going to be at another Bruins game…'

     Emma let out a second, louder groan.
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