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Escape from Planet Starbuck

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Starbuck's Odyssey". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Starbuck the Colonial Warrior, Cy the Cylon, and Angela the Jaffa escape Starbucks planet aboard a salvaged Cylon Raider through the Chappa'ai, threading the eye of the needle!

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Out in the field the remaining slaves were hoisting Ang'lus on their shoulders, hailing the conquering hero! Followed by the grim faced Jaffa they moved away from the remains of Queen Nut and First Prime Ang'lus. Their bodies lay still and broken, unrecognizable they rested in a pool of red blood mixed with purple. Amid them was the remains a full-grown Goa'uld and a Prim'ta floating in the refuse.

Sel'kar arrived with his young charge and Nefetaria in tow at the same moment Ang'lus was lowered in honor from the slaves shoulders. Slowly the joyous cacophony died down leaving those assembled in silence. Parting, the crowd allowed the Jaffa to stumble forward heads bowed in shame. Stopping in front of their former First Prime they knelt as one.

"Forgive us, my friend, my Tek'mate." Gor'gus intoned. Quietly he pleaded, "Do with us as you will master. We do not deserve your mercy."

Ang'lus, standing tall, strong, and proud could not help but to smile above his friends and former students. Leaning over he helped his compatriot, Gor'gus, to his feet proudly declaring, "Gor'gus, we have known each since we were children. Against you I hold no grudge nor harbor ill will. You did what you were enslaved, since birth, to do."

His commanding gaze raked his remaining students and to them he stated, "All is forgiven my friends. We were enslaved by a being that claimed to be a goddess but were nothing more than a snake in lamb's clothing. She fooled our Ancestor with her technology making them think it was magic when, in truth, it was not!"

Stepping upon a rock so all those gathered may hear him Ang'lus shouted, "But, WE ARE SLAVES NO MORE! You Jaffa that hold a Prim'ta in your pouch, the very reason for our slavery, will hold them no more! The Goa'uld Sel'kar actually works WITH it's host Platimus. Together they have discovered a means from which we can remove the burden placed upon us by our former masters. I am living proof, for as many of you know, I know longer have a pouch and a Prim'ta. I am no longer enslaved to the Goa'uld. I. LIVE. FREE! As will we all!"

The gathered crowd had paid quiet attention when he began. But, with each declaration, with each reason, the crowd began murmuring amongst themselves. By the end of Ang'lus's oration the crowd was in a frenzy! They cheered, they clapped, congratulated, hugged, and slapped backs. And, most importantly, they began to have ' hope.

"I can't believe your human now Angela." Starbuck said, again.

Angela smiled a simple happy smile. "Human." She thought. "I can't believe I am human, without dependency on the Goa'uld." That thought made her smile all the more!

Wandering outside the derelict they met up with Ang'lus and his people emptying the ship of it's contents. Ang'lus watched them approach while deep in conversation with Sel'kar/Platimus. The two men broke off their conversation as Starbuck and Angela drew close.

"Ah, my good friends." Ang'lus started. "Are you sure you will not travel with us?"

Starbuck and Angela smiled and nodded their heads 'no'. Starbuck said, "Sorry big guy, but I am looking for my people and Angela has decided to join me."

"And your robotic companion?" Sel'kar questioned. "Why is he going with you? Isn't there the danger that he will be destroyed or worse when you find your fellow Colonials?"

Casting a pensive glance in the Raider's direction Starbuck chewed his lip. He acquiesced, "Yeah, it's possible." Then standing tall and menacingly he added, "Over my dead body!"

"Very well Starbuck." Ang'lus conceded. "May your journey be smooth and swift. May you, all of us, live or die free."

"Thanks." Starbuck acknowledged. He added, grinning impishly, "Though I'd really rather just live free and die an old man!"

Nodding, Starbuck strode towards the waiting Raider. Angela approached Ang'lus saying, "Great-grandfather, I would like to get to know you, but I feel that my destiny lies with Starbuck and his people. Can you forgive me for leaving you and our people?"

Taking her hand in his Ang'lus softly told her, "My dear Great-granddaughter. If there is anything this life has taught me is that one must follow their heart and their destiny." Resting his hand on the side of her head he intoned, "Go my daughter. Go with my blessing and my love."

Great-grandfather and great-granddaughter hugged for the first, and possibly, last time. She broke his embrace and ran swiftly to the waiting Raider wiping the tears from her eyes.

Sel'kar clasped his hand on his new friends shoulder. Wonderingly he asked, "Do you think we will ever see them again my friend?"

"I think we will my friend, I think we will."

Sel'kar returned to helping the others gather their supplies while Ang'lus watched his granddaughter fly away to her own adventures.

Once inside the Raider Angela slid into the Command seat. Starbuck was running his pilot's checklist while Cy was ' fuming. Angela wasn't sure why, but she was sure Cy was actually fuming and upset about something. Activating the Command system Angela went through her own checklist. Finishing she glanced up she was surprised to see her friends watching her!

Trying for a bit of humor she asked, "What? Is there something growing out of my forehead?"

Starbuck smirked a reply, "Naw, we were just waiting for the Commander of this little ship to let us know where and when we are going?"

"Me?" She squeaked.

"Yes, you." Starbuck soothed. "You know the ship well and you are more familiar with the Gate addresses than we are, aren't you?"

"That is correct." Cy intoned. "We are going where you have come from, it is only logical that you lead us to our destination."

Angela smiled and retorted, "So, you two can't agree where we should go, eh?"

Starbuck pouted and complained, waving at Cy, "Well, I'm almost out of fumarellos and this guy wants to go where there are more synthetic life-forms!"

"Starbuck!" Cy exclaimed. "We can always get you more fumarellos, but I need parts for I am not in full working order!"

"Why you selfish ingrate!" Starbuck started to explode. "After everything I've done for you!"

"Done for me?" Cy exclaimed, actually raising his monotone voice. "I've saved your life many ti-"

"Boys! Boys!" Angela interrupted. "I know a place where we can get fully stocked and provisioned! With our share from the derelict we will be able to get everything we need and more!"

"Really?" They exclaimed together facing her in surprise.

"I can get enough parts to upgrade myself?" Cy asked wistfully.

"And I can get fumarellos?" Starbuck asked hopefully.

Laughing Angela keyed the co-ordinates into the Raiders navigational computer and confirmed, "All that and more!"

From the outside the survivors watched as the Raider rose gracefully off the ground. There were gasps of awe and delight when the disk shaped Raider shifted its outline and floated to the opening gate. There was a moment's hesitation then the fighter shot forward through the Stargate!

Onboard, as they entered the event horizon, Starbuck asked one last time, "Are you sure they've got fumarellos?"

The End

You have reached the end of "Escape from Planet Starbuck". This story is complete.

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