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Escape from Planet Starbuck

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Starbuck's Odyssey". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Starbuck the Colonial Warrior, Cy the Cylon, and Angela the Jaffa escape Starbucks planet aboard a salvaged Cylon Raider through the Chappa'ai, threading the eye of the needle!

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Stargate Sg-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, ShowTime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and The SciFi Channel. This story is written purely for my own entertainment, and that of anyone else who may happen to read it. No infringement of copyright is intended. It is not intended and should never be used for commercial purposes.

The original characters situations and ideas contained within this work are the property of the author.

"Not Cylon ... not Hu-man ... Friends, always."

"Cy ..."

Starbuck could feel the depression descend upon him, his robotic companion lay damaged on the sandy ground. Helplessly, he watched as Cy's optic sensor slowed down and then stilled. There was a small spark from the gaping rent in the Cylon's chest causing Starbuck to jump. At that moment Cy's optics began to fade. Starbuck felt tears begin to spill in his sadness. Then inspiration struck, as did the palm of his hand against his forehead.

"Starbuck, you idiot! There are three new Cylon robots within reach ... " He began as he quickly rose and ran to the nearest of the downed Cylons their metallic husks gleaming in the sunlight. "Let's just hope that the power pack has enough juice ..." he trailed off as he bent hurriedly to his task. A few centons later a sharp cry of exultation broke the silence as Starbuck found the required power pack. Almost jumping back to Cy's side Starbuck quickly connected the power pack to his friend's critical memory circuits through the hole in the robot's chest cavity. Angela was suddenly by his side querying, "Is it over? Is Cy going to survive?"

"Yeah, it's over Angela. Well, the fighting is over. Now I gotta get my toolkit and get back out here to repair Cy! Please stay and keep an eye on him will you?" Without waiting for an answer he hurried away. Running so fast it felt as if the wind burned his skin Starbuck zipped into his lean-to and grabbed his tool kit. Racing against time he sped back to his friends side.

"No one's gonna die today Cy! So you just hold on, you hear me?" Starbuck extolled the fallen robot. Cy's visor blinked twice as if in answer to Starbuck's demand. Heartened, Starbuck worked ever more feverishly as Angela joined.

"That's right!" Starbuck stated as he worked. "You're not going to die. Ok Starbuck, first things first. Make sure his core memory is stable..." he babbled on as he and Angela repaired the fallen Cylon. After a few centons Cy's Eye Scanner's came back online. At that Starbuck exclaimed to Angela, "Now I'd never thought I would be happy to see such a sight!"

"Buh ... Buh ... BuckStar." Cy surprised him by actually trying to speak. "Talk too much, you always did."

"Yeee-haaa!" Starbuck yelled out. "And you never sounded better you big bucket of bolts, you!"

Angela smiled beatifically while laughing in relief.

After a couple of minute's Cy stated, "Thank you my good friends. I can take over the rest of my repairs from here. You should go into the lean-to and get some rest."

"I don't know Cy." Starbuck drawled out as he sat back against a nearby rock. "I'm still pretty jazzed that you're gonna be ok. I think that I'll just rest here in case you need my help, K?"

Watching his friend repair himself Starbuck scooted back to a boulder that he had been using for cover just a few hours ago. Squirming a little to get himself comfortable he half listened as Cy continued working on himself. Angela stepped around Cy and stared inquisitively at Starbuck. He shrugged and patted the ground allowing her to curl up against him.

"Of course Starbuck, I was only concerned about the possibility of you falling asleep out here. You snore and it could be quite distract..." The Cylon paused as his concern bore fruit. Twisting his torso, as the servos in his neck were not working quite right, he saw that Starbuck and Angela had indeed fallen asleep. Snorting in a suspiciously human fashion Cy returned to his repairs as a strange sound emitted from his electronic vocal chords. If the other Cylons were still active they would have sworn to their Dark Lord Iblis that the noise sounded fairly close to a human chuckling. But that couldn't be, after all, since Cy was a Cylon.
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