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The Healing

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This story is No. 5 in the series "To Find A Mate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy finds her mates.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredCaliadragonFR1511,367132,85720 Jul 1220 Jul 12Yes
Title: The Healing

Author: Caliadragon

Series: To Find a Mate

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Archive: Anyone with prior permission, any list I send it too, BC, TtH, WWoMB, Imaginings.

Disclaimer: None of the characters or their associated shows belong to me.

Part: 1/1

Fandoms: BtVS, AtS, SPN, SG, SGA, Highlander, CSI: Vegas, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami

Pairings: Multiple

Category: Crossover, Relationship

Warnings: Angst, AU, Unbeta’d, Slash, Femmeslash, Het, Violence

Summary:  Buffy’s new gifts help her mates and bring more new members to her family.


The day Buffy Summers became immortal she mourned for her friends  and she helped kill the demons responsible.  She wasn’t upset for herself, she had been both to heaven and to hell, and while she missed heaven she didn’t want to die and leave Xander, Dawn, and Connor behind. 


Buffy knew that Xander would do his best to protect the duo and himself, but that wasn’t good enough for Buffy.  The three were hers and it was her duty and pleasure to protect and stand at their sides.  Xander was the first boy to accept all parts of her and still love her, the boy who became a man who was always there for her and who stood up to her when she was making mistakes. 


Dawn was made of her and of Xander.  Dawn was a combination of all of the Scoobies and of their mom Joyce.  Dawn was beautiful, smart, sassy, powerful and brave.  However, Dawn was also vulnerable and Buffy didn’t want to hurt Dawn again by dying.


Connor had become one of Buffy’s kids.  One of the ones the Scoobies had adopted after the fall of Sunnydale.  Connor, though, had a special place in her heart.  He called her Mom and she treated him as though he was her son.  Buffy’s pride and love for Connor knew no bounds.  Her love for Angel had evolved into a true and deep friendship.  Thankfully, Angel accepted and approved of the stability that Buffy and the other Scoobies provided for the once troubled boy.  Knowing she wouldn’t leave her brother, her sister, or her son made accepting immortality easier to bare.


That wasn’t to say there weren’t drawbacks to being immortal, because there were.  It was harder to date as an immortal than it was as just Buffy Summers, Omega Slayer.   After a while everyone had just accepted that dating wasn’t something they could do well and they all resigned themselves to being alone. 


Then D’Hoffryn had come to them at the behest of the Collective Powers and informed the group that they had destined mates waiting for them in other realities.  Suspecting that there would be strife in each of these worlds had Buffy worried about what her family would face when they went to claim their mates.  She didn’t say anything to the others, though she noticed that Spike and Xander shared a look that said they were thinking the same thing.


D’Hoffryn had then dropped the bombshell that many of their dead would be returned by way of an alt-world.  Buffy was excited by the prospect of having her mother and the others back.


At the moment though, she was running beside a beautiful brunette woman trying to get to shelter from the falling bombs.  In this new world she had landed in America was involved in World War 3 with Iran, North Korea, Aphgananstan, and Iraq. 


New York, Chicago, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Las Vegas were all gone, wiped off the face of the planet by bombs.  Miami was barely surviving and bombs fell daily.  Stella Bonesera, the woman she was with, was leading Buffy to the bit of shelter she and her friends had found.


When they arrived at the shelter Buffy noticed that there were several people injured and she felt compelled to touch them, so she did.  The group was stunned as she moved through them healing the injured among them.  As she reached a red-haired man he reached out and touched her.  Both of them gasped as memories downloaded between them.  “Speed touch Buffy.”  Horatio Caine rasped. 


Speed looked oddly at his lover, but did as he ordered.  Again the pair reacted to the memory exchange.  They both looked up as the shelter shimmied from the force of the explosions above them.


D’Hoffryn appeared causing everyone but Buffy, Speed, and Horatio to gape in disbelief and shock.  “Excellent children, gather together so I can transport you all to safety and Alexander.”  D’Hoffryn sighed as the unbelievers stared at him.  D’Hoffryn gave them the same information he had the other unmated family members.  The group were still confused, but going some place safer was something they wanted so they all gathered together.


When they appeared on Atlantis it was in the infirmary.  The group was immediately beset by Buffy’s friends and family as they pulled Buffy into them, hugging and passing her from person to person.  Buffy then introduced her mates and the others to her family.  Who did the same. 


Buffy noticed that Xander’s mates were a lot a like Anya, Cordy, Faith, and Willow.  They were both good looking, smart, loyal, blunt and sarcastic.  Buffy could honestly say that she liked them.


Xander once again created food clothing for those that arrived.  This group were still getting used to such powers, but they were grateful just the same as they had been in the same clothes for several weeks. 


After their showers and a change of clothes Horatio and Speed sat on either side of Buffy getting used to this new life and the powers that Xander showed casually as he created food for them.  It was going to be a while before they became accustom to this new life. 


“So what did you guys do in your world?” Xander asked from his place between his mates.


“Brian, Madison, Lindsey Willow, Ray, Kyle, and Jamie were in college.  The rest of us were cops and crimes scene investigators.”  Ryan Wolfe said between bites of food.


“You seem a little worse for wear, did you have something supernatural happen?” Dean Winchester asked from where he was sitting in front of Castiel’s chair.


“No, none of us believed in the supernatural before we met Buffy.  We were in the middle of World War three and the US, Canada, and Europe were pretty much loosing by all reports.”  Danny Messer answered sadly.  “We only survived because most of us were at a Convention in Miami.  New York was one of the first places wiped off the map.


“Damn.”  Evan Lorne said stunned.  He wasn’t the only one.  The group with Buffy had already been tapered with by D’Hoffryn, making it so that they knew what was going on in this world and so that the loss of their families and world be less pressing and devastating.  If any of them had known they would have been angry at the elder demon, even though he was doing the bidding of the Collective Powers.


Horatio and Mac Taylor shared a look and then looked over at Gil Grissom, who nodded.  “I was a Marine sniper, Horatio was bomb squad.  Gil is a etymologist, Sheldon Hawkes and Alexx Woods are medical examiners.  The rest of us have Doctorates and Masters in science.”  Mac told them.


“Even better we need scientists as well as doctors and cops.”  Rodney said pleased by how useful these new people were all turning out to be.  Whoever these Powers were they were being a great help, even if it was blowing his mind that everything he ever thought was a myth was true.


John looked at Horatio and Mac.  “Would you be willing to take over the City’s security? Frankly we need someone to take Bates’ place so he can start leading a team.  We can make sure you have all the information you need about how the rules and laws are so that you can enforce them correctly.”  John said looking at the three.  Horatio, Gil, and Mac all nodded their agreement, pleased to be of use in this new world.  Elizabeth Weir sat back, silently thanking the fact that these new people were joining them in their fight against the Wraith.





The End

You have reached the end of "The Healing". This story is complete.

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