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Buffy the Amazon

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Summary: During her fight against Lothos, Buffy's parents were killed and she nearly died only to be saved by Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman gives Buffy her blood during a transfusion and something unexpected happens, how will everyone react.

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Chapter 2

I'm back from Florida and had an amazing time and Olympics were amazing, and here is my second chapter, please review and I am looking for a Beta if anyone's interested Thanks

Dont own anything hence the Fanfiction site

Buffy stared at Batman, still coming to terms with what just happened, "How is this possible, you cant just change someone's DNA, that's impossible, wouldn't I change too, like grow taller or something?"

Batman looked at her, impressed she had come to that conclusion with this much going on, it showed she still had a very deductive mind. "I'm not sure exactly, the whole situation is unprecedented, are you sure that Diana was not your mother before," asked Batman.

Buffy exploded, "Of course not, my mom was my mother, how dare you say that, my mom was my…" she trailed off and then sprinted out of the room tears flowing down her face. She had no idea what she was supposed to do, her parents were dead, and now she had a new mother, like a new piece of furniture. She had lost everything, her best friends were all dead in the gym, the one man who had tried to help her had been tortured to death protecting her and now both her parents had died because of what she was.

She sprinted around the corner and found yet another completely sterile hallway, and kept running, ignoring the incredulous looks from the brightly clad superheroes in the hallways. After a couple minutes she finally slowed down, mainly because she realized there was nowhere she could go, since she was stuck in a spaceship. She knelt in the corner and started crying.

She had no idea how long she had been there, it had just hit her and she was alone.

"There you are, I was looking for you." Buffy looked up and saw Superman standing their looking down at her.

"Couldn't you just use your x-ray vision and find me,"

Superman walked up to her and sat down next to her, "Walls are lead lined," he explained, "So, I my x-rays are useless."

Buffy glared at him, "What do you want," she asked angrily.

"I was worried about you, so I went to get you after you left."

"Why, what do you care," she asked.

"I want to help, were not the bad people here Buffy,"

"I know that it's just with everything that's happened,"

"You don't know what to do." Buffy nodded.

Superman sighed, "I can't really say I know what you're going through but I think I can figure out, you're upset because your parents are gone and you feel like everyone is forgetting about them." Buffy nodded. "And you're worried that with Diana becoming your genetic mother, it will make it so that your mom never existed."

Buffy broke down, "She's my mom, I don't care what your genetic tests say."

Superman raised his hands, "I'm not saying she isn't, my mother wasn't my biological mother yet I still consider her my mother."

Buffy thought about that and nodded, understanding what Superman was saying, "I guess, but it's just hard,"

Superman smiled, knowing he was getting through to her, "Go and talk to her, she was very upset about you running off, I know she won't show it but she is,"

Buffy felt slightly guilty upon hearing that, and nodding to Superman started walking back towards the room she left from.

When in their she spied Wonder Woman still sitting at the table with Batman right next to her, trying to comfort her.

Buffy came up meekly to were Wonder Woman was sitting and tried not to look at the evil glare Batman was sending her. "I'm sorry," she said sincerely.

Wonder Woman stared at Buffy, unsure of what to do, she had understood logically why Buffy had ran, it had been overwhelming, suddenly having her whole world changed, even having the one thing that should always be there, her mother, ripped away and suddenly replaced by someone completely different. Yet even though she understood didn't mean she didn't subconsciously take it personally.

When Buffy had left the room she had blamed herself, after all she was trying to take the place of her mother, something that never should be done. She had kept her composer but inside she was in turmoil, had she done wrong, was this all her fault.

Luckily, Bruce had come over and comforted her, somehow he knew what she was going through and had told her it wasn't her fault, something Diana knew but it still felt better knowing someone else knew it too.

And then Buffy had come back to the room and Diana had tensed, ready to be yelled at again but to both her and Bruce's surprise, Buffy had come in apologetic, and the apology had blown Diana away.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you Wonder Woman, I just lost control, when Batman asked if you were always my mom I guess I kinda snapped." Wonder Woman glanced at Bruce, who muttered something about it being a legitimate question.

Wonder Woman came over and put her hand on Buffy's shoulder, "Buffy, I don't want you to forget your mother, I would never want you to do that, your mother should always be part of your life, I just want to be part of that life as well." Diana said sincerely.

Buffy smiled at her then, "I think we could try and work something out," she said.

For the rest of the day Buffy and Diana just talked, about anything and everything. The two of them commandeered the recreation room and for the next six hours then talked about Buffy's life. Even the most mundane facts, who her friends were, what her favorite class was and her favorite sports.

Diana absorbed every word with interest, she had never been able to live a normal life and for her, the mundane fascinated her, a life without the stress, the danger, was a very comforting thought to her.

They finally stopped when Diana saw Buffy yawn, in their talk, she had completely lost track of time. "It's getting late Buffy, can we pick this up tomorrow," Wonder Woman asked.

Buffy nodded eagerly despite her previous worries he found that Diana was really easy to talk to and had a lot of fun just telling her about her life. Diana was a great listener and had told her some fun stories about growing up on Themesicara. "Where am I sleeping tonight," Buffy asked, still not sure what would happen to her in the future.

"For tonight you are going to stay here, Batman wants to run a couple test tomorrow," she saw the look of Buffy's face and hurriedly continued, "Nothing invasive but Batman want to discover if what happened made any changes to your strength as well."

"But I'm already stronger than a regular person,"

"Yes but I'm talking about my strength or my ability to fly." Diana explained.

Buffy gasped at that, "you mean I can fly."

Diana shrugged, "I have no idea, it was a gift from the gods, so nobody knows if it would pass to my daughter or not." Diana saw the tiny flinch Buffy gave when she said daughter but pretended not to.

Buffy grinned at the thought, "Cool, so how do we figure out if I can." Buffy's smile was contagious and both Diana and Bruce broke out in grins at the look of joy on her face.

Batman interrupted her, "Well that can be decided later, the simple fact is you still need to rest and heal from your injuries." Diana nodded.

Buffy started to protest but when she yawned she decided to simply go without a protest. As she got in the infirmary section again she fell asleep immediately. Her dreams were filled with nightmares of her parents dying, but she did have one of soaring through the air.

Buffy woke up early the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs sitting on her bed. Her stomach growled and she dug in, finishing the plate in no time at all.

"Wow you eat like me." A voice came from the doorway. Buffy looked up and saw Flash standing at the front doorway,"

"Nobody eats like you, and at least she has manners," A female voice said behind him and Buffy smirked at the outraged look on Flashes face. He quickly zoomed away and the girl walked in behind him. She waved at Buffy, "Hi, I'm,"

"Supergirl," Buffy said, it wasn't as awe-inspiring as Superman or Wonder Woman mainly cause of the age but it still was pretty impressive.

Supergirl came into the room and sat on a chair, "Well there was an emergency that Diana had to go on so she asked me to show you around the watchtower, felt you would be a little more comfortable with someone your own age showing you around," Buffy nodded gratefully although truthfully she wouldn't have cared if a vampire gave her the tour, it was a privet tour of the Watchtower, like the fanciest place in the world.

The tour was amazing, it started at the most important area, the recreation room where she what had to be a 500 foot TV and moved on from there. She saw the kitchen which was stocked with some of the creepiest foods ever, she didn't want to know what the Martian Manhunters food was

As she walked she talked to Supergirl and to her amazement their lives weren't that different, Supergirl told her how she had come to the world unprepared for the power being thrusted upon her, having lived most of her life as a regular Kryptonian and then waking with the powers of a god. And Buffy told her of living most of her life as a normal human and then waking up with the power of well, a Slayer, that and they both loved shopping.

"So your new mom is Diana, that must be weird huh." Supergirl asked her curiously.

Buffy sighed, she had hoped this wouldn't come up, "I don't know, it's all very confusing, I'm not sure what to think, I mean I like her and think she's amazing but I have a mom."

Supergirl nodded sympathetically, "I know what you mean, I had my mom on Krypton, Alura In-Ze and I still love her but I have an adopted mom here, and I love her to, Kara said fondly thinking of her mom, Lana Lang.

Buffy smiled at that; if Supergirl was able to do it then maybe she could to, "Thanks for that, and thanks for the tour."

Kara smiled, "No problem one of these days I'll show you where super speed and strength really come in handy," She leaned in close to Buffy and whispered, "Shopping,"

Buffy laughed as Supergirl zoomed away.

Buffy sat and watched the giant television which actually seemed to show a talk show of some kind of an alien planet, she figured the fact it was alien made up for the fact she had no idea what was going on.

The picture suddenly shifted and Batman's face appeared, "Buffy Summers, could you report to the gym, I wish to conduct your test now." Before she could respond the face disappeared and a commercial about keeping tentacles clean appeared on the screen. Buffy walked to the gym muttering about annoying arrogant rodents.

When she got to the gym she saw Batman and Diana were waiting for her. She gave Diana a smile and wave which she returned.

"Good you're here, we can start." Batman said bluntly and Buffy rolled her eyes at the tone.

"So what do we start with?"

"Weights, I want to discover what you can lift, do you have any idea what you could lift as a slayer."

Buffy shook her head, I think I remember it was around 500 but I'm not positive, I think it went up as a Slayer got older."

Bruce nodded, it made since, and since she was so new, only a couple months she must still be fairly weak for a Slayer, so he estimated she would hold anywhere from 300 to 500 pounds

Bruce set the machine to 250 pounds and motioned for her to try. She lay down and bench pressed the weight effortlessly. Buffy smiled at Batman who looked unfazed and put another 50 pounds on each side. "Try it again," he ordered. Once again Buffy lifted the weight effortlessly. Batman simply added another 50 pounds.

This continued until they got to 700 pounds and Buffy was staring at the weight machine with a shocked look on her face. At 700 Bruce first noticed a slight strain on her face but she continued and made the lift.

Batman smiled at her and put another hundred pounds on the machine. She stares at him and starts lifting it, Bruce hears her straining and smiles, she fights through the pain that's good, he thought, she doesn't give up.

Buffy gets it up and finally manages to get one rep before Wonder Woman easily takes it away before it can collapse on her.

Buffy looked resigned, "So I don't have Wonder Woman's strength." She said dejectedly.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that, you're almost twice as strong as a regular slayer, and its possible your body is still adjusting to becoming stronger, you may become stronger as you age.

Buffy looked up at Batman hopefully, "You think so?"

Batman looked at Diana who shrugged, "This is new for me to, I think it's possible, your strength is already double what it was."

Buffy looked a little happier at the thought, "Ok, so what do I do now."

Batman looked around, "let's measure your speed next,"

The afternoon was pretty interesting, Batman and Diana had tested her on every type of test, her speed, sight, reflexes and jump and in each case the results were about the same, she was around either two or three times better then she was before.

"So it's obvious that you are stronger, the question is if you'll keep getting stronger, I need to test you again in a couple weeks to test," Buffy nodded, it made since.

Diana came forward, "Now it's my turn to test you," she said with a smile.

Buffy looked at her curiously, "What are you going to test me on?"

Diana threw her a staff which she caught, "Your fighting ability."

Buffy smiled grimly and picked up the staff weighing its balance and twirling it experimentally. Satisfied, she nodded at Diana.

Diana wasted no time and immediately struck at Buffy with her staff and Buffy was barely able to dive to the side to avoid Diana's strike. Buffy barely had time to get up before Diana came at her again and the next few minutes were a blur of strikes as Buffy barely managed to avoid getting hit by the ferocious attack of Diana. Buffy had thought she was a good fighter, but the skill that Diana was showing was amazing, by the time Buffy had blocked one strike, and Diana was ready with another three to throw at her.

Buffy had to rely completely on her reflexes, just dodge or block whenever a strike came. As she dodges to the left she sees Diana move in and aims a kick straight at her face. She turns to her left and the kick only manages to graze her. The kick knocked her off her feet and before she could get up Diana was their pointing the staff at her throat.

Buffy looked up in shock, "Wow, your amazing."

Diana smiled, "You're pretty good yourself I'm impressed by how well you did,"

"So I nearly beat Wonder Woman, sweet." Buffy heard Batman snort, "What," she says looking annoyed.

"Diana wasn't working at her full strength" Batman says.

"Fine, so I nearly beat half of Wonder Woman." Buffy looks back to where Batman was shaking his head. "So how hard were your trying," Buffy asked curiously.

"Around ten percent," Wonder Woman says apologetic.

Buffy opens her mouth and then closes it, "Well, there's room for improvement." She said hopefully. Diana smiled and nodded at Buffy before looking at the injury.

Diana gently looked at the bruise and Buffy rolled her eyes, "You do know I'll be fine right, I have fast healing."

Diana smiled, "Yes you do but I still want to check, I'm your, your…" she stops unsure of what exactly she is.

Buffy doesn't answer she just stares, she truthfully doesn't know what to call her. After a couple minutes she looked up at Diana, "How about we start with mentor and see where it goes."

Diana smiled, "That's fine."

Buffy leaned over and gave her a hug, maybe this wouldn't be as hard as she thought.

The next few days were more of the same; Buffy spent most of the time hanging out with Supergirl and her friend Mary Marvel. She had meet some other heroes, Flash seemed to be a teenager year old in the body of an adult and him and Plastic Man were the biggest pranksters she had ever seen. Green Arrow was serious but pretty nice. She didn't see many of the others, the Green Lanterns were not at the Watchtower much, patrolling space was very time consuming, and the rest seemed nice but were rarely around. The one that Buffy had tried to avoid was the Martian Manhunter, not because he was mean, but for some reason whenever she was around him he set off her Slayer sense, she had talked to Diana about it and she had agreed that she should stay away from him.

She was lifting in the weight room when Diana came in. "Hey Diana, what's up?"

"Well we decided you're strong enough to leave and was wondering what you wanted to do for living arrangements."

Buffy stared at her, "I thought I was living here."

"That was temporary, only until Batman thought you were healthy enough to leave." Diana explained.

Buffy shrugged, "Ok, what did you have in mind."

"I thought you could maybe live with me."

Buffy stared at her for a second and Diana was worried she may say no then she smiled, "That sound fine," and Diana breathed a sigh of relief.

Buffy got up, "So where do you live,"

Diana smiled, "I live in the embassy of Themesicara, how would you like to live with all of the other Amazons?"

Buffy got a huge grin on her face, "I think that would be fun."

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

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