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Buffy the Amazon

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Summary: During her fight against Lothos, Buffy's parents were killed and she nearly died only to be saved by Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman gives Buffy her blood during a transfusion and something unexpected happens, how will everyone react.

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DC Universe > GeneralgochisoxFR1526,3334454,43423 Jul 1214 Aug 12No

Chapter One

Dont own either hence the fan fiction site

I'm not the biggest fan of Wonder Woman, read some of the comics but not a ton but I know a little about it. Buffy obviously reminds me of an Amazon so I thought, what if she was one. This isent in a specific DC Universe mabey the animated series, and pre season 1 for Buffy. Am looking for a Beta and of corse please review

Diana Prince, known to the world as Wonder Woman flew over the city of Los Angeles doing a simple patrol. It had been a slow night; she'd stopped a couple carjacking's and a muggings. She knew it wasn't always this safe and the only reason there was less crimes was because of her. After stopping the first crimes word had gotten out she was in town and the criminals were staying underground until she left. They didn't have to risk it, the only hero permanently stationed in LA was Kid Flash. Diana shuddered at the thought of the fourth largest city in the country being protected by a more immature version of Flash. She would have to talk to Bruce about that, she decided.

The sound of fighting drew her gaze downward and she saw what looked like a mob gathering so she went to investigate it. What she saw horrified her.

She recognized the girl, not by name of course but by what she was, the Chosen One, the Slayer or as she was called on Themesicara, the Lonely Sister. Diana's mind flashed back to the stories her mother told her growing up, the stories of the Chosen and her guardians.

Back before they left man's world, the Chosen One was never alone. Wherever she went she went with her guardians, a handpicked group of the most powerful Amazons who were specially trained to fight demons and the forces of darkness. She was respected everywhere she went, no matter what kingdom it was, even the most brutal and terrifying warlords respected her. She was treated as a queen everywhere, feasts were given in her name, her every wish granted. Her life was filled with food, wine, men or women and a glorious death that was talked about for ages. In short, she had a perfect life.

After the Amazons had left the world of men, the mystics had continued to track the lost sister who had been ordered to stay in the world. At first everything was same, other warriors stepped in to protect her and she was still treated the same and welcomed in every city.

Over the centuries however, that changed and one by one the warriors and cities stopped aiding her, and tragically the world began to forget the creatures of the night, turning them into myths and legends and for a time the slayer was left completely alone.

Around two thousand years ago the Watchers Council formed and for a while all was good again. The Chosen One had shelter at every town and Watchers traveled with every Slayer and aided them, fighting with her and dying with her.

But over time things changed, the Watchers got greedy and as time went on, they saw the Slayer as she was now called, not as a champion but as a tool. They took the potentials and brainwashed them, crushing their spirit, their strongest tool.

The Amazons wept but kept watch over their sister, praying the situation would change.

But in the end it came for naught, reflected Diana sadly, 600 years ago the Watcher Council discovered the Amazons spells and put up barriers the mystics couldn't break, and the observation was over. Stories were still told of the Chosen One and she was treated with more respect than all but the greatest of warriors.

When she first came to the men's world, Diana had gone out to find the Chosen One but every one she found had been brainwashed and rejected all offers of help from her.

After ten years, Diana had given up on trying to help and regretfully let them stay as they were.

When she had seen the Watchers Slayers fight it had been sad a shell of the possibility, every move a response if A do B, B do C, no originality no spirit, and the result had been many dead Chosen Ones.

This Chosen One was young and obviously inexperienced yet she fought better than all of the others Diana had seen fight. Diana watched as the young girl dodge an attack and started to study her skills critically..

The Chosen One was tiny, barley over five feet tall and probably weighed less than 100 pounds. She had shining blond hair and bright blue eyes, she was surrounded by at least 20 vampires while she silently circled around the bodies of an older male and female, guarding them determinedly.

Diana watched in silence as the girl destroyed five vampires in quick succession yet there were still over 15 vampires, and Diana started to move down to help the girl.

Just as she started to move she saw one of the vampires sneak up behind the girl and sink his fangs into her neck while she was busy fighting off two others. The girl flailed wildly for a few seconds before slumping down and going limp.

Diana cursed to herself for waiting so long and flew into the fight enraged.

The first few vampires stood no chance and were dusted as she literally flew straight through them. The rest lasted just as long as every punch she threw and every sword thrust killed one, until only the one who had bit the Chosen One was left.

Lothos was more afraid then he'd ever been, he had just killed his ninth Slayer and was about to celebrate when Wonder Woman of all people showed up. She seemed to know what they were, since his followers were all dead.

He got down on his knees, "Please Wonder Woman, you don't kill people," he begged, and inwardly smirked as she lowered her sword. The second she dropped her guard he would run away, forget about fighting, their was no way he could take on a superhero.

"It's true I don't kill people, but then again you're not alive." The last thing the king vampire saw was a sword traveling through the air.

Before the last vampire finished dusting, Diana was already at the girls, no warriors, she corrected herself, side.

Looking at the wound she grimaced the vampire knew how to kill and both fangs had punctured her jugular. She applied a bandage to the girl's neck and hoped the pressure would help stop the bleeding.

Suddenly the girl opened her eyes, "Wonder Woman, wow." Her eyes started to close and Diana shook her, trying to keep her awake.

Suddenly the girl shot up, half delirious, "My parents, help my parents," she gasped before collapsing again.

Diana figured she was talking about the two bodies she had been protecting and knew there was no hope, the man's neck had been savagely snapped and the women and been stabbed in the heart, both had died instantly from what she could tell.

Diana knew the girl didn't have much time so she gently picked her up and flew as fast as she could. She knew the girl needed a doctor but didn't trust any of the earth hospitals, she had no idea how widespread the Council was. There was only one place she could get the help she needed, the Embassy.

Within a minute Diana was baring down at the Themesicaran Embassy and flew straight through the door, shattering it. The guards were on their feet in an instant but relaxed when they saw Diana.

"I need a healer now." She shouted and Pallas, the embassy's healer hurried in.

"My princess are you ok?" she stopped when she saw Diana gently put the body of a young girl down on a table, "Who is she, my princess," the healer asked curiously.

"The Chosen One," gasps were heard all around the room and Pallas ran forward to save their lost sister.

"Her heart has stopped but her spirit remains," Pallas observed amazed and then started to pray and cast healing spells to heal the girl.

After a few seconds she got up, "I've started her heart but she needs blood now." Pallas said breathing heavily.

Every Amazon in the room raised their hand but Diana stepped forward, "I will give my blood, it's strongest," she announced. Pallas nodded and started to prepare the transfusion.

Suddenly a large pop was heard and a short man dressed in an immaculate suit appeared in the room. The guards stared at him and knelt in awe.

Diana looked at him suspiciously, "Hermes, what are you doing here."

Hermes, messenger of the gods held out his hands, "Got a warning from your dad, Diana, says their will be repercussions if you give your blood to the Chosen One." Diana stared at him inquisitively, she had recently learned that the king god, Zeus was her father but she was at a lost why Zeus would take in interest in this.

"What, the gods want her to die? Zeus wants her to die?" Diana shouted angrily.

Hermes held out his hand, "No, no not at all, we were all watching the fight and were supporting her; even Ares admitted she had potential."

Diana raised her eyebrow that was high praise from the God of War, "So what then."

"The gods say that if you give her your blood she will…"

"Will it save her," Diana interrupted.

"Well yes but…"

"Then I will do it, thank my dad but Amazons take care of their own." Diana finished respectfully and the guards around her nodded their head vigorously.

Hermes smirked, if only she knew, "Ok I said my piece it's up to you, good luck," And with that he disappeared.

Diana walked over to Pallas who had finished preparing the transfer, she gave Pallas one arm and with the other gently stroked the girls hair, "Start," she ordered, and grimaced as the needle pierced her skin, she would save this girl no matter what, she decided.

Buffy woke up in an unfamiliar bed sobbing with tears flowing down her face, she remembered everything.

She had gone to the school dance prepared to kill Lothos by any means necessary when a yell from behind her caused her to stop dead in her tracks; her parents had followed her out of the house.

I seemed her mom and dad had followed her after she had snuck out since earlier they had grounded her for staying out too late.

They started yelling at her, berating her for acting irresponsibly and disobeying them.

Then her worst fear came true, Lothos came out at the head of an army of over 30 vampires laughing.

Her father had gone over to them to ask if they could leave the three of them alone and Lothos casually snapped his neck. Her mother ran screaming to her husband and Lothos stabbed her viciously with a knife.

Buffy had ran and tried to defend them, and remembered fighting the enormous army and killing around half of them. Finally the number had just gotten too much, and Lothos had bitten her. She vaguely remembered someone else attacking the vampires but by then she was dead.

She looked around the room and shuddered, she was in a white room, with white sheets and it clearly smelled like a hospital. Great, I still don't know if I'm in heaven or hell, she thought.

She tried to get up and an alarm sounded as she got out of the bed.

A blur appeared and in front of her a man in a skin tight yellow and red suit appeared and Buffy groaned, "Great I go to heaven and all I get is the Flash, maybe this is hell."

The Flash looked offended for a second but soon broke up in a giant grin, "Your awake, that great now I got a reason to talk to Wonder Woman." With that he zoomed out of the room causing Buffy to blink.

A minute later her hero, Wonder Woman came in and Buffy started to think somehow she was alive. "Wonder Woman," Buffy tried to think of something smart to say but all she could come up with was, "Wow,"

Wonder Woman smiled at her, "Are you feeling better Chosen One,"

"Chosen One?"

"I believe now you are called the Slayer."

Buffy gasped, "How do you know about that, it's supposed to be secret."

Wonder Woman sighed, "Before the Amazons left to Themesicara, the Chosen One was aided by our warriors in all her fights."

"Wow, that would be helpful," Buffy imagined fighting with ten Wonder Woman and smiled, she would be unstoppable, "And my parents would still be alive." Buffy finished sadly.

Wonder Women looked slightly uncomfortable, "I'm sorry I could not save your parents, by the time I got there it was too late; they did die painlessly if that helps." Buffy shrugged, her parents were still dead.

"Where am I" Buffy asked.

"You're on the Watchtower," A new voice said. Buffy looked up and her jaw dropped as she saw Superman walk in. "Are you feeling better now," he asked,

Buffy nodded, not trusting herself to speak in front of her childhood hero.

"That's good, you were dangerously low on blood and had to be revived once but you seemed to have recovered quite nicely." He stated casually as he walked into the room.

Buffy processed what he said, "What I died," She shouted and Wonder Woman gave Superman a glare that caused even the Man of Steel to look extremely ashamed.

Wonder Woman came up to Buffy and held her hand, "Its ok, you're here now and that's what matters."

Buffy started crying and Diana pulled her into a hug on impulse.

After a few minutes Buffy stopped crying, "I'm sorry, I must look like an idiot right now."

Superman smiled, "Its fine, even I've cried before, it's a lot safer than leaving it bottled up."

Buffy nodded, "Why am I here right now," She asked. At the confused look on her face she horridly continued, "It's not that I'm not grateful but I don't think most of the people you save get a trip to your secret base."

Wonder Woman and Superman looked at each other and nodded before Wonder Woman turned to Buffy, "Well the truth is we want to ask you about what happened."

"What happened," Buffy asked confused.

Superman sighed and looked over to Diana who nodded slightly, "The vampires killed around 40 students before you came and we want to know what happened."

Buffy felt the tears start to fall again, it was her fault, her fault so many people were probably dead.

Seeing her face Wonder Woman shook her head, "It wasn't your fault Chosen One; you did the best you could."

Buffy nodded and numbly got to her feet, helped by Superman and Wonder Woman who guided her to the central meeting room where most of the rest of the Justice League was already seated. Looking around the room Buffy's knees felt week, she saw Batman, Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter, both Green Lanterns, Green Arrow, Supergirl and many more. These were the people who put their lives on the line every day and they wanted to talk to her.

She sat down next to Wonder Woman who squeezed her hand reassuringly. Batman stood up, "Hello Elizabeth…"

"Buffy," Everyone looked at her and she blushed, "I don't like Elizabeth, everyone calls me Buffy except the old lady across the street who usually causes me harlot," most of the room chuckled and even Batman's face twitched.

"Ok Buffy, we know you have been through a lot and Wonder Woman has told us all the background on the Chosen One, or Slayer, we just want you to tell us what happened at the school."

So Buffy told them, about how her life had been normal until Merrick came in and told her she was the Slayer, of training and fighting vampires for the first time and of meeting Lothos, of Merrick committing suicide to protect her and of going to the school to battle him and of him killing her parents.

After she finished the room was silent, all of them processing the situation. Most knew vaguely of the vampires, many fought the supernatural some but what the young girl went through was something else entirely, they had all chosen this path, she had it literally thrust onto her.

Superman stood up, "Buffy, I hate to bring this up now but do you know what you're going to do now, with your parents, your parents..."

"Dead," Buffy supplied.

Superman reluctantly nodded.

Buffy shrugged I have no idea; maybe the Watcher Council will have someone pick me up. Buffy didn't like the idea but as of now it was the only thing she could think of.

"No," Everyone turned surprised at Diana unexpected outburst, she was usually one of the most reserved members of the League. She stood up and started walking, "I have seen what the Council does to the Chosen one, they turn a gift from the gods into a tool to be used and discarded, and we must not give them Buffy no matter what."

Superman saw the resolved face of Diana and nodded, not that she was wrong after he had heard what they Watcher Council did he didn't want to let her go their either.

As everyone started discussing what to do, Batman stood up, "We have an issue that relates to Buffy's situation."

Everyone stared at him expectantly and he sighed, "Diana, Buffy, you may want to have everyone leave the room."

That of course did nothing but make everyone in the room want to stay. Diana and Buffy whispered to themselves before agreeing to let them stay. "Well we'll probably have to tell them anyways so it's easier to just tell everyone now." Diana said and Buffy nodded.

Batman shrugged, "I got some test results back and I know what Hermes was warning you about when he said there would be repercussions," Diana nodded while Buffy just looked confused.

"Well we figured out what the repercussions are,"

"What are they Batman," Diana asked exasperated.

"Congratulations it's a girl,"

There were gasps around the room as people realized what Batman said, Diana and Buffy looked shocked, "You mean," Diana gasped and looked at Buffy.

"Yes, genetically, she's now your daughter," Buffy gasped and looked at Diana shock in her eyes.

Diana stared at the girl trying to process what he said, she had never thought of the idea of children before; she had been too busy with the league. Her mind started going through all the things that could go wrong, her enemies, her life, and her status as princess. That all stopped when she looked into the eyes of the girl staring up at her with a tear in her eyes, Diana brought her into a fierce hug, this was her daughter and nothing would ever hurt her again.

Don't know when next gonna update gone for a couple weeks, review and tell me if you like it. I have a lot of possible stories so if nobody likes it i'll probably move on to another one
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