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Vampires, Weres, and Dolls

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Summary: Vampires, werewolves, ancient hyena spirits, kidnapping, magic, a coffee run from hell.....and that's just the beginning.

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Literature > Southern Vampire MysteriesblissFR18610,257012,66726 Jul 1226 Jul 12No

Chapter One

A/N Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine. The characters belong to Joss Whedon and Charlene Harris.


It was hot and sticky; even after the sun went down the Louisiana air was hard to breathe. The night was filled with its dark music. The song of the crickets and tree frogs filled the air. The hoot of an owl and the growl of something much larger and more dangerous broke the monotony.

In the light of a pale moon, a dark haired couple rolled and writhed between two old, weathered grave stones in Lafayette Cemetery. Their pants and moans floated on the breeze and drowned out the night song of the crickets.

The woman rolled them over and straddled the man’s hips as she gazed down at her lover with a fierce grin on her heart shaped face. Her lover raised his hand his thick fingers ran gently down her cheeks and followed the line of her jaw.

“Ma belle catin,” he whispered in his strong Cajun accent.

“My sweet Claude.” The woman murmured softly. “Shhhhhhh. Can you hear them? The stars. They whisper to me. Psssss psssss psssss.” She looked at Claude, her grin wide, insanity sparkled in her eyes.

“Yeah? What they say, ma catin?”

“They say it’s time.” She whispered. Claude watched as her face contorted, the demon coming to the surface. Ridges formed along her forehead and her fangs grew impossibly long. She leaned down and growled at him, her jaws snapped in front of his face.

“Beautiful.” He murmured his features stayed the same however his own fangs extended downward. “Absolutely beautiful.”

Claude tilted his head back and gasped when he felt her sink her fangs deep into his neck. He moaned softly and held her slender body against his while her mouth sucked greedily. She let go with a purr and moved just enough to whisper in his ear.

“She’s ready for you Claude. The dolly is ready for you. All you have to do is bring her to me like a good lad.”

Claude smelled his blood on her breath. His hands moved to her hips and held her tightly against him while he ground his arousal against her. She began to purr louder, her hips rocked against his. Just as suddenly, she stopped their movements.

“Ah ah ah,” She scolded softly. “No more playing until you finish your supper.”

Simultaneously, both vampires slowly turned their heads to the right. Their gaze zeroed in on the young woman, bound and gagged, her back against a tombstone. Tears ran down her face as she shook her head frantically. She made small noises in her throat that sounded almost like pleading. She flinched when she moved her foot and accidently kicked the back of her lifeless friend’s head.

Claude grinned and turned back to his lover. “Take her gag off. I wanna hear her scream.”

Several moments later, a shrill scream could be heard, followed by soft growls and frantic swallowing. Drusilla raised her face from the young woman’s neck and grinned at Claude with bloody fangs.

“Claude, bring me Spike’s dolly.”

“With pleasure.” Claude let go of the girl’s wrist long enough to grin at his insane lover.

Claude watched as Drusilla used her razor sharp nail to slice a cut just above her breast. She lifted the dying girl’s lips to her chest and cooed softly as the girl began to suck the blood from her maker. Drusilla stroked the girl’s hair and softly whispered in her ear the secrets of the stars. Dru sighed happily when she felt the life of her new fledge extinguish.

The vampire closed her eyes as her head swayed from side to side. “Run and catch. Run and catch. The lamb is caught in the blackberry patch.” She softly sang and rocked her fledge.

Drusilla smiled and closed her eyes while she listened to the stars whisper. There was going to be chaos, and death, and blood.

And it was going to be beautiful.
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