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I Will Follow You Into the Dark

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Summary: Faith, lone hunter of the walking dead, isn't so sure she wants to be alone anymore. Enter Rick and his not-so-merry band of misfits.

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Television > Walking Dead, ThekhaleesiFR1811,219061,42726 Jul 1226 Jul 12No
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or The Walking Dead. Or, sadly, the Triumph Rocket III Roadster.

Chapter 1: Well Met

Faith had been on her own for a while now. She had thought that she liked it better that way. She didn’t have anyone to lookout for but herself. No responsibilities to slow her down. But also, no one to keep her company. No one to talk to to keep her from going insane. She hadn’t realized that she was the kind of person who could get lonely. Rather, the kind of person who let the loneliness bother her because, come to think of it, she had been lonely pretty much her entire life. Even as a part of Buffy’s circle, Faith had been lonely the whole time. She had always known that she didn’t belong there.

When the world went to hell, Faith had seen it as a good excuse to hit the road. Everyone was going off searching for loved ones, to see if they had survived the arrival of the apocalypse. Faith didn’t have anyone. And she was relieved for once that she didn’t because it meant that she had no one to lose. Sure, it would hurt if one of the gang died. Had hurt when a few of them did. But it wasn’t earth-shattering. She would survive.

And so, saying goodbye, she left. Knowing that if she didn’t bonds would form. She would become attached. Nothing like the end of the world to bring people together. And that was the last thing that Faith had wanted. Until now.


Rick and Daryl had just come back from searching for Sophia. They had had no luck finding her. Carol was panicking that they still hadn’t found her daughter. Her poor little girl was going to be all alone in the dark. In the woods. With walkers. Everyone tried to comfort her but they had no luck there either.

Those that slept had a fitful night. Most didn’t sleep at all.


It was morning and they were all going looking for Sophia. Rick was telling everyone to choose a weapon from the pack of knives and other pokey goodies that his son Carl had found in one of the abandoned cars on the highway the day before. Andrea was complaining about not having a gun and had to have explained to her yet again that guns were not the wisest weapon to carry when using one meant alerting the walkers where you were.

That was when they heard it. A rumbling not too far away. And it was getting closer. Daryl recognized the sound right away. Someone was coming their way on a motorcycle. A Triumph Rocket III Roadster to be exact.

They all watched in silence as she pulled up right next to the RV where they were all standing.

“Howdy, Folks.” Faith said in her best imitation of a southern accent which, even she had to admit, wasn’t very good.

Daryl wasn’t sure what he was more in lust with : the bike or the girl.

Straddling his dream motorcycle was a bad ass-looking brunette with a sawed-off strapped to her back and a crossbow strapped to her bike. She was wearing a white tank top and black leather pants with a matching jacket.

Shane even forgot to think about his misery over Lori leaving him for Rick for a second as he contemplated their new guest.

“Hi, there.” Rick said holding out his hand for her to shake. “Name’s Rick.”

She got off her bike and took his hand. Faith remembered just in time to check her strength. She hadn’t been around any other people for a while so she had almost forgot that she could hurt them pretty easily if she wasn’t careful.

“Faith.” She replied.

Introductions were made and Faith saw a few faces that she wouldn’t kick out of bed for eating goldfish crackers. Ok, maybe goldfish crackers but certainly not saltines. Shane and Daryl both caught her eye being all muscular and scruffy. Man, was she wound up. She really needed a release but she wasn’t so bad off that she was about to ask a random stranger if he wanted to go at it. Though from the looks she was getting a couple looked like they might say yes. Rick’s was another face that caught her attention but Rick had introduced Lori as his wife and Carl as his son, so Faith knew that he was off-limits.

Faith felt a lot of tension in the group and wondered if she had interrupted something important.

“So, is this the angry mob scene I interrupted? Were you about to head off after a bad guy? Cause you know, I could help with that.” Faith told Rick.

“Not quite,” He said with a little smile.

Oh, Lori had better be good to her man cause of she wasn’t then Faith would gladly take him off her hands.

“We’re looking for a little girl. Sophia. We were surprised by a herd of walkers yesterday and she got scared. Ran off before they were all gone and two of them chased her into the woods. Now, I took care of the two that were after her but when I got back to where she was she was gone again.” Rick explained.

“There’s a creek nearby. She’s probably staying close to it.” Faith replied.

“That’s what we were thinking.” Daryl told her. “You know these parts?”

He was going to ask her to tell them what she knew but she was already shaking her head.

“Then how do you know about the creek?” Daryl asked bewildered.

“I can hear it. Can’t you?” Faith asked casually, like it was no big deal.

“Well, I don’t have bionic ears.” Daryl muttered to himself but, of course, Faith heard him.

He was funny. She would give him that.

“If you want an extra pair of eyes, I’d be happy to help.” Faith said, more to Carol than anyone else. If Carol didn’t want the help of a stranger then she wouldn’t push it but she was really hoping that she would get to have some company for a little while.

Carol nodded. “Thank you. Every little bit helps I suppose.”

“Especially with these peepers on board,” Faith said to no one in particular. “They‘re practically bionic.”

Faith didn’t miss it when Daryl flushed, realizing that she had heard his comment about the ears.

Shane was about to say something about the sawed-off still strapped to Faith’s back when she took the gun and hung it on her bike. She unstrapped the crossbow and grabbed her arrows.

Smart Girl, he thought and once again got lost in a string of what ifs involving their new arrival.

“Nice crossbow.” She said as she passed Daryl to go walk by Rick, ready to follow the orders of the obvious leader.

Daryl didn’t know if she was being sincere or facetious because her crossbow was way better than his
“Thanks.” He said anyway. No sense being rude if there was a chance she was sincere. The smile that she sent his way told him that she was.

Together, they all headed off to look for the missing girl.

A/N: I am open to suggestions on who Faith should pair with. There will be a pairing, I'm just undecided as to who it will be.

The End?

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