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Excalibur: Soulfire

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Excalibur". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Angels begin to choose their Champions for the coming war with Lucifer. Supernatural characters become Super heroes. Minor BTVS crossover unless you've read the first story in series

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texaswookieFR18427,709073,97726 Jul 128 Feb 13Yes

Angel Power

I own nothing of the Supernatural world, Touched by an Angel, BTVS characters used here, or of the DC comic book characters.

Zachariah the Angel that had been charged with preparing everything for the coming End of Days sighed a bit as he sat down at a table. He still wasn’t sure how all this had come about. He had done everything the way that he was supposed to. He had seen to it that the bloodline of Cain and Able was kept fresh all of these thousands of years, manipulating the descendants as needed so that they would cross their lines as needed to keep the line strong. Not something that was as easy as one would think, particularly after the people started inhabiting the entire earth. All of his work had paid off though, as finally a pair of boys with the strongest bloodline since Cain and Abel themselves finally appeared. It was the sign that all of the Angels had been eagerly waiting for. It meant that the time was nearly upon them. At least that was the only thing that they could think it meant since the Father hadn’t been around to tell them otherwise. All of that work, and it was really only the first step that was done.

He had then tricked the pathetic demons that thought that they were the ones pulling all of the strings so that he could prepare them for the future. He arranged for John Winchester to become one of the most feared and respected Hunters that the world had ever seen. The last Hunter that had been as feared as him had been Samuel Colt. That had required some work, as the fool had rushed headlong into the life of a Hunter. If the man’s destiny hadn’t been to raise his sons into the life of Hunters he would have allowed the man to die. Still, it was only Guardian Angel work hardly something that an Angel of his caliber needed to worry about. It had also become easier as the man had become better at the work. The main problem had been insuring that he kept his distance from the Campbell line.

After all that work of manipulating the bloodlines and ensuring that the boys were trained though. Sam Winchester had tried to fight his destiny, and had left the family to go to school of all places. The ungrateful little brat had tried to ignore his destiny. He had to make sure that the two boys reunited as Hunters so that they would be ready when the time came. They also had to be trained somewhat as their daddy had laid the groundwork, but there was still plenty of things that he could teach them. So he had arranged for Azazel, or the ‘Yellow Eyed Demon’ to finally become ready and allowed for John Winchester to see the trail so that he would take off after it again.

The loss of their father figure had brought the boys back together, and he had allowed for them to begin the path that brought them here. He had overseen it all; the trials that they had to face, Sam surviving the combat between the other special children, Dean making his Deal, the family defeating Azazel, and Dean finally being dropped into hell like he needed to be.

At stage 3 he had sent Castiel to retrieve Dean Winchester from hell since he had finally done his duty by breaking the first of the Seals. It had taken him a lot longer to begin torturing than he had thought. The boy was made up of sterner stuff than he had originally thought. He had arranged for the Angel of Thursday to remain as a guide to the Winchesters, so that others could do their own work. That had been a mistake though since Castiel had become contaminated by the humans. The very thing that made Castiel such a great contact between Angels and the brothers had been his undoing. How could he have anticipated that Dean Winchester of all people would cause Castiel to turn on them. something like that so rarely happened. It made him wonder if he shouldn’t have made Uriel the contact for the brothers. The two future vessels had then spent the rest of the year being prepared to become one with Michael and Lucifer. It was expected that the pair would be somewhat reluctant, but according to their estimates they should agree in about three or four days. If there was one thing that John Winchester had pounded into the two brats heads was answering the call of duty.

He had done everything right as far as he could see. It was the fault of all of the other beings that were supposed to watch over the world that had messed all of their plans up. He had been keeping such a close eye on the Winchester’s that he hadn’t had time to see what else was going on. The Slayer line splitting, the early rising of the Old One Illyria, the happenings with the wizarding world, the Source rising in power, and the loss of the White Mage had all added up. Had he known about all of this he would have allowed for the Roadhouse to somehow survive, or at the very least he would have arranged for most of the Hunters to be out at the time so that they wouldn’t have all died. Instead it had been the busiest ever and had taken out 2/3 of the Hunter population and scattered the rest to all corners of the U.S. it was going to take at least 10 years to repair the damage and make the final battle one that Michael could win. That wasn’t going to be allowed though, since Lucifer was already making moves into trying to control people. While he might have a weak vessel at the moment, it was better than Michael who didn’t even have one. He happened to know that the Angel of Light was already creating its own warriors to combat some of the beings out there that were in place. Lucifer didn’t want any interference, so was trying to keep all of the other potential threats busy. That was actually useful, as he didn’t really want to bother with the various heroes or their ideas of what help might be.

Still, he had a few other matters to deal with before he bothered with what the heroes or even the brothers were doing. He watched silently as several Angels brought Castiel and Anna to sit into a pair of chairs. The two Angels were rumpled and dirty from their time spent under the supervision of their fellow Angels. Confinement obviousy had not been overly pleasant for them. the fact that most of the problems they were now facing had been blamed on the two made things easier as well.

“Castiel,” Anna snarled out angrily, as she struggled against the Angels holding her. The group all saw that the woman was glaring dangerously at her fellow prisoner.

“Anna.” Castiel said calmly. “It’s good to see you again.”

“If I weren’t being tied up I’d kill you.” The girl snarled back. “Did you at least have the guts to tell Dean what you did?” She demanded in annoyance as she fought to get her hands around the throat of the other Angel.

“I did not.” Castiel admitted not looking the least perturbed about the fact that he had lied to the brothers about the fate of his former superior.

“I see that your betrayal didn’t exactly get you that far.” Ann added smugly, looking more than a little vindictive about what had happened to him. “I guess now you know the price that traitors pay.”

“Yes, yes everyone has their own personal little problems with each other.” Zachariah said dismissively, even as another Angel dropped their swords in front of him. “Personally I can’t understand why the two of you have been so much trouble for the rest of us. We haven’t had so much trouble from Angels since the days of Lucifer and Gabriel.” Personally he was glad that the jokester had disappeared all those years ago and hoped that he stayed away from them. “In the last year though, the two of you have caused more mayhem than all the other Angels currently in Heaven.”

“Yes, it’s that little pesky thing known as free will.” Anna snapped back at him acidly.

“I get enough of that little annoyance from the Winchesters, I don’t need it from the two of you.” Zachariah returned to her. “The two of you need to be punished so that you remember just who it is that you work for. Something that will remind you that you have no will other than what you are told.”

“Not likely.” Anna shot back defiantly.

“I agree,” Castiel said. “I do not regret my actions in helping the Winchesters and trying to stop Lucifer from rising from his prison and stalling the end of days.”

“Finally decided to get some morals that were you own then?” Anna snarked at her fellow prisoner.

“I do apologize for betraying you.” Castiel returned to her calmly. “At the time I believed that it was for the best. I was wrong in thinking that though.”

“Yes, well the two of you have done a lot.” Zachariah returned to them. “As it stands, I’m going to have to pass judgment on you and I am in no way nearly as forgiving as the Father is.”

“This wrong though.” An accented voice said as a woman with dark reddish brown hair wearing a white dressed pointed out.

“Monica.” Zachariah said coldly as he took in the new arrival. “I might have known that you and your bleeding heart would have gotten involved in things that didn’t concern you.” The two eyed each other as they had a silent battle of wills. A battle that the young woman was obviously on the losing end of.

“Who’s she?” A curious Anna questioned as she watched the newcomer with interest.

“That’s Monica, she’s a caseworker.” Castiel explained to her. “She made a name for herself in the 90’s. You might have known her during her time in the Angel Choir or when she was a member of Search and Rescue.”

“A case worker, and she’s trying to face off with a full powered Angel?” Anna said in shock and admiration at what the woman was doing. A caseworker while extremely powerful as far as Angels went was mainly a defensive or reactive Angel. Even when you added in the power she had from her days as a search and rescue angel the difference between the level of power was staggering. “She does realize that Zachariah can end her with a thought right?” She asked him worriedly.

“If she feels strongly about something she would fight Lucifer himself.” Castiel returned to her.

“Miss-Wings stop before you get yourself in trouble.” A stern voice said, as a large black woman with graying hair ordered the younger woman.

“Tess,” Anna said with a grim smile, “it’s been a while.”

“Anna.” Tess returned stiffly, even as she was pulling her protégé back from the newest confrontation that she had gotten herself into.

“Tess, we can’t allow this to go on if we are Angels then we should represent everything that the Father does.” Monica complained to the woman.

“You don’t get to make that choice Angel-Girl.” Tess reminded the figure.

“As fun as this is Monica, you’re already on thin ice as it is with the way you’ve been flaunting authority the past 20 years.” Zachariah informed the caseworker darkly. “So I think that you should pipe down before you end up in hot water yourself.” He threatened Monica. “Personally I’m amazed that you would even try to defend the ones that are responsible for the death of Uriel.”

“Uriel’s gone?” Tess said in surprise. “He used to guard the choirs on his days off.” She said sadly, as she remembered the strong Angel.

“Yes, your friend Anna here killed him.” Zachariah said curtly, nodding to the bound figure.

“Only after he tried to kill me.” Anna spat back at him.

“He was doing his job.” Zachariah returned to her with narrowed eyes. “Besides, if you had been in Heaven instead of hiding out on the Earth in the first place it would never have happened.”

The announcement on the death of an Angel seemed to have taken the wind out of Monica’s sails, as she stared at the bound Angels in stunned disbelief. Zachariah used her silence to move his judgment ahead. “Now then, the pair of you have to be punished, however because of all of our recent losses we can’t just get rid of you or lock you away either.” He said in annoyance, as if he really would have preferred it to do one of those. “That leaves me with very few options when it comes to you two.”

“Would you please get it over with already, I know you love you’re theatrics but this bordering on annoying.” Anna said sarcastically.

Zachariah frowned at the dismissal of his performance. “Fine, I might as well before a Whitelighter or something else decides to join in on this.” He grumbled out. “The two of you are banished from Heaven; your powers are also diminished. You think the Winchesters are such great beings then you can become like what we had done to them.” He said gleefully.

“And what did you do to the brothers?” Castiel questioned calmly looking up at the Angel with interest.

“You’re going to find out to an extent brother.” Zachariah returned he then rose his feet and raised the swords over his head and began to announce his sentence on the pair. “Castiel, Anna, your punishment for opposing the Holy Host is this: I banish you from the realms of Heaven and force you to take on new forms while you are on Earth. I also limit your Grace as well. Anna you shall take on the form and abilities of the human character known as the Supergirl Matrix, the so called Earth Born Angel of Fire. Castiel you shall take on the form and powers of the human character known as Zauriel, it should be fitting for you since he is another fallen Angel. It shall be your duty to guard the Earth in your new forms, perhaps you can make a difference like that.”

The two bound figures gasped as they felt the changes that began happening to their bodies Holy Fire soon encased the pair hiding them from mortal eyes. The first to break through was Castiel whose skin had changed to grey, and his wings that were usually hidden from sight from the rest of the world flared out the sword that had been in Zachariah’s shot out from his hand into the hand of Zauriel. The sword shifted from its usual silver form to a flaming blade. He wore a yellow scarf that draped over his chest a loin cloth along with wrapping around his forearms and most of his legs. At the feet of the banished Angel lay the near comatose form of Jimmy Novak the former vessel of Castiel.

Anna screamed as her entire body was bathed in holy fire for a moment and when the flames died out you could see that she was wearing chain mail, with heavy metal boots, a white tunic with red trim over the armor, and a golden belt holding the tunic in place. Upon her chest was the emblem of a cross with fiery wings. Her once fiery red hair had also been changed to a bright blonde. Wings made of flame shot out of her back and her eyes flickered with flames for a moment before returning to normal.

“And thus our Supergirl, or Earth born Angel is born.” Zachariah noted drily, as he looked the figure over. “The rest of your power will go to those that are more able to use it.” He informed the pair of weakened warrior Angels.

“One of these days we’ll get our full powers back and then you’ll be sorry.” Anna said, as she weakly fell to one knee as her strength gave out over the shock of having her grace weakened so drastically.

“Easy there girl.” Tess said as she and Monica rushed to the side of the two Angels and helped them to their feet.

“Now for your first assignment.” Zachariah noted, as he looked at a clipboard in front of him. “There’s a demon that’s rather skilled in portal magic’s that you need to deal with. You may have heard of him before, he was a former worshipper of Glorificus. Since the destruction of his Mistress by the Current Champion of the Greeks, he’s been at loose ends and has been trying to use his skills to make a living of some sort or other. Someone decided to hire him for some rather disturbing work.”

“Glorificus’s magic user, you want us to take out one of the more skilled demon sorcerers?” Castiel said coolly.

“That’s right Cass.” Zachariah said as he stared at the transformed Angel while mockingly using the nickname that Dean Winchester often used in reference to the Angel. “I want you to deal with Glory’s primary mystical, I want you to take out the one known as Doc.”

“Great,” Castiel muttered.

“I take it that he’s not going to be easy?” Anna questioned her companion.

“I believe that Dean would say it’s going to be a witch to do.” Castiel returned stoically. “Doc may not be strong, but he is fast and has many servants he can call upon.”

“You mean a bitch?” Anna asked with a knowing smirk. “Don’t worry, I’m sure that there’s something that we can do. While we may be weaker than your average Angel, Zachariah has made it so we can interfere more than we have in the past. It just means that we’re stuck on earth. Hardly a bad thing as far as I can tell.”

“You’ll be singing a different tune soon enough.” Zachariah assured her knowingly. “Now go earn yourself some redemption you pathetic fallen Angels.” He said with a sneer dismissing the pair. A moment later the sound of fluttering wings filled the room as only Castiel, Anna, Monica, Tess, and an unconscious Jimmy Novak were left in the room.

“You be careful.” Tess advised the pair solemnly as the pair were finally able to stand on their own. “Things are going to get a lot more dangerous before they get better.” She warned in a dark and knowing voice. The pair nodded as they spread their wings and launched themselves into the air. “Come on Miss Wings, you and I need to get out of here. Something’s telling me that there’s gonna be some fallout for your latest little stunt. We also need to get this one back home.” She said, nodding to the human. She then grabbed the arm of her charge and the human and the two faded away leaving a couple of dove feathers behind them.

The flying pair flew through the night till they came to a place that called to them. They could see the disk like portal that had opened up and was unstable. On the other side they could see the forms of several dragons scratching and breathing fire on the giant disk. On this side they saw that there were several dragons in their human form standing guard.

“It looks like they’re hoping to add to their numbers.” Supergirl noted as she watched the group.

“This is rather disturbing.” Zauriel noted to his companion. “The demonic dragons were run to near extinction for a reason. If they were to be reinforced by new demonic dragons, then there was no telling what it was that they might try and do.”

“With your ability to state the obvious, it’s amazing that you’re still alive.” Anna returned to her companion dryly. “Let’s just get this over with; I want to know just what it was that they did to Dean.”

“A reasonable plan.” Zauriel returned to her. “I too am concerned with what effects having power may effect Dean.”

“Yeah, well now that I’m like this I want to see if I still have an itch for Dean to scratch.” Supergirl added in with a rather knowing smirk. “There’s also the fact that Zachariah said that he did something to Dean and Sam. Personally I’d like to know just what it is that he did to them.” She said with a dark look on her face. “Come on.” She said, as they charged towards the swirling disc.

The two moved forward to intercept the group only to be blocked as three of the last demonic dragons moved to stop them. Each of the creatures was as large as a small plane with giant wings that kept them in the air. The Dragons angrily snapped at the pair as if they were ready to fight it out with them. The Dragons breathed a burst of flame at the pair. When the flames died down the two figures appeared to be still hovering before the winged creatures unaffected by the torrent of flames.

“Interesting, it would appear that despite being weakened we are still capable of withstanding the flames of a demonic dragon.”

“Yeah, yeah let’s just get this over with already.” Supergirl returned as she charged at the creatures and grabbed the tails of two of the creatures she then spun in the air slamming the dragons around before tossing them towards a nearby building. “Zauriel you deal with that one I’ve got these two.” She ordered as she took off after the two creatures leaving the other fallen Angel to deal with the remaining dragon. She was willing to shelve her anger with him for the moment until after the threat was over.

“Very well.” Zauriel returned as he charged at the creature before him. He began slamming his fist into the jaw of the creature staggering it. The dragon snarled and blew more flame at him only for the flames to harmlessly bathe him in flame. “It would appear that it will take more than that to stop me.” Zauriel said in a rather matter of fact tone. The dragon’s barbed tail shot out and slammed into the Angel. He grunted from the pain as he was thrown backwards and into a nearby satellite tower. The dragon dove forward and began wrapping the metal around the Angel binding him in place. Once he was wrapped up the creature breathed fire melting the metal around him before backing away to watch over the Angel.

Zauriel groaned as he felt where the melted metal was now holding him in place. He looked down to where he could see Supergirl battling with her dragons.

She was currently bouncing between the two monstrosities hovering between the two. She was actually doing fairly well against the creatures. The now blonde fallen Angel smirked happily as she battled the creatures that had decided to stop them from completing their mission. She moved towards one of the dragons and slammed into it the pair slammed through a wall and into a nearby building.

The Dragon snarled and head butted its attacker and knocked her away and into the chest of the dragon waiting outside. The winged arms wrapped around her and then slammed her into the ground. A pair of booted feet slammed the dragon up and into the air. Supergirl grinned as she slowly began hovering up and out of the hole she had been slammed into. “Is that the best you guys got?” She taunted them. “ And hear I thought that you guys were going to be tough.”

“There’s plenty more actually.” A voice said as a figure climbed through the hole that she had just been thrown through. “There’s no way we’re going to let you stop us.” The Demonic Dragon in its human form returned. “There’s simply too much at stake here for us to lose, if we fail there may not be any more of us anymore.”

“And there being no more Dragons in the world would be such a horrible thing.” Supergirl returned mockingly.

“Easy for one like you to say I’m sure.” The Dragon snapped as it moved down the pile and glared at the figure. “What are you though, you’re like no Pagan I’ve ever heard of, your too powerful to be a Slayer, and you’re not strong enough to be an Angel either. If you were then we’d already be dead. So just what are you that you can match us blow for blow like you do?”

“I’m not someone that you want to get on the bad side of.” Supergirl returned to her opponent.

“We’ll see about that.” The Dragon returned as he quickly transformed to his larger and more powerful form. With a giant bat like screech the creature lunged at her again.

Supergirl stood her ground and as the creatures got close she grabbed it by its head and spun around flinging it off to the side. She turned to follow its progress only to get clawed feet to grab her by her shoulders and lift her into the air. Supergirl flipped in its grasp and planted both of her feet into one of the knees of the monster smirking as she heard the bone snap. The dragon lost its balance in the air and came crashing down into the ground. She looked up just in time to see one of the other dragons releasing a blast of flame at her. “I’m getting tired of that.” She grumbled as she stared at the incoming flames and let loose with her own flame vision that blasted through the dragon flame and struck the dragon and sent it skittering to the ground.

Zauriel turned his head away from the fight to see that his own dragon was about to make an attack run on Supergirl. The moment of not watching him was going to cost the dragon though. He looked down at his binding and began to scream at the metal that was holding him in place. The sonic waves that assaulted the metal began to shatter as he pulled himself free from the metal. He considered helping Supergirl fend the dragons off, but knew that the mission took precedence over that. She was a confident and powerful being anyways, he doubted that there was anything that he would have to worry about with her. He spread his wings and swooped towards the portal there he saw the demon known as Doc. Surrounding the demon were several young girls which he presumed were sacrifices or something similar. In most portal magic the laws of equivalent exchange had to happen or the essence of something needed a host for. He landed in a kneeling position and turned to look at the figure that was busy summoning from the giant portal. “That is enough, now stand aside.” He ordered the mystic. as he drew his sword out into the ready position.

“I think not my dear boy,” Doc returned to him, “while you might have some power you don’t have the strength to combat what is to come.” He told the former Angel knowingly. With a final wave of his arm several of the figures around him staggered as their essence was pulled from them and into the portal. A new figure then leaped from the portal. “And here comes your newest problem hero.” He explained rather smugly as he took in the tall and well-muscled figure that had come out of the portal.

“An Alpha?” Zauriel said in shock and disbelief. The Demonic Dragon Alpha had been destroyed several hundred years ago thanks to St. George the Dragon Slayer. It was why the Demonic Dragons were nearly extinct since no more could be created. The only way that he could be facing an Alpha though was if he was facing something that had traveled all the way from Purgatory. Something that he had thought was nearly impossible since doorways to places like Purgatory were extremely rare and hard to open. The problem with facing an Alpha of any of the demonic races was that they were always several times stronger than the versions that they created afterwards.

“Well, well what do we have here?” The Alpha said as it looked at the figure that was standing before it.

Supergirl landed alongside of her partner and stared at the figure that was standing before them. “Let’s do this.” She said, as she charged forward. Zauriel nodded his head and the two moved forward to engage the new arrival. The Alpha didn’t even bother to turn into a dragon as it blocked their attacks. The two fromer Angels were then slammed into each other and slammed into a nearby wall and into the room on the other side.

“Zauriel, I’ll hold this one off you have to stop Doc from summoning anything else.” Supergirl ordered as she leaped at the dragon again as she tried to stop him before he got angry.

Zauriel nodded as he moved after the seemingly old man. He broke through the wall and began chasing after the man who was supernaturally quick. He was faster than even a vampire or most basic demons. The being was using his speed to move out of the way moments before a strike could come. “You are fast,” the Fallen Angel admitted, as he continued the chase, “but you cannot win.”

“Why do you do this Fallen One. you are no longer bound to do the bidding of your comrades?” Doc questioned curiously, as he stopped for a moment to confront his attacker. “You have torn from what you once were and now you follow the commands of those that did this to you. Why would you allow yourself to become a servant to such beings?”

“I do it because I would protect that which the Father has ordained Good.” Zauriel returned to the demon. “Something which he has not proclaimed you to be I might add.” He then opened his mouth and released a loud scream that lifted Doc up off of his feet and to slam into a nearby wall. Taking advantage of the disorientation of his foe, he rammed his flaming blade into the chest of the demon. “I do not know if I still have the power to destroy spirit demons, but I still have enough to deal with you.” He said as he twisted the sword a bit before pulling the blade out of the demon mystic. He turned around to see that Supergirl was in the middle of swinging her fist back and forth with the Alpha Dragon. In between blows the two were exchanging blasts of fire at each other as they tried to take each other down. He was about to move forward to help when he was tackled by one of the three dragons in its human form. The pair rolled around a bit before he managed to throw the creature off of him.

“Zauriel your sword!” Supergirl ordered, as she looked at the Alpha before her. Without even thinking he tossed her his blade he then screamed at the dragon whom was slammed into the wall. He heard a pained roar and turned to see that the Alpha had transformed. It was bleeding from a cut on its chest where his blade had sliced into it. Rather than continue the fight though, it leaped into the air.

The Alpha dive bombed them and spat fireballs at them. The pair of heroes dodged to the side avoiding the dragon when they looked behind them they saw that the Alpha had taken a young girl hostage and was flying away.

“We have to go after them.” Supergirl said.

“No, we have to shut the portal off first.” Zauriel returned stopping his former commander from recklessly taking off after the Alpha and its screaming hostage.

“But the girl.” Supergirl argued.

“You know that we need to deal with this first, or there will be many more lives lost than already have been.” Zauriel returned emotionlessly, he had learned in his dealings with Dean that sometimes one had to put things in perspective. Supergirl was just as emotional as Dean was and needed a steady hand to stop her from being brash. The Alpha had taken one of her best shots and all it had gotten was a deep cut. It was not something that one should try and fight in their current condition since they didn’t know their limits anymore. “The sooner we finish though, the sooner we can go about looking for her.” Supergirl nodded her head in acceptance of the suggestion and the two took opposing sides around the portal and began to chant. It was doubly hard to close now that the Alpha had managed to break through. The pair could see that the other Demonic Dragons were trying to push their through the barrier that separated the worlds. In some spots they could actually see that the creatures were actually making some headway in breaking through the barrier between the worlds.

An angry roar and one of the transformed Dragons rushed at Supergirl. The creature obviously hoped to allow its kin to join it on this side of portal. The former Angel turned and directed her fire blast at the dragon surprising and blinding it. As it blindly continued to charge forward Supergirl struck in the chest, and then tossed it onto the portal while it was trapped between the energy beam the Fallen Angels made several hand gestures and there was a flash as the Dragon was accepted as a sacrifice to close the portal.

The two former Angels sighed in relief as their task was completed. They had used up a lot of their energy in closing the barrier since it had been dark magic that had been used to open it in the first place. Doc and the Dragons had obviously had several days to prepare and plan for this while they had only moments to prepare and close it. While they hadn’t won much, they had stopped the portal from opening completely and pouring out untold monsters that would feast on the people. Some people had been lost but more had been saved from this fight. It had taken a lot of their power though and next time they would be better prepared for what they would have to face.

The Alpha Dragon returned to its human form while dropping the girl it had taken. The girl easily twisted and landed on her feet. The teenage girl gave a predatory like smile. “It’s good to be back on this side.” She said, as her eyes roamed around the wooded area that they had stopped at.

“I can’t believe that a Fallen Angel managed to do that to me.” The Alpha grumbled as it looked at the wound on its chest.

“Don’t worry, mother will make it all better.” The girl cooed assuringly at him while tracing her hand over the wound sealing it back up. “The Fallen Angels aren’t bad as far as Champions go.” She said idly. “It looks like the new Age of Heroes is upon us. They really should have known that if they tried to do that then I would come back.”

“That they should have.” A voice said.

The girl whirled around and smirked as she saw the older man that was standing there before her. “Lucifer.” She greeted bemusedly. “I see it is time for you and Michael to finally have your time.”

“Yes, it will happen soon.” Lucifer returned to her. “It’s good to see you Eve, it’s been a long time.”

“That it has.” Eve the Mother of Monsters returned as she turned her back on the Archangel. “The time of Monsters and Champions has come once again. I wonder who will win this time. If it goes like I hope I may even bring Echidna back she said with a smile as she thought of the creature that created monsters of its own.

“This world has no idea just what it is that is coming.” Lucifer said in agreement. “Although I have to wonder why you bothered coming back.”

“Drago, find your siblings and bring them to me.” Eve ordered to the Dragon. “Find me the remaining Alphas, I must know who and what are left.” The Dragon Alpha nodded before he leaped into the air and took off into the night.

Lucifer looked at her in surprise. “I thought you could reach out and touch them with you’re mind?” The Angel questioned curiously.

“If I use my powers for a gathering, my enemies will know I’m here. I want to surprise them.” Eve returned to the Archangel. “When I officially return I will have an army of the best and strongest ready to deal with these new Champions. Things won’t be the same this time around. There’s none like Hercules to stop me this time around.” She said confidently.

“A good plan.” Lucifer said in agreement uncaringly when he and Michael finally did fight it was doubtful that that any of the monsters would survive their battle. “I shall leave you to it since I doubt that you want my help.”

“We are neither enemies nor allies Lucifer, I trust you do not make an enemy out of me as your former comrades have already done. If you oppose me you will wish to be back in your little box.” The Mother of Monsters warned the Archangel before she began walking away from the rebellious Angel of Light. “I’m nowhere near as incompetent or powerless as your brothers are when it comes to dealing with those that get in my way.”

Lucifer turned to look back the way that Eve had come from. “This is an interesting twist.” He said before he to disappeared.

“We need to go someplace else.” Zauriel told his companion as he finally climbed up to his feet. “Even with most of humanities refusal to acknowledge the supernatural world a fight like we just had was sure to have attracted some notice.”

“You’re right, besides we need to see if we can find the girl.” Supergirl returned as she climbed back to her feet.

“You know as well as I do that the girl is probably already dead.” Zauriel returned to her while looking her in the eye as he tried to explain the situation to her. “It has already either eaten or dropped the girl by now. Either way the girl is lost to us in the war against darkness. There is nothing else that you can do for her now other than to avenge her by destroying the Alpha that took her.”

“Doesn’t mean that I have to like it.” Supergirl grumbled, even as she nodded her head in sad acceptance over the fate of the girl. If you had let me chase after him she might still be alive.”

And how many others would be dead or dyeing had you made that choice instead of closing the portal? Zauriel questioned her.

Supergirl shot her friend a defiant look at his logic. “Yeah whatever, come on, like you said we need to get out of here. We also need to see if we can’t do anything about hiding you.” She said as she looked him up and down with a critical eye. “A gray skinned guy with wings and a loin cloth is probably going to attract attention.”

“As will your own wings of fire.” Zauriel pointed out nodding toward her flaming appendages. “I believe if I have the right magic’s I can create a glamor and resume my identity from before though.”

“Good.” The Angel of Fire noted to her companion. “I also can change.” she said as she let her wings cover her and when they pulled back she was back to wearing the clothes that she had before and her hair was once again red. The fiery wings then pulled back into her body until they were no longer visible.

“Impressive, I suppose we should find the Winchesters then so that we can get your itch taken of.” He said solemnly.

“That we shall Castiel.” Anna said with a mischievous grin. “Besides, I’d much rather Dean dealt with it then to see your attempts at it.” Her wings sprouted from her back and returned her to her blonde and armored form so that she could fly once again. The two took off already planning on what they could do once they found the brothers.
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