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Excalibur: Soulfire

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Excalibur". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Angels begin to choose their Champions for the coming war with Lucifer. Supernatural characters become Super heroes. Minor BTVS crossover unless you've read the first story in series

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texaswookieFR18427,709073,97626 Jul 128 Feb 13Yes

"Abandon All Hope..."

I own no rights to any of the characters since they belong to the CW, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, & Lucas Films.

Sam sighed as he looked at the screen of his laptop. Ever since the empowerment of the brothers things had been different for them. Hunts had been easier for them now that the various ghosts, demons, and monsters that they faced off against lost their edge when facing them. In some cases they were actually stronger than what they fought against. That was something that was rather new to them, considering how many years they had spent being tossed around by various creatures and demons.

There were of course some downsides to having the enhancements that they had received. They had to hide their new abilities and skills away from everyone and could only use them in an all or nothing style. The fear that a hunter would become aware of their abilities meant they had to be cautious in how they did things as they doubted that most hunters would bother listening to how they got the power of the Ghost Rider and would try and kill them.

Still, hunting had become a lot easier. Hunts that might have taken one or two attempts now were a lot easier. They had even battled with a Wendigo and gone round and round with it and actually won. It had been shortly after this that the visions from Lucifer had started. Really not something that he enjoyed. The fallen Angel seemed intent on bugging him though until he gave in and gave him what he wanted. That being his body.

Dean had then been visited by Zachariah. While the pair seemed to blur to him for Dean it had been a few days. When he came to he had told him all about his adventures. Evidently there was a chance that they might not win and things could go really bad. He explained that future Dean had been a member of a super hero group with all sorts of heroes. Dean had listed a number of the heroes as well. Spider-Man, Black Knight, Blade, Juggernaut, Black Panther, Hercules, and the Witchblade.* There were others but they were scattered across the planet or they were dead. Future Dean had said that more were dead than he really liked to think about. Lucifer had somehow found a way to get into Sam and had managed to do all sorts of things to the world. Including spreading the Croat virus. A combination of magic and germ warfare that turned people into zombies.

Zachariah had been furious when Dean had still turned Michael down. Dean had told the Angel how he was going to do everything that he could to fix this, but that it would be him not Michael that did it. That there was no way he was going let Lucifer stick his hand up Sam’s ass and use him as a puppet. The Archangel had given various threats before he had left in a huff, telling them that they would be sorry for this defiance. That their refusal would only make things all the worse for the world.

After that they had come across another one of the Pagans. This one had been Leshii. A Norse forest pagan that could turn into various peoples heroes with a simple touch. Dean managed to keep it distracted by trading punches with it in its Paris Hilton form. The pair of them had been near equally matched in physical strength. Dean’s training had made him more capable of fighting though and he had held it back long enough for Sam to drive an iron stake into its back.

After that had been the whole mess with an Antichrist child named Jesse. All of their new power was like nothing compared to what the kid could do though. It was somewhat humbling to know that despite the new powers that they now had that there were still other beings besides the Angels that had more power than they did. It was at this time though that the pair had started to really worry about Cass. The Angel would have been a big help against the kid when he started lashing out at everyone and thing.

Dean had said that Jesse was like battling the Impossible Man or Mr. Mytzlplk with all of his raw power. Of all the beings that they had met, only the Trickster had ever seemed as powerful as Jesse was. After knocking the both of them and a demon all over the place the Jesse had taken his adoptive parents and simply disappeared. Considering the potential of the kid there was no telling just what he might do or what he might become. They would just have to wait and hope that he made the right choice.

After that had been a mission against a witch who transferred youth back and forth between card games. That had been a tough one. Particularly considering the fact that he had managed to steal the youth of Dean for a time. They had only won that one by the skin of their teeth and the witch had still managed to disappear again before they could do anything else to him.

After that had been the Trickster himself. They had thought to recruit him, but the guy seemed more interested in trying to teach them a lesson in his own weird and wacky way. Wanting them to play their parts in the coming battle and to stop trying to interfere in what was going on. The pair of them had somehow managed to break free of their restraints and attacked the Trickster. He had been as surprised as they were that they managed to get away. His next action had been a real shock as he drew a familiar silver sword.

The Trickster it turned out wasn’t a Pagan at all like they had always thought. In fact, he was an Archangel. He was the Archangel Gabriel. The Archangel had ended up fighting them for nearly an hour before an angry Dean had begun trash talking Gabriel who had frozen as Dean began telling him off about his brothers and family and the pair had finally left an angry Gabriel to decide what he was going to do. It seemed more often than not they were leaving the job halfway done despite all of the new power that they had.

Then there had been that convention crap of Chuck’s that they had been lured into. It seemed that despite all of the effort that they had spent in making themselves disappear that hiding from a prophet was pretty useless since he knew where you were at all times. The jerk had destroyed months of hiding themselves from other Hunters since they didn’t want to risk their friends in the coming fight that they had somehow been dragged into. That hadn’t been any fun, on the plus side though they had learned how to convert their shotgun into weapons that shot hellfire. A useful trick that they had somehow picked up. Only Chuck would have managed to pick a real haunted mansion to have his little game in. Sometimes knowing the prophet was more of a pain than it was worth. The fan girl that Sam had somehow acquired wasn’t all that enjoyable to deal with either.

The tall shaggy haired man was doing one of the few things in hunting that hadn’t gotten some unexpected increase though. He was researching trying to find the answers as to what had happened to them. He was also trying to find out what had happened to Cass since they hadn’t seen or heard from the Angel in some time now.

Dean tromped into the room and fell onto a nearby bed and looked his brother over curiously. “So what are you working on so intently?” He questioned idly.

“It’s something that Odin said when we fought.” Sam told his brother. “Do you remember how he told us that there were rumors of others like us?”

“Yeah so?” Dean said uncaringly, as he played with a knife.

“Well that means that there might be others with new powers like ours. All we have to do is find them.” Sam explained to his brother excitedly. “I mean Odin was pretty difficult for you to kill, and Baldur still got away despite both of us fighting him, and then there was Leshii who it took the both of us to stop. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Michael and Lucifer are both several times stronger than we are. If we could gather an army or group of people with powers like ours we might be able to stand a chance.”

“Okay, so what did you find?” Dean said with interest, as he realized that there was sense in what his brother was saying. The idea that there might be others like them was something that would be nice. He remembered the handful of other heroes that he had met on his journey to the future and figured that there might be something to all of this. Although with their luck if they were out there they would think that they were supposed to kill them for some reason or other that only made sense to them. Considering how many times that Hunters thought that they were good targets it was amazing that they were still alive.

“Rumors are that we’re not the only comic book based heroes out there anymore.” Sam said nodding to the screen on his computer. “There are rumors on a white guy that acts like Blade, a girl that catches on fire, a girl that rides a Pegasus, a Dr. Fate like guy, and a girl that looks like Wonder Woman.”

“Wonder Woman?” Dean said with a lecherous grin. “Think she would let me inspect her for authenticity?” He asked hopefully.

“Something tells me this one isn’t like any of those bondage film girls that you like to watch.” Sam returned to his brother.

“Hey you never know.” Dean said with a confident smirk. “Maybe I can get that golden lasso around her.” He said suggestively. “Are there any pictures of this Wonder Babe?”

“No Dean there’s not.” Sam said tiredly. “Besides, I’m sure she has more important things to do than to pose for you.” He added in annoyance at what his brother was thinking.

“Too bad.” Dean said with a shrug. “I’m sure that we could have had fun.” He said with a lecherous grin. “Can you just imagine all of those girls in spandex? It would be better than any porno film that’s for sure.”

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother knowing that he wasn’t going to be offering anything useful as long as he was fantasizing about what he would do with a Wonder Woman. “Anyways, there are also reports of an Angel like being and a girl with fire wings in medieval armor.”

“Fire wings, anything else?” Dean asked as he scrunched his head up as he tried to figure who the girl might be.

Sam shrugged as he showed his brother of what looked like a blonde girl and a weird Angel looking creature helping to hold a bridge up.

“An Angel,” Dean said in disbelief, “we’re dealing with some fallen or weakened Angels it sounds like.”

“Maybe,” Sam said dubiously, “but why are they doing this? Why would they give up power to join in the fight as it is?”

“Someone found a loop hole in the noninterference policy.” Dean explained triumphantly. “The guy is Zauriel as for the girl blonde with a red cape it could be any super heroine.” Dean admitted.

“That it could, but it’s us.” A voice said.

The brothers looked up to see a pair of figures.

“Cass? Anna?” Dean said with surprise before grabbing the two former Angels into a hug. “What happened to the two of you?” He asked curiously.

“They weakened us.” Castiel said solemnly. “They weakened us and then tossed us out into the Earth to do what we would. They are confident that as we now are, that we are no longer of any consequence to them or their plans.”

“Well that sucks.” Dean said. “So who did they turn you into?”

“The Linda Danvers version of Supergirl.” Anna said with a grin. “Turns out that I make a pretty kick ass superhero though.”

“You did that beforehand.” Dean said with a return grin. “So why are you here anyways?”

“Since our change, we’ve been tracking both yourselves and Lucifer.” Castiel explained. “It seems that he’s been extremely busy lately.”

“Yeah you could say that.” Dean said gruffly. “I gotta know though, if you were so busy looking for us why you didn’t stop by and check in with Bobby?”

“To obvious.” Anna returned “If we had done that, there’s no telling who would have gotten to you first. We had to try and be more subtle about finding you.”

“Yeah well Bobby could use your help.” Dean returned. “He’s in a wheelchair because of that last mission he did with all of us. The least you could do is get him up and going again. Zack didn’t think to add in the healing trick when he juiced us up.”

“I wish that we could, however the gift of healing is one of the abilities that has been taken from us.” Castiel returned calmly.

“We might be able to try a transfusion to heal him, but that’s all and there’s no telling what Angel blood might do to his human body though.” Anna suggested to the brothers.

“We’ll worry about it later.” Dean said shortly. “And trust me, we are going to get back to this little detail. What have you got on Lucifer though?”

“We know where he’s going to be at least for a little while.” Anna said.

“And where might that be?” Dean asked with interest.

“Here in Carthage Missouri.” She returned tapping to a spot on a nearby map.

“Uh huh, and what’s he doing there?”

“Unknown, but the rumors of all the demons heading that way are impressive.”

“Do you want to get Bobby to help us?” Anne questioned.

“Fine we’ll check it out.” Dean said. “But let’s try not to involve Bobby or anyone else right now. Besides if the four of us can’t stop whatever is out there I really don’t want to think what might happen to anyone that doesn’t have our juice.”

“A good decision.” Castiel agreed. “The four of us should be enough to deal with whatever it is that Lucifer has planned.”

“Yeah cool, what’s our fastest speed anyways?” Dean questioned curiously.

“That’s another skill that we don’t have anymore.” Anna said in annoyance. “Your car is just as fast as anything that we could manage.”

“Fine, then we load up our gear and start driving.” Dean said. “When we finally get there then we do our thing.” The others nodded as they quickly gathered all of the equipment that the brothers had lying about and stuffed it all into the car before they took off.

Six hours later the brothers and their Angel companions looked down at the town below. “Well this should be all sorts of fun that’s not.” Dean noted as he leaned against his car. His eyes moving with a well-practiced eye as he searched for any signs of weakness. “Time to ride Sammy.” Climbing to his feet.

“Not yet,” Sam objected, besides I want a closer look at this besides its still light. We haven’t been able to create a stable transformation when the sun is still out.” The other hunter admitted to the others somewhat embarrassed that they had some limitations.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t get down there.” Dean returned without concern. “We used to do this sort of thing all the time before we got all of the extras. We would have still done all of this before we got the upgrades and we were some of the best kickass hunters there were. Now we’re even better.” He said with a confident grin. “Besides, according to the rumor mill most of the people have already abandoned it anyways. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know what’s got all of these people so spooked. Now you coming or not?” He questioned his brother, knowing that he wouldn’t back down from a chance to confront the Devil.

“What the hell.” Sam said.

“You boys really are a bunch of idiots aren’t you?” A new voice asked. The group turned to see a man in a well pressed suit glaring at them. “I mean seriously boys. I give you everything except a bloody map to come find me, and you primordial knuckle heads are here?” He demanded of the group.

“Anybody know who this joker is?” Dean questioned curiously as he looked the figure over. The others gave helpless shrugs as they looked him over.

“You mean to tell me that you’ve never heard of me?” The figure said in annoyance. “Well that’s just great, how does one make a decent reputation if their people aren’t going to at least do proper advertising.” He grumbled in annoyance.

“Dean be careful, that is not a man that is a demon.” Castiel warned the brothers.

“Thanks captain obvious, I never would have figured that one out on my own.” Dean snarked at the former Angel.

You are welcome Dean. The Angel said unaware of the sarcasm that Dean’s voice was laced with.

“Your pet Angel’s right.” The demon said with a smug smirk as he adjusted his expensive jacket. “The name’s Crowley, I’m the King of the Crossroad Demons since you boys took out Lilith and Alistair.”

“Not to be rude or anything, but we do have some important things to do so unless you’ve got something to say we got to get going. Dean said with a shrug. “Actually I don’t care if we’re being rude, you’re just not worth our time right now. Come back in a few days when we’re not so busy.”

“Really, and how were you planning on offing the Devil down there anyways?” The demon questioned the group mockingly. “You know that it’s going to take a bit more than salt and an exorcism to stop him right?”

“Eh, we’ll figure something we’ve got a way about these things.” Dean said carelessly not really paying attention to the demon.

“Really, so you’re not looking for this then?” The demon asked as he pulled a rather familiar looking gun out of the folds of his jacket.

Dean snorted as he looked at the weapon. “I had wondered where that thing had disappeared to after Bella made off with it.” The others could only nod in agreement as they stared at Samuel Colt’s Demon Killing Gun.

“Yeah, but since you don’t need this or any of my help I’ll be on my way then.” Crowley returned to the group with a shrug as he returned the pistol to where it had been hidden earlier. He turned around to move away only to find himself looking at the crossed arms of Anna. “Hullo there love.” He said as he gave what he thought was a dashing smile at the Angel.

“Hand it over.” Anna returned holding her hand out.

Crowley looked uncomfortable as he handed the gun and a box of ammo over to the Angel. “Look, just take this thing to Lucifer and empty it into his face.” He said grudgingly.

“Uh-huh,” Dean said disbelievingly at how easy getting Samuel Colt’s weapon back after all this time. “Okay, and why exactly would you want the devil dead? Aren’t you supposed to be on the same side?”

Crowley rolled his eyes at the group. “No wonder you lot have all had to be brought back from the dead at one time or another. Alright I’ll use small words so even you idiots can understand what I’m trying to tell you and if we’re real lucky it will all make sense even to you. Lucifer isn't a demon, remember? He's an Angel. An Angel famous for his hatred of humankind. To him, you're just filthy bags of pus. If that's the way he feels about you, what can he think about us demons?”

“But he created you.” Sam pointed out.

Crowley looked at the larger hunter as if he was an idiot. To him, we're just servants. Cannon fodder. If Lucifer manages to exterminate humankind, we're next. So, help me, huh? Let's all go back to simpler, better times, back to when we could all follow our natures. I'm in sales, dammit! So what do you say if I gave you the thing, now you go kill the devil like good little trained monkeys?”

“We really should kill you now, but like Dean said we got bigger fish.” Anna said as she brushed by the demon.

“Well this has been all sorts of fun. Let’s not do this again.” Crowley returned before he disappeared from the group.

Dean smirked the demon had obviously not been expecting them to be so uncaring about the colt. He tossed Sam, Ruby’s knife, even as he reached out and caught the colt from Anna. With a practiced swing of his wrist he opened the chamber and began loading the weapon. “Let’s do this.” He said as they began speeding into the town. When they got there the group stopped as they saw several figures in black suits seeming to be just standing around and waiting.

The group all got out of their cars and examined the seemingly frozen mass of figures. “Alright I got nothing what about you guys?” Dean asked looking at them curiously.

“I recognize these guys.” Anna noted as she looked the group over. “They’re all Reapers.”

“Reapers?” Dean asked as he took several nervous steps back from one group. “What are a bunch of Reapers doing in Nowheresville Missouri?” He questioned the Angels as he turned to them hopefully.

“Yeah, and what could cause such a large gathering of Reapers as well?” Sam asked, as he examined another group. “Is this town about to blow up or something?”

“Unknown,” Castiel admitted, “however something must have summoned all of these Reapers here. I cannot imagine that they have gathered here for no reason. They only gather like this at times of great catastrophe. Chicago Fire, San Francisco Quake, Pompeii. ”

“Yeah I doubt anyone is controlling this many of them.” Dean said in agreement. He had mixed feeling about the Reapers. His first experience hadn’t been that great, then again there was that cute Reaper Tessa the last time that he had dealt with a Reaper. Kind of all depended on how they were wanting to look he guessed.

“We’ll scout around and see what we can find.” Anna suggested to the group. “The two of you should be careful though. Until the sun sets the two of you are kind of vulnerable to anything out there.”

“We’ll manage.” Dean assured the Fallen Angel as the pair of them powered up before disappearing. “Nice to see that they still have some of their mojo left.” Dean said with a grin as they started pulling various weapons out.

“Yeah whatever,” Sam said as the two of them finished with the weapons check. “Come on, let’s see what we can find.” As the two wandered the streets they moved around the mass of Reapers that seemed to be all over the place.

“Okay, this is kind of creepy.” Dean noted as they passed yet another group of Reapers. “Tess! Come on Tess. Where are you?” He called out, hoping that the Reaper would show herself and they could get an explanation on what was happening around them.

“Come on, there’s lots of other places we’re going to have to look before we can figure any of this out.” The two brothers shouldered their packs and began wandering through the town hoping that they would be able to detect just where it was that the Devil and all of his demon minions were hiding out. Whatever it was, they figured it couldn’t be good since it had drawn so many of the Reapers out into the open.

Castiel and Anna walked into a building both of them trying to be ready for anything. “Hello sister, brother.” A voice called out to them. The pair turned only for fire to erupt around them encircling the pair. In the firelight the two noticed a figure standing on the edge of the light cast by the flames.

“Lucifer.” Anna growled out in greeting while Castiel merely stood back and watched the confrontation between the two.

Lucifer smirked at the pair. “What has happened to the two of you anyways? You’re different.” He noted, as he studied the pair with interest. “I had heard the rumors of course, but yes I can see it. Your Grace’s, they’ve been taken down to about a third of what they used to be.”

“That’s none of your business.” Anna spat back at him defensively.

“And do you have nothing to say Castiel?” Lucifer asked. “You always were proud of your position amongst the host. You who were once one of our Father’s greatest supporters. What could either of you have done to have been treated like this?”

“We tried to stop you from rising.” Castiel returned.

Lucifer chuckled at this. “You always were a blunt one brother. I guess I can see how that would be enough to make the others be a bit put out with you. I suppose the Winchesters are here?”

“We came on our own.” Castiel returned to their captor.

“Loyalty. Such a nice quality to see in this day and age.” Lucifer said mockingly.

“One that you never did quiet pick up on.” Anna returned to the Archangel. “Even when it was popular.”

“Annael you always were an opinionated one.” Lucifer returned, as he moved closer to examine the pair of former Angels. “The two of you are truly strange creatures.” As he stepped into the light they saw that the skin on the man was sagging, rotting, and burned.

“Looks like your vessel is falling apart.” Anna noted as her eyes took in his appearances.

“Yes, well Nick wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped he’d be.” Lucifer admitted with a shrug.

“You are not getting your hands on Sam.” Castiel shot off defensively.

Lucifer smirked at the pair of weakened Angels. “I guess we’ll just have to see about that.”

“Nothing.” Dean said in disgust as the two of them wandered down Main Street. “No matter where we’ve looked there’s nothing here. All’s we’ve found is a surplus of Reapers only they don’t even seem to think we’re worth looking at since they’ve all ignored us. To make it worse we seem to have lost both of our Angels as well.”

“Dude, did you really expect for this to be easy?” Sam asked his brother.

“Well I was kind of hoping that they would be where we could find them.” Dean grumbled. “I mean so far we haven’t found jack for all of our searching around. Bitch.”

“Jerk.” Sam responded to the insult automatically.

“There you boys are.” A voice said cheerfully.

The two turn to see a rather unwanted yet familiar figure standing before them. “Meg.” Sam says in a dead pan voice.

“Shouldn’t have come here boys.” Meg scolds the pair while waving her finger at them.

“I could say the same for you.” Dean returned at her as he raises the colt and looks down the sight at her.

Meg merely smirks at the pair of hunters seemingly unconcerned by the weapon being leveled at her. “Didn’t come here alone Deano.” She says cheerfully.

“I take it you’re talking about those hellhounds with you?” Sam questioned her calmly.

“You know Sam I think we should be taking it as a compliment that she brought so many.” Dean returned. “I count, what 12?”

“13.” Sam answered.

“Huh cute.” Dean said glaring at Meg.

The demon didn’t look so comfortable anymore. “That’s not possible.” She stammered as she looked at the two. “There’s no way that either of you should be able to see these guys.”

“And yet we can sweetheart.” Dean said with a grin.

Meg scowled at the pair in anger. “Fine, it doesn’t matter that much anyways it just lets you know just how much you don’t stand a chance against us. Come on now. My father wants to see you.”

“I think we'll pass, thanks.” Sam returned to her.

“Your call boys. You can make this easy or you can make it really, really hard.” Meg threatened.

Dean smirks at her. “When have you ever known us to do things the easy way Meg?” He then fires the weapon catching one of the dogs in the head. “Sammy if you can catch any of them that decide to charge us I’ll handle the others. Dean said as he turned to another one of the dogs and fired. After that we can go after the head bitch.” He added glancing towards Meg with a cocky grin.

“Suit yourselves.” Meg returned angrily. She then began pointing at the brothers. “Sic em boys.” The hell hounds charged at the brothers. With the advantage of invisibility now lost to them the dogs were nowhere near as dangerous as they had been before. Dean grinned as he began firing into the group of creatures while Sam joined him with his shotgun injuring several of the creatures.

Meg frowned as she saw that the brothers were doing a decent job of holding the Hell Hounds off. With this new ability to see Hell Hounds combined with the Colt the Winchesters were making it near impossible for the easy grab that she thought that she was going to get. With a thought she disappeared from the battle to reappear inside the building where Lucifer was holding the two fallen Angels.

“The Winchesters are being forced back for the moment with hell hounds I fear that it’s only temporary though. They can now see Hell Hounds.” She reported to Lucifer.

“Really?” Lucifer said with interest. “That is fascinating. How did they get that little power though I wonder?” He asked as he turned to looking at his younger siblings that were still being held back by the flames of Holy Oil Fire. I mean if it was just Sam I would guess that he was drinking demon blood again.”

“Don’t look at us, that’s not our work.” Anna said.

“So what do you want me to do about the boys?” Meg asked curiously.

“Leave them alone.” Lucifer said dismissively.

“Are you sure? Meg asked uncertainly.

“Trust me child.” Lucifer said reassuringly. “Everything happens for a reason. Even this.”

“Yeah well don’t count the boys out yet.” Anna said. “They’ve surprised people before.”

“I don’t doubt it Annael, but I’m an Archangel.” Lucifer reminded them. “Now then, let’s see if we can’t convince the two of you to change your mind about you allegiances before everything changes. The Angel of Light said suggestively as he stared at the duo before him.

“You’ve got a long wait then.” Anna returned defiantly.

Sam cursed as his shotgun clicked on an empty chamber. These Hell Hounds were a lot more trouble than he had thought they would be. Sure they could see them now and regular bullets hurt them while the colt killed them. Still these creatures were a lot tougher than he had thought that they might be. As the animal charged at him he drew a knife and as it tackled him he stabbed it. The Hell Hound roared in pain before slumping over. He pushed the heavy animal off of him and looked to see Dean was busy reloading the Colt. The pair of them had managed to take down five of the animals between them leaving another eight before they would be able to do anything.

“So any ideas?” Dean shouted as he dodged an angry swipe before he snapped the colt closed again and tried to draw a bead on another hound.

“Not really.” Sam admitted as he made stabbing motions towards another one of the dogs. They had been fighting like this for the past few minutes and while they were holding their own for the moment neither of them really wanted to keep on trying either. Their goal was to stop the Devil not his pets.

“Hey do you mind we’re talking?” Dean growled, as he grabbed one of the hounds that had been snapping at him and shoved the muzzle of the gun into its face and fired blowing the creature’s head off. “Come on Sammy, at this rate I’m going to have more of these things dead than you are.” He taunted as he watched the creatures. “Then again I got some serious reason to enjoy this.” He added in, remembering how the hounds had dragged him to hell.

“Yeah, well stop enjoying yourself so much and help me finish these things off.” Sam snapped at his brother. Dean nodded and the pair quickly dispatched the remaining hounds.

“Now what?” Sam asked as he jerked the knife out of the body of the final hound.

“Now we can either sit around and twiddle our thumbs or we can try and find out where Lucifer is.” Dean returned.

“Well it’s not like we can just go and ask somebody can we?” Sam demanded as he waved his arms around the deserted streets. “Cass and Anna have either been captured or taken out. So tell me Dean, just how do we manage this?” He demanded.

“Simple, we let our inner Ghost Riders figure out where the biggest concentration of evil is and then we go and kick the devil’s ass.” Dean explained to his brother. “It’s not that difficult.”

“Fine, if it’s so easy why don’t you try it then?” Sam grumbled.

“Don’t mind if I do.” The blonde said as he closed his eyes and focused. “Thataway.” He said pointing towards a hill. “That’s where we need to go.” Sam shook his head and followed after his brother.

The two brothers followed the feeling till they came upon a field where a large crowd was watching a figure burying something. “There he is.” Sam said pointing to the figure in the ditch. He recognized him as the form that the devil had used to visit him a few times before. “That’s the devil.”

“Alright then let’s end this.” Dean said as he checked the colt one last time. “Let’s do this.”

Sam nodded as he sheathed his knife if it couldn’t kill Castiel it sure wouldn’t be able to hurt Lucifer. He then checked the loads on shotgun. “Hey!” He called out as he moved toward the figure. The man in the ditch stopped his digging as he watched Sam approach. “I hear you been looking for me.” Sam noted as he raised a shotgun at the figure before him.

Lucifer actually had the audacity to smile at him in greeting as if they were old friends. “Oh, Sam, you don't need that gun here. You know I'd never hurt you. Not really.” The Devil said as he nodded toward the shotgun that the tall hunter was holding in his hands.

“Yeah well I’d hurt you.” Dean said as he came up behind the surprised Lucifer. “So suck it.” He said as he fired the colt into the face of the figure.

The pair watch as the devil fell to the ground between them. “Oww.” Lucifer complained as he rose back to his feet. The brothers could only stare in shock as the bullet wound began healing. “Where did you get that?” He asked in annoyance as he looked at the gun in Dean’s hand. He then punched Dean sending him flying. Lucifer shook his head as he picked the shovel back up and resumed the task of burying something. “Don't feel too bad, Sam. There's only five things in all of creation that that gun can't kill, and I just happen to be one of them. But if you give me a minute, I'm almost done.” He said in a pleasant tone.

“I don’t think so.” Dean said as Sam helped him climb back to his.

“You are a stubborn one, so much like Michael in that regard.” Lucifer said to the Hunter in annoyance. “Against most humans that would have knocked them out. You just take a hit and keep going though. I can see why you were chosen to be his one true vessel.” Lucifer then ignored the brothers though as he conducted a ceremony while Dean shook the cobwebs out of his head. They watched in shock as he then sacrificed the demons watching. “What? They’re just demons.” He said without any worry.

“Yeah asshole what about the people that used to own those bodies?” Sam spat out angrily.

“Unimportant.” Lucifer returned with a shrug. “If the Horsemen weren’t so greedy with what they needed to wake up then they might have lived.”


Lucifer grinned at the hunter. “Oh I guess you don’t know just what it is that’s here then?”

“Why don’t you explain it to me?” Sam demanded as he looked around for a new idea. Dean needed a few more minutes before he was battle ready.

“You know, I don't suppose you'd just say yes here and now?” Lucifer suggested hopefully. “End this whole tiresome discussion? That's crazy, right?”

“What Horsemen?” Sam demanded.

“Oh you know the Four.” Lucifer said with a grin. “This one is Death.”

“Dean.” Sam said worriedly.

“Yeah, I heard him.” Dean growled. “We got to end this now before things get any worse.”

“And what do you honestly think that you can do to stop all of this?” Lucifer taunted them. “You’re ace in the hole just blew up your faces.” He reminded them while nodding towards the ineffective colt.

Dean grinned back at him as he held the colt up. “Actually this here was the bonus card. Let’s see what happens when you face the real plan. Let’s do it Sam.”

The brothers closed their eyes and then gasped as they felt a familiar feeling as their bodies burst into flames.

Lucifer watched as the two flaming skeletons now faced off with him. He then began mockingly clapping at them. “Alright I’m impressed, I never would have expected for the others to try this.” He admitted mockingly, even as he chuckled at the pair of flaming figures. “I mean this is really one I wasn’t expecting. They turned you into Champions? What kind of idiot would have done something like that?”

“The age of Champions is upon us again Lucifer. It’s merely the way of things.” Anna said as she and Castiel appeared from overhead. “Your demoness might need some help after the mess that we made of her.” She added in with a smirk.

“Well now this just got real interesting.” Lucifer said as he saw that the four fighters were now staring at him intently as they spread out to face him. He noted that the flaming Winchesters had each drawn their demon killing weapons increasing their power by several levels. “I have to admit that this is a lot better than I had actually expected from any of you.” He said as he looked the group over. “And once I win I’ll have even more power.” He said with a grin. “Good thing that I was aware of this already though. It will make this more fun when I finally do win.”

Sam snarled defiantly and swung his blade causing a stream of fire to leap toward the fallen Archangel.

Lucifer blew and an ice storm came out of his mouth holding the flames back. Sam finally stopped his assault. “Really, did any of you think that this would really work? I mean I could turn your powers on and off with but a thought.” He reminded the group.

“It’s better than doing nothing.” Supergirl returned as she dove at him her fists leading the way.

Lucifer caught her by the arms and with a spin and a release he sent her flying into Dean,

“Shall we see just what you can do then?” Lucifer said. “Away from here of course since I have a few more things to do. There are others that would enjoy seeing you though.” The group faded and reappeared elsewhere.

“Where are we?” Dean questioned.

“Unknown,” Castiel said, “however I think we should be more worried about what is coming.” He said nodding towards a red car that was coming at them. The car stopped and an armored figure stepped out of it. The figure walked a few feet before finally stopping. “So you’re the infamous Winchesters.” The man said as he tucked his thumbs into his belt loops as he looked them over. “The fights that you’ve been a part of have made you strong. Let’s see just how strong you really are though.”

“And who are you?” The Ghost Rider that was Dean snarled out at the newcomer.

The man chuckled as he held his hand out and a red sword rose up out of the ground and into his hand. “I’m going to be your final test boys. As for who I am, here's a hint. I was in Germany, then in Germany, then in the Middle-East... I was in Darfur when my beeper went off. I'm waiting to hook up with my siblings, I've got three. We have so much fun together.”

“Dean, Sam be careful.” Castiel said as he drew his own sword. “That’s one of the Horsemen. That is War.”

“As in the Horseman of the Apocalypse?” Sam asked in awe.

“The same.” Anna said tersely.

“Had you been aware of my presence sooner then it’s likely that you would have been able to stop me much easier. With Death having risen though the Horsemen are at their strongest. All Four of the Horsemen awake and alert at the same time and on the same continent. Usually only one or two of us is active at the same time and we stay on the four points of earth so as not to interfere with each other, but with all of us so close together we’re going to be at our strongest. Something that hasn’t happened in years.” War crowed as he looked at the group.

“Cass how strong is this guy?” Sam, questioned.

“When War, Famine, and Death last came together they created your Civil War.” The Angel explained to the brothers. “War and Famine created the First World War and War and Pestilence created the Second World War. Their power is as mysterious to me as it is to you. They are forces of nature themselves.”

“Not quiet.” War corrected the Angel. “We’re more like concepts made reality. Except for Death he actually extends beyond the laws of nature though. Seeing as he’s the oldest of the Horsemen though that is no surprise. I must say that I approve of your forms, but it only shows me that I myself need to change myself.” War said as he held his sword up and seemed to be lost in thought, Lightning seemed to flash and when it faded they saw that the figure had suddenly changed.

“No fricking way.” Dean said as he stared at what their opponent had become. Despite a few changes the armor was very familiar looking. War had just become covered from head to foot in what looked like Darth Vader armor that was glowing red with a flaming cape and was wielding a red hot sword that glowed ruby red. As much as it pained his ego to admit it. The Horseman had definite taste when it came to looks. One of the movie villains that represents bad ass in every way, the one and only Lord Vader standing in as the Avatar of War.

“And now we begin.” War declared in a deep and echoing voice, as he raised his sword into the ready position.

*A character from each story that I have planned if I ever get that far in this series.

** Yeah, no need for Jo and Ellen to die in this world. Besides I’m in the minority that liked Jo. Her character really got good in those last episodes in particular. Then her ghost, man I loved having her back.
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