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Excalibur: Soulfire

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Excalibur". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Angels begin to choose their Champions for the coming war with Lucifer. Supernatural characters become Super heroes. Minor BTVS crossover unless you've read the first story in series

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texaswookieFR18427,709073,97426 Jul 128 Feb 13Yes

Flames of War

As usual I own nothing of any of the characters or events described in this story. The CW owns the rights to all Supernatural characters, Joss has the BTVS ones mentioned here, DC and Marvel own their respective characters & JKR owns her characters that are mentioned here.

Two Ghost Riders, Zauriel, and Supergirl all stared at the monster that was bearing down on them. The two Riders were standing at the ready position while the other two hovered in the air above them. The creature was easily twice their size and carried a sword made of flames. It had the appearance of Darth Vader, but its armor appeared to be glowing red, it wore a cloak of flames on its shoulders, and the lightsaber like sword it carried was actually glowing even brighter that the rest of the armor.

“So, any ideas?” Dean one of the figures possessing the powers of the Ghost Rider asked as he checked his gun.

“Yes, we fight.” Castiel returned, as in his Zauriel personae he drew his own sword out.

“Glad to have you with us on this one Cass.” Dean said bemusedly. “Let’s kick War Vader’s ass.”

“War Vader.” The figure said with interest, its voice echoing within the armor as it considered the name that it had been branded with by the Hunter. “Yes, I think that name is as good as any other for this form.” It decided with a nod, its flaming cloak seeming to billow out behind it.

“Stand back boys, let’s see if we can’t hurt him first.” Anna as Supergirl ordered as the two fallen Angel readied themselves for attack. She took a deep breath and blew causing a harsh wind to buffet War Vader. Zauriel opened his mouth and a cry came out of his mouth that had the brothers wincing as they heard the Enochian language being used as a weapon against the creature. The combined sonic and ice attacks pushed War Vader away from the group and into the ground.

“Remind me to never ask her to blow me when she’s in that form.” Dean said as he watched Supergirl’s attack.

The two finally stopped and they all looked at War Vader as he was climbing to his feet out of the small hole that he had been forced into. The combined attacks having made a small trench where they had smashed him into the earth. Despite the fact that they had thrown him down and into the ground there didn’t seem to be any real damage done to him. It was as if the attacks hadn’t even phased him other than to cause him to lose his balance and get dirt all over himself.

“Not bad, but it’ll take more than that to stop me.” War Vader proclaimed to the group of heroes as he adjusted his grip on his weapon and watched the group. The former Angels were shocked that their assault hadn’t so much as phased their opponent.

“Our turn.” Dean growled as he and Sam stomped forward. Dean had a chain wrapped around one arm while Sam had the Demon Killing Knife out and ready. The two brothers lunged forward and moved with the well-practiced ease of hours of training together to fight superior opponents. Sam with his knife was trying to find a spot where the blade would dig into War Vader. Meanwhile Dean was using the heavy chain as a way to repeatedly ring the bell of the Horseman. The Horseman stumbled as blow upon blow rained down on it. A few of the blows were deflected as the sword blocked any of the shots that might have proven vulnerable and the knife was blocked before it could dig in to any vulnerabilities. The two Riders backed off in time for the two flyers to come swooping in and slam their fists into War Vader. The sword was suddenly there one hand braced against the end while the other clutched the hilt and their blows slammed into the weapon doing nothing more than causing him to slide back several feet.

“Not bad heroes.” War Vader said as he adjusted his stance. “Against almost anyone else that attack might just have gotten through.” He informed them with a smug lilt to his voice. “I believe it’s my turn now though.” He stretched his hand out and opened it and a wave of flames seemed to come out of it. “Say hello to the flames of war.” He said darkly as the flames moved towards the group.

The group stood firm and tried to block the flames. Despite the fact that the flames shouldn’t have hurt them they were all quickly overwhelmed by the unexpected power from the flames as they were thrown back.

“Yes,” War Vader said as he looked at the group. “It feels good to be so close to my true power once again. I don’t have to sow dissent anymore, but I can take up my weapon and do that which I was created for. Even your own flames are no match for the fires that I command. It’s a shame we’re here on this part of the world though, the only wars that I can draw strength from are the gang wars. Had we been in the Middle East my power would truly be something to behold.” He cackled at the thought of the potential that he tap into. “No matter, soon enough there will be more than enough power for me to use no matter where on the Earth I am.”

The Ghost Riders ignored the gloating Horseman as they charged at him again. The Horseman laughed as he allowed the pair to close the distance with him and then launched his own attack before they could get any closer. He slashed Sam across the chest and then slammed the flat of the blade into Dean’s face causing him to stagger back. Supergirl and Zauriel landed alongside of the brothers to launch their own close up attacks only for War Vader to suddenly reverse his hold on the blade and slammed the blade into the ground causing a circle of flame to spread out and knock all of them back into the ground.

“Is this all that the Chosen champions of Heaven and Hell are capable of doing against me?” War Vader jeered, as he looked down at the group on the ground in front of him. “I know that none of you are full blown Angels, but I thought that you would have given me something of a challenge. You Winchesters were trained by one of my greatest creations, forged through my flames in the very concept of war and battle. Your bodies are the mightiest of vessels for the most mighty of Archangels, who shall do battle and cleanse the world in fire, your bloodlines descended from that of Cain and Able themselves. Surely you can do more than this.” He said in disgust. “I was expecting a true contest of powers with this fight not this weak showing that you are giving me.”

“The way he’s talking, you would think that we were the prize winners at a dog show.” The Ghost Rider that was Dean hissed as it rose back to its feet.

War Vader scowled at the flippant attitude of the young one before him. “Perhaps I should find the old drunk in a wheel chair perhaps he will give a more interesting challenge than what you have.” He suggested with a smirk.

The Ghost Riders responded by lunging and tackling War Vader. They then began attacking with a fury that they hadn’t shown before as Hellfire and Angelfire struck him from nearly all angles.

“You should know better than to threaten Bobby Singer around Sam and Dean Winchester.” Zauriel noted to War Vader as he watched the brother strike the armored figure with rage. “Now it’s personal, as Dean would say.”

“Leave the quips to people who can make decent deliveries.” Anna ordered, as she watched the brothers waiting for her moment to join the fight again.

“Yes, show me your power.” War Vader said as he backhanded Sam to the side he then punched Dean off of him. Each blow was extremely precise as the Avatar of War showed that he was more than just a name, but had all of the skills that a fighter like him should have. He rose back to his feet to stare at the group of Champions that the Angels had assembled to battle Lucifer and those that were willing to work with him. “Come on, is that all you got?” He demanded while waving his blade at them in a challenge.

The Angels took to the sky and began peppering War Vader with attacks. Zauriel using his sonic scream attacks while Supergirl switched back and forth between artic breath and fire sight.

War Vader held his sword with the blade pointing downward and suddenly flames seemed to burst from the end and he rocketed into the air the flames propelling him higher and higher. His body slammed into Zauriel and the two came crashing down to the ground. He slammed his fist into the throat of the Angel. The now silent Zauriel performed a powerful punch that sent War Vader back towards the ground. He twisted while in the air and landed on a bent knee.

Zauriel landed next to the Ghost Riders rubbing at his throat where he had been struck. The brothers made a defensive wall between the two. Supergirl power dived at him from behind. His sword flared for a moment and he spun slashing at her, sparks flew from where he attacked her and caused her to go off course and plough into the ground creating a giant trench.

The Riders each swung a chain and tried to capture the figure only for the chains to be deflected by the blade. “Yes give me your best.” He declared at the group.

“We have to get his sword away from him.” Zauriel rasped out as he slowly climbed back to his feet. He rubbed his throat where he had been struck in an effort to make speech easier. “Without his sword he is nowhere near as strong.”

“Agreed,” Supergirl said as she joined the group. “In order to defeat War we have to take away his sword, and then we need to capture the true center of his power.” The Riders looked at her with what might be interest. It was somewhat hard to tell with only flaming skulls staring back at you what they were thinking or feeling. “We need to take the ring off of his finger.” She explained to them. “Without the Ring, then his power should be gone.” She released a blast of her fire vision only for the sword to seemingly absorb the energy from the attack and then send it right back at the group throwing them all several feet back. Supergirl grimaced as she climbed back to her feet her body covered in ash from her own attack. She grimaced as she held her arm where she could feel burns appearing on her despite her armor.

The Riders seemed to recover from the fire attack faster than the others, since they were actually made of fire. Following the orders that the two Angels had given them they began to make their attack. Sam moved in first the demon killing knife enhanced by the power of the Ghost Rider burned with a dangerous light.

War Vader responded by deflecting the blade then grabbing the arm of the Rider he performed a throw that sent Sam over his shoulder and flying several feet.

Zauriel and Supergirl responded followed the brothers by launching their attacks again. Zauriel with his Sonic Scream and Supergirl with her artic breath. War Vader wasn’t caught off guard though as he absorbed the power of the attacks with his sword. While the sword was glowing brighter Dean finally made his move. He had been swinging a pair of chains over his head waiting for just the right moment to strike. The chains went flying again only this time instead of going for War they wrapped around the sword.

“You think to challenge my strength against yours?” War Vader snarled out at the former Hunter. With a mighty tug he lifted the Ghost Rider into the air and flung him to the other side. The Ghost Rider fell on his face but lifted his head up and snarled unwilling to release his hold on the blade. “So be it fool.” War Vader said as he sent the Ghost Rider flying again so that he landed on his back. “How long do you think that you can do this boy?”

“GO!” Supergirl ordered and the two flyers took to the air to engage War now that his arm was weighted down somewhat.

War Vader didn’t seem to be worried and used the Ghost Rider himself as a weapon as he began to swing his sword back and forth using the Ghost Rider as a flail. Each time that the Ghost Rider slammed into the ground he huffed in pain. Spinning on his heel War Vader managed to use the host and catch both of the flyers and send the pair crashing to the ground. “Had enough yet boy?” War Vader demanded of the champion. “All you have to do is let go of the sword.” He informed him in a menacing manner.

The Rider glared back defiantly and let out a whistling sound and suddenly there was a roaring sound and the Impala could be seen racing towards them.

“You think that’s going to help you?” War Vader demanded angrily.

Zauriel and Supergirl charged at him. War Vader released his grip on the sword with one hand and raised it at the Angels and a stream of flame began pouring out of the hand forcing the Angels to pull back from the dangerous flames.

While the Angels had distracted War Vader. The Rider had tied the chains he had been holding to the back of the Impala and entered the car he revved the engine and then pressed the gas.

War Vader faltered for a moment as his feet were nearly jerked out from under him. Setting his feet and grasping his blade with both hands he pulled even as the wheels of hellfire spun uselessly in an attempt to jerk the weapon away.

Sam suddenly appeared alongside of War Vader with his blade out and at the ready and slashed downward at the elbow of the right arm. The armor resisted for a moment but then a flash of light happened that blinded all of them. When the flash faded they saw that the Impala was roaring away and the other Rider was standing over the one armed War Vader. The Rider reached down and grabbed the limb up off the ground. As his hand grasped the appendage it flickered for a moment before the armor faded away leaving a human like arm in its place. On the third finger was a simple gold band that could just as easily be mistaken for an old wedding ring.

The heroes gathered together and looked the ring over. “He should have dressed as Sauron.” The Rider that was Dean noted in what seemed to be amusement as it examined the ring in its brother’s hand.

“Can’t really argue with that one.” A bemused Supergirl returned to him as she examined the rather simple looking piece of jewelry that they had taken. “Only there are four of these things instead of this being the one ring.”

The group ignored War as he clutched his arm where Sam had slashed through him. Now that he was back in his human form he was a much lesser threat to them. The figure looked at the Champions that were busy examining the source of his power. Holding his hand out the sword suddenly sprouted flame and flew back into his hand. He quickly began inching away from the group who had all turned to watch him with interest. “You have not seen the last of me. I shall not forget what you have done to me.” He snarled at the group. As he spoke the red Darth Vader armor reappeared on his body. They all noticed that as soon as the armor began appearing his arm began to regrow as well. In a matter of moments the limb was back. The brothers tensed expecting a second round from War Vader but he turned towards his car though which shimmered and began a giant red dark horse motorcycle. War Vader quickly got on the bike and tore off and away from the group.

The brothers began to go after him when Supergirl stopped them. “He’s not important to us anymore. We have more important things to worry about now. Besides, he’s nowhere near what he used to be.” She noted carelessly. The Riders stopped and looked at her curiously. Supergirl smirked as she held the ring up between her thumb and forefinger. “This is the main source of his power. Without this he can’t get any stronger. He may still have his sword, but without the Ring he can only call upon a limited amount of his power anymore.”

“Indeed.” Zauriel said in agreement. “Where he once held the power to battle us all to a standstill he now only possess the power of one of us now.”

“Yes, he is now at the same level as a champion or a pagan. Without the ring he can’t get stronger and once we manage to deal with the other Horsemen it’s likely that they will return to their weakened states that they were at before Lucifer recruited them. It’s likely that War may even be stuck with his current form whenever he uses his sword from now on.”

“None of that matters now though.” Zauriel reminded them. “We must return and do battle with Lucifer.”

“No,” Supergirl said. “We lost our chance to stop him this time around. If we go there now he could have Death do something to us. We may have weakened War, but we still lost the fight this time around.” Left unsaid was the fact that they were all in various levels of exhaustion and that it had taken all of their strength to battle with War Vader. It was doubtful that they could do the same against the much more powerful Archangel.

Each of them glowed for a moment before they returned to their human forms. “Well that was interesting.” Dean said before he wearily slumped against the side of his car. The others nodded as they were all in various stages of weakness after battling with War’s Avatar.

“So that scum bag is now on our level right?” Dean asked curiously wanting to make sure he knew what was happening.

“Very close.” Anna said in agreement. “He may be slightly more powerful though.” She warned the brothers, knowing that they would want a rematch now that the odds were more in their favor. “It’s hard to be sure, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he can still draw power from places where great battles happened or where there are current wars going on.”

“It makes sense that those would strengthen him and add to his power.” Sam said in agreement. “He feeds off the negative energy that comes with conflict.”

“So what do we do now?” Dean asked. “I mean we just got our asses kicked, and it was only through luck that we managed to get War to back off as it was. If Sam hadn’t been playing possum with War he would never have gotten close enough to take his arm off. And that’s just one of the muscle. How does one take on the big guy if that guy was the muscle?” He asked the fallen Angels hoping that they would have an answer for him. “I mean the Colt barely even phased Lucifer.” He complained in frustration. The Colt had been an ace in the whole for the mission and it had turned out to be a dud.

The reassurance that he was looking for was not coming though despite the desperation that he was using to ask for it. “We will figure something out.” Castiel assured his friend awkwardly, unsure of what else to say to him.

“Yeah, sure.” Dean said gruffly, not looking completely convinced that they might. All the power that they had and they were still little bitches when compared to Lucifer. “Hard to stay so upbeat though when you know we just blew our best chance.” He noted.

“How Dean? The Colt didn’t work, and there’s no way to know if the addition of our power would have done anything either.” Sam informed his brother. “Face it, we were outclassed from the very beginning. We’re going to need a new plan before we try and take Lucifer down again.”

Dean scowled but didn’t say anything unwilling to admit that they had all been played so well and so easily by the Archangel. The fact that Lucifer had taken their best hits and not even been bothered was also troubling at the moment. How did you hurt something that could take their combined power and shrug it off? They would need an army of super powered beings to fight him and he somehow doubted that there were very many of those hanging around. Even if what Sam said was true and there were others like them he doubted that they would all be willing to work with them. From what he remembered of the future not very many of the heroes liked him and had only been there because of the assault planned on Lucifer. He was sure that most of them would want them dead for some reason or other. The fact that they were held responsible for letting Lucifer out in the first place made it hard to make new friends and even a lot of their old friends were somewhat fickle these days.

“There you idjits are.” A voice growled at them from behind. “Do you bunch of blame fools have any idea how long I’ve been searching for you?” The image of Bobby Singer demanded as he glared at the group of heroes.

“Bobby?” The brothers said in disbelief at seeing their second father figure before them and standing up. The last time that they had seen the man he had been stuck in a wheelchair and there had been little to no hope of healing him at the time.

“Is he a ghost?” Sam asked in disbelief wondering what had happened to their mentor.

“Who or what did it Bobby?” Dean demanded. “Tell me what did this to you so I can make them regret ever being born.” Dean was practically growling now in his fury.

“You idjits, I’m still alive.” The image of the old Hunter grumbled at the pair. “If the two of you ever came by once and a while you might know that.” He said rather pointedly.

“But how?” Sam asked as he took in the figure before them that was telling them that he wasn’t a ghost.

“Astral projection.” Anna explained to the pair knowingly. Her eyes glanced towards the Hunter who nodded his head in agreement with her assessment of the situation.

“So you’re alive?” Dean asked gruffly as he fought to regain control of his emotions.

“Balls, yes I’m alive boy.” Bobby assured the Winchesters in his own way. “I’ve been taking care of myself a lot longer and a lot better than either of you two fools have done for yourselves. I haven’t ever died and come back.” He reminded the pair with a knowing glare.

“Wow, Bobby.” Sam said in relief glad that the man had not been killed by one of their enemies and was now haunting them.

“Don’t you Bobby me. The old Hunter growled in annoyance at the pair of younger Hunters as he shook his hand at them while fixing them with a look that could curdle milk. “If I thought that it would help I would take the both of you out behind the shed and give you the thrashing of your lives for everything that you put me through these last few months. First I was having to spend all of my time trying to find you. You pretty much pulled a John Winchester on the world with your little disappearing act then some of the Angels decide to grant me some power that may or may not be of any help.” Now that the worry that each side was alright the Hunter was ready to speak his mind at the two boys that he had helped raise.

“They gave you a power?” Dean asked worriedly, wondering what it was that they had done to Bobby. After everything that they had been through he really didn’t want any of the people that they held close to be caught up in this weird mixture of a curse and a blessing. The only thing that was going for them with their powers was that they didn’t lose control and began rampaging monsters when they transformed and still had a majority of their control when they turned into the Ghost Riders.

“Did I say you could talk boy?” Bobby asked while leveling a glare at the blonde causing him to bow his head and hunch over in embarrassment. “Right, now where was I?”

“You were talking about what the Angels gifted you with.” Castiel returned helpfully as he stared at the figure of Bobby solemnly.

“You keep your gob shut to.” Bobby snarled at the fallen Angel. “I’m still mad at you for not finding anyway to heal me. I still say it was rather convenient for you to lose your healing powers right when they could have been useful. Do you really want to make me more annoyed with you right now? You’re not one of the heavy hitters in the world like you used to be.” He reminded him. “Give me enough time and I’m pretty sure that I could take even you down with the right things you overgrown bird brain.”

The former Angel opened his mouth only to get kicked in the leg by Anna who shook her head sternly. “Uh no?” Castiel asked uncertainly, his eyes darting between Bobby and Anna as if unsure which of them he should be taking his orders from.

“Good then stay quiet.” Bobby ordered before he rounded on the brothers again. The relieved looks that they had been giving each other quickly changing back to nervousness. What followed next was five minutes of Bobby tearing the three knuckleheaded idjits that didn’t know how to use the common sense that they had been born or created with new ones. The diatribe of insults was only slowed down long enough for Bobby to get a new breath or for Anna to silence Castiel again for preparing to respond to something the man said. After the trio had been lectured Bobby had turned to look Anna over. “As for you.” The old Hunter said as he looked the redheaded former Angel over with interest. “I want you to see to it that these three get their asses to my place at once. I don’t have the time to waste on them anymore right now.”

“How come she’s not in trouble?” Dean blurted out wincing as he saw the image of Bobby glare at him.

“Balls boy, why the hell do you think?” The Hunter demanded of the younger man. “The only way she knew about me is through Cass unless you were telling her things that you shouldn’t have been?” He added with a dangerous look in his eyes that promised untold amounts of pain and suffering if he had been spilling Hunter secrets to another person even if they were an Angel. Bobby’s place was considered one of the few Hunter safe Havens now that the Roadhouse had been destroyed. To talk about it with others was a big no, no.

“Of course I haven’t Bobby, you know me better than that.” Dean assured the old man quickly as he held his hands up in a placating way even as he sounded insulted.

“Good, then she’s not at fault for not coming since we’ve never met.” The man narrowed his eyes at her. “Now that we have though I don’t want to hear no excuses because super powers or not if any of you make me worry like you did this time around I’ll set you in the corner until I know that you can behave is that understood?” He asked while glaring at each of them with a dark look.

“Yes sir.” Sam and Dean echoed not wanting to anger the man any more than they already had.

Anna was shocked to see Castiel falling into line as well and giving his own nod of agreement to the aging Hunter. Sure he was a soldier and had been created to follow orders, but this was not what she had expected from him. In the of eternity having been his commanding officer she had thought that she knew everything that there was to know about him, but it seemed as if there was still much about him that she had never known about him if he was willing to listen to Bobby Singer. They were ancient beings that had been around since the beginning of the Earth and he was willing to take orders from this being that wasn’t even a hundred years old. She kind of understood him following Dean’s orders since he was the one true vessel for Michael the commander of the Holy Host after God. It simply made no sense to her. Then again a lot of what Castiel did these days was confusing to all those that knew him. He who had been the most loyal and steadfast of Angels, acting like this was simply out of character with everything he was. His interaction with Dean Winchester had somehow seemingly turned him into a whole new being. And while he was still something of a stick in the mud, he was also one that she could tolerate as well since he was willing to do the right thing. That didn’t mean that she was anywhere near close to forgiving him for his part in her capture, but she was at least willing to work with him.

Bobby rounded on her and gave her one final look. With a few muttered grumbles before he seemed to vanish. There was no flash or any other warnings and a hesitant Dean had cautiously waved his hand in the air that Bobby had been in before he finally seemed to relax now that he was sure that Bobby wasn’t there. “Come on.” Dean said as he headed for the Impala. “We need to go make sure Bobby’s still alive.”

The others nodded their acceptance of the command. The Angels knew that they could reassure the Hunter that Bobby was telling the truth and that he was communicating with them, but knew that the man wasn’t overly likely to believe what they told him. Dean needed to see the older Hunter for himself before he was ready to believe that everything was safe.

The drive was a tense affair as the brothers rode in silence. Castiel flew overhead while Anna rode in the car alongside of the boys doing her best to keep them calm. The boys were both going through thoughts of who might have attacked Bobby and what would have made him become a ghost. The pair of them could just imagine that some of their enemies would find some sort of perverted satisfaction from turning their friend into one of the very things that he had once hunted.

When they got within a mile from Bobby’s junkyard. The group stopped and watched the place. The two fallen Angels using their vision to spy on the place.

“Well?” Dean asked them impatiently.

“I sense no demons or other supernatural beings in the area.” Castiel informed them. “The place is safe, at least for the moment.”

“Yeah, it looks good.” Anna confirmed to the group.

“Alright, then this is how we’re going to do it then.” Dean said as they all gathered around the hunter as he knelt down and began drawing in the dirt. “Sam, you’ll take the back I’ll take the front. Anna, I want you on the roof and Cass you’ll be on over watch by flying above the house. If this is a trap they may already know about you guys, but they may not be ready for the level of interference that you’re capable of. They’re used to Angels that sit on their asses with their thumbs up their butts, not ass kicking superheroes.”

“You have such a lovely way of putting way of putting things Dean.” Anna said with a smirk. “Fine, we’ll back you up and hope that you don’t need us to do anything.”

“Right, Anna get Sam into the junkyard without using the front gate. Now lets’ get going.” Dean ordered the group. Sam and Anna clasped hands and she flew them up and over while Castiel shot towards the sky until he looked around the size of a small bird. Running back to the car Dean headed back to the car and drove up to the junkyard. He climbed out of the car and pulled his shotgun out. He nodded toward Supergirl who was hovering over the roof at the ready. He stormed up the stairs and through the door he heard Sam doing the same thing in the back of the house. The two stopped in the study where they saw a scowling Bobby sitting at his desk a bottle of whisky.

The man merely stared at them looking slightly annoyed at seeing them. “It’s about time that you idjits got here.” He grumbled. “Did you have to go and destroy the doors though?” He demanded as he nodded towards the shattered entrances.

“Sorry, we had to be sure that you were alive Bobby.”

The old man nodded his head in acceptance. “It’s about time you boys started thinking but you have to be the ones to fix the house.”

“Yes sir.” The two said.

“Now where the others?”

“Outside waiting in case it’s a trap.”

“Well tell them to get themselves in here.”

A few minutes later all four members of the group were assembled in the library while Bobby stared at them. The group looked at Bobby who was sitting in a chair and looking at them. All of them having gone through the various detection tests to ensure that none of them were demons or most other supernatural beings.

“So they healed your legs and what did it cost you?” Dean asked worriedly.

“Dude.” Sam said to his brother reproachfully.

“It’s alright Sam, not that Dean is one to make comments about making deals with bad returns.” Bobby shot off at the two. “No the Angels decided that they wanted me where I could be of some use to them in the war.”

“So what did they do to you?”

“They made me their planetary phone.” Bobby said grudgingly as he climbed to his feet for a moment and got shot glass for each of them. “Here,” He growled as he offered each of them a drink. “I can communicate or connect with any hunter in the world with either astral projection or telepathy.”

“So basically instead of what you do with phones already they made it so that you can do it by magic.” Dean summarized.

“Yeah, Angels said that there simply ain’t enough of us left for me to relearn how to be useful.” Bobby informed them. “They were going to just make me a magical communicator, but I refused told them I’d only agree if they fixed my legs.”

“Oh come on Bobby just think of all the Professor X references we could of used.” Dean teased their mentor. “I mean it would have been a great cover. Although you would have had to shave all that shaggy hair on your head before we could go for real.” He added as he seemed to be trying to figure how the burly man would look like that.

“And that’s precisely why I wasn’t going to let them give me mental powers while I was stuck in that damn chair.” Bobby returned to the blonde. “Knowing you, I’d wake up with it all shaved off.” Dean gave an unrepentant smirk showing that the thought had already passed his mind. “Try it, and we’ll see how strong you really are.” The hunter warned him.

“Anyways I’ve been working on bringing the various Hunters together. Someday we’re going to be connected in ways that no one could believe. I can send astral projections that can either research or talk to hunters and I don’t pass out and can send out two right now with a chance for more as I get more used to it. I’ve already been in contact with other people that fight the supernatural or something similar.” A map was pulled down so that they could all see it. “One of my contacts is in Ireland, I’ve been in contact with Chiron the centaur near Greece, I’ve been hearing rumors of two or three different groups in California, talked with a girl with a flying horse in Europe, and that doesn’t even have anything to do with the regular hunters. Boys it looks like we finally got us a chance to win this war.”

“Huh.” Dean said in disbelief. “It sounds like we’re all getting new jobs in the world.”

“Indeed. The war is one that will be most interesting.” Castiel said.

“So where do we need to go Bobby?”

“You need to try and track down all of Lucifer’s supporters.” Bobby explained to the group. “These spots are the current hot spots.” He added pointing to various locations.

“Then let’s get started.” Dean said.

“Castiel and I’ll head towards the north.” Anna said.

“Fine that means we’ll head south.” Dean said in agreement as they began to make plans on how to fight everything that was out there.

With so many of the Hunters having been taken out through various methods they were needed more than ever.

As they talked the brothers learned that it wasn’t just the American Hunters that had a sudden loss of their numbers. All of the various supernatural creatures and beings had seemingly been making a dent in the numbers of the hunters. England had several hunters that were in without souls and several Hunting bases had been struck reducing the numbers drastically. “What caused this?” Dean asked curiously. “I can’t imagine that one day that the monsters and demons suddenly decided to get organized. That leaves the big question of what caused it?”

“Lots of things.” Bobby said tiredly. “The destruction of the seals, Angels dying or falling, something in Europe known as the Deeper Well has been breached, the Illyria managed to get out and put its essence into several different people and since then they’ve been on a rampage all over the world.”

“Illyria managed to escape?” Anna said in surprise and fear.

“Know this one do ya.” Bobby asked with interest.

“Of course I know this one." The redhead returned to him. “The Illyria was one of the most powerful demon kings of the primordial age.” Anna explained to her shocked audience. “It was known as a God King at the height of its power and it took the collaboration of bot Angel and Elder Demon to battle it and contain it within the deeper well. This was in the days when Lucifer was still a part of the Holy Host." She added, as she tried to explain how dangerous Illyria really was. "In its normal form it’s taller than even Castiel when he was an Angel at full power.”

“Wait your saying that this thing is bigger than the Chrysler Building when it’s a full strength?” Dean asked in surprise.

“In its true form yes.” Cass said in agreement, what else has been going on?”

“Dark magic users have sprung up all over the place with renewed interest, according to you four we can also add in the Horsemen of the Apocalypse running around again, along with all of those demons that escaped from Colt’s prison in the last year.” Bobby informed them. “Any other bad news you want to drop in my lap as long as we’re doing this?”

Ignoring the mocking tone Sam continued on. “Zach told us that the White Master was dead any ideas what that might mean?” Sam asked looking around the group.

“There are many that hold the title of White Master in their title, until we know more we shall have to wait before we can guess just whom it is that they spoke of.” Castiel informed the group. “It could be Dumbledore in Scotland who was referred to as the White Mage, the Monks in Tibet have a White Master who has been known to help with those suffering from supernatural diseases, in California there is another White Master there, the last of the Guardians is also located in California near the Hellmouth. There are simply too many that a title such as that could refer to.” The group nodded their heads in acceptance of that knowing that it could be a while before they knew just who it was that the Archangel had referred to.

“Yeah, and the demonic dragons have made a return to the world as well.” Anna said darkly. “We tried to stop them, but it was a losing fight from the very beginning. Wouldn't be surprised if Zachariah set us up for failure from the very beginning either.”

“Balls, as if we didn’t have enough troubles already without adding to it.” Bobby grumbled as he listened to the potential troubles that could turn their eyes to them and bite them in the ass. “I’ve also found out that there are rumors of the government trying to involve themselves in our world as well. Considering some of the idjits that run those sorts of things I doubt that they’ll do something intelligent like ask us for help. They’re more likely to shoot experiment or imprison us than anything else.”

“So we have to be doubly careful.” Dean said getting agreeing nods. “You in particular Cass, you don’t have the same amount of powers that you used to have so you have to be real careful.” He stressed to the former Angel.

“Understood Dean.” Castiel returned to the Hunter.

“Good, now then let’s get started on figuring out which son of a bitch we need to be ganking first.” Dean said with a smirk.

They had a mission and a war to fight and they weren’t about to stop now that they had finally gotten the strength to make a bigger difference than they had before. If they wanted to try and come at them then he would be more than willing to let them try. He would meet them with both barrels of his gun and a wide smile. The Angels wanted a war? Well fine he’d give them one that they wouldn’t ever forget.

Well that's this part of Excalibur done with. I still have plans for more though. Next part has been titled Excalibur: Sentinels I'm sure some of the Comic fans can guess some of the characters. Be another few weeks before I get to it though.

The End

You have reached the end of "Excalibur: Soulfire". This story is complete.

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