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O.K. San Francisco it is then?

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Summary: First book in the Charmed: Next Generation series. Read to find out. There is no more violence then there is in Buffy and Charmed

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Chapter Two: Lost and Found

Declaimer: I do NOT own Buffy or Charmed but I sure wish I did. Anything you DON'T recognize I own. Things are a little different than the T.V. show but small things e.g. birth years it is so they fit more together.
Chapter Two: lost and found

*One Year Later. Outside the Hallwell Manor*

Piper was working in the garden while Wyatt, Chris, Mackenzie and 9 month old Paige Jr. (her birth will be a story that is told later or in a different book) were playing with their toys on the front lawn. Piper was watching Mackenzie and Paige for Peria while she went to meet a new charge. A silver car with four people in it pulled up into the drive way. It had three girls in it and one boy. A blonde girl and a red headed girl got out of the car then headed for Piper.

Piper looked up. “How may I help you?”

“Um how do I put this?” Buffy asked a little nervously. “I’m looking for Peria it’s an emergency. Is she here?”

“No and how big of an emergency is it maybe I can help you.” Piper said suspiciously.

“Um I don’t think this is the case I just need to talk to her it’s important.” Buffy said.

“Do lives depend on it?” Piper asked

“You know what does she live here?” Willow asked.

“Not any more. Why?” Piper asked

“So you held this conversation for that long and she doesn’t live here.” Willow said getting mad.

“Wow calm down Willow.” Buffy said to one of her best friends. “Do you know where she lives?”

“Yes. But I am not telling you until you tell me why you want to know where my sister lives.” Piper said standing up and putting her hands on her hips.

“Sister, Fine my name is Buffy Summers, this is my friend Willow and in the car is Xander another friend and my little sister Dawn.” Buffy explained. “And we are here to ask Peria if she knows a Clara because that’s my birth name.”

“O.K. My name is Piper Halliwell. Is there point to this?” Piper said which made Willow softly giggle.

“Um, she is my mother.” Buffy said which brought shock to Piper’s face.

“Do you have proof of this?” Piper said.

Buffy pulled out the birth certificate then handed it to Piper to read a few minutes later Piper spoke again.

“So she had you when she was sixteen?” Piper asked

“I guess so.” Buffy said

“Come with me.” Piper said walking over to where the kids were playing with their toys. “Buffy this little girl is Mackenzie and the other little girl is Paige or we call her Junior these are your sisters.”

“Hello.” Buffy said to Mackenzie. “My name is Buffy or Clara I am your big sister.”

“Hi.” Mackenzie said going to hug Buffy.

“You’re so sweet.” Buffy said as she picked up the small four year old girl.

Junior yawned and Buffy put Mackenzie back down on the ground to pick up her other little sister.

“Aw you are so cute.” Buffy said as Junior fell asleep in her arms.

“So, Peria never told me about you.” Piper said. “You know they can come out of the car too. It’s not like I bite.”

Buffy walked over to the car with Junior still in her arms and knocked on the window Dawn rolled the window down.

“You guys are welcome to come out.” Buffy said

“O.K.” Dawn said as Buffy backed up so Dawn could open the door. On the other side of the car Xander got out too.

“Aw.” Dawn said. “Who is this?”

“This little one is my youngest sister Paige.” Buffy said letting Dawn hold her

“Youngest you have more sisters?” Xander asked

“Yes I have one more sister.” Buffy said. “Mackenzie can you come over here?”

Willow walked over hold the hand of the four year old girl's hand.

“This is Mackenzie. Mackenzie this is Xander and Dawn.” Buffy said

“They are both so cute.” Dawn said handing Paige back to Buffy and bending down to Mackenzie’s level. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Mackenzie said without being shy.

There was a knock on the other side of the front door of Piper’s house.

“Buffy can you watch my boys for a minute?” Piper asked Buffy

“Sure thing Piper.” Buffy said walking over to her newly found cousins and put Junior down beside them. “Hi boys. I never got your names.”

“I’m Wyatt and this is my baby brother Chris.” Wyatt said being proud to be a big brother.

“Well I am Buffy and I am your big cousin.” Buffy said sitting down as her friends and sisters came over to where they were sitting and sat too.

“Hi.” Chris said in a shy little 3 year old voice.

“Hi buddy how old are you?” Buffy asked curiously.

“Three.” Chris said

“I’m six.” Wyatt said

“That is awesome buddy.” Buffy said

Piper and a Woman came out of the manor. Piper had filled her in why these people are here. The lady just stud in the door way watching Buffy surprised but still smiling. Piper continued to walk but stopped and looked at the woman.

“Peria are you O.K.?” Piper asked.

Buffy must have heard Piper because she stud up to look at her mother. “Mom?”

“Clara.” Peria said going to hug her long lost daughter. “I thought you died when you were one.” A tear went down Peria’s face as she hugged her daughter. “I love you.”

“I love you too mom.” Buffy said

“Have you met your sisters?” Peria asked in excitement.

“Yes, they have wonderful personalities.” Buffy said.

“I still can’t believe you are here.” Peria said. Peria looked around and saw no one. “Do you believe in magic?”

“Yes I do. I’m a vampire slayer.” Buffy said.

"Like mother, like daughter." Piper said with a giggle.

Thank you for reading. I hope you like it. Reviews are welcome and I’ll try to post again soon. A special thanks to the writers and creators of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed and a special thanks to Amelia_Halliwell. Thank you!
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